[Niche Selection] Top 10 Drop Shipping Niches For 2019 ๐Ÿ”ฝ

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[Niche Selection] Top 10 Drop Shipping Niches For 2019 ๐Ÿ”ฝ

– What’s up guys? Anton here from dropshiplifestyle.com and in today’s episode of Drop Ship Weekly we’re gonna be talking
about the top 10 niches for 2019. So, literally, hand selected by me, the top 10 product types that you could drop ship in 2019. Now, this is something I do every year. I make one of these lists. In fact, I’ll post a link
in the description below. You can go back to our blog and see the first ever top 10 niche list that I did in 2014. And since then, we’ve done
one every single year. So, I’m gonna share it with you. We’re gonna get into
detail as to why I picked these 10 niches. But, before we do that, I wanna
share a couple quick lessons because, honestly, what I really hope that you get out of this video is my mindset and the thought process that goes into picking these niches. And not just this year, but back since 2014. Because I’ve been doin’
this whole ecommerce thing for over a decade now. So what I want you to spot, is not the trends in the product types but the trends in the mentality. Because yes, ecommerce still works. Yes, drop shipping is
still very much alive, but the way that we do things changes and the way that I pick products, the way that I spot these
trends in the market, is how I approach product
selection every year. So, definitely pay attention to that. Again, look for the
link in the description. Go to our blog and go back
over the past five years. Read through them all. I don’t delete the old posts. I keep them up. So, make sure you take that all in. That should be the biggest lesson that you get from this video. Now, something else I do want to mention, for anybody that’s new
to Drop Ship Lifestyle, new to this YouTube channel, or new to following anything
that I put out there in terms of ecommerce. And that is that ecommerce
niche selection is step one. Okay? This is the foundational level. So, if you’re brand new,
if you’re here right now, I’m happy you’re here, I’m
happy you’re watching this but I don’t want you to think, okay, this guy’s gonna
give me a list of niches. I’m gonna pick one and then I’m made. I’m gonna be rich, right? ‘Cause that is not how this works. This whole niche selection thing is the foundation of your business and that’s how you should
approach this video and all the information
that I put out there regarding niche selection, okay. This is the foundation. But after you go through
this and you pick your niche, hopefully, you get creative and kinda think outside of the box but using this mentality. Then that’s locked in. Boom. Okay. What’s next? It’s market research. It’s finding your future competitors. Then it’s building your website. Then it’s getting approved with suppliers. Then it’s optimizing your
website for conversions. Then it’s getting traffic. Then it’s automating your business. And then, it’s making sure
you’re always tweaking and optimizing your processes so that you can make more and more money from
your drop shipping store. So again, don’t just watch this and think okay, I’m gonna pick one
and I’m gonna be rich. Think, okay I’m gonna watch this. I’m gonna use Anton’s thought process to pick a great niche for this year and then I’m gonna do the work necessary to actually succeed and build a business that
provides real value to myself and to my customers. If you approach this
video with that mindset, you will do just great. So, with that being said, let’s go ahead and get into this year’s top 10 niches for 2019 when doing drop shipping. So, let’s go on the computer
and I’ll share the list. (bright music) So in 2019, one of the big
focuses when picking new niches is focusing on what I
call brandable niches. I say that’s what I call it ’cause I don’t know if that’s a real term but, whatever, we’re gonna go with it. And basically what I
mean is building a brand rather than just building your
traditional drop ship store that might get one off sales. Now, why are we doing this? ‘kay? Why are we putting the focus on branding. There’s a bunch of reasons. I’ll give you, kind of
like a high level overview. The first is that it allows
us to get lower CPAs. That stands for cost per acquisition. So basically, we’re able
to acquire new customers for less dollars in ad spend. Which means, the businesses
are more profitable. Also, this allows us to
get more repeat customers because we sell things that
customers can keep buying and also because we can
promote other products and services to them that
are related to our brand, which we’ll cover in this video as well. Also, it allows us to
get more referral traffic ’cause we’re able to do more brand deals. We’re also able to capitalize on, what I would call,
like, micro celebrities. I’ll show you how to
do that in this video. And these micro celebrities
don’t just have to be people. They could also be places
and events, and again, you’ll see what I mean
