Level 1   Article #1032  The Shopping Mall

Updated : Jan 12, 2020 in Articles

Level 1 Article #1032 The Shopping Mall

The Shopping Mall. There are many different stores in the shopping
mall. There are ladies’ wear stores. They sell dresses, blouses, and many kinds
of clothes for women. In the men’s wear stores there are suits,
ties, shirts and slacks. There are also clothing stores that appeal
just to teenagers. Some clothing stores only sell childrens’
clothes. There is even a store that just sells bathing
suits and cover-ups for the beach or pool. There are lingerie stores that sell ladies’
underwear and nightwear. There are hardware stores that sell tools. There are shoe stores. You buy shoes and boots in a shoe store. There are bookstores. You can buy a book on almost any topic at
the bookstore. There are stores that sell compact discs. Those stores also have tapes and videos. There are sports stores that sell special
shoes and clothes for sports. They also sell sports equipment, and t-shirts
and hats with the logo of your favorite teams. There are gift stores that sell all kinds
of things that someone might want for their house. There are kitchen stores where you can buy
utensils and pots and pans. Those kinds of stores also sell aprons and
napkins, and anything you might need for your kitchen. There is a movie theatre at the mall. There is a jewellery store that has a lot
of gold and silver jewellery. There is a hairdresser in the mall. Sometimes, I go in there to get my hair cut. There are fast food places in the mall. You can get a quick lunch like a hamburger
or some french fries. There are also fancier restaurants in the
mall. You can sit down for a nice meal. There is a furniture store in the mall. You could buy a new sofa or bed at the furniture
store. There are bulk food stores. At a bulk food store, all the foods are in
bins. You take as much as you want and pay for it
at the counter. There is even a telephone store and an electronics
store at the mall. My brother’s favorite store is the toy store. He could spend hours in there. There are also department stores at the mall. Department stores sell all kinds of things. They sell perfume, clothes, shoes, kitchen
utensils, or just about anything you might need. You can get almost anything you want at the
shopping mall.

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