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No Budget Shopping Challenge – Color Roulette / JustJordan33

– Run, run, run, run, run! There’s so many options. – Ty, I know what you want.
– You want this. – You want this, Ty-Ty.
– No, I don’t. _ Wait, wait, wait. (laughs) Does this count? Can I get this? – What is this? You’re wasting our time. (laughing) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan. And today, meet my brothers. – Jake and… – Ty. – [Boys] From Jake and Ty. – And today, we’re doing a no budget shopping challenge at the mall. Woo! The catch is, is that we have to fill up our adventure backpacks, that you can buy at (laughs) Shameless plug. We have to fill it up with our items, and we can only buy an
items of a certain color. So, we’re gonna play gumball roulette, and we’re gonna buy a little gumball from the gumball machine,
and whatever color that gumball is, we have to
buy our items that color. And we’re gonna see who can
fill up their backpack first, and who gets the best items. Alright, let’s get started. (whooshing) We found a candy machine. We’re gonna put in a quarter
and see what our colors. Alright, here we go. (clicking) Oh no, here’s the big reveal. (gasping) Blue! (twinkling)
– Yes! – [Jordan] It’s blue. – Me and Jake are on a
team, so we’re looking for blue items. – Alright, so now I have
to see what color I get, ’cause I’m on a team by myself. So, let’s see. Ready? (clicking) Oh no. Oh, I’m nervous. I’m hoping for… – [Mom] Red?
– Red. I don’t know, we’ll see though. Or yellow. (twinkling) – [Jake] Aw. – I got orange? (laughs) Orange. – [Jake] Hey, you could go try shoes. – Alright, let’s see if I
can find anything orange. That’s gonna be hard. Man. Okay, so the way this is gonna work is the boys are on their own team, and I’m on my own team. And so, we each have 10 minutes to run around the entire
mall and find our items. Now, we’re gonna see who can fill up their backpack the most, and
who can get the best items. This is gonna be really
hard, ’cause 10 minutes goes by really fast. So, I think I’m gonna start first. Let’s get going. (whooshing) – Time starts now. (beeping) – Oh, man. Okay, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Okay, I’m going with mom,
so that way mom can film me. But you guys, the tricky part is, I’ve never, ever been to this mall, so like, this is all so new to me. I have no idea where
any of the stores are. Whoa, what do they have down here? A rollercoaster? They have, like, a rollercoaster. What? (laughs) There’s an arcade down there. There’s literally a
whole arcade down there. Okay, this mall is, like, crazy. But yeah, I literally only have 10 minutes to find a bunch of orange things. I feel like orange is
a very hard color, too, because I don’t know what
to buy that’s orange. – You could rent one of those
and get around a lot faster. – Oh, that’s true. I can rent one of the little ponies, then just like, ride around the store. Oh my goodness, we
should go in this store. Bath & Body Works. I feel like we can get
a lot of orange soap. Let’s go there, okay. Run, run, run, run, run! There’s so many options. Gotta look at only the orange things. (upbeat pop music) Mango. Ooh, I can get a perfume. Okay, can’t decide. I gotta just grab it. Okay, we’re going with this. This is orange, right? That counts? Okay, it’s like, pastel orange. Ooh. Energy. You can never have too much lotion, guys. (patrons talking) Oh, I guess we’re gonna go with this too. This is a shower gel. Okay, we need to check out fast, because checking out takes a long time. Okay, I just barely found this peach foaming hand sanitizer
that I just added to my pile, so this is what I’m
gonna get from this shop. But the thing is, there
is a really long line, and I have to wait in line to check out. And so like, this is only gonna take up a tiny space in my backpack. I’m getting really nervous, guys. – 10 minutes on the clock. We better hurry. (footsteps) (children screaming) Okay, we’re going in here. – We gotta find things that are blue. – Like this. We can get this blue little guy. (upbeat pop music) – Okay. You can get it. – Okay. – Hmmm. There’s not really anything blue here. – I see blue down this way, let’s go. (upbeat pop music) Tyler, do you want Stitch? – Sure. – Okay. We’re just getting stuffed animals. Ty, I know what you want.
