Mailbox Store Grand Opening: Pack Ship & Things | MBD Testimonial

Updated : Jan 06, 2020 in Articles

Mailbox Store Grand Opening: Pack Ship & Things | MBD Testimonial

Oh it was excellent. Now, my husband knows
a little about shipping and running, but I had no clue. So for me, the five days I
spent on the training were really, really good. We sent them places, you know, sites that
we thought would work. And they explained to us what they would or they wouldn’t work.
So they were really really helpful. They were really really nice. We’re really pleased with it, and we’re pleased with the place they found for us. Oh it was wonderful, because we were here
a week of the day, no 2 days before the build out started. And everything was like, empty
and dirty. And we came every day, we were here every day, and we would see it, you know,
little by little coming up together. It was smooth, it was really really nice, and fast. Without any problems at all. The people. Dealing with your people. You guys are like, really really helpful, really nice. You make your customer feel part of
the team. You don’t feel like… If you don’t know, they give you the confidence to ask,
and get information from them, and… and ask whatever, and they will help you back.
And they don’t make you feel bad, they make you feel good. So, I love the people. Oh no, don’t doubt it. Come and talk to me.
They are great. They are great. I will tell them that it’s an excellent company.


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