New Features In the Reminders App in macOS Catalina

Updated : Oct 12, 2019 in Articles

New Features In the Reminders App in macOS Catalina

Hi this is Gary with Let’s take a look at the new features in Reminders
in macOS Catalina. MacMost is brought to you thanks to a great
group of supporters. Go to There you can read more about it, join us,
and get exclusive content. So the Reminders app in Catalina has a lot
of new features to match the Reminders app in iOS 13. They work together, of course, through iCloud. Update one and see the updates on the other. The first thing you’ll notice in the Reminders
app are these four things right here. They are different ways of viewing your lists. So you can have multiple lists just like before
and a normal way to view them would be to simply view them by list. By clicking on each individual list. But you also have these alternative ways of
viewing things. For instance, Today will show you any reminders
from any of these lists that have a due date of today. So you can see them all grouped together even
if they’re from different lists. In Scheduled you’ll see Today as well but
also any other reminders in any list that have a due date or time at all. Notice that you have a Plus button under each. You can add a new item directly here. This will go into your Default list. The default list is what you have set under
Reminders, Preferences. You can also add new items to Today as well. You just click there at the bottom, or use
the Plus button, and you can add one to your Default list that will automatically be set
to be due today. Now the All list will show you everything
from all of your lists in one long view. So you’ll see each list in the order they
are here and you can see every item in it. It’s an alternative to just viewing it list
by list like that. You can do All and see everything. You can also add to any list here in this
view. Also if you’ve got completed items here you
can choose whether or not they are shown or hidden. The Flag list allows you too see just the
items from all your different lists that have been flagged. I’ll show you how to flag items in a minute. Now a big new feature of the lists is the
ability to change the icon type and color. So it’s pretty easy to do this in iOS 13 but
here if you create a new list it doesn’t ask you. So you need to go in and do it afterwards. If you click on the name, if you’re editing
the name of the list, but you double click on the icon then you go into a special mode
here where you can edit the name and also change the icon and color. So, for instance, for groceries let’s change
to a shopping cart icon and make it a green color. Then for Pharmacy I can double click on that
and we’ll stick with the blue color but change to a shopping cart there as well. So this might make it easier to find your
list since they would have a different color and also an icon. Notice if I go to the list of All now you
can see it uses the color there in the name of the list. Now you have the ability to further organize
your lists by creating groups or folders. So let’s click on a list to select it and
I’m going to create a new group. It’s going to create a new group or folder
with that list in it. We’ll call it Shopping and you can drag and
drop another list into it as well. I’ll put the pharmacy shopping list in there
also. Now you can open and close that list. So it gives you the ability to kind of tame
your list of lists here if you’ve got a lot of them. When you go to add a new item you get some
additional features here. You can enter the name of the item. Of course you can also do Notes right below
it in the next line. But you also have Add Date, Add Location,
and there’s the Flag there. Now if I flag this particular reminder and
hit Return to add that item you can see it’s flagged here on the right and it is now listed
under Flagged. You also have these other things here. You can Add Date and it gives you suggestions
like Today, Tomorrow, This Weekend, or you can use Custom date for any date there. If you want to get more detail just click
the i button here and you can do On Day but you can also do On Time and Add a Location. Add Location is also over here so you can
click that and select your current location. You can also select when you get into your
car and when you get out of your car. You can add any address or name of a business
or something and it will look it up using the Maps App data and you can add that as
a location as well. This is, of course, a lot more useful on the
iPhone. So you can enter this in on your Mac but then
your iPhone is probably the device that’s going to remind you when you arrive somewhere. You also get the ability to add a person. When you add that person, if you’re messaging
with them, you’ll get a notification that you have a reminder pertaining to that person. That will help you remember to mention something
to that person during that conversation. Just as before you can set priority for things. You can also set reminders to Repeat. So it could be repeating a reminder like something
that will remind you everyday. You can add a URL here. You can also add an image. You can do that here with this button but
dragging and dropping is probably the better way to do it. So you can do it from the Finder from a file. But you can also do it from the Photos app. So in the Photos app here I can drag a photo
and create a new Reminder with it or add it to an existing reminder. You can see it has added a photo there. So it’s just another element you can add here
to an individual reminder. Likewise you can add a URL that way. So you can be in Safari here and you can drag
a URL into a Reminder and you can see it adds it there. These will also appear if you go to Share
something like share a URL and say I want to Share it in Reminders. It will automatically put that URL as part
of the reminder. The Reminders app is really maturing at this
point. I use it to keep track of ideas, ideas for
episodes, ideas for blog posts, ideas for my business. I also, of course, use it to quickly add reminders
to get an alert at a certain time. Usually when I do that I’m using Siri to add
to it and you can still do that as well. But then it’s useful to be able to go in and
edit and flag and do all of that. The new Reminders app gives you even more
options to keep things organized.


  • Great video on one of my favorite apps since the update! … No mention of Reminder ‘Subtasks,’ though? I love that feature.

  • I am posting on any related channels. Why did Apple delete your entire App purchase history in the App Store. I have read enough related comments to know that this isn’t isolated. I never liked the idea of removing iTunes, because it smelled of greed and mismanagement. An attempt to make subscriptions a priority while removing the alternative from easy viewing and access. But why would they allow the release of the OS with such a terrible flaw. To remove your entire app purchase history. What else will they screw up. Unforgivable.

  • It's matured enough for me to replace 3-rd party expensive to-do list apps! I'm excited! Can Reminders create nested Groups? That would be the last missing feature for me.

  • Changing icons and colors … cute … but the "new and improved" version (?) no longer has the calendar feature, which was, from my perspective, the greatest feature of the "old and useful" version. It was so easy to drag items from one date to another and update things that I need to do. [addendum – no export feature. no ability to copy paste existing lists]

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