throughout this video. One of the biggest reasons is there’s more creative ways to monetize. So instead of being limited by
just having your traditional, I sell this, I sell this, I sell this, there’s more ways that you
could bring revenue and profits into your business. And one of the biggest reasons is also because you get a
higher business valuation if you ever want to sell. And you might be watching
this thinking, like, Anton, I didn’t even build a business yet. I didn’t even get started. Why am I gonna sell this thing? Well, listen, I… When I first started, I never thought that’s what would happen, but over the years, over the past decade, I’ve sold a lot of different stores. And the truth is, if you have one of these branded stores, they’re worth more money. So, let me give you a
quick example of this. ‘Cause I do think this is important. Like, you might not see
it in the short term, like, the value here. But, you’ll see it when,
again, if you ever go to sell. So, higher business valuation. I put together this little chart. And on the left we have unbranded stores and branded. Now unbranded, we’ll show examples. But, just think of a typical one off sale. Branded, again, what I kinda
just talked about the benefits on the previous screen. Now, let’s just say, you build
one of each of these stores. And each of them nets you
$5,000 a month in net profit. So, after your cost of goods sold, shipping, ad costs,
merchant fees, whatever, each business you’re left
with $5,000 net profit at the end of each month. Okay. If you wanna sell these… Again, I’m gonna give you averages here, but the typical unbranded store, you could sell for about a
30x monthly net multiple. Meaning, if that site actually made you $5,000
net profit a month, and it’s been in business for about a year and sales are either flat or trending up, you could sell it for about 30 times what it makes per month. Meaning that that store,
the unbranded one, would be worth $150,000 to a buyer. Now, that’s great, right? No one’s gonna say anything
bad about that, but… If you go the branded route, again making the same $5,000 per month that store typically is
worth about $200,000. ‘kay? Because there’s more to it. It’s more diversified of
how it’s making money. It’s more diversified of
how it’s getting traffic. And it’s a store that
people keep coming back to. And because of that, you’ll get a higher multiple. The business is more valuable as an asset. So, for this reason alone, it’s definitely worth thinking about when you’re building a store
and when you’re picking a niche to either chose one of the
10 I’m about to show you or use that mindset to
pick something branded. Because, again, in this
simple scenario right here, if you want to sell the store you’d have an extra 50K in your pocket. So, definitely worth doing. So, this is why, okay. If you wanna see it in, I don’t know, a real world example, right. Traditional buyers drop
ship store journey. This is what it looks like, right? Let’s just say you were
doing your niche research and you decided you
want to sell beard oil. That’s your product. Typically the way that
you would get customers is you would advertise, on Google, for key words like beard oil. Someone would search for it. Then step two would be they see your product listing ads. Maybe yours is in the mix here. They click it, they go to your store, they buy your product. Boom, boom, boom. You got your sale; you made your money. Now, let’s show an example
of a beard oil store that’s branded. The example I’m gonna give
you is a great business; they have great products. They’re actually based here in Austin also and their store is called Beardbrand. So, they put branding
right in their domain name, in their store name. But, beardbrand.com. Again, they sell beard oil
and other related products. But, for them, they’re not
relying on that one off, key word search, get
the click, get the sale. They’re bringing in traffic all different types of ways. So, an example here is
their Instagram page. They have, at the time
I got this screen shot, what, 139,000 followers, 2,500 posts, lots of engagement on their stuff. And one of the ways
people find them is by, through Instagram or
through their hashtags. Then they go to their website, they buy their beard oil. But, like I mentioned earlier, when you go this branded route, you’re not just selling one off products. So, on their site you can buy beard oil. But you could also buy t-shirts. You could also buy wall art. You could also buy a
monthly continuity program. But, not like an auto ship,
you know, subscription box. You actually get access
to different content and a community and things that are all about
bettering yourself as a man. Right? So, it goes a lot deeper than just having that one off product. When you think branding,
you have to think more, like, kind of like just… The way that I think of it is, a brand isn’t a product. A brand is a community so, think of different things
that your community, or potential community
might be interested in, or things that you could help them with. So again, this store sells beard oil but it’s more about empowering men to be better people. So, think of whatever