– You want this. – You want this, Ty-Ty.
– No, I don’t. (upbeat pop music) (gasps) Jacob wants unicorn slippers. – No, you do. Let’s get it. – Oh, we can get one of these. – Oh, do you want it? – Sure. – Okay. – Hey, hmm. – I think we have to move
on to a different store. – Okay, we made it out of the store. Hurry, hurry, come on. Oh my goodness, this can’t wait. This is in a mall, I think it counts. And I’ve got a few dollars on me. change. I’m gonna buy the Cheetos. That’s orange. Oh my goodness. Okay, well. Here we go. Wow. (squealing) What, it’s not working. Why is not working? (mall buzzing) Oh, it’s going so slow. Okay, 73. (beeping) 7, 3. Yes, okay, Cheetos. Yes. Okay, got it. Sweet, we got another orange item. Got our change. Okay, we gotta start running. Literally, that took forever. We got all of our items
in this bag, though. We’ve got our Cheetos now. (laughs) Little surprise. I didn’t know that was
gonna be right there, but we got it. We should run in here. Okay, this is like, a toy shop. Okay, we literally don’t
have that much time. We’ve gotta go so fast. Let’s go. (upbeat pop music) There’s this orange shirt. I don’t know what that means, though. I don’t know what that’s from. (upbeat pop music) I don’t know. Oooh. (laughs) (laughing) Mom, show ’em your… (laughs) – Of course she would choose that. ‘Cause each of the boys, on our trip, we’re in California. On our trip, each of the boys have got one of these. I don’t want anymore. – They got ’em from the
arcade, a different arcade. And so, I mean, it’s orange. (laughs) And it takes up a lot of space. – It’s true, if that’s what you want, I guess all three kids could have one. – There we go. Let’s see if we can find anything else that’s orange here. Oooh, oooh. A truck. (laughing) I don’t know what else, I need it to take up space in my backpack. This is so hard, you guys. You don’t realize how many
orange items there are. There aren’t that many. Not very many options. Oh, I can get this. (laughs) Lakers uniform. (laughs) I don’t know, this is so hard. Okay, I want it to be,
like, cool stuff, too, ’cause that’s also part of the challenge, is like, to get the best items, so. What is this? Oh, a charm. Okay, that’s teeny, though. So, it is orange, but it’s teeny, so it won’t take up much space. We need to get going. We should checkout. Let’s go, and maybe run to a new store. We probably only have time
for, like, one more store. So let’s check out with
this, mom’s favorite toy, and then run to one
more store really fast. You guys, okay, wait. I was just about to
checkout with this toy, but then I just found
the aisle of squishies. And I think there’s orange stuff here. Look, yeah, look at this. Okay, we’ve got, like, this. Ice cream cone has, like,
orange on the bottom. Go with this one in the back. Yes. Yes. Okay, we’ve got a pumpkin
squishy, right there. An ice cream squishy. Whoa, whoa, look a this, right here. Oh, I can barely reach it. (laughing) That one’s not the orange one. I need the other one. (crinkling) I got it. (laughs) Look at this. It’s like this little, I don’t even know what it is honestly, but, like, I think we’re gonna get it ’cause it’s orange. And it looks like, I don’t know, it looks like a fun toy. Okay, sweet. We got a lot of stuff. Let’s look on the other
side of this aisle. I think this is like
the slime, squishy area. There’s stuff on this side. There’s an orange gummy bear. I could get that. (upbeat pop music) Orange slime. You guys, I’m hitting
jackpot at this store. There’s so many orange toys here. Look at this. Okay, I think that’s pretty good. – [Mom] Is that orange? – Wait, wait. (gasping) – Wait, wait. Does this count? Can I get this? (laughs) Look at it. Okay, this is a jumbo squishy. It’s got orange on the back. Should I get this one? Does that count? I think it does. Add it to the pile. – [Mom] Are you ready? – I think we’re ready to check out. And guess what? No line. Yes. (whooshing) Okay, I got all of the toys. And I know this is a no budget challenge, but that was a little
