Lord of the Rings Amazon Series News 2 – Galadriel, Cast, Orcs and Plotlines

Updated : Jan 06, 2020 in Articles

Lord of the Rings Amazon Series News 2 – Galadriel, Cast, Orcs and Plotlines

Hey guys, recently there has been some interesting
news circulating regarding the upcoming Lord of the Rings Amazon Series, and so I thought
it would be a good idea to update you all on these announcements amongst other things. For those of you who’ve missed our first
episode and would like to check it out, I’ll be linking it above. So the first thing I wanted to discuss, is
that according to sources that are close to the production Morfydd Clark has been cast
in a lead role as a young Galadriel. Now I find this news to be particularly interesting,
because it can shed more light on which storylines the series might follow. So the series is set in the Second Age, and
there is a very short time frame within this Age where Galadriel is particularly prominent,
and it starts off with her time in Eregion, Sauron’s arrival to this land, the forging
of the rings of power, and her eventual emigration to the lands of Lothlorien. If we do indeed see this particular time period
and if Galadriel ends up playing a lead role, I’d be really excited for what potentially
awaits us. We might see her interaction with Sauron in
Eregion, her journey through Moria and her friendship with the Dwarves of Khazad-Dum
which all sound pretty awesome! Now a couple of months ago, it was announced
that Will Poulter was going to play a lead role in this series, and you might recognize
this actor from Blackmirror where he played Colen Ritman in the episode called Bandersnatch. Anyway it’s been reported that Will has
now dropped out due to scheduling conflicts and so we won’t be seeing him in this series. Now my favorite piece of news comes from two
casting companies in New Zealand that have launched an appeal for people with interesting
features that would look great as an Orc. Some things they were looking for were people
under 5 feet or over 6 feet and a half, a lack of teeth, wrinkles or lots of body hair. I’m just really happy that Amazon seem to
have chosen to use practical makeup effects to create the Orcs rather than CGI, which
is a very important step in my opinion, cause the Orcs we saw in the Hobbit were horrible
compared to those in the Lord of the Trilogy, and I feel this bodes well for the future
of this series. I actually found it really amusing how three
of the most sought out features were white hair, red hair and freckles, so we might end
up seeing quite a few interesting Orcs! Before ending this update, I’d like to make
one final point. So I feel that we’re lucky that the Mandalorian
Series and the Witcher were launched recently, for one of them involves a big franchise,
while the other concerns a medieval fantasy world. And I think that the producers behind the
Lord of the Rings series can learn a lot from the successes and shortcomings of these two
series and get a better idea how to effectively adapt Tolkien’s works for the TV. I’m very hopeful that Amazon’s series
might replicate their success and they’ve really helped convince me that a TV series
would be ideal way to portray the world of Middle-Earth. Anyway friends this wraps up today’s video
and I hope you enjoyed it. I’m trying to be very cautious towards rumors
that concern this series, cause I want to avoid spreading any fake ones, so I might
not be reporting everything you read online, though I think it’s for the best this way. I hope you’re as excited as I am for this
series, and I’m keen to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below! Take care friends, until next time!


  • I haven't listened to the whole video at the time of writing this comment but I think it makes logical sense for them to follow easily recognisable from the lotdr films as then more casual fans can relate to the show.

  • Thanks for the update 🙂 well done for not feeling the need to pump out a 10 minute video every time you see one new headline but actually saving up several points and covering in a few minutes

  • Just No. We've seen what happens when large corporations remake films we love. It's always a disaster. Please just let it be!

  • Still would have preferred a young Aragon based series as this would have had links to the films, for people who are not Middle Earth fans.

  • I'm excited to see this series but if they fuck up the dwarfs like Peter Jackson did in the Hobbit imma gonna be pissed.

  • Hang on… they cast a WHITE female as Galadriel!?   How dare they!?   To prove that Amazon is not racist or bigoted, they ought to have cast a BLACK transsexual!!