you’re selling that way. And again, if you’re not
selling anything yet, take one of the top 10 niches
that I’m about to show you. One more key point though, before I share them, is not only when you do this the right way can you sell more things, but you could bring people in
from all different avenues. So, I showed you with
Beardbrand, their Instagram. They also have a YouTube channel with 900, at the time I screen shotted this, 920,000 subscribers. They have a great blog on their website where they blog about things like men’s skin care ultimate guide. Right? So not related to beard oil. It’s about skin care. They also have things on
fashion and lifestyle. So, all different types of content, again, bringing people into the brand then offering products that benefit them. And one way you could tell,
like, if you ever do this, that it’s working is you’ll see different hash tags you use. Just take off and people actually contribute
content for you. So, if you search the hashtag
Beardbrand on Instagram, at the time I did it, it had, like, 61,000 posts. A lot are from the company but a lot are just from other men, their customers showing off their beards, right. So you gotta get creative
when you are working with building a brand. When people start sharing your stuff, you know it’s working. So, quick recap before
I give you the top 10 of why we’re doing this, why build a brand. Why we’re focusing on that. Even heavier than we did last year going into this new year. First reason is lower CPAs. Cost us less to get customers. We can sell them more things so there’s more repeat customers. There’s more referral traffic. ‘Cause when you do this right, people are talking about you. There’s also more
creative ways to monetize ’cause you could do brand deals and promote other products and services. And, again, you get a
higher business valuation should you ever want to sell. And, who knows, things always come up and you might think I’m
never gonna sell my business and then one day you have
an investment opportunity or another business takes off… So, always keep that in mind. It’s always worth having that, kind of like, in you’re back pocket; that extra cash just sitting there. And having an asset that is worth more. So, with that being said, let’s get into the top 10 niches for drop shipping in 2019. Now, number one, minimalist luggage, okay. Like, just any kind of small, compact, clean, easy to, you know,
just take with you luggage. If you sell this product, right, this type of product. Then, the other products and services that you could promote on the back end could be things like airline flights. Things like hotels, car rentals, last minute trips. Things like cruise deals. Now, here’s the beauty of this. When you’re building your brand all around minimalist luggage, you actually could take
it even a step back and just talk about different travel types and how to travel and pack light. Then on the front end, when you’re bringing people
in with that content, that’s what you could, basically, put out there to the world. Different packing guides, how to pack light. How to pack for a trip to Thailand. How to pack for a trip to
Brazil, whatever it may be. You’re creating that content, you’re leading to your products and then, when you have the community, you’re promoting things
you know they want. Again, like airline
flights, like hotel deals, like last minute cruises and you’re doing those
through affiliate deals so you’re earning money when your customer base
signs up for these things that you’re offering to them. ‘kay? So, that’s number one. Number two is gaming setups. So, I have one of these at my house. I’ve put together this whole big, like, gaming desk and got all the, you know, fancy stuff, because it’s fun. I’m not the biggest gamer but I enjoy it. So, I wanted to build my
own computer and do all this so I did it. Now, here’s the thing, if you follow Drop Ship Lifestyle, you know I am not at all a
fan of selling electronics. And definitely not
trying to sell for brands that are well established. So, for example, I wouldn’t try to sell a Nvidia gaming card. And I wouldn’t,… Uh, a graphics card… And I wouldn’t try to sell Acer monitors. But, you can sell, on your store the actual, you know, bigger components. So things like the desks. Things like monitor mounts. Things like microphone arms. Even things like the lamps
that people put behind them to have good lighting. The chair, right? You could sell all of that and then, again the way you
could further monetize this is by promoting things
like the gaming monitors, and the keyboards, and
the mice and all that as an affiliate. So if you were selling gaming setups, again that’s one of the niches, the other monetization
methods could be electronics. And there’s a lot more than this. This is to just get your mind working. But let’s also take this a step back and look at the front end. ‘Cause I, remember I said, one of the good things