expensive, not gonna lie. Okay, we need to run to one more store. I think that’s all we have time for, so let’s hurry. Ahhh! (whooshing) (gasps) – There’s a blue bubble wand. I’m going to get it. (footsteps) – We gotta find another store. Guys, an arcade. We should go down and play! – How are we gonna get down? – There’s no way down. We better go shop. – Aw, man. (footsteps) – Oh, Ty, Ty, Ty. We should go to this store. (shoes squeaking)
(dinging) I’m having a hard time finding things that will fit in our backpack, that is blue. Most of the things are pink. – We couldn’t find anything. Onto the next store. – Yep! Hey, hey Ty. – Let’s buy some Pepsi. – Yeah, let’s get some Pepsi. Wait, why is there no Pepsi? – What? – Yeah, we should check the other side. – Oh, wait, what? – There. – The water has Pepsi,
and the Pepsi is water. – Now all we need is some money, so. Do you have money? (humming) We’re gonna get two Pepsi’s, by the way. Oh, what? Ty, can I try? Try entering it this way. (buzzing) – Come on, come on, take it. (buzzing) It doesn’t like our money. – It needs to work. (patrons talking) (buzzing) Ugh! What is this? (laughs) You’re wasting our time. (boys laughing) (laughing) – Jake. – I got this, I got this. (buzzing) Go in! (patrons talking) (buzzing) (buzzing) (grunting)
(laughing) – I don’t know where to go. Should I go downstairs? I don’t know. I don’t know where any of
the shops are gonna be. Like, what sells orange stuff? Oh my goodness, look. It’s an orange ride. (laughs) You would just like rent
that so you could ride around the store. That would’ve been so good if I got that. Oh, I should’ve done that. Then I woulda gone so
fast in all the stores. Okay, there is, look at this. There’s this dress shop. (laughs) We could find an orange dress. No, I don’t got time for that. Okay. Let’s just run into this store right here. TJ Maxx. See what we can find. (whooshing) Okay. Oh man, this is the dog stuff aisle. The dog supplies. So this is like, dog toys and everything. I mean, okay. And look at this. Paw-fect student. (laughs) Aww. Is this yellow or this orange? ‘Cause it’s kind of yellow-y. But it’s so cute. (laughs) I don’t know. Okay, we don’t have
time to think about it. Let’s just keep going. There’s treats. (laughs) I could get for my dog Logan. Oh man. Okay. Ooh, look at this, look at this. Yes. (patrons laughing) Look at this. A frisbee for Logan. Okay, that’s it, we’re gonna get this. Okay, let’s go. Okay, we just barely came
down the beauty aisle, ’cause I figured maybe there’d be, like, a orange face
mask or something here. And look what I found. Orange beauty blenders. And you guys know, if you’ve seen, like, I don’t know what video it was in, but I showed you guys my
beauty blender and it’s nasty. So I need a new beauty blender. We’re gonna go with this. I always need chap stick. We can get that. Yeah, I think we should check out, oooh, wait. Look at this. Okay, I just barely found
some orange face masks. There’s this one. It’s a honey one. There’s honey. And there’s this other mud one that’s, like, mostly gray,
but it has orange on it, so, like, I’d count it, I guess. Mud mask. Or honey mask. Okay, we’re gonna go with this ’cause it’s mostly orange. It’s more orange than the other one. I think we should go check out. These are the items we got. Whoa! (laughs) Let’s go check out, and
then I have to hurry and put this all in the
backpack before my time’s up. (whooshing) – Oh, we’re wasting time. Go, go, go! (upbeat pop music) Are you gonna get a blue ball? – Yes, I’m gonna try. – [Jake] Okay, this one takes 50 cents. – Other ones only took 25. Ready? (clicking) – Is it blue? – Well, it has blue on it! – [Jake] Does that count? – Yes!
– I’m gonna try one, I’m gonna try too. (clicking) Aw, I got an orange. Well, that doesn’t count,
but now I have a bouncy ball. Weeeee. (whooshing) – Okay, okay. We got the last bag. Let’s hurry and go put it in my backpack. Okay. (kids’ ride music) We don’t have much time,
but we’ve gotta put everything in the backpack first. So, let’s hurry. Here’s all of the lotions. I’ll show you guys a major
haul of everything I got once the boys complete their challenge. But as of right now, I don’t got time. (whooshing) – Let’s go to Walmart. – Yes, go, go, go. (footsteps) Come on! (shoes squeaking) – You guys, I’ve been
looking for you guys. Wait, time is up, isn’t it? – What?
