Mask Telugu Full Movie | Jiiva, Pooja Hegde | Sri Balaji Video

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Mask Telugu Full Movie | Jiiva, Pooja Hegde | Sri Balaji Video

Caesar.. Why are you
barking like this.. ? Wait.. Caesar!! Caesar!! Who is this.. ? Oh my God! Who is this? Who is this.. ? Do you know why you were transferred
from Mumbai to Chennai? – Sir! You have been trying to find this gang
of robbers for the last 3 years.. I’ve not succeeded Sir.. Even the Tamil Nadu Police has not
been able to nab them.. We have not even found
a clue in the last 7 months.. 11 murders,
14 Crores of Rupees robbed.. We are still in dark.. The only clue we’ve got.. Actually it’s not a clue..
One positive information.. You almost nabbed them twice.. I
believe you will succeed this time.. I am not sure Sir.. We have only 2 more months to go.. 2 months.. ? What do you mean? This gang has operated in Kolkata and
Mumbai for 9 months at each place.. .. and then escaped from there..
It’s Chennai now.. It is been 7 months since
they started their looting here.. .. they will escape in
another 2 months.. We shouldn’t let them
get away this time.. We will try Sir.. The Modus Operandi of these rascals.. .. is the same at all places,
did you notice that? They choose homes
where the aged live.. They attack only at night.. They kill everyone invariably..
but we never find any fingerprints.. The value of gold and diamonds stolen
is always more.. Do you know why? Based on serial numbers
on the currency notes.. they don’t want the
Police to trace them Hence, they find houses that
have more jewellery.. – How is that? They do a Recce.. Constant
exploration and inspection.. They watch each house
carefully before they attack.. They source all the finer details.. So, what are our chances? How are we going to
nab these scoundrels.. ? We should not allow another murder.. What are you going to do Gaurav? I have a plan Sir..
– What is the plan? Sorry Sir.. Until this case is over,
I want permission to work secretly.. That’s impossible!!! We’ve.. Officer.. I give you complete
freedom in handling this case.. But, you need to update me about the
case once in every 3 days.. – Sir.. These 2 people had
handled this case so far.. From now, they will assist you.. Do well. Suresh..
– Yes Sir.. – And you are Badri.. Yes Sir..
– I read your files.. 3 important things.. Don’t trust anyone,
including the Commissioner.. Information could get leaked
out from our Department.. The second thing.. None of us get
leave till we nab these culprits.. Thirdly, don’t be in your Police
Uniform from tomorrow.. – Okay, sir. Wear regular clothes.. And more importantly,
no more “Yes Sir”, “No Sir”.. I want only results.. Alright.
– Sure, Sir.. Bow.. Fight.. The guy in the Red Corner will lose.. Master.. The Sparring
has not even begun.. The Sparring is over.. Look at the stance of
the man in the Blue scarf.. The Winner!!! Where is Bruce Lee.. ? How much longer do we
just watch all of this.. ? When do we get a chance
to show them our skills.. ? Get practical.. You know our Master won’t
take part in the competition.. What can we do? Hey.. That man is an Idiot.. What do you mean? An Idiot is an Idiot. Oh! That! Even within 4 days
of learning the art.. .. people start a school
with a Chinese name.. Our man is not street smart. Don’t say such
things about our Master. He’s not a “Master”, he’s a Mouse. Bruce Lee!!! It’s the final match
between Aditya and Karthi. Master!!!! Master.. Let me go.. Sorry.. Your School’s performance was good..
I came to see who is your Master. Hey, move.. Sorry, I am the Master. Hey Pachai.. isn’t this the place?
– Yes. Be careful.. we could mess it up.. Enquired about it with
a few people myself.. Buddy!!! He’s coming.. Hey!!! Who are you? Hey, smart one!!! Show us
your fighting skills here.. Hey look.. From an 18 year old to an 80 year old,
all the men seem to be here. What’s so special about this place.. ? I’ll tell you.. Leave me Bro.. How dare you take my
wife to the Theatre.. ? See what I do to you.. Don’t hit him.. Let go of
me.. I want to hit him.. That’s right! Do you know what Socrates said.. ? If you get a good wife,
– Look at the conversations.. .. that happen – lf
you get a bad one.. .. when one becomes high
you will become a philosopher.. As the scene opens
we have a Folk Song.. A girl clad in a
yellow saree is dancing.. Super! Hey.. Where are you from.. ? Asking for credit at a local bar.. ? Get out! Go. Boss! I think that’s enough.. I need to shut the
shop.. Please leave.. Go.. ! Why can’t he just
sleep on the Road.. ? Why do these creatures come home? Good for nothing!!! He’s just grown 6 feet
tall.. What is the point? He’s out grazing like Cattle.. Our son’s eating.. can’t you shut up? Ask him to shut up.. Wonder what he drank..
I am getting the stench here.. How does he manage to get
money just for drinking.. ? There are so many
lorries plying on the road, not even one of them
runs over his leg.. If it does, atleast
then he will stay home.. Keep quiet.. Can’t you ever say a good word? Good for nothing!!!
