LG press conference at CES 2019 in 8 minutes

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LG press conference at CES 2019 in 8 minutes

– Good morning, everyone,
(classy electronic music) and welcome to CES 2019. LG ThinQ devices can proactively provide user-centric solutions because they’re able to
develop a deeper understanding of user behavior, preferences,
and the overall environment. That’s where what we call
lifestyle data comes into play. It’s this knowledge, combined with household environmental information like temperature,
humidity, and air quality, and external information, like weather and traffic, that helps LG ThinQ products contextually understand the
user and the environment, one more great benefit of LG ThinQ. They’re not just limited
to individual devices, delivering a single service. They will include collaboration
among multiple devices. Imagine, for example,
you wanna start cleaning with the CordZero Stick Vacuum. You take the vacuum out of the cradle. (notification dings) – [Robotic Voice] I see
you’ve started cleaning. Would you like the robot cleaner to help clean the living room? – Sure that’d be great. And that’s all enable by
LG products communicating with each other and with me. In 2019, we’ll launch LG
ProActive Customer Care. With it, LG can immediately
alert LG appliance owners to potential issues
before they even happen. It can also expedite repairs,
offer useful maintenance tips, saving users time and money, and keeping their appliances performing their best. When it’s time to order more dish or laundry detergent, LG ThinQ dishwashers and washers connect seamlessly with Amazon Dash Replenishment to automatically reorder the supplies so you never run out of
household essentials. And we’re gonna roll this service out this year, not only on laundry appliances, but also on kitchen appliances. Now, meet LG HomeBrew. (liquid pouring) Our first-ever beer maker. Now, you can make and enjoy your own cold, tasty beer in the
comfort of your own home, with little more than a
simple touch of the button. You just insert these capsules, which contain malt, yeast, hop oil, and flavoring, and you
simply press a button. And from the button, you can select what type of beer you
actually want to make. HomeBrew automatically takes care of the whole brewing
process, from fermentation, to carbonation, and aging, right through to serving and drinking the beer. It even self-cleans. All this in as little as two weeks. The HomeBrew will produce
up to 1.3 gallons, and to keep you involved every step of the way, our mobile app lets you monitor HomeBrew’s beer-making
progress from anywhere. LG HomeBrew. It’s gonna appeal to beer
fans all over the world, producing the drink they love, with a single touch of the button. This year, we’re ready to
launch the largest OLED TV yet, featuring 88 inches of
gorgeous screen real estate. I’m happy to introduce to you
today LG’s first 8K OLED TV. LG’s 8K OLED TV features over 33 million self-emitting pixels. With pixel sizes being smaller as a result of this increased resolution, it’s absolutely crucial that each pixel individually deliver complete information to create an accurate picture. This astounding 8K resolution combines with the company’s most
powerful processor yet, the Alpha 9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor, to deliver a dramatic impact to the key TV elements, picture and sound. Now, this is possible thanks
to two main AI capabilities, content enhancement, using
Deep Learning technology, and content optimization, made possible by ambient recognition. Now, based on this information, the TV can determine how much optimization each piece of content needs. This means that a variety of content, from standard definition all the way up to 8K, can be processed to deliver the most realistic viewing experience, with improved noise reduction, sharp images, minimal blur, and
without missing any details. Deep Learning also
significantly improves the sound by analyzing the source content. This produces enhanced sound effects in movies, deeper bass in music, and makes voices clearer
at sporting events, allowing viewers, for example, to hear the coach over
the noise of the crowd. Now, as I mentioned earlier, ambient recognition capabilities allow for content enhancement in accordance with different ambient
lighting conditions. This means the TV will
react to the environment by automatically adjusting the
screen’s brightness levels. We built the Google Assistant into our 2018 TVs, bringing a
totally new user experience. But this year, we’re excited to announce we’ve further expanded our AI partnership to include Amazon Alexa. Users can set up their
ideal Alexa routine, enjoy an Alexa experience when they play music, check the weather, or a much easier shopping experience. Many of our customers may also happen to have Apple devices, so I’m very pleased to announce today that
we’re adding Apple AirPlay to our 2019 TVs. This will help users easily share what they’re watching on their
favorite streaming apps right on our beautiful TVs. And it’s easy to share even more, because we’re adopting AirPlay Audio and HomeKit support, as well. This will simplify how Apple
devices work with LG TVs. We’re continuing our
dual premium approach, and are also rolling out
our best LCD lineup ever, which will have a new name, NanoCell TV. The lineup includes the 8K SM99 series, also powered by the
Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor. And LG’s NanoCell TVs all
offer AI-enhanced picture and sound, powered by
Deep Learning algorithm. Through the inclusion of HDMI
2.1 ports, all 2019 OLED TVs and selected NanoCell
TVs will support features like high framerate content, support for enhanced audio return channel, enables home theater enthusiasts to seamlessly utilize HDMI connectivity, and enjoy the highest quality
audio formats available, with superb detail and depth. These TVs are also an excellent option for gamers because they’re compatible with variable refresh rate, as well as Automatic Low Latency Mode, which helps deliver clean, clear images without tearing, a
great gaming experience. After introducing picture on glass, we took things further still, creating the stunning wallpaper. This year, I can confidently say I think we’ve outdone ourselves yet again. Introducing the LG’s Signature
OLED TV R, rollable OLED TV. We’ve now gone further, to offer a TV with a display that magically rolls up by rising out of its base. Based on LG’s unique R concept, LG’s rollable TV is redefining space. The Signature OLED TV R can transform itself to offer several
different viewing options, in full view, line view. In zero view, the TV screen
disappears completely, hiding within the body. When the screen is retracted, users can enjoy a
premium audio experience, for listening to music
or other audio content, because the body cleverly
integrates a 4.2 channel 100-watt front-firing
Dolby Atmos soundbar. On behalf of all of us here at LG, enjoy the show, and remember,
with LG, Life’s Good.


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