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Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s
video I’m going to be showing you everything that I bought at my first ever Aldi shop,
and also tell you a bit about my experience. I’ve never been before because our nearest
one is about 30 minutes away so it’s not the most convenient, but after years and years
of you guys having meat to try it out, how good the products are and how much money I’ll
save, I thought I would go and see what it’s actually like for myself. I was really excited.
You know you’re old when you get super excited about herbal teas and food shopping. I went there today I spent loads of time.
Before I went, I actually wrote out on Instagram to you guys and said, “What are the products
that you would really recommend from Aldi? What other things that you buy over and over
again?” I have actually bought some of those, so I’ll also be showing you my viewers’ recommendations
as well. There’s a few things to note. Well, I actually went there without a list, which
is probably a bad idea, but I was just so excited to just see what it was all about
for myself. But I didn’t have a list and I was hungry, so I ended up buying quite a lot
of stuff. I spent £84 pounds on this shop, but I’ve also got everything that I’m going
to need for Easter for the boys. I also picked up loads of treats and just things that you
guys recommended. I feel like it’s quite a random shop, but I have loads to show you. I would also love to know your comments. Any
other products that you guys recommend. It was a little bit thin on the ground there
today because of the coronavirus. Everyone was clearly stockpiling and some of the shelves
were empty and stuff like that, but I have got quite a lot of stuff to show you anyway.
But yes, I hope you really enjoy this. I’m just going to literally talk you through it
like you’re at my house. Yeah, here we go. I’m just going to start over here with some
of the breads that I picked up. So many of you recommended the bread section and especially
I think there was five people that messaged me to say, “Get the chocolate brioche bun,”
so I bought this. It’s like one big brioche that you tear and share. It comes in this
tin here. I thought, “Oh, maybe you actually put it in the oven and then serve it like
that,” but there’s no instructions on how to heat it up or anything, so I think it just
must come in that. But this was £1.59. I’ll definitely test this out with the boys. The
boys love brioche anyway, so I’m sure they’ll really enjoy that. Then I picked up some flatbreads. These were
75p. I just really liked having these with soups and hummus. Then I also got some hot
cross buns. These were like 59p, I believe. They were really, really cheap. Then so many
of you recommend that I try the tiger bloomer. My boys love tiger bread and giraffe bread.
This was 99p, and the best thing about it is it comes precut so we don’t have to make
a huge mess. We’ve already eaten a few slices of this with our lunch, but yeah, that was
really, really delicious. Then the last thing that I bought in the bread
section where these brioche burger buns. They also had the hotdog buns as well, but I bought
these to go with the sweet potato burgers. Again, this was something that you guys messaged
me over and over again, and I was excited because I’m trying to eat a bit more plant-based
and just generally eat a bit less meat. Yeah, these look really yummy. They have chickpeas,
carrot, red pepper, and a hint of chili. I’m going to serve these on one of the nights
for all of us. Then I also got for the boys these Italian
chicken chipolatas chip sausages. These were £1.99, and again, it was recommended to me
by you guys. I’m really excited for the kids to try them. Then I also thought I would pick
up some of the chicken goujons in there. Now, these were £1.25 in Aldi. I normally get
the boys goujons from M&S, so these are considerably cheaper. I’ll be interested to see what the
boys think of those ones. Then I also picked up one of their sourdough pizzas. Again, so
many of you recommended this to me. They had loads of different flavors but I got the sun-dried
tomato and buffalo mozzarella. There was a big section on it and it said that they won
the Chilled Pizza Retailer of the Year, so I’ll be interested to try that out. That was
£3.25. Then I also picked up some vegetable crisps,
I think that was 85p. Then I picked up a few fruits and veggies, not many because to be
honest we went to the market this weekend and I picked up loads of vegetables, but I
did get these tender stem broccolis. That was £1.19. Then we also picked up a red grapefruit.