Good for nothing!!! He goes for his Fighting
lessons in the morning.. And then he is off picking
fights with people on the road.. If I get my hands on
that Karate Master.. I will take him to task.. He can say whatever he wants about me, but if he utters a
word about my Master.. Master!! As if he is some big shot!! Can’t you fall asleep ever? With a useless son like him, do
you think I can ever sleep in peace? Ask if I will not die
because of this grief? Where is he.. ? Is he going upstairs? Let him go..
That silly man will be there.. You can’t rest without
speaking ill about my father.. A fantastic Family!!
– Forever finding faults.. Hey Lee, Who did you fight with today? Come on Grandpa.. What is this? It’s a Dragon.. Got an
order from the Chinese Embassy.. Hey Lee.. Walk upright.. What is it? Did your
Dad blabber something? Whenever I come home,
he says I am good for nothing.. Most of the people
work only to earn their bread.. Only some find a
purpose beyond that.. I am getting bored Grand Dad..
I don’t understand a thing.. I can’t lead a pre-programmed life, a 9 to 6 work routine everyday.. And then get back and
stay glued to the TV serial.. All this is so boring!! This is what Dad wants me to do.. The only thing I like is Kung Fu.. I want to become like Bruce Lee.. What are you going to do
becoming like Bruce Lee? I want to fight well.. And after that.. ? Keep quiet, Grand Dad..
I want to become like Bruce Lee.. Anand.. That’s the name my dad gave me. Ok Lee!!! Bruce Lee was an alien.. He was not an
ordinary person like others.. Bruce Lee never wanted
to be like anyone else.. He asked himself about
who he wanted to be.. That is why he became a Legend.. Don’t aspire to
become like anyone else.. What should I be then? Don’t ask others..
ask your own self.. Good Night! Grand Dad.. Good Night.. Hey! Brother. Brother. Leave it there, brother.. Take that Stove.. I will give you the Rent.. When will you give it? I will give it soon.. It’s been due for 6 months.. Many new students are
coming in this month.. Will collect the fees from
them and settle the rent due.. When has your Master collected Fees? He teaches for free?
How will you pay up the rent? Sir, please put up
with us for just a month.. Let me go.. You go ahead.. I will somehow settle
your rent this month.. This guy is one.. Pay the rent and
collect your phone, Come on.. Give it to me, master.. Give it.. What happened? .. six.. seven..
eight.. nine.. ten.. .. eleven.. twelve.. thirteen..
fourteen.. fifteen.. .. one.. two.. three.. four..
five.. six.. .. seven.. eight.. nine.. .. ten.. eleven.. twelve.. thirteen..
fourteen.. fifteen.. sixteen.. .. one.. two.. three.. four.. five.. six.. seven.. eight.. nine.. ten.. .. eleven.. twelve.. thirteen.. What happened? He’s been beaten up.. Who beat him? He had a kerchief covering his face.. Relax!!! Who will join the class
if you run it at that dingy place? Hey.. He is our Master.. I am not finding faults
with the Master.. Who will ever join a class
at that unimpressive place? No educated idiot will come there
to learn Kung Fu.. Why should an educated guy come? Any guy wanting to learn
to fight will do.. Who are these guys? Won’t these guys come? Who.. ? These Fisher folks? Hey Cuttla, he’s calling you to learn fighting,
do you want to go? What? Fighting.. All that is just to show off..
This is the real one.. You can chop one’s hand and
neck off with this.. After that, you can neither fight,
nor can you wear your underpants.. Buddy, he was just kidding.. Hey.. Where is he going? Chop my hand off..
Come on! Chop it!!! Buddy.. Don’t.. One of you here..
Go ahead and chop my hands off.. Don’t put up an act.. Go, Sit down. Anyone of you here.. Chop my hand off and I will work for you till I die.. But if you are unable to do so, then pay up 1000 Rupees a month
and learn Kung Fu from my Master.. Is that ok? Hey Cuttla.. Sit down!! Hey buddy, Lee, come back.. Hey.. Bring him back.. Hey Pachai..
Sit back and enjoy the fun.. If Lee loses,
that would mean my Master loses.. Are you scared.. ? Do your work – Shut up!! Buddy, he’s got 3 cases filed
against him at the Police Station.. Hey, aren’t you lying that you have
3 cases filed against you? Looks like there is some trouble..
let’s go.. – Wait Mom.. Who are you calling? Your husband.. Hey buddy.. the Police are here.. Run, hurry.. Catch him. Catch him. Catch him. Hey Yuva.. Run!!
– Lee, Hurry up.. Come on!! Don’t get caught.. Hey come.. Hey Viji, some thing has been sprayed
in my eyes. – Finally you got caught. Hey Shakthi! Are you misbehaving in a public place? Spray him. – Who are you? Viji, make note of the face..
– Hey, come, let’s go.. We shouldn’t let her go scot free.. Idiot! Leave him. Shakthi, listen to me. He did it unknowingly..
