‘Nobody saw this coming’: Walmart to close its Wadesboro store


  • Walmart is screwing up y'all small towns. They come in set up shop and put on the neighborhood pharmacy in local grocery stores out of businesses And then after a short time or a long Period Of time they just leave you add a drop of a dime with no advance notice or without warning. they leave you without any alternative resources nearby for you to get your groceries and your medicine or clothing or other bare essentials and thenyou have to go way out of your way or to the nearest town or city to shop and get pharmaceuticals. Then to add insult to injury they won't even tear down the building and just leave you with an empty abandoned building that's an eyesore to your town.

  • Noticed that Anson County officials announced this AFTER election day.
    Seems to me that they knew about this way before today. They were making sure it didn't get out so they wouldn't have to face any backlash or loss of county seats. I'm guessing there was maybe a standoff over the spot of land that building is on. Somebody played chicken and Wadesboro lost.

    Just my thoughts.

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