about going this route is you can, basically, capitalize on, you know, celebrity things that people are already searching for. So, if I chose gaming setups and that was the store I built this year, I would definitely look
into who all the biggest esports stars were, the biggest YouTube channels that talked about gaming. So like, this guy on the left is Ninja. He’s the most famous, like, Fortnite guy. And if I was selling this, I would definitely have on my website a blog post that was called, you know, Ninja’s desk setup for 2019, or whatever. And on it I would list all
of the products that he used. This is the monitors, this is the type of desk, this is the gaming chair, this is the microphone, this is the microphone mount, this is whatever. Every single piece and all of those things listed would either link to my store where people could place orders or they would like to different websites where I was promoting electronics as an affiliate. So again, you can capitalize
on different trends on the front end. Sell your products that you’re gonna make
the bulk of your money on; the ones you drop ship. And then make more money on the back with the things that
you won’t sell directly. So, let’s get into the next one. And this is similar to the gaming setups but this is, what I call, high performance work stations. So, right now, you notice I’m standing. I’m at a stand up desk. Don’t have the treadmill desk but things like this are very popular, right. People do all the monitor arms now. People are into just
ultimate productivity. And not everybody, but
that’s a good thing, but there is a sub section
of people and consumers that are looking, like, to get the ultimate productivity setup. So why not sell them all of
the pieces that they needed and, again, just like with the other ones, things you can monetize
with on the back end. You could do the computer monitors here, all the peripherals but, I did give you some other options to, again, get your mind thinking outside of the box. If someone was into a high
performance workstation, then there’s a good chance they’re looking to get
more done with their time. So, if I built this site, on the back end what I would do is promote different productivity tools. So softwares like Trello. Different on-line
courses and live seminars like High Performance Academy. ‘Cause again, it’s related, right? If someone wants a high
performance work station they’re probably
interested in productivity so build your brand around productivity, sell that audience the items that you can drop ship profitably, then promote the related things as an affiliate or as a brand partner. Make more money that way. So, next one I’ll give
you is home gym equipment. ‘Kay? Sell home gyms. That’s the product you drop ship. You sell them; that’s where
the bulk of your money is made. And then, you could do other brand deals. Monetize these as an affiliate and promote things like exercise videos. And really, anything
regarded to weight loss, regarding to weight loss, I should say, like Nutrisystem home meal delivery kits. I would definitely be doing that. So, if my niche was home gym equipment, I’d be selling weight loss
products on the back end because that’s what my people, I’m sure, would be interested in. Same thing on the front end; more ways to monetize. Do things like, how Hugh Jackman
got ripped for this movie or whatever. You put out that type of content, lead to the gym equipment, on the backend have the
weight loss products that you would not sell directly. Okay, next one. We’ll keep moving forward. This video is getting longer
than I thought it was gonna be but, hopefully you are enjoying it and getting value. If you are, please let
me know in the comments. Let me know if you like this style of a little bit longer video and specifically, this one on the top 10 niches of 2019. But, next one I wanna get into is what I’m calling tiny home furnishings. Okay? Not the actual tiny homes. Maybe you could drop ship these, I’m not sure. But I’m talkin’ about the things that people would put inside it. So, like the mini
fridges, the mini stoves, the small closets, these tiny windows, the small doors. All that stuff, right? You could sell that, and then on the back end the way you could further monetize it is by having different deals with brokers so people that actually sell the units and builders. And the way this works, is you’re basically
selling them referrals. So if someone comes to
you on your website, you could have a form, like, request a quote to have a tiny home built. On that page it could
be like a wufoo form or a type form where people are saying, I’m in New York, I’m looking for something, you know, whatever, 10 feet by 10 feet. And I’m looking to spend $80,000. Now that you have that lead, you could have a deal with
different builders in that area where you either sell them these leads or where you get a commission if they build for that customer. So, working out brand deals. Again, thinking outside of the box. Thinking bigger so you can further out monetize your competition. Now, next one, kinda similar here. This one is custom window treatments. So, things like blinds,