Please forgive him and let him go.. You’ve got a rogue of a son,
how do you talk about forgiving him? Sir. – Good Morning Sir.. Is everything ready? How many people is it?
– 52 people, Sir.. Who is this? Your daughter has given a complaint.. She has nothing else to do.. She complains even
about silly things.. Have you filed an FIR.. ?
– No, Sir.. Hey, come here..
– Hey.. Go.. What have you studied? He has finished his B. Sc. Sir.. Which College? Krishna College. Did you study
to pick up fights on the road? I did no wrong.. Look him in the face and talk.. You look decent but you are
sitting down here like an accused.. Aren’t you ashamed? If you repeat this, I will file an FIR and put you
behind bars.. Is that fine? I did no wrong.. Slap him, Sir.. Is that fine? Hey Lee.. What do you want? I want to see that girl..
– And then.. I want to slap her.. She is Commissioner’s daughter.. Then, I want to slap her twice.. God!! All of us are going to
be in Jail today!! Hey.. Which area are you from? Hey.. Who are you? Tell me. Aren’t you from this area? Hello.. Who do you think you are? I believe there is a girl called
Shakthi in this area.. who is she? Where is her house? Hey! How dare you.. .. speak to my girlfriend
disrespectfully in front of me? Tell me where her house is.. It’s at the first left..
– Sir! Please, sorry sir. Okay. Who the hell is he? Why is he shouting at you?
– I don’t know him.. Is he known to you? Rascals!! I’ll teach them a lesson.. Hey.. Where is he going?
What is he doing? Hey, what are you doing? Boss!! I am sorry.. Sister.. Forgive us..
Please forgive us.. Sorry.. Hey Lee.. Buddy Don’t.. Can you shut up! You can slap her..
but listen to me.. What is it? Let’s have a Soda first..
– I don’t want it.. We want it.. Please buddy.. Come on.. Brother.. Can I take this Stool.. ?
– Take it.. Sit down, buddy.. Brother.. Give me a Soda, please.. Buddy.. Take this.. Drink it dear.. Come on..
– Drink it.. Hello.. does a girl called
Shakthi live on this street? Will she come here now? Hey.. What are you doing? Can’t you keep quiet? Hey Dude.. Which area are you from? Hello!!! Can’t you hear me? We are from the neighborhood.. You dare to come in to our area and
enquire about our babe’s address.. Boss.. Sir.. Bro.. we’ll leave now.. – Hey.. Take your hands off..
Take your hands off.. Brother, let’s step aside and chat..
We just got him to calm down.. Please don’t get
him worked up again.. We’ll leave in 10 minutes.. What is it buddy.. ?
Why waste time, give him a punch.. Leave me. Please brother, leave me. What are you doing? – You.. The first 2 major incidents have
happened in the North and the West.. The robbery that took place last
month happened in the South.. Only the East is left..
This must be their target for sure.. They are very smart, do you
think they won’t know our movements? They might know it.. We are only trying
to tighten the ring.. We have blocked their
movement completely.. So, they are desperate.. And desperation makes
them commit a mistake.. And we stand a chance.. Hey!!! She has come.. Come on! Hey Buddy..
What a beautiful girl she is.. I have never seen someone like her.. Think I will go crazy.. What is it? It is 2 bodies..
They’ve broken open the Locker.. Hey Lee.. Do we need to do this? Shut up and just move aside.. Buddy.. no need.. It’s very risky.. Buddy.. Be careful.. Hey.. Watch it.. Brother.. This is my new Bike.. The accelerator wire
is a little tight.. It has to be loosened..
– Please wait.. Hey Dude!!! What’s up?
How is your day today.. Hi! I am Lee.. Bruce Lee.. Hey Lee..
There’s a call for you.. – Ya.. Hello!! The guys from our market
have joined class.. Where are you?
The Master is asking for you.. Ya.. Yes Sir..
I’ve been to the Client’s place.. Sir, 100 per cent
I will bag the order.. Don’t worry sir. Ok Sir.. Yeah, probably in another hour’s
time I’ll be in the office.. Ok.. Bye.. Where is he? I think that was a wrong call,
Master.. That was my Boss.. If I get this order, I will surely
get the Team Leader’s position.. The Accelerator cable is tight, Sir.. It is tight.. – Is that so? Fine.. The Brakes are not working,
please check that.. Hey! Hello! How is your boyfriend doing? Ya! He is doing good..
– He is doing good!!! What work does he do? He has just finished his College.. Oh! Just finished his college.. !
I see.. He has just finished his College.. Ok.. Do one thing.. You can give me his Bio Data..
