Merch By Amazon | My Top 5 Most Profitable Niches

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Merch By Amazon | My Top 5 Most Profitable Niches

Visionaries, welcome back. Wanted to come back to you with another video about Merch by Amazon and we have a special
guest today… Ells: It’s ya boy Ells. Venus: he’s back with us and today we’re gonna talk about the top 5 niches that I’ve been profitable in most
profitable in on merch by Amazon Should we start from the top or the
bottom? Count down from the bottom in then up or what?
Ells: count down would be good. Venus: okay so we’re gonna go from five, four, three,
two, one. So the fifth niche is actually a trend because I told you guys like 98%
of my Merch by Amazon catalog is evergreen. But, number five was a pleasant surprise my first year on Amazon because I’m going through Q4 yet so number five
is… Ells: Halloween! Venus: Halloween! I had a bunch that was like my first month where sales just
took off was last October and so it was one shirt in particular which we’re not
gonna we’re not gonna say what it is but it was like mind-blowing how
funny, odd, weird, shirts where and people were buying it in this I this shirt the thing
that this shirt had on it I’ve made like 30-something sales from this one
particularly shirt and it was the oddest thing ever so if you’re new to emerge by
Amazon October will be your first Q4 going in there just think out of the box
take a look at the competition Merch Informer definitely has some tools where
you can look back and see what the trends were at that time a popular
shirts during that time so I encourage you if you have not subscribed to do so
cause it was super helpful for me as I was newly getting into this so there’s a
link down below if you’re interested in more information so I recommend that. So Halloween number five but there are some more profitable niches that I’m in now
and number four is… Ells: comedy! Venus: and funny sayings so we all love the shirts that have witty sayings on it and those have been super profitable for
me I have a lot of word all these shirts not very graphics oriented shirts but I
have a mixture so I very graphics oriented shirts but funny thing to me is
that some more common sayings that we say all the time is really funny people
haven’t tapped into that yet it was a few particular shirts that I had put up
in there were no maybe two or three shirts just up on that and so I
obviously did a better design too you know rival the existing shirts that were
there and then I started making ourselves almost within a week of me
putting the shirt up so just sometimes you just got to go back to the basics
and think about what would you say every day or funny stuff that you heard in
your childhood or whatever and make sure it’s do some research obviously but make
sure side of that good been very profitable for me there your roots is
the best source yeah go to the source go to the roots and you’ll come up with
something very interesting other people would like to wear as well as you so
exist so where’s that so the people would number three is sports of course
everybody loves four so even those folks that are not too into sports there –
Sports puns or something that they know they might be buying for someone else so
sports is always profitable football has done very great for me also hockey my
vase sells both are pop sockets and t-shirts and sweatshirts and you know
that’s the beauty of the wintertime for us that live in colder climates and how
clients and customers that live there too is the long sleeves and the hoodies
now with the increased royalties on that bus always great so definitely think
about winners for summer sports sports year-round because that could definitely
be profitable in general definitely recommend that and we’re
coming up on number two number two my famous my favorite food as I was telling
you guys in one of my prior videos food is one of the super profitable niches to
me because there’s so much variety and you just delve into cuisines of
different locations in the world different locations of your country
different ethnicities different dishes in general does been super profitable
for me year round there as festivals related to different foods and things so
just get creative what do you like to eat that does oversaturated it is more
than overdone avocado pizza you know taco shirts but let’s think outside the
box of that and it’s a super profitable niche everyone eats food but also don’t
get into too popular niches cuz you know it might be a hard time for you to find
for them to find your shirt but also find like that middle spot like ramen
noodles possibly yeah for example if it wasn’t as popular you
know get that shirt yeah definitely definitely so just think of different
things and like he said some things that unique who’s this unique that might have
a following so just do a little bit of research but then your instinct as well
and you’ll come out with something successful there so number one guys I
know you’ve been waiting for music music of course just like food
everybody has a favorite music genre and in one of my prior videos I was telling
you guys too about music I think it was the heart to break into niches video so
if you haven’t watched that I’ll leave a link card above or a link below to that
playlist but yes music absolutely all kinds of genres all kinds of instruments
musicians things of that nature it’s all kinds of areas so think about which you
like the most because you’ll know the most about that
work through that and you’ll find something like I was telling you guys in
the last hip-hop has been really profitable for
me because I love hip-hop so I kind of design shirts around that I’ve branched
out into other genres as well that I know about some music genres are more
you know obscure than others so it’s just up to you to play around with it
have fun with it and you what happen to what works for you you do you once more
absolutely so those are the top five that I have to share with you people
you guys I always love to know from you too what are your most profitable niches
share them below with the merch community so that we can learn from one
another how did you get how did you create the said top spot oh it’s so
funny because in my year here on merch it just happened organically for me
again I was designing shirts that I know I wanted to wear my son to wear my
husband one to wear or whatever and then as those things had a following they
just kind of happened naturally I saw with the customers that were coming to
my designers were interested in it so just started designing more around that
and certain things took off so I encourage you guys to experiment again
have fun with it and this is your business and your side hustle so have
fun with it research and ask questions be you know open to sharing advice and
giving advice to all of us because we’re learning as we go to even the veteran
merch community they benefit from different perspectives as well so I
welcome you to like also share with new folks that they’re just starting out in
March or if you’re a veteran that just likes to bone up on March related videos
please do I’d appreciate that too and then I go don’t forget to subscribe
yes if you’re not part of the visionaries the subscribers to this
planet please do subscribe I love sharing with you guys are being back on
YouTube on a regular basis so show me a little
love if you like the videos my co-star else and we’re always happy to bring you
new content so until next time be well and peace family


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