Miraflores, LIMA, PERU: the best way to enjoy | Lima 2019 vlog

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Miraflores, LIMA, PERU: the best way to enjoy | Lima 2019 vlog

So, what do you do in the love park? No! Come on! No… [laughs] [music] Welcome to the most popular district
in Lima, Peru. This is Miraflores. Miraflores is a perfect place to stay
when you come to Lima. It’s on the coast. It’s so beautiful! Lots of restaurants, shops, great nightlife, and it’s very close to two other
very famous neighborhoods as well, San Isidro and Barranco where you can also find lots
of attractions and things to do. And best of all, it fits all budgets,
really, from accommodations to food. Oh, people are setting up here
for paragliding. -Would you have the courage?
-Yeah. -Yeah?
-Why not? -Totally? Renata: Whoo! Ah! How cool. What I really like about Miraflores
is how scenic it is, you know? When you come here
from the buildings over there, you are in this upper part. There’s this cliff and the beach
is all the way down there. Can you see it? And people come here to exercise
or just to hang out. It’s so nice.
And this is exactly what we’re doing. [music] Look at the amount of surfers down there. And it’s so interesting
because the waves here stretch for meters and meters. You can ride the wave for a long time. Love park! This is
a favorite place here for the sunset. Actually, if you come anywhere
along the coast, it’ll beautiful no matter what. We’re in the Pacific Ocean, right? So, sunset will be over there. Full of sayings and sentences
about love. You’re looking at that so intensely
like you really want to try. -Yeah.
-[laughs] How many, huh? No one does this without a GoPro. Look at his selfie stick. We’ll be back. -Vendor: Coca leaf
-Renata: No, thank you. -You can chew it like a gum -Coca candy also for sore throat and headache -Natural candy… coca with mint Do you see these ladies
in traditional costumes? -Yeah.
-They’re selling coca leaves -and coca candies.
-Oh, yeah, really? In Peru, traditional forms of coca leaf
use are legal in small quantities Coca leaves have medicinal effects,
especially against altitude sickness. I guess this is where you go down. Do you see that sign
where those people are going? It’s gonna be a lot of steps. If you’ve ever been to Los Angeles, this totally reminds me of Santa Monica. I lived there for many years,
many, many years before moving to Texas. Hmm. The beach might be a little tough. Do you see the rocks over there
instead of sand? How great!
You can rent a bike here. Renata: Hello, good morning!
How much is the rental? Man: 20 soles the first hour with an ID.
If you’d like more time, the second hour is 10 soles. Renata: 20 soles for 1 hour,
10 soles if you want an additional hour Perfect, thank you so much! What else do you find here
along the coast? Oceanfront… A mall! Look at that. Larcomar Mall. It’s actually a big mall.
There’s this other side here, too. Wow! Lots of nice shops and also… a lot of cool bars. Renata: Please, I’d like a chocolate with orange one And also, a raspberry with mint -Cashier: 2 popsicles?
-Renata: Yes, 2 popsicles Wow, you got real
pieces of orange there… inside. -Oh, you ate all of them.
-Uh-hmm. What’s yours? Mine is raspberry with mint. It’s really good. It’s not hard.
It is so soft, right? It’s so good.
It’s really refreshing. Perfect for summer in Lima. You look at the temperatures
and you see there 21, 25 degrees Celsius. which is like 71, 75 F, you’d say? -Yeah.
-Yeah, right? So, you think, “Yeah, fine, great,”
but it is so humid. You sweat the whole day. [music] This is where we’re coming. Renata: Thank you very much.
Driver: Very friendly, thanks! Have a good day Here it’s mandatory to follow a tour We can’t walk alone. -That tour takes about one hour.
-Renata: Okay. Yeah. The English one will start here in about 30 minutes. -Okay.
-Is it okay? -Renata: Yeah.
-Gordon: We have to be. [laughs] Well, some people wouldn’t want to wait
and they decided to leave. So, I just always have to ask. -Renata: Okay.
-It’s 15 soles per person. You just buy your tickets here. -Renata/Gordon: Thanks. Ooh, our tickets. We’re about to visit now
