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– So guys, today is our very first day picking up our groceries from Walmart. I downloaded the Walmart Grocery app. I was supposed to be able
to click check-in on that. I got locked in, I could see my order, I’m not seeing the words check-in. But there was also a phone number so I called that and no problem he said, we are ready for you, I said, are we your biggest order of the day, and he said, well, you’re
one of the biggest. So, I told him, well we win the prize and at least we didn’t scare them. So we’re gonna go park,
and have them load, and see how this works. I’m really excited to try this, because like you know,
third trimester pregnant, I don’t wanna get out of the stores. So the lovely Walmart
people are loading the van. I’ve been outside just to chat with them. Daniel squealing about his balloon and we got this goodie bag here. Oh this is a fun amount of goodies. We got the little muffins,
got some dishwashing gel, a little Clorox wipe, two
different types of granola bars, some gum, some little Annie’s gummies, and a trash bag sample, so that’s cool. So guys, really quick,
I’m gonna just show you how we got everything in the van. The Walmart people got a
little nervous towards the end, but I told them don’t worry, ’cause when we go to Costco or anywhere, we stack it to the ceiling. So they did an excellent job. Did that even take them 15 minutes? They had four or five people. I think it was under 10, really good. They came out and met
us and shook our hands ’cause we are the biggest order
of the day, so that’s good. So just on our floor, we
have some cans and the bread, so it don’t get squashed. And then I’ll show you around back here. And then look, we got everything stacked and organized and they
put lighter things on top. Few things I had forgot
on my pantry order, I actually added to this order. I had up until 1:00 a.m.
last night to do it. So we needed Q-tips, we needed some soap, we also needed dog food,
and those things I forgot and so I was just able to
add them on to this order and not have to go into the store again, so that was exciting. Now we go home and look at it all. So we’re home now from
our Walmart adventure, but I wanna show you guys
boxes at all the doors. So, there we go, some of our Walmart delivery
of household and pantry items. There will be a whole other haul but just showing you front door,
back door, boxes all around. I’m unloading a lot of stuff
to do my huge grocery haul here but I just wanted to show you. It’s neat, different little things, they tied bag shut for me. And then like our taco shells, they put a little fragile tape around it. So that was very nice and helpful. Okay guys, so we are
back from our massive, first time ever online
Walmart grocery order. And we picked it up and they
loaded it in about 10 minutes. I don’t even, my husband and I were like, was that 10 minutes, was that
seven minutes, we’re not sure. Next, maybe next time we’ll
have to time them but, long story short, they loaded
it, no issues whatsoever. Now that I’ve got everything home and I’ve gone through a few things, the only thing that they
told me at the store, they said they didn’t have the red grapes. I had ordered, how many
pounds, I don’t know, five, eight pounds of red grapes, I’ll have to check my original order. They didn’t have those
so they deducted those. Another thing I found is
that my pink grapefruit, two of those in the bags, they’re rotten. So I’m going to let
them know about that and from what I’ve heard, their
customer service is excellent, and they should just refund me
the money for the grapefruit, and if they do it, then that will go to, The only two real issues from the whole experience that’s fantastic. I don’t really care about the grapes. They didn’t have them,
they didn’t have them, they didn’t charge me for them. The grapefruit, they did charge me for, so as long as they fix that, the rest of the produce looked fine, as long as they fix that,
I’ll be a super happy camper. So I’m going to give you,
I’m gonna just start it. I can’t even get all
of this in one picture. So, we’re just gonna
walk around for a minute. I’ll tell you my plans
also as talking hand is giving you a tour. My plan is that this is 95%
of our food for the month except we will need to pick
up a few more gallons of milk. And you’ll see the banana
situation over there. They only let you, on the
online ordering system, they only let you order, I think, it was 10 pounds of bananas at a time. You know me, I’m used to
getting a 40-pound box. So we’ll go item by item just trying to give you a quick overview. So I figure in a few weeks, we’ll need to do another order and my husband can drive
over and pick it up. We’ll need some more milk,
we’ll need some bananas, and we’ll probably need some more eggs, because what my plan
is for this this month and this will all have
to be in separate videos. My plan is I have our
meals planned for the month plus you can tell by my
big towers of meat, I, I’ve also bought and ordered enough to do almost another whole month’s
worth of freezer meals. Now we won’t exactly have
all the freezer meals I’m gonna do the very next month but I just got a brand new freezer, and I have a big baby growing. And so, I wanna have freezer meals done. Videos coming on that. My rocket science with that is I think I have about 12 to 15-ish things. And I’m going to do