I can find him a job at my Office.. That won’t be necessary.. Oh, you don’t need my help. Hey! Good for Nothing! What are you doing here? No.. The Bike.. What Bike? You don’t even have a cycle,
whose Bike is this? Have you started stealing bikes
since you are jobless? Will you get home early atleast today? Or will you come home late after
your drinking session? Good for nothing!!! Hey Mechanic.. Give this good for
nothing fellow some odd jobs to do.. He just wiles away
time doing nothing.. Good for nothing! Take this, Buddy.. Grand Dad!!! Hey! What is it? What happened to you? I am not feeling all right.. Do you want to go to the Doctor? This is a different feeling.. It’s only now that
my Life is seeing a.. A Flower.. – Yes. A Flower.. Your Son-in-law ruined my image
in front of that Flower.. Let it be.. These are
conflicts at the beginning.. There’s a lot more to come.. I am not able to
handle this conflict.. And you say there is a lot more.. Hey.. All the hurdles in love
are like a Test.. Come on, Grand Dad! I have never passed
even in School Test.. If you want this girl,
you have to pass many tests.. Grand Dad.. Will I get this girl? You will.. How will I get her? Grand Dad!! Grand Dad!! – What is that
girl’s first impression of you? Scoundrel, Rogue..
A good for nothing.. Good! – What? Good? Grand Dad! The first phase of Love is Hate.. The heroism you
displayed at the market.. .. was for a good cause, wasn’t it? Make her understand
that you are a real Hero.. How do I do that, Grand Dad? Think.. Give me a clue.. If I were to tell you everything,
I can fall in love with her.. Grand Dad!!! Think.. Grand pa.. please help me. Get out of here first.. Grand pa.. Help me just this once..
I will do whatever you ask me to.. Kasi is here to help me..
you can go.. Grand pa, give it to me just once,
I will return it.. I will give you
whatever the rent is.. Get out!! Hey Lee, don’t walk with a slouch,
you will become like me.. Had I been like you..
I would not have seen her face.. Wait here.. You wait here.. Aunty, tell me a story.. Which one? – Batman story.. No! Spiderman’s.. – Batman! Spiderman’s.. – Batman! Neither of them..
I will tell you another story.. Which one? Buddy, be careful.. – Go away. The children got scared..
– And then.. The King jumped in and fought!!!
– Yay!!!! And then.. Hello!! Who are you? Maskman! What do you want? I came to see if
all of you are safe.. We are safe.. Will you take care of children safely? Does everyone call you Maskman? Hello! Are you going to tell me who
you are or should I call my Dad? Will you jump from
Building to Building? Wait and see. Wow!! Yay!!!!!!! Greetings Sir!! Where are they? – I saw them here.. Hey!! Who is in there? Come out!! Hey!! Let go of the kid!! Let the kid go!! Leave the kid.. My kid.. – Don’t go near him.. Leave the kid.. – Gun down! Put the gun down..
– Leave the kid.. My kid.. – Let her go..
– Put the gun down.. Don’t go near him..
– Put the gun down.. Let the kid go.. Hey!! Put your gun down. Put the gun down.. Leave. Leave. Forgive me! Hey!! Who are you? Bruce.. Maskman! Won’t you tell us? Hey!!! What? Sir, he’s not telling us even though
we asked him several times.. Ambalatharsu.. – Who is this? It’s me, Gaurav.. – Who is Gaurav? While I was in Mumbai, you.. Sir.. How are you, please tell me.. I am fine.. Where are you now? I am at Kancheepuram Sir.. Great! That’s close by.. Tell me, Sir! A person has been caught
in relation to the spate of thefts.. .. and murders happening in the city That’s good news, Sir..
I saw the news on TV.. There’s a small work to be done..
– Tell me Sir.. We need to make him talk..
– We’ll do that, Sir.. The Court is on leave for 2 days.. As usual, keep him on Remand
for 7 days Sir.. Officer Ravikumar
and I will come there.. Let’s not enquire at the Station,
kindly arrange a room outside sir.. We’ll get it all out..
– Fine, then come here tomorrow.. Ok Sir.. One person has been caught in relation
to the incidents of robbery.. He was caught while robbing
at Ashok Nagar in Chennai.. The Police suspect that he
could be involved.. .. with the incidents of robbery
that have taken place earlier.. A mysterious man helped catch
the culprit while he was attempting.. .. to escape after robbing
a house in the 4th avenue.. Did you see that.. there are so many of them
trying to do a lot of good? Where is this good for nothing? Is he off to roam the streets
early in the morning? The man who helped in catching
the culprit looked like Superman.. .. and that he fought with the
culprit and caught him.. .. is what people who witnessed
the incident reported. Lee!! How do you know this form? No Master.. Yesterday..
– What about yesterday? Last night.. Where did you go last night?
Where did you see this? I saw this in my dream last night.. Where did you see this? Tell me the truth..
