New World: Amazon’s MMO – Everything you need to know! | Release Date, Housing, Opt-in PvP, Reddit

Updated : Mar 02, 2020 in Articles

New World: Amazon’s MMO – Everything you need to know! | Release Date, Housing, Opt-in PvP, Reddit

You must have seen one, two, three or even
more videos in your recommended feed about this game; New World. And is it right to have so many videos about
a game that is going to release in less than 3 months but we know little about? Well yes! For starters it is created and funded by one
of the biggest companies on earth; Amazon! Although it looks very promising, there were
also some shifts in the core game design and there has been some drama over at Reddit about
the game. I discuss a number of topics so use the timestamps
in the description if you want to hop to a specific segment. Hey, it’s me, Kyo! Let’s discover what we know about the New
World MMO. But before we do that, make sure to please
YouTube a little bit by subscribing to my YouTube channel. Alright, let’s get into it. So, what is New World and where is it set? Like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Elder
Scrolls Online and many more, New World is an MMORPG. A vast world where players come together,
fight together towards the same goal or fight each other in PvP. The game is set in the 17th century in a somewhat
darker, supernatural version of North America. Specifically, it is set on an island that
is rich with a 17th century elements. This world is called ‘Aeternum’ and has attracted
a lot of adventurers to it because of a substance called Azoth. Azoth is a magic force that promises to hold
the source of eternal life. However, there is an evil force at play in
Aeternum. Azoth can either turn humans into bestial
husks and others can get power above all imagination. This force is also referred to as the Corruption. While playing New World, you will face the
Corruption together with your fellow other players. But, you must also conquer areas that have
been captured by other players. So, this means that there are elements of
PvE and PvP involved. Word has it that the game was mostly PvP focussed
but shifted a bit more to the PvE side. More on that later. This story appeals to me. Although magic and corruption are seen in
other MMO’s, there are few MMO’s that are set in a 17th century time era. Most MMO�s are set in the medieval era or
have a futuristic setting. When I’m playing MMO’s I’m mostly interested
into the PvE aspect of the game. There are few MMO’s where I really get invested
in the PvP side of a game. Only the original Guild Wars managed to do
so. Anyway, the way Amazon Game Studios brought
PvP to New World is something that I can get into. Join a group of players, fight against other
players to capture territory and then venture out to defeat the Corrupted enemies. Yep, this setting is something I would get
into. At first, I thought you could either play
as a Warrior type of an Archer type character. However, there are pictures of mages and players
using staffs in combat. Luckily, you are not tied to just one class
in New World. You can play anything you like. There are no classes. You can create builds that fit your current
playstyle and switch these around if you want to play anything else. At Least, that’s what the official FAQ tells
us. Alright, that’s a short, general outline of
what New World actually is. But what makes New World stand out above other
MMO’s like Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft? What are its unique features? One feature are Settlements. Settlements are, from the looks of it, small
towns or cities that can be claimed by a group of players. These settlements serve as a base where players
can craft, trade, live and support their Faction through Faction Missions. Early on in New World, a player can choose
between three different factions, which are currently unknown, and can then create a company. From the looks of it, a Company is similar
to a Guild in other games. With a company, which is a group of players,
you can gain control over a settlement. With a Settlement comes a fort. These forts are the defense points of a settlement
and are used to keep players and monsters away from your Settlement. Yes, it looks like you have to defend your
settlement in a PvP and a PvE way! We just talked about a company, a group of
players that can capture a Settlement. Well, a company needs a leader right? In a News Article on the New World website
this leader is called a Governor. This is usually the player that created it. It seems that this Governor is basically a
Guild Leader. A Governor can upgrade your Settlement by
starting Town Projects; quests for players part of your Company that help the Settlement
grow and improve. The Governor can also set taxes. Great. I play a video game to get away from paying
taxes, yet, I have to pay taxes in this world as well… Luckily, the Governor does not have to manage
everything by himself. He can appoint several other players to a
Consul that can help him manage a settlement and its inhabitants. The next feature I want to talk about is Player
Housing. Although it is seen in many MMO’s this is
going to be a big part in New World. Guild Wars 2 has a home instance and World
of Warcraft has its Faction halls and the Garrison but they are minor parts of the game
and can become obsolete whenever a new expansion comes out. The interesting part of Player Housing in
New World is that houses help a Settlement grow. These are the small towns we just talked about. Whenever a players belongs to a specific Faction
that owns a Settlement, you can then buy a house there. If you purchased your house in a Settlement
you are eligible to receive a Lifestyle buff. What these buffs do is currently unknown or
have yet to be verified. From an image on the official site,
it looks like these houses can be decorated but can also be used to Fast Travel to and
gain bonuses from Trophies you have collected. However, you must pay a small in-game tax
or fee to maintain these buffs. From the looks of it, you need a Settlement
to further improve your skill and be able to play the game efficiently. However, this comes at a cost. There is a tax that we have to pay to the
Settlement and we also have to pay for our House Keeping. Although I think the fees will be minor, I
think it is wise to watch your in-game income and manage that so you won’t fall short when
you have to pay up! The last feature I want to talk about for