curtains, drapes, right? All the big fancy things that rich people hang up in their homes. You could sell these on your website. That could be your core product and then a way that you
can further monetize it is by giving interior designers referrals. So, people come in and they say, hey, I’m thinking of doing, you know, whatever, this design in my home. You could say, do you want
to talk to a designer? And again, have a deal
where you either sell leads or where you earn a commission when somebody works with
an interior designer that you referred them to. Now, taking this one step back, again, because this whole
brandable store thing, it’s not just about back end monetization. It’s about how we can bring
people in on the front end. So, if I was selling these, you know, custom window treatments, I’d basically be going
out there and looking for iconic scenes in different movies. I’d have really nice,
you know, backgrounds. I would be looking, same
thing, for tv shows. I’d be looking at the newest, you know, Dwell magazine and all the different
interior design magazines that come out every month. And I would look for,
basically, iconic scenes or scenes that I think people
would be interested in. And then on my website I would post them and I would talk about the, you know, size of the drapes or curtains. I would talk about the materials
that I thought were used. I would link to my website where people could fill out a form to talk to an interior designer about getting those in their own homes. So, remember this is all
about not just back ends but also using celebrity on the front end to bring people in. Because that’s really what, honestly in this society
that we’re in now, that’s what people are, like,
engaging with on social, that’s what’s standing out, that’s what’s getting clicks. So, not that the old stuff doesn’t work but this is definitely something you want to work in to your business if at all possible. Okay. Next niche. This would be what I would
call recreational boating. Now, I’m not talking about drop shipping pontoon boats. Maybe you can, maybe the smaller ones. But what I’m talking about are things like the seats, right? Things like maybe custom steering wheels or replacement steering wheels. Things like the awning that goes on top. Maybe in a different color. Maybe the antennas. Maybe different ladders for the back or different huge floats that people get. Maybe things like different pumps. And maybe even the trailer, right? So selling the things
that people would get after they got the boat. Maybe replacement parts or things to kinda take their boat to the next levels. So, if that was your niche and you get into recreational boating, then on the back end I would
be promoting things like Sea Tow which helps you get your boat unstuck if you get stuck anywhere. Things like boat insurance. Making sure my customers had it and making sure I was connecting them with good deals for boat insurance. Again, when they sign up, I’m earning commissions so definitely would be
promoting that heavily. And then, also promoting things like different boating trade shows. Different trade shows are
always looking to fill the rooms and they pay commissions
if you’re responsible for getting people there. So I would definitely be promoting different boat trade shows to my audience. So, again, recreational
boating on the back end doing things like insurance, things like Sea Tow, things like trade shows, different either straight
up affiliate deals or brand deals with these companies. Okay. Moving forward. Next niche. Home theater equipment . Now, here’s the thing, right? You might be thinking, like, you just said no electronics and that’s true. But with home theater equipment, I could drop ship most of this stuff here. I could do things like the carpet tiles. Obviously, the home theater chairs. Things like the wall
panels for sound dampering. Things like the lights. Things like the projector
screen and the frame for it. Things like the popcorn machine
that people put in the back. Things like a little bar for the back. Like, you could sell all that. Drop ship it, make a
bunch of money that way. And then, again, on the backend you could do things like have the projectors, the speakers, the electronics. And again, work with different installers and either sell them leads or have a referral business
where you’re making a percentage of what
they charge to install home theaters. So, you’re selling the equipment. On the back end you’re
dealing with things, like electronics as an affiliate and installation as a referral partner. Okay, we got two more for you. This one is, this photo is of a unit that’s, like, over 12,000 bucks. But, this is basically what I’m calling indoor grow rooms. Obviously, there are a
lot of states right now in the US where this is just blowing up. And there’s still, I think, plenty of opportunities. So, you don’t need to sell
whole systems like this that cost 12,000 bucks. You could also sell smaller kits and lights and all the equipment