Where did you see this form? Lee.. you are doing
something wrong.. Something is going to happen to you.. Be careful.. Why is Master raising
his voice so much.. ? Hey.. Get him down.. Come on. Hey.. Catch him.. Shame on you! The lone clue we got in 7 months
and you have messed it up.. What will I say to the Chief Minister? They will ridicule us. They are answerable to Public.. It’s not enough if we merely
say that the Tamil Nadu Police.. .. is only next to Scotland Yard.. Where did that Ambulance come from.. ? It was stolen from
Suriya Hospital last night.. How many of you
accompanied the accused? 14 people Sir.. – Get out!! Go sell vegetables
in the market!! Go away! Gaurav!! Please sit down.. What do we do now? I don’t know what you are
going to do.. I am very anxious!! Keep quiet.. I am anxious too!! I can still hear the sound of
blasts ringing in my ear.. Keep quiet, I can hear it too.. But.. If I meet that girl.. The first meeting was ok.. And if the second meeting is ok,
that would make it a double ok.. Listen. Buddy, be careful.. Ok Buddy! I am scared.. Can we go home.. ? Wait.. We’ll see Maskman Uncle’s face
and leave immediately after that.. God! Oh.. I can’t control. He is doing pee. Who is this funny guy, buddy? He looks like a scarecrow! Hey Dude! Who are you? Maskman Uncle.. Hey.. What are you doing here? We came to see you.. Did you see me.. ? Yes, we saw everything.. Hey Shakthi,
is he creating any trouble? Hey! Remove the mask..
Take off the mask.. I am telling you to take it off!! Mummy!!! Say sorry to him,
else you will be in a soup! Buddy, beat him to pulp.. No, brother. Leave me. Don’t stay here long.. Go home.. Maskman Uncle..
When will you come back.. ? I will come.. ok.. Bye! – Bye!!! Do you know whom you shot at Court? Our younger brother.. We killed our brother
with our own hands.. Do you know something.. ? Even my shadow won’t follow me,
but you guys did.. I don’t like the scent
of the Police.. but.. But I like the smell of death.. Shakthi, I have work to do.. Whatever it is,
speak to your mother.. Just leave me alone.. Sir, I’ve checked all the files
in this year, nothing matches.. Go back another 5 years.. I’ve checked all files in
the last 5 years, nothing matches.. Go back another 5 years.. I found it. Shakthi, did you call Dad? He’s not answering the phone.. He’s my friend..
– No, he’s my friend.. Let Uncle come,
I will tell him to beat you up.. He won’t beat me, he’s my friend.. Hey Shakthi,
what are these kids saying? I don’t understand anything.. You get going, Sister. Come.. Come.. Let’s go in.. Aunty, will Maskman Uncle come today? He won’t come. Come.. His name is Elankeeran..
His home town is Pudhuvaiyal.. He murdered his father because he did
not give him money to watch a movie.. He was at the Chengalpet Reformatory
for 9 years.. He was here for 4 years.. And after the term
was over he worked.. .. at the Fisheries Corporation
at DMS for 4 years.. And then he absconded.. Badri.. – Sir.. I want the details of all
the prisoners in this File.. The Address they are at now.. Where they stayed after release..
What they did.. Everything.. Mainly, about Elankeeran.. We need to know if he had any close
friends when he was in Boarding.. It’s time to put the noose
around their neck.. What is it, Shakthi? Is the Anniversary today.. ! It is past 11 now, you could
have told me in the evening.. Tell Mom I said I am sorry,
have your dinner and get to bed.. I am going to see the Commissioner.. Fine.. All right. I will come.. But listen, I can stay
there only for 10 minutes.. I will leave immediately.. Fine.. I told you
I will come.. Ok.. Badri, – Sir.. Let’s go home for 10
minutes and then leave.. Okay sir. Excuse me, Sir.. – Ok.. What is it, Mom? I am going to Sir’s
house from Kellys.. It will take time for me to come.. You have your dinner and sleep.. 10 minutes? I will go to the Commissioner’s Office
from Sir’s House in 10 minutes.. Hang up.. Sorry Sir.. Badri.. – Sir.. Aren’t you married? No, Sir.. I am planning to
get married after solving this case.. You will certainly get a Promotion
after this case is over.. Thank you Sir.. – You deserve it.. Hey Lee.. – Nothing will happen.. I have a feeling something
is going wrong.. Don’t go out at night
for a few days.. Someone murdered the guy I caught,
What can I do for that? There is a big syndicate behind
the guys who killed him.. They will be angry with you too.. I don’t know all that.. My girl will be waiting for me.. I am going to reveal that Maskman
is none other than this Lee and go down on my knees
and propose to her.. Please don’t disturb me
or stop me.. Bye.. Lee!! Lee!!! – Bye! Bye.. Buddy.. Be careful.. – Go away! Not now, when Grand dad comes to the Terrace,
switch it on.. – Yes.. Shakthi, where is everyone? What are you doing upstairs? Oh! Badri.. just 5 minutes,
I am going upstairs.. It’s ok, Sir.. Hey!! You.. Oh my God!!! Shakthi..
– Uncle.. What happened to you.. ? Daddy! – Uncle.. Dear.. – Hello. Hey!!! No.. No. Hey, who are you? Hey!! Buddy, start the Bike.. Come on.. Hurry up.. Hey Viji.. Buddy, hurry up.. Buddy.. did you see who he is? Hey! Did you see him.. ? How did he look? Tell me, Buddy.. Why don’t you open
your mouth and tell me? Hey.. Buddy.. ?
