Murder In Stairwell At Westfield San Francisco Centre Shopping Mall

Updated : Oct 12, 2019 in Articles

Murder In Stairwell At Westfield San Francisco Centre Shopping Mall

TONIGHT: THE PLOT THICKENS. HELLO AND WELCOME. I’M ELIZABETH COOK. VERONICA HAS THE NIGHT OFF. THE MAN’S BODY WAS FOUND AT THE WESTFIELD SHOPPING CENTER IN DOWNTOWN SAN FRANCISCO. NIGHTBEAT’S ANDRIA BORBA PICKS UP THE STORY FROM THERE. TUCKED AROUND THE CORNER FROM THE MAIN BLOOMINGDALE’S ENTRANCE ON MISSION STREET — STEAM CLEANERS GOT TO WORK ON THE SIDEWALK THIS AFTERNOON NEAR WHERE A BODY WAS FOUND Nats cleaners THIS MORNING– SFPD GOT A CALL OF A DEAD WHITE MAN IN HIS 30S IN THE STAIRWELL OF THE WESTFIELD MALL IN DOWNTOWN SAN FRANCISCO. THOMAS O’NEILL WORKS FREQUENTLY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND STUMBLED UPON THE CRIME SCENE. Thomas O’NeillWorks in Neighborhood Police were pretty tight lipped about what was happening, it was obvious that somebody died because of the medical examiners truck parked right outside THE MEDICAL EXAMINER RULED THE DEATH A HOMICIDE – AND INVESTIGATORS WERE ON SCENE HOURS LATER COLLECTING EVIDENCE. SFPD ISN’T SURE HOW LONG THE MAN’S BODY MAY HAVE BEEN THERE….THE CALL CAME IN AT 10:15….AND THE MALL OPENS AT 10. Officer Grace GatpandanSan Francisco Police Department 14.31.02 We’re not disclosing the exact location of where the body was found at this point, to preserve the integrity of the investigation, but we are confirming that it was found inside the mall Andria Bridge Standup Westfield employees say the stairwell involved in all of this is not one the general public typically has access to. You need an employee key or card to get inside. NOW, THE STAIRWELL IN QUESTION HAS NO LOCKS OR DOOR HANDLES ON THE OUTSIDE AND LEADS TO THE GUTS OF THE MALLâNOT HEAVILY TRAFFICKED SHOPPING AREAS. THE ENTIRE JESSIE STREET AREA IS POSITIVELY COVERED IN SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS. Nats traffic There’s a lot of eyeballs everywhere, so it would be unusual for anything else to go on that’s out of place IN SAN FRANCISCO, ANDRIA BORBA, KPIX5 ONE MAN USED A BIZARRE ROUTE TO TRY TO REACH DONALD TRUMP. HE DONALD TRUMP. HE TRIED TO CLIMB TO THE TOP OF THE


  • Remember it well and the East West Shrine Games, loved going there in the fifties and sixties before moving away due to a better job and money.

  • Lol you dont need a card or key, i smoke weed there where that guy died all the time till this day, so does many people its all graffitied up.

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