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Good Morning Jake Paulers good morning Jake paulers i like us like me And welcome to my life and welcome to my life! I hope your having a great day. I hope your having A great day Make sure your dabbing on them haters Make sure your dabbing on them haters Wake up guys! Wake up guys Make sure your working hard make sure your working hard. And make sure your smiling guys! and make sure your smiling seriously smile right now Seriously Smile. Right now. Just like this Just like this. Have a great day! have a great day Let’s kill it baby whoo Lets kill it baby- WOOH *MUSIC* *Car goes Boop Boop* *Car goes vroom* Wooh- Ok , that was really arsty, and creative, If your new here, Im Jake Paul This is the team ten house. And it`s lit every day Bro Lets do it today baby. *Indescribable noises* *music* Im a vlogger bro! Egh, So much effort for those shots. Lets disney bro, Lets do some disney stuff Wooh, Alrighty, so we have been on set for a couple of hours now Its a shoot day , I got my make up on, My boi Ethans` here with me, Whats up! Man Ethan: You kinda suck. Jake: Ok, Ethan:Yea. Jake: Do you want to elaborate Ethan: Your so bad, At acting. We were doing a scene earlier today, guys *I dunno* We were doing a scene earlier today, and And he had to say “Bullet” And he cant, say Bullet, right now. Jake: Bulet *Laughter* The executives were getting like, Pissed off at him, and stuff Jake: That doesnt make me a bad actor, It just means i have like a slight.. Speech Impediment. You are good for the blogs because your short, and your easy to make fun of. Thats the only reason I put you in the vlogs be- Ethan: And I act like i like you so I can be put in the vlogs, For the pop tags. Jake: Yeah Cuz it grows you a lot of followers. Ethan: Exactly Jake: So we`re both great actors. Ethan: Yeah Jake: Thanks Ethan. Ethan: Also, Just so you know im dropping this major bomb on you, Their writing You out of the next episode. Jake: Its cuz my rates are too high, The rates are *Whooosh whistle* Merch sales *Whoosh whistle* Adsense *Whoosh whistle* Acting! * Woosh whistle* Oup, Cant afford it, Have to write me out of that episode. Its like taking a thorn out of a foot, If you want the foot to be fully operational again, You gotta take the thorn out. Your the thorn Jake: Mmm- Ethan:Your like the thorn that injects the *Jake pretends to care.* Ethan: *Rambles on* Jake:Right. Right You know what sucks, At the end of the day, I can get acting classes, and get better at acting But you can never get taller. Wait wait wait, How many armpit hairs do you have? Ethan: like. Seven? Jake: HE KNOWS THE NUMBER! Ethan: I`ll do Tessa. Jake: Do Tessa Ethan: yeah. I got a new car, Its a honda civic, Its like really good for driving me to my dance classes, Bop Bop Bop Bop, Ya know, Bop Bop bop- Ba- Bop Hey guys, Im a vlogger now! Vlog life! Yeaah! Jake: Erika, Ethan:Alri- Ah huh. So hey, Jake, my assistants assistant, sent my This and then my assistant sent it to me, but like, i dont have enough assistants, so im gonna Hire another. Assitants Assitants boss, so its basically going to be my assistants assistant, and The assistant, Will be my new assistant, And yeah, i went to stage coach, and it was like fun, And i saw a bunch of people, and i got like, really tan, On the roof, yeah Oh my god, I literally hate you guys, im not weaing make up, stop, stop Oh my god i literally hate you guys, stop, stop it, stoppp Jake: HAA YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The martinez twins, he`s on a roll, He`s on a roll! Ethan: Uh, Today was the wost. I can only imagine. Jake: Alright, Chad. How do you hit? Heh, Dont come for me, Here Jale, shoot something at my balls! Jake: Let me guess, your gonna do nick? Ethan: Yeah. It really hard to work while making noise your out there, and your screaming, and your just so barbaric, You know, Im trying to do my job, Jake Paul, Kicked me out, he like hired me a- *music* Alright, here we go,and ACTION! Shhh, Ethan: Exclusive. Bizaardvark being the scenes, im an actor bro, oh you got it, your vlogging look, :Im vlogging Ha: THE DIRECTORS VLOGGING, Has a disney channel director ever vlogged before? No… Jake: THIS IS HISTORY REVOLOUTIONARY, SOCIAL MEDIA STARS ARE IMPORTANT Acting isnt easy. Hey ladies and gentlemen, Thats a wrap for ethann, and thats a wrap for Jake paul! He man, you were the first director vlogger, Thanks for having me man, Thanks JP Your awesome,Thats my boi, hes a vlogger, Lets go back to the team ten house. wedalidididididil * loud laughter and noises* jake: You guy miss me? Yeah we missed you jake Wait, what is this, Wait you didnt know, we`re actors now bro,..Jake; What Were actors bro!…. Im an actor brooo, Closed captionings by: Joel Halentstien and:
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