Why are you slowing down.. ? Hurry up.. Hey buddy.. What happened? Hey!! Viji.. Hey Viji.. Hey.. Buddy.. Viji.. Hey Viji.. Who did this to you? Viji.. Buddy.. Buddy.. Tell buddy.. Buddy.. – How it happened? Be careful.. Viji.. Vijay. Sorry. Buddy.. Sorry. Hurry up. Fast. Excuse me.. Sir had a file with him..
Where is it? What? When Sir came home, he
had a file in his hands.. We need that.. I don’t know.. He is your son and you don’t
know even what is happening. If this is the outcome
of having a son like this, what can I do about it? I am talking to you here,
why are you looking up? Come on! Tell me!
– For having raised a son like this.. Sir, he’s not here. We’ll deal with you after
we find your grandson.. Come on!! Where is he? Where is he? Are you happy? Are you happy now? How many times did
I tell you not to go.. ? Do you see what happened? What do I do, grand dad?
What do I do? I told you not to see her.. Is it wrong that I saw her?
– It is wrong! Is it wrong to be in
love with a girl.. ? It is wrong to go in that
costume to tell your love.. I did not do any wrong
wearing that Costume.. I didn’t do anything wrong, grand pa! Who asked you to catch
the Thief? Is it your job? He is running away after
doing something wrong, Do you want me to
just stand and watch? The Police is there
to take care of that.. Where will you go now? The Police is looking
for you everywhere.. Where will you go now? Oh my God!!! Viji has left me!! Oh my God!! What will I do? Our son has left us.. Grand dad, I did not kill my Viji..
– I know that.. He is my friend, Grand dad!
– Please don’t cry.. I did not kill Viji.. I did not kill Viji.. Hey! Lee!! What are you doing? I am going.. Where? I am going to find the
guy who killed Viji.. If you go out, the
Police will catch you.. I will hide in this dress.. Hey.. Lee.. Why are you talking like a fool? Are you going to catch those
murderers wearing this torn costume? I have caught them
unintentionally before this.. But I intend to get them this time.. You won’t be able do this.. I won’t rest without
catching those murderers.. Can you catch them all by yourself? I have to catch them.. How? You don’t have any weapons.. I know Kung Fu.. If they shoot you the way they
shot the Assistant Commissioner.. What will you do? Will just Kung Fu help you
to catch those murderers.. ? What should I do now? Come.. Greetings, Sir.. These boys have done nothing wrong..
Please release them.. Were you the one who
taught Karate to Anand? It’s Kung Fu, Sir.. Where is he hiding?
– I don’t know, Sir.. Don’t you know or
don’t you want to tell? I don’t know, Sir.. Please release them.. Apparently, that dog will
listen only to this guy.. Is that true? Why are you keeping mum?
He’s asking you.. Hey! Don’t talk
disrespectfully to our Master.. See what I do to you!!!
– Hey.. Keep quiet.. Sir.. my students will do no wrong.. Please release them, Sir.. Oh! Your students will do no wrong,
but they will murder people.. That’s a lie, Sir.. My Lee would not have done that.. Hey!!!!!! Yuva.. Pachai.. go back.. Listen to me boys!!! Sir.. Please don’t.. Sir.. Please don’t hit them.. Sir.. poor things..
Sir.. Please wait, Sir.. Master.. They raised a hand on you.. Please forgive them.. Sir.. my Lee would not
have done anything wrong.. Hey!! I saw him with
a gun in his hands.. I should have killed him
right there.. I missed it.. Sir.. you saw a gun in his hands..
but did you see him shoot.. Why the hell did he come to
the AC’s house at 12 at night? You Idiot, Lee is in love
with your AC’s daughter.. He came to see her, you Idiot!!! Hey!!! How dare you
speak to him like that!!! Beat him, Whack him!!! Punch him in his mouth! Beat him!! Master!! Please leave..
don’t stay here.. – Hit them! AC, Gaurav who was shot at yesterday,
by the mysterious gang.. .. was saved after great
struggle by the Doctors. Because the gang may
attempt to kill Gaurav again, the Police is maintaining
strict vigil at the Hospital.. Further, the Police has also announced
a reward of 10 Lakh Rupees.. .. for anyone who catches
Anand also known as Lee.. How many of you are here?
– 4 of us, Sir.. There is no one at the Back
Entrance.. Go check.. – Ok, Sir.. Hey.. Who are all
of you? Tell me.. Give me a Cigarette.. The shelter under the feet of the God,
is like the melody of the Veena.. The early evening moon,
pleasant breeze, the spring.. .. a pond where bees
are in making sound.. Excuse me!
Why is the power not back yet? Hey, Constable..
– Sir.. Go to the Generator room and
see what it is.. – Ok sir! You must stay brave.. I am here.
– Ok Doctor.. Batman.. ? No Doctor.. this is someone else? Why has the power not
come back for this long? Please check on it.. Not allowing me to sit peacefully. Don’t know what is happening..
It’s all so mysterious.. Hey!!! Who are you guys?
– Hello!! Come. Go in. Shakthi! Shut up!
