Moto G 16gb unboxing flipkart india

Updated : Jan 09, 2020 in Articles

Moto G 16gb unboxing flipkart india

So yeah I just received a Moto G from Flipkart
& I am going to do unboxing video and show you what exactly you get after you buy this
phone. So they have good packaging. Its hard to open. That means packaging is good. So
you get the phone with good bubble wraps its nicely packed. And this is the new Moto G
with 16 gb of memory. Its kind of heavy from the first look. Ok lets open this. Alright.
So in the package you get the phone & oh yes you get a headphones, wall charger, & usb
cable. So you get 3 things & some manuals. Some manuals, a headset, wall charger & the
basic phone. Alright thanks.


  • @malvika There was only simple screen cover with prints on actual phone. As you can see in video the white box has a seal. And for some reason I am not able to reply to your comment so I am writing it to everyone.

  • Does the cable detach from the wall charger to use as USB cable? Also, I cant understand why they ship white accessories with a black phone. Anyway the headphone doesn't look very impressive.

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