– What? No, it must’ve been the vending machine. – What, I literally, I
was looking for you guys. You guys were right here, that’s so funny. Okay. I think we should go sit
down and see what we got. – Okay. (whooshing) – Okay, so, I’m a little nervous. I haven’t seen the boys’ backpack yet. But I’m nervous because it was 2 versus 1. So they could’ve got double things as me. So, like, I don’t know. But remember this is also a challenge to see who got the best stuff. So who can fill up their
backpacks the most, and who got the best stuff. So are you guys ready? – Yeah. – Okay, here’s my backpack. – Okay. – Whoa, wait, what? (laughing) This is half full. Guys! – Don’t worry, we got the best items. – Okay, let’s open it and see. Oh man, so the boys immediately got soda. How did I know they were gonna do that? – Whoa. – Yep. We have, like, three of
these already though. – Okay.
– Okay. You guys also, Stitch! Oh my goodness. Wait, this is actually so cute. I love this. – What is this? Is this slime? – It’s a gummy bear that you can eat. – Oh. Oh, this is, this will be delicous! – Uh, it’s mine. (laughing) – Whoa, what is this? This is another little
stuffed animal dude. Oooh, he’s blue. I like it. – How do you find this? – A giant, a giant squishy. (laughs) – I don’t know, but when I found it, I was very happy. – It has orange? – Yeah. Oh, look, they also got bubbles. – [Jake] Yay! – Sweet. – A… ice cream?
– Ice cream. – An ice cream squishy. – And a pumpkin squishy. – [Jake and Jordan] Yeah. – [Jordan] Two, I got three squishies. I love squishies, so I’m so excited. Oh wait, so you guys also got, what is this? Surprise? Fizzy grow? Oh, so it’s like one of
the little egg things and it hatches out something and it grows. That’s cool, I like it. – I think you went to the squishy aisle and somehow found these again. – Yeah. – You even find these- – Oh, you guys got a bouncy ball. I like it. – You got, like, a frisbee. – Mmhmm. – A dog frisbee. Oh, this can go to Logie. – It’s for Logan! Guys, I think that’s all you got, what? – Yeah, we got a ton of items. – I thought you would get more. Wait, how did, oh, there’s coins. How did, how did I already get more? I’m so confused. Okay, well, let’s see what else I got. – You got. – Yeah, you got, um. – Whatever that is. – Beauty blenders. – Okay.
– For makeup. Slime.
– [Boys] Slime. – This, I’m so excited
about, ’cause I love slime. And this is pineapple scented, so, I’m very excited about that. – Body cream. – Lotion. – And more lotion. – [Jordan] Yep.
– [Jacob] And… – Oh man. – Honey? – It’s overflowing. – Is this honey, face mask? – Face mask, yeah. – Lip balm. – Some weird spray. – It’s hand sanitizer.
– Oh. – It’s foaming, foaming hand sanitizer. – Shower gel. – Uh-huh. – Cheetos.
– Cheetooooooos. Ta-da! – Okay, let’s look at our piles and see who wins this,
who won this challenge. Um, I think the boys did. – [Ty] Yeah, the boys did. – [Jordan] I don’t know, you guys. – Okay, yeah, Jordan you
got the most, more items. – Yeah, I think I got more items. I don’t know how, but I
just ran around the store. So I guess I just did it really fast and I got a ton of orange items. – Well, we got the cooler items. – You guys, ahh, I don’t know.
– I like these squishies, so yeah, you definitely got, you won both. – You guys have to vote
who got the cooler items, because I mean, I may
have gotten more items, but that doesn’t mean they’re cooler. So you guys vote down below. Who do you think won,
was it me or the boys? Who got the best items? (upbeat pop music) Okay, so that’s it for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Make sure to give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe, turn the subscribe button from red to gray, and I’ll
see you all next time. (ding) – [Kids] Bye! (upbeat pop music)


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