that maybe costs, like, a few hundred to a few thousand. But, if I was selling
this type of equipment, indoor grow room stuff, I would definitely have brand deals with all the big trade shows. So, for example, Indo Expo. If I was selling these things, I would be reaching out to them and every other big trade event. And I’d be trying to do a deal where either we promoted our stuff to, that we promoted their conference to our customers for X amount of dollars as a flat fee. Where, again, as a referral fee where we charge, you know, whatever for them
to send an email to our list. So, some type of deal like that. Okay, moving into the next one. Number 10 for 2019. This one is kite boarding gear. You could also call it wind surfing gear. I’m finding, like, mixed key words for it. But, I think I went with kite
boarding for this description. So, this is a sport that
is still trending up. And what’s good about it is people buy lots of equipment. So, they buy the kites, they also buy the boards. They also buy the harnesses. They buy, just, like,
there’s a ton of stuff. And what’s great about this is, you could further monetize
it by promoting things like kite boarding schools. So, I lived in Vietnam for, like, three or four years. And I was living in
Saigon in Ho Chi Minh city which is a city. But there were so many
people that I met there that were passing through that were going to a city that’s like, and hour and a half flight north called Da Nang. And in that city, it’s just, like, kite boarding is, like, their thing. And it’s crazy because
they have schools there and people from all around the world were traveling to do that. And that’s actually what originally got me thinking about this. Again, there’s opportunity everywhere when you’re eyes are open. And I realized, like okay, this is like one kite boarding school, or like, a beach of kite boarding schools. Then I started looking
on line and I realized these things are all around the world. So, if I were to build a store
that sold kite boarding gear, I would definitely be doing
my research on what the top kite boarding schools were. And again, I’d be promoting them either as an affiliate or doing a brand deal. Or maybe, for X amount
of dollars per month, they got listed in a directory on my site. And then, on the front end to
bring people into my store, same thing, I’d be creating content around different schools that I recommend, or different schools worth visiting, or top kite boarding
destinations in the world. You know, whatever it may be. Different pieces of content like that. Bring the people in, offering them the products, on the back end to
promote different schools or different excursions. Now, also, kite boarding
just got approved, I think, to be in the Olympics in 2024 which is actually only five years away, which is crazy. But, again, this is already trending up and I’m sure, once it’s in the Olympics it’s only going to go even higher up. So guys, that’s it. That’s the list of 10 for 2019. Hope you got a lot of value. Hope you have some
major, major take aways. Wanna end this with a couple quick notes. One of them being, if you are a member of Drop Ship Lifestyle and you haven’t logged into
the members area recently, I have it pulled up right now, definitely go in ’cause two months ago, about two months ago, when we updated to version 7.0 we revamped all the content. So, go in and if you want more in depth training watch module one again on niche selection. Watch module two again on market research. And then, if you want me to
verify your niche for you, just come here and click get your niche verified and then that will send me
an email with your info. We’ll be able to verify it for you. Again, that’s just at
courses.dropshiplifestyle.com. And, if you’re not part
of Drop Ship Lifestyle yet and you want more in depth training on how to pick profitable products that can earn $300 or more per sale, go to this link. It’s dropshiplifestyle.com/webinar. I’ll post that up in the description below and, as always, if you go value from this video please do give it a thumbs up. Definitely subscribe if you love this; do you want more of it. And I would love to hear your
thoughts about these niches and about what you want to know more about in the comments below. So, leave a comment. I’m gonna sign off and get back to work and I’ll see you guys next week for Drop Ship Weekly. Thank you. (bright music)


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    Hi, my name is Bryce and I'm selling my store. My store is new but already seeing results but I'm heading back to college this fall and I just won't have enough time to manage it. My store is gaming set up store (One of Anton Kraly's top niches of 2019) I've managed to grow the Twitter page to 1K followers already, 50+ orders, and I also have a gold supplier, and 7 silver. If you are interested at all or just want to know more details please message me and hopefully we can work something out.
    Email ([email protected])

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