#Motivation I PASSED MY WRITTEN EXAM FOR  TIP/ GROCERY / Filipino- American Family Vlogs

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#Motivation I PASSED MY WRITTEN EXAM FOR TIP/ GROCERY / Filipino- American Family Vlogs

Hi guys! Welcome to our channel! I went to get my permit I
did pass tech shop but I have to work hard in order to take our own tests and
to be able to get my license so I’m working on him did you say can you say sorry guys you die big sort
of speechless he’s speechless right now my anyway get Bob justman suppose she’s
gotta use my car to train with time on the way where I’m on the way we’re on
the way to go grocery smile face go brush your teeth hoping the buyers
for me please for a star I’ll be I’ll be using sky to practice driving cars so
he’s afraid this car will believe me if only we have another car a car is not
gonna be useful to us on my other one yes but anyway this one is so problem
solved what I do baby one for me guys let’s see this one he said he said he
said let’s see but across the bridge when we get there
yeah it’s what my husband said bye anyway guys we’re going to start out
with a beginner’s car like I got when I was a kid yeah but it’s afraid I’ll bump
it up the street or something so anyway guys were on our way to grocery shopping
we’ll see you there hi everybody were here in Walmart as the parking lot I’m
eating a snap which my husband bought in math or the cheeseburger so my husband ran quickly in one mine
you guys show you oh my gosh so to run quickly to buy or look for a booster
seat for our son and we came from the OS or Department of State for Secretary of
State and I got this what what every driver must know see if they have the
booster seat in one for Sam if not we will buy it at Meijer
so see you then is installing the booster seat for Kingston right
kickstand you open your booster seat now dad about that ki-sun all set there you must be happy
now ok do you say thank you to Daddy for
having a booster set thank you daddy mamas no one is saying that now take it
back Easton the stomach Easton say thank you ok I
give to that here daddy your rewind thank you ok now we’re going to my yoga
how do you feel riding in your are sitting in your booster booster booster
seat Kingston’s first time sitting in his boosters hidden guys so daddy they
were going to my daddy they were going to my guys that evolved the Boosters hidden Walmart so here we are the CEO guys Meyer
bitch it’s the bow section nice are you buying that what salary really
nice sticks are already yeah he’s more milling hanging is Monday
with is Vanna White guys okay okay neck
did you get a subway all play so going here guys by we’re in the sweet corn our pick of the
season three for $1 be for $1 guys on my collar sweet corn
so I already got three we’re going there where the food we better go buy some mangos we say
apply for five it means by a $1 each I only get store then there’s pineapple Bosh it’s bullshit eyed man King
standard break break he’s enjoying a face stop what is it yes
yes when does he like the bus there thank you
the veña veña veña paying off fifty nine ten this one yes what else is that the hotdogs you’re talking about
yes but thank you anything else made a mixture hello thank you oh I have a Brasserie
shopping nice now and we’re going to put the groceries
away are you gonna have making sound I’ll be sunny Sanibel mr. Gaeta right sit for now and have a great day do you
wanna say hi to Ted for now guys and have a great day everyone
and remember a babe be brave be happy a beautiful bye everybody


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