them triple, quadruple, I will have other videos
coming out on that. Try to not get off track. So anyway, here’s the haul for today. Another thing to know, this order, that I picked up today came
to $650 for all the food item. I also, that does not include
majority of our pantry items. I put in, it’s about another $250. Now it might be $254.33. I will tell you in the actual blog post that go along with this video. But my point being, I tried to get everything perishable that we picked up, and then I tried to get
everything else delivered. And you can see we have
boxes starting to come. My pantry haul is gonna
be a separate video. Except there were a few things, a few canned items that
I just, I couldn’t find. Maybe it was 10 cents more per can or maybe they just didn’t
have it available with the household grocery delivery
that would come to our door. So a few things I did add to this haul. Another thing I added to this haul, all that I would consider pantry items. And also I did my pantry order before, and I had forgot barbecue sauce that the kids like with chicken sometimes. So I also did some things, oops I forgot, shoulda came to the door. But anyway, so let’s start on this haul. So I got these bags of
carrots are five pounds. So I got 15 pounds of carrots. We have onions, we have
two heads of lettuce. We have taco Tuesday
coming up in a few days. We’ll use this, then for
a little fill-in haul, I’ll have my husband
get some more lettuce. I had ordered, I believe
it was 12 ears of corn, and they even shucked the corn
for me, which I appreciate. I don’t usually do that in the store. So then we also have two bags of tomatoes. I have two bags of these colorful peppers. These are my big bags of grapefruit. And see, this one looks a little odd. There’s one under here that’s
just, it’s completely dead. The grapefruit has left the building. So that’s what I’m going to show them or let them know about. I haven’t had that
experience yet but again, moms have told me, they’ve had to do it and Walmart refunds them
their money, no big deal. I got four green peppers,
I got four cucumbers. So here’s the sad state of the bananas. Now I have an article out that explains why I’m trying the online
grocery option with Walmart. And I have another article that explains my process of placing my first order. All of this is over on Of course the freezer cooking videos, the pantry tour, all of that. We’re just gonna have a big food time here coming up with lots of food videos. So one thing that was odd is
that, it wouldn’t let me order any more than the 12 pounds of bananas. Now with the bread, I was able to get around, the bread limit. It’s just like the little
clicker for the food. Oh here’s my stomach sticking out again. It wouldn’t let me add any
more, I think it was 10 loaves. So I got, with the bread,
I was able to get around it and get 10 loaves of two
different brands of wheat bread. Because we’re gonna do
French toast for the freezer. We’re doing a bunch of peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches for the freezer, and we
go through a lot of bread. So I was able to get around that but with the bananas,
there’s no other option. So again, that’s where I thought, okay, so first time, I’m talking
about bananas again. I’m gonna keep going, okay
this is all the bananas I got. With the, I got, I got six pounds of green apples, six pounds of these Fiji apples. I got a papaya because Naomi had a friend mentioned her how good papaya is. I love papaya juice, I’m sure I’ve had it on different tropical fruit salads. She said she’d never had it
before and she probably hasn’t. So got a papaya for her to try. We got eight kiwis. I got a bag of avocados
and these are a very nice, good-sized bag of avocados there. Also, let’s see, over here, I’ve got a bag of sweet potatoes. Moving on down, we got four
cantaloupe and three watermelon to again, match my belly, two pineapple. And so a common food question I get when I do this more true to
form, once a month hauls, is what about perishable
fruits and vegetables. Well we eat the more
perishable things first. Like if I had fresh berries, those would be gone in a few days. Bananas will go very quick. This watermelon, this won’t go as fast. These cantaloupes, they should hold on. The things like the carrots
and I forgot to say, I also got green onion,
and celery under there. Those vegetables last weeks and weeks. They will be just fine. So again, whenever we do our fill-in haul, which I’m expecting to
only be about $100 or so, right around the two and
a half, three-week mark, eggs, and some more fresh fruits. Out here with the breads, I got this brand of
bread, 10 loaves of that. I got 10 loaves of this
brand of wheat bread. One of the things we’re gonna
have which doesn’t require a freezer meal or any thaw,
is we’ll have smoked sausages. So I got this whole wheat
hotdog buns to have those on. Got this sub rolls for um, we’re gonna do what I call pizza boats, where you open up the roll,
you put pizza sauce on it, you put your mozzarella,
put some pepperoni. And again, the pizza
sauce and the pepperoni, that is getting shipped to me. I actually have another
delivery truck pulling up now. So