Matt has a grapefruit every single morning. We just got the one because he’s quite fussy
about it and he wanted to test it out before he committed to buying enough for the whole
week. So we’ve got one to try. I also picked up some Pink Lady apples for the boys, the
Gala apples and all the other types of apples I felt were really, really reasonable. I think
there were about a pound. But the Pink Lady ones were more expensive, but these are the
ones that the boys really tend to like. Then I also got some blueberries and strawberries.
The strawberries were only a pound and they’re definitely cheaper than where I’m currently
buying them. I thought it was quite cute that these are the wonky strawberries. Obviously
they’re not going to look perfect, but I mean they look perfect to me. Obviously, for the
boys I tend to just cut them up, so I mean, no one’s going to care if they’re slightly
less attractive. Then I also picked up this curry sauce. This
is the jalfrezi one, which is quite spicy, but they had all the different curries there.
Again, this was recommended to me by you guys. You guys said get the curry sauce with the
spices on the top, so that’s what I did. I think you heat up the sauce for about four
to five minutes and then you add the spices for another few minutes. I’m excited to test
that out, because we’re really into our curries at the moment. Another product, so many you
guys recommended to me it was this tomato and mascarpone pasta sauce. I found it so
interesting that so specific that you all really enjoy this product, so I thought I’d
definitely try it out. It was 72p and it’s just a stir through sauce, so again, really
nice and quick and easy to make for the kids. I’ll definitely serve this with garlic bread
one point this week and let you know how we get on with it. Then I picked up some 100% percent pure Canadian
maple syrup. This was £3.49. It is normally quite pricey, but you only need a tiny bit
of it. But my family really does go through it because we have it on pancakes, we have
it on oatmeal, we have it if I bake certain things, so I needed some more of that. Then
I also picked up some smooth almond butter. Now, this was the biggest one that they had
in there today, because, as I mentioned, so many people were stockpiling, but I’ve got
this one. I think it was £1.69. One section that really stood out to me that
I thought was definitely cheaper than other places that I’ve been to was all the stuff
for packed lunches or snacks when you’re out. I got the Quavers dupes, these are called
Cheese Curls. They were 85p for 10 packs, that just seems insane to me. We’re going
to test them out, see what the boys think. Then I also picked up of these Squidgy Pouches.
You get four pouches in here, two strawberry, two raspberry, from wash-free pouches. Now,
Jackson loves these, he sucks one down every single day. They were 80p for four of them
and I’m currently paying 80p for just one. So this would really save me money if he does
like these. I’m excited to try these. Then I also picked up some wafer bars. If the boys
ever do have a packed lunch or we want a pudding when we’re out, I normally buy the Time Out
bars, but these are kind of like a take off of those. They were 85p for nine bars. I really
did feel that like all the packed lunch stuff seemed really good value. So many of you guys recommended the room diffusers
and also the candles in the home section. I had heard in the press in various places
that these are really good dupes for Jo Malone, so I thought I was test them out for myself.
Over here I’ve got the sweet almond and macaroon at candle. It smells incredible. I love the
pearlescent glass on it. This was £3.50, whereas obviously the real Jo Malone candle
is £50. It has a similar sort of lid, but it is plastic, but you can still sit it on
there and light it. I’m going to test it out, I’m really excited to. Then I also got the
room diffuser, which is lime, basil and mandarin, which is actually a Jo Malone scent. I’m surprised
that they can literally just completely rip them off like that. But again, £3.50 and
the Jo Malone room diffusers are like £50 pounds or maybe even more. But yeah, I’m excited
to try this out. They had loads of different scents. They had pomegranate, they had rose,
they had loads of different ones. Then I also picked up these super soft Mediterranean
herb wraps. There’s eight in here and it was just 79p. I’ve been finding that I’ve been
having lots of wraps lately. I love them with hummus and veg in them. Then I also picked
up this seasoning mix sachet. Now, excited about this because it was 22p and I normally
buy these for spaghetti bologneses or sausage casseroles, chicken casseroles, stuff like
that, and the one that I’m currently buying is 80p. This is a lot cheaper, so I’ll be
interested to see what it actually tastes like. Then I picked up some rocket because
we really like to mix rocket, onion, and new potatoes together with some salt and pepper
and oil. This was 48p, which again, I thought was really quite reasonable. I also just wanted to take a sec to mention
the random aisle in the middle of Aldi. Now, so many of you guys messaged me saying, “You
have to go to the random aisle, you have to go to the mystery aisle. It’s like Disney.”