the ruins of a pre-Incan civilization. There’s a pyramid here,
it’s right in the middle of Miraflores, called Huaca Pucllana. So cool. But because archaeologists
are still working here, you cannot just go by yourself,
you need to be in a tour. We’re here now waiting
for the tour to start. Listen to this, how interesting. This was a huge ceremonial center
built by a civilization called Lima, hence the name of the city. This was in the years 600, 700. We start here in a small museum where they have some objects
found on this location. Textiles for the afterlife. Wow. Maybe they dressed people like that
while burying them. -Guide: Hi, welcome.
My name is Maribel I’m going to be your tour guide
in this opportunity. Well, this is the temple of Huaca Pucllana. Huaca Pucllana is a Quechua word that means place of sacred games. During the 20th century,
people did not preserve this. So, there was a street here,
right here where we’re walking. It’s amazing how they planned out
all these pieces. You see standings like this, and also with a little space
in between That was because of earthquakes. Amazing how they planned this
1,500 years ago. And it worked, they’re still here. We’re so close, but cannot touch it. [music] Wow. This is when they already started
using this pyramid as a cemetery. It was already a different civilization
called Wari. And this is a replica here
how they used to bury people. [music] Hey. They’re so cute.
It’s like they’re always smiling. These are adobe bricks
and they were all made by hand. This is why each one has a different size. Renata: Are these what they used
to plant at that time? Gordon: Yeah.
Renata: Beans, corn. Huaca Pucllana was a temple, not a city. People used to come here to worship,
not to live. They most likely lived close to the ocean. The ocean was very important
in their daily lives. Summarizing, this place was used
by three different civilizations: Lima, Wari, and Ychsma For different purposes,
for worship at first, and then as a cemetery. Then it was abandoned for a long time. The Incas even knew
that this place was here, but it didn’t serve them,
so they just let it go. When the Spanish arrived here in Peru, they used the top of the pyramid
over there, as an observation point. Bye, thank you!
Thanks! This is chicha morada.
It’s a very traditional juice in Peru. And it’s made with purple corn. They flavor it with cloves
and cinnamon. It’s so good, so delicious.
You have to try when you come here. There are some berries as well
if I’m not mistaken. I love it. Yes, thank you so much! Typical lunch today. [music] Now, this park here
is in the heart of Miraflores. It’s called Kennedy, Parque Kennedy. And it’s very nice,
there’s a lot of of street food over there. Bombitas… Picarones… Everything very pretty.
Nicely well done, well-maintained. There are some street artists
over there as well. It’s very nice. [music] The Peruvian way of life. Later they will be selling
handicrafts here. Vendors have just arrived and they’re starting to prepare everything. Now, it is hard to walk here
without seeing cats. There are dozens
if not hundreds of stray cats here. And now this park is very well known
for the stray cats. Here they have a lot of stray cats, but they don’t encourage people
to dump their cats here. There’s a fine of over 4,000 soles
for people that do that. We took a break after lunch
and relaxed a little bit at the hotel. And now we’re back here
at El Malecon which is the name of this area here
where the cliffs are. The beach is over there. So, we’re gonna see the sunset. Advantages of staying in Miraflores, everything is so close,
you can walk. [music] So, what do you do in the Love Park? No! Come on! No… [laughs] It’s video. [laughs] I’m fun like that.
I’m fun like that. Not so much. [music] It was so nice to see.
So beautiful. So full of people.
Very romantic, I love it. I’ve been told that during summer, you have the orange sky like this
almost every day. Even if it’s cloudy during the day. Worth coming here to check it out. If you like this video,
let me know in the comments. If you want more,
subscribe to the channel. I’m waiting for you here. [music]


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