– You shut up! Come quietly.. Aunty.. Wait.. Why have you brought
the School bag here? To give it to Grand dad
as soon as he gets well.. To Grand dad.. ? Why should you give
the School bag to him? This is not a bag, this is a File.. A File? When Grand dad fell down,
all of you carried him safely.. I took his File then and
kept it safely in my bag.. Excuse me.. Where is Badri? He has gone out. When he comes back,
please give him this file.. – Ok. Thanks! Driver, one minute.. Sir, please give me the File,
I will give it to him myself.. Aunty.. can you tell us a story.. ? I will tell you one tomorrow.. You.. ? How are you here? How are you here? Thank you.. Thank you so much for.. Where is that File? What? Where is the File that you
brought from the Hospital.. ? That’s inside.. I want that File.. What’s in it?
– I don’t know.. Maybe that will have something
about the people who shot your Dad.. That Scoundrel shot my Dad..
I saw it.. Where is that File?
– What? Excuse me. I need that File.. I gave the File to the Inspector.. You have taken it back.. Where is it now? Is it in the Room? That File is not here.. I saw him take the File
right in front of me.. – Who? Maskman! Why did he come to the ACP’s house? He came to collect
the File from Shakthi.. What are you blabbering? That Maskman has
made all of us blabber.. He seems to know all our plans.. Badri..
– Sir.. What is the name of the guy
who came in between.. .. when we were trying to
shoot the ACP.. ? Anand sir.. Everyone calls him Lee.. Lee? Why did Lee come there? He is apparently in love
with the ACP’s daughter.. How do you know that.. ? I hit that Kung Fu
Master this morning.. His student blurted out the truth.. What is the name of
the Kung Fu Master? Chandru.. Who are you? I am your Master.. What is the connection
between this gang and you? Who were you 22 years back? I am not in anyway
connected with the murders.. .. or thefts that are taking place.. But I have a connection with
the guys who are doing it.. I was a Murderer 22 years back.. I beat up and killed my father
because he tortured my mother.. When I was 12, they put me in the.. .. Juvenile Delinquent
Home in Chengalpet.. I met a few others, who had been
put there for similar offences.. .. Angusamy, Elankeeran,
and Anthony Raj were amongst them. Raveendran Master came
in as the beacon of light for those of us who had
lost any ray of hope.. He was the Savior who
brought out all the hatred, anger and sadness pent
up within us through Kung Fu and calmed us down.. Angusamy and I.. .. were Raveendran Master’s favorite
students at the Boarding School.. After 7 years, Angusamy and I came
out after completing our term.. Raveendran Master adopted the two of
us who had no one else to turn to.. We stayed at his house and
learnt Kung Fu sincerely.. Raveendran Master
changed our destiny.. I was very happy during the
3 years I spent with him.. But Angusamy was in search
of another kind of life.. Elankeeran who was
released from the Boarding School and his other friends
met up quite often.. Angusamy would go
missing a few nights.. He would be back only at dawn.. One day some jewellery
was found in his bag.. Master got Angusamy
caught with the Police.. During an Enquiry, we got to know that
Angusamy had robbed from a house.. In a week,
Angusamy escaped from police. A week after Angusamy escaped. Raveendran Master was
lying dead on the bed.. He had a knife stabbed on his chest.. I became an orphan again.. I started this school later.. I saw Anthony Raj at
the Kung Fu competition.. .. that happened a few days back.. I was shocked to see
you perform the Form.. .. that our Master had
taught only Angusamy and me.. I saw the picture of Elankeeran
who was shot in Court.. .. in the Newspapers.. The Life that I wanted to forget
about came back to the foreground.. I realized that under the
cover of Dragon Kung Fu School, they had come together for robbery.. You somehow trespassed
in to their territory.. Please come back.. Else, your life will be in danger.. Wherever Angusamy goes,
Death follows.. Lee.. Stop.. I have to catch him.. He has come here to catch you.. I have to take revenge on
the guy who killed Viji.. You won’t be able to do that..
Angusamy is an animal.. I have to take
revenge on this animal.. He will kill you. I don’t care about it.. Maskman.. I don’t care about Lee dying..
Maskman must not die.. To destroy evil, just
valor will not do.. .. you need brains as well.. There is one last thing
you need to learn.. come.. Chandru.. Wherever you go,
I will come there.. You know that.. No one can save you.. Doctor!! Doctor!! Doctor!! Lee, to defeat your enemy,
you must know his weakness.. I will teach you the final
Form that my Master taught me.. I am not dead yet, Badri.. When the Robbers did not rob
the house despite going there, I realized that there is an
lnformer in our department.. But I didn’t expect
that person to be you.. When Inspector Suresh
took permission to go home, only you were there with me.. I didn’t suspect you
even when he died.. While going to the
Commissioner’s office from kellys, .. Shakthi asked me to
come home for 10 minutes, it was only you who was with me.. You divulged all our plans
to them in 10 minutes.. You spoilt everything.. And now, you are here to kill me.. Tell us..
Who did the information go to? Tell us.. Have you been waiting
for long, Angusamy.. ? Where is Lee? He will come..