I didn’t know what to expect, but when I got there I found that it is literally just a
very random aisle with all kinds of different products. When we were there today, there
were toys, there was a zimmer frame type thing. There was this thing that you could grow tomatoes
in, so many different things. Fleece jackets for men, shoes. It was just crazy. I’ll try
and insert some footage here. The only thing that I bought today in the
random aisle where these bag clips, they were £1.29 and I just need them for snacks and
things like that. But if you go, there looked like there was so many good toys, but my kids
have so many toys, I just didn’t need to get any more. But if you were going to a birthday
party or something, there were loads down the random aisle. Now we’re getting into loads of treats that
I got for Easter and also just for home. The first thing I picked up were some Oreo dupes.
They were 36p a pack, so we’ll test them out. I also got a Terry’s Chocolate Orange for
Matt. This was 99p. This is like the ultimate for him. When you ask him what he wants for
Christmas, he just wants one of these, so I thought I’d get him one of those. I also
picked up some Kinder Joys. They were 79p each. I thought that this Easter egg hunt
kit was actually really good. It was £2.99 and you get 25 eggs in it. You might even
get other things in it, I haven’t actually opened it up. Oh, there’s one golden egg inside
as well. I thought that would just be great for our Easter egg hunt at home. Then I got a few bits for the boys’ Easter
baskets. I picked up these hollow bunnies. I think there were 99p each. Then I got these
little nests of little chocolates, they’re like little bunny characters. Then I also
got some Creme Eggs. We got five, but Matt’s already eaten one. Then some little mini Malteser
bunnies as well. There’s lots of individual ones in there, so I’ll put it throughout their
baskets and I’ll probably add in some toys and some soft toys. Then I actually got these ones for my niece
and nephew, and a friend as well. I thought it was really cute. It’s called a pinata chick.
You smash it open and it’s full of mini eggs. These were quite expensive. They were £5.99,
but it is a gift. They did have all of the normal Cadbury’s Easter eggs, they were all
like 99p, so they were really good value. They had the Smarties ones and stuff, but
I kind of just wanted to go a little bit extra. I thought it was quite cool, I mean, I know
that kids would just love smashing these up and then stuff coming out of them. So I’ve
got them, and I’m feeling nice and organized for Easter now. The last thing that I wanted to show you is
that I got quite a few ice lolly packs. I actually went down the frozen aisle to get
the vegan ice cream because so many of you guys recommended it, but it seems that everyone
had been stockpiling the vegan food in there today. They were really low on everything
or completely out, but I saw all of these lollies and I thought they would be great
for spring and summer. I’ll show you. I got two packs of the tropical lollies, they were
85p each. Then I also got these little Mini Whirlz. There’s eight in here. Then I also
saw these and I thought that they were a bit special, a bit extra, maybe if they have friends
over or something. They are Unicorn Cones. I just think the kids would absolutely love
that. Obviously, it’s a special treat. Then the last thing that I got is because
you guys made me do it, someone messaged me, they were like, “Get the gin ice lollies.”
Now, I’m not a massive drinker, especially not gin, but I thought these would be so great
to have in the freezer. If we have barbecues in the summer, I could hand out a gin lolly
or I might even try one as well. So yes, there is some alcohol in these obviously, can’t
let the kids have these, but I’m excited to try. All right, guys. That is everything that I
bought on my first ever Aldi shop today. I hope you enjoyed this slightly different video.
I appreciate that there wasn’t loads of meal inspiration in this, but if you’re looking
for videos like that, I have made so many meal prep and dinner idea videos. I’ll link
them in the description down below. Thank you so much as always for watching. I love
you guys, and I’ll see you in my next one.


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