Mother forces her son to shoplift at a grocery store l What Would You Do

Updated : Nov 10, 2019 in Articles

Mother forces her son to shoplift at a grocery store l What Would You Do

We’re shopping the aisles at the stu leonard’s grocery store in Norwalk Connecticut and this mother is teaching her son that it’s much easier to just take what you want and put that in your bag it’s made the news more than once lately Meridid mom accused of using her 12 year-old Son to help her shoplift at a grocery store parents accused of using their children as accomplices a woman accused of taking her daughter and two grandchildren shoplifting spree in Gainesville so if you see a mother and son… stealing items from a grocery store what would you do this first shopper stops have Angela put something in his bag just, put it in your bag she watches the crime in action mom this is stealing! take it, take it she seems trouble trying to decide what to do she then approaches this worker that’s our actor Brian to tell him what she’s witnessed she’s actually crying i felt like i was overtaking those cameras everywhere why children yeah she’s crazy When we step out, to doctor she’s overcome with emotion hi ma’am how are you i’m sorry you feel sorry for the little boy i Just, had a sense someone you know what’s happening today do you tell me this is a belief you have for kids i have a lot of grandkids and we all should be roma bahn that’s perfect we see time and again shoppers doing just what that woman did Reporting the incident to the store’s manager told him either way i used to do that She saw me seeing i don’t know if like maybe it’s just easy to carry don’t get the little boy still Lots of folks call off the bad behavior but some choose not, to say anything to our mom or to our worker this next shopper watches the grocery store scandal And he’s forced into action when aiden approaches i don’t know what to do she just doesn’t want to pay for it she’s making me steal it I don’t want to but she’s making me Then the shopper confronts angela in an attempt to get some answers Sorry is he bothering i’m so sorry What, no and instead of taking things to the authorities he’s ready to do what he can to help before he makes that purchase we step in hi there You confronted the woman oh you don’t want to get people in trouble so i said look i’ll pay for everything i’m To teach a child that as you get too old it’s gonna start out with a piece of fruit and then you end up being A car drug Her filming continues into the afternoon and we put a new team of shoplifters in place we swap out angela good job go ahead and zip it up for lisette This shopper sees what’s happening i don’t want to do this Just, to it and as most people have done she tells our worker immediately He’s telling her no it’s stealing and she’s still telling him to put it in and he knows it’s wrong it’s what would you do Why is it so upsetting the fact that a parent would do that to their child And the child is saying no They know it’s wrong and you’re saying go ahead what do you hope people learn from this that no matter how hard times are you, know you have to speak up our final customer of the day overhears the conversation between mother and son just go ahead and just put this in your bag Well that’s stealing it’s okay we give this store enough money you leave that in your bag she just has to say something directly to our mom What do you mean encouraging i’m not doing anything one i’ve been making what’s the big deal i’m getting secured it’s just one thing Unhappy with lisette’s response she then takes things to the manager there’s a woman over there? encouraging the child to steal he’s putting food in his back she’s right there Should you rate once could unit wait one second just really sad no it’s really sad we’re not gonna get security Standing you start rolling start rolling time for us to tell her it’s what would you do how are you okay I have assumed i got in trouble started by shoplifting one thing Then it led to two and then she’s telling their kid to put it in his act that it’s only one You just had to say something yeah because you don’t teach it hit that how’s your son doing now he’s okay now He’s 50 we outgrew that But, his life would have been a lot different if he didn’t do it the first time you know i come over here say hello guys what’s in your bag


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