now are the 50 vs 50 battles. So, like I mentioned before, the original
focus of New World was a PvP based survival MMO. However, from the looks of it, it has shifted
its focus a little bit more to the PvE and RPG aspect. Also, remember when I said you had to defend
your Settlement from other players? Well, this is it. 50 vs 50 battles. Although, there is little to be found on the
official website, a recent PC Gamer article has brought this to my attention. In these 50 vs 50 battles you must defend
your settlement against other players. But, if you don’t care about fighting other
players, you can also fight against AI. So, you can defend your settlement no matter
if favor PvE or PvP. While I’m reading through articles about this
it gives me a bit of a World vs. World vibe that we have in Guild Wars 2. This game mode also is heavily focussed on
capturing keeps and castles While you have managed to get a keep or castles,
you get experience, karma or other additional buffs. I’m expecting something similar for New World. Nothing much else can be found about this
feature just yet apart from the Settlements and houses we discussed before. Although little is known, this is something
to look forward to. Alright, New World sounds good so far. Something I must check out for myself but
what does community have to say for it? When I was browsing online for some information
about the game, I quickly stumbled on a few Reddit threads which weren’t too favourable
about New World. It is not clear to me if these people actually
played the game or are just fans that are from the outside looking in. The most notable threads I found were about
changes to the PvP system. This mostly had to do with the option to opt-in
into PvP and higher level players or more experienced players constantly ganking new
and less experienced players. The core philosophy was, from what I understood,
is to have PvP always on. This would make sure that you could always
attack other players and you had to be on your guard all the time. Although this does sound pretty exciting and
would result in a more intense gameplay experience, I do think that it should not be possible
to constantly gank new and less experienced players. I understand that this is not what the core
philosophy was about but it is bad from a gameplay and business perspective. A new player won’t be able to advance further
on into the game since there are better players constantly preventing them to progress. This will result in that player not having
fun in the game. Which leads to the player quitting the game. If this small percentage of players keeps
the vast majority of players under control it will lead to unfavorable reviews for the
game. But is breaking your promise or philosophy
bad in this case? Well, that is up to you! For me, I think it is a good change. This makes the game more appealable for the
vast majority of MMO and PvE players. However, I do understand that hardcore PvP
players are somewhat disappointed by this change. I hope that Amazon can create an equal ground
so that both playertypes can enjoy the game! Don’t be discouraged by Reddit though. It is a very vocal place. Which is good! Don’t get me wrong here! But it is small group of fans and players
which are not representative of the whole group of fans and players. With this drama out of the way; should we
be excited for New World? Again, this is up to you in combination of
what we know about the game now. For me, I’m pretty excited but I do also have
some concerns. So, the game can be bought for 40 dollars
or Euros on Steam so I doubt that there will be a cash shop that grants you significant
bonuses over others. A pay to win aspect is most likely not going
to be in here. Also, some of the survival features that the
game has look appealing to me. However, we just know so little about the
game yet. There are very few official articles about
the game, their YouTube channel only has about 5 videos which don’t show much gameplay footage
and did they make a successful shift from full PvP to a more PvE focussed game? The recent PC gamer article I mentioned before
stated “New World will be out sometime in May, and the developers say there’s no reason
to expect a delay.”. So, with less than 3 months on the clock we
should have a full game on Steam. I am excited for it and while the little information
about the game leaves some room for speculation, it also gives some concern that the game might
not be fully finished yet. Only time will tell. I expect to see more updates and gameplay
about the game very soon! Now, where should you look to stay up to date? Well, you can of course subscribe to me haha! But there is another YouTube channel that
covers every little aspect of the game we know so far! Ser Medieval makes weekly or sometimes even
daily videos about New World and uses credible sources to get his information. Next to that, keep and eye out on the official
website of course. If you have any other source or information
you would like to share, leave it in the comments! I will discuss major announcements if they
are coming! Make sure to subscribe to my channel to stay
up-to-date about New World, Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft and other MMO’s. For now, I would like to thank you all so
much for watching and I hope to see you in in the next one! Peace!


  • My apologies for some "pops" in the voice recording at the first part of the video. I'm well aware of it. I tried fixing it after mixing the audio.
    I managed to adjust my mic a bit. I hope it won't occur again 😉

  • Was into this til I heard it was going to be a all pvp game which I want no part of, that being said I remain open as they will have the budget they need to be a success. HOWEVER, if they do not give the studio enough time this will fail as 75 to 90% of mmo's now do. I hope they take the YEARS on this they need to take so it releases as a quality unique experience be it all pvp or no pvp a failed mmo only hurts our favorite genre. Been AGES too Kyo nice to see you do a video again 🙂

  • Doesn't seem like my type of MMO, from what I've seen and heard it looks okay but not something I am hype about or want to try and also there aren't any classes which I don't like to be honest and it seems it will focus more on PvP and I'm the PvE type of player.

  • In some MMO's there are maps, where you CANNOT attack other players. So… why not set the maps where "your story" begins into non pvp?

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