He will come in search of you.. I have to kill him fast.. Kill me first.. Do you think you can win against me? I am not here to win.. I came here to tell you that
Justice is not dead yet.. Do you know how your Master died? I escaped from the
Police and came here.. Your Master was sleeping right here.. How can you sleep peacefully
after banishing me.. .. to a life of darkness again.. ? I didn’t understand.. I stood there for a long while.. Kept looking at him.. There were loud
noises inside my head.. “Kill him”..
“Kill Him” “Kill him”.. Your Master was also
lying down like this.. There was a knife in the kitchen.. I brought that.. and tapped the
sleeping man with this hand.. He woke up.. With this hand, I stabbed his chest.. He didn’t understand anything.. I stabbed him again.. Where is your Dragon Master’s house?
– I don’t know.. Tell me!!!
– Palavakkam.. Where in Palavakkam?
– Beach House.. Which Beach House?
– I don’t know.. Don’t you know?
– I swear, I don’t know.. Grand dad, I guess, this is the
place where dragon is hiding.. Oh I see! But what are they doing
with the boat inside the bungalow? They’re planning something. What shall we do?
– I have got a plan. Run. Driver Uncle, this is not
the route we take to School.. Where are we going? Picnic.. Please save my child.. Hello, sir! Whois there in gate? The same one. Ready? – Ready. Good Evening Mr. Commissioner..
and Mr. Gaurav.. 32 kids.. 3 adults
and a 2 year old child.. I have held all of them hostage.. No one should come
to the Ennore Port.. No Police, Coast Guard.. .. Military Commando operations
or any other movie like drama.. My demand is this.. You need to load all the
gold bars the Police stole from me.. .. in to a Vehicle.. That vehicle has to be sent here..
Driven alone by.. Mr. Maskman..
Our Tamil Nadu’s Hero.. He has to be here at 12 sharp, else.. At 12.05 a child.. at 12.10 another
child and then at 12.15 another one.. I mean.. for every 5 minutes.. I will drown a child.. My brothers, who have
been caught by the Police.. Whether they are dead or alive,
need to board the cargo Ship.. .. that ship should reach the
Ennore Port at 12.30 sharp.. Only the Captain should
be on board the Ship.. Once the Ship comes in, I will
release half the hostages.. The rest of the hostages
will come with me on the Ship.. Once we cross the Indian waters,
I will send word to you.. You can come and take
your hostages back safely.. There are neither changes nor
negotiations in this plan.. Ok.. ? Bye! He says he will release
half the hostages.. .. and take the other
half on the Ship.. How do we trust him to
release the hostages.. ? What do we say to the Parents? What do we say to the CM? Let’s get our Commando
force to hide in the Ship.. .. before we board his men.. No.. No.. Please.. By doing that, we are pushing the
kids in to danger even further.. The guys who have
put forth this demand.. .. have murdered more that 30 people.. They are inhumane. If we yield to their demands.. .. the whole of Tamil
Nadu will ridicule us.. Our first priority is to
ensure safety of the hostages.. Hello!! Are you saying that because.. .. your family is also
a part of the hostages.. ? No! You can’t accuse me of that.. ! What are you saying? Give us a
way out of the problems first.. Damn! There’s just one way out.. I don’t know how to say this.. You all know that Tamil Nadu is in
a very difficult situation today.. To help out with this crisis, be it for the Police
Department or for the Tamil People.. There is just one person.. Maskman.. We don’t know who Maskman is? We only look at him as a Friend
who helps the Police Department.. We are not ashamed to say this.. The lives of 32 children and 3
adults are in Maskman’s hands.. Maskman, it’s a personal,
important request from us.. Please help us.. Whichever way you
get this information, please get in touch with
the Commissioner’s Office.. Please, we need you..
We need your help Maskman.. Sir! Give me the answer. Listen, sir!
Please sir, give me the answer. Sir, say something. Sir! Please, sir. Speak, sir. Sir.. – Sir.. Wait. Wait. Sir, he is there. Hey, stop. Why are you running? Don’t move. Move aside. One down.. Ramesh! Do something!! Master!! The 2 of them are not responding
from the Control Room.. Ramesh!! Master!! Master!! I am ok.. Kill him!! Ramesh!! Ramesh!! Ramesh!! Untie him.. – Ramesh!! Okay, uncle. – Ok.. Ok.. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! Batman! Spiderman! Superman! Iron Man! And now Maskman.. Super Hero.. ? Shall we? Oh! Wow! That’s a good one.. Is that all? Batman! Spiderman! Superman! Iron Man! But Maskman.. He is down! Are you ready? Do you know how your friend died? I stabbed him.. Do you know how your Master died? I want to see.. I want to see this Maskman’s face.. Shall we? Suspense.. Maskman is Lee.. Bruce Lee.. Spiderman! Batman! Iron Man! Superman! Maskman is Lee.. Your lover.. Lee did not shoot your Father..
poor thing.. My brother Anthony shot him.. But this time.. You, your Father
and this Lee.. Will be.. Maskman.. Maskman.. He is scared.. Wherever you go,
I will come there Maskman.. Hey.. are you hiding in fear,
Maskman? Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye.


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