Moto Z4 with Alexa Hands-Free (Moto 360 camera included) – Unlocked Smartphone – 128 GB

Updated : Mar 10, 2020 in Articles

Moto Z4 with Alexa Hands-Free (Moto 360 camera included) – Unlocked Smartphone – 128 GB

Moto Z4 A Solid 5G-Ready Phone Review The Moto Z4 supports Moto Mods, and because
the spec for the Mod platform date back three years, there’s no getting around the Z4’s
proportional similarity to prior Moto Z models. Motorola is locked into a design, to a certain
extent. It can’t really change the shape of the device without breaking Mod compatibility. That’s not to say the company hasn’t done
a lot to improve the Z series design where it can. The Z4’s new 6.4-inch OLED display incorporates
a teardrop notch and features minimal bezels all around. The back of the phone is glass, but it’s been
etched in a matte finish that feels really pleasing to the touch. Doug Michau, Motorola’s head of product operations,
told me this wasn’t a cheap process to implement, but the team felt it was a worthwhile one.
I’m inclined to agree. You won’t find a fingerprint sensor on the
back or sides of the Moto Z4, and there’s certainly no room for it on the front, given
how tight those bezels are. Motorola has opted for an optical in-display
fingerprint sensor here, which makes a lot of sense for the Z line. Motorola has tried to make the biggest strides
with the Z4’s camera. On the back of the device lives a whopping
48-megapixel lens with an ƒ/1.6 aperture and optical image stabilization. Once again, Motorola’s latest Z series phone
feels like a niche product that only a certain type of customer will truly get the most out
of — like a 5G early adopter, or the tinkerer who sees a lot of value in Moto Mods. For everyone else, though, the Pixel 3a’s
camera, lengthier software support and lower starting price makes Google’s device too attractive
to pass up. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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