  • When is the first episode being released? I have really high hopes for this series, with modern technology you know it will look amazing, but I hope they back it up with thorough character development and stay mainly on course with the lore.

  • What I find interesting is that they have chosen the second age as a time period. There aren't as many stories from the second age to pick from (and those that are there are mostly a recounting of history like this ruler did this and defeated this enemy and such) as opposed to the first and third age. Also, the inclusion of Galadriel means that it will probably be set in the Middle Earth, not in Numenor which limits the choices even more. That leads me to believe that they'll try to do some story they invent. That can be either good or bad, depending on the quality of writing.

  • I thought it would be better than the nandalorian but I'm thinking now it might be as good as it. personal taste maybe. I enjoy star wars and lotr lore both vastly and equally unlike few I know. lotr maybe more so with the lore and stories books etc. but star wars as far as interest. anyway, hard to say.

  • I thought it was going to be in the second age and involve the rings of power. also, I like to think numinor. island will still play a roll.

  • Well, the idea of young Galadriel is really silly. Galadriel was born during YT (Years of the Trees) before the creation of the sun and moon. LONG before the First Age.In the Second Age she is over 7000 years old!!! She looked almost the same as she did during the The Third Age. Now i would love more then anything to see Galadriel in the series. BUT since this is taking place during Second Age, like i said before she looked the same as she did in Lord of the RIngs(She was not young at all) and she should be played by the incredible Cate Blanchett!!!! Only HER!!! No one else. She is Galadriel! SHE OWNS THE ROLE!!! End of story!

  • Interesting news, though I wouldn't call Galadriel young in the second Age as she was born in Valinor. Year of the Trees 1362, making her several thousand years old 😃

  • Is it really even right to call Galadriel "young" since it is set in the 2nd age and Galadriel was born way before that, during the time of the trees, which is before the 1st age!

  • Hope to se allot of Orcs,Trolls, Dragons, wyrms, balrogs etc etc..you know..all the good stuff..Maybe Ulmo etc

  • wow a young Galadrial? wow, we going back to when the two trees were made? This forbodes bad vibes immediately for me.

  • The Hobbit trilogy 2 & 3 were horrible. The first one was acceptable. If only some genius out there would edit it down to only 2 films instead of 3 obnoxious ones…

  • I really hope they use practical effects for the orcs rather than CGI 🙏🏻🙏🏻. I know it take a little longer but don't all good things?

  • I think that the view on the Hobbit orcs being horrible is incredibly narrow minded and fucking tiresome. Never mind the fact that many costumed actors were used between films, but more to the point, the Hobbit production team including Peter Jackson himself wanted to push the limits of orc design. Based on concepts and designs, they wanted the gundabad (azogs orcs) to be more primate- like and animalistic which was not really practical with prosthetics on a human face. I personally think the cg was done well regardless considering it was weta workshop who worked on it. Besides there are tons of different orcs in tolkiens work, you can't honestly expect them all to follow the same damn mold.

    But to be realistic I highly doubt these second age orc designs will even hold a candle to the orc costumes featured during the last alliance.

    Still.. cgi will no doubt be included regardless if it applies to the orcs or not. If there are big battle scenes, then expect trolls, which will no doubt be cgi creatures.

  • They will ruin it. Everything will look like crab compared to LOTR. Their whole intent is nostalgic desire for success but the story is most important, particularly the artful portrayal of morality.

  • It is more than ironic that Amazon, a company who is virtually enslaving its workers makes this movie. Tolkien's whole intention is to elevate morality. Amazon is itself Morgoth/ Sauron. The evil that is greed.

  • Can’t wait to either have an awesome lord of the rings series, or see middle earth get molested into some shitty modern garbage with characters acting like they don’t even exist in that world

  • I'll admit, because of the treatment of certain other fantasy/sci-fi franchises lately, i've been REALLY sceptical to this series. I'm really fond of the source material, and would hate to see it misused for any reason. But this makes me a little excited! Nor does a young Galadriel exclude the First Age, which would be awesome!

  • I can see this show starting with the forging of the Rings of Power and the numenorean expedition, going through the Drowning of Númenor and the arrival of Elendil and ending with the Siege of Barad Dur and the Disaster at the Gladden Fields.

  • I reckon they should have Azog in this series in his years prior to the hobbit. It was said that he was an ancient orc, and one of the first of their kind, closely related to the tortured elves.
    It could be interesting having him as a familiar face to the orcs. Being a cgi character in the films, he can easily be placed in the series without any need for Manu bennet coming back

  • I’m hoping we get to see more Dunedain and possibly a background on the other dwarf clans. They have names, but not much else is said about them besides some mentions here and there. Heck a season about the War in the North that the Battle for Middle 2 was about would be awesome. But I know this series will involve events thousands of years prior. So that won’t happen. But the lasted book involving middle earth called Beren and Luthien would be a interesting story to tell in a season. So would the Children of Hurin.

  • I look forward to it a lot. I really hope it will be good. It just seems difficult to me to turn something like this into a visual but I don’t know. I looked forward to The Witcher and The Mandalorian as well and they turned out good.

  • I'm so happy they're using a pretty actress. I always felt that Cate Blanchett was just too weird looking with her inbred Britishness, slavic cross features. I presumed that she was chosen because someone felt elves should be exotic looking, but she did not tick my boxes. When I read Tolkien in the 1970s I always pictured Galadriel as being heart achingly beautiful, Cate is a big fail in that regard.

  • I’m more frightened that it will be woke trash than I am excited.
    I honestly wish they’d just leave Tolkien’s work alone.

  • Just so long as the show doesn't get Blacked like the Witcher did I'll be happy. Really, all three leading women as Non-Whites. WOn't even watch the show,

  • Hello Bro I am from Pakistan and i am great fan LOTR Trilogy this new update about Amazon LOTR Tv Series I am really very happy.but one problem about this LOTR Tv Series his Showrunner I think this showrunner weaks I don't know who is patrick McKay and who is JD Payne No addressing in Google. I think Amazon Missing in choosing great directors and strong writers like Peter Jackson .James Cameron jj Abrams James Cameron .Gore Verbanski .Matt Reeves .Ridley Scott and many other etc…. but I great hope And great expectation to Success This Amazon Billion $ project.

  • Seeing that in my opinion, The Witcher show was a complete flopp, i really hope that they do put way more effort into how to make the settings and the script.
    I have to say that i am very nervuous about This show, but the fact that the Tolkien estate did realese the rights for a insane amount of money, i hope that they make good worth out of it.
    I am happy tho that the Guy (can't remember his name), as you said did not get the role. In my mind i can't see him being a good actor for the show.
    Anyways, even if im norvous about this, im very excited about it :)))

  • Just pls no female Gandalf and no black elves. If you want black elves literally just make a forgotten realm tv series. Drow matriarchy is the definition of feminism nowadays.

  • If the series takes place during the War of the Elves and Sauron, or the years preceding it, that'd be a goldmine of drama and interesting story lines. Even the Numenoreans would get some screen time. Last episode could be the capture of Sauron.

  • I am a very big of Tolkien and can't wait to see this new adaptation and what it will look like. Although I do not think this is the best time for it taking in consideration what is happening to other adaptations (WoT, Witcher). If they put black elves or something similair I won't be watching the show. The very good thing about the show is that the Tolkien Estate is monitoring it closely and have the power to change their decisions. I just hope they don't go woke as well. SJWs should stick their filthy hands off of Tolkien.

  • There is no limit to how PC woke this series will be, from the casting to the plotlines. Guaranteed it will be pro-refugee, anti-white, pro-diversity — as much as if Disney were doing it.

  • Practical special effects are good news. Questionable casting… the actors better have presence. I’m annoyed but I’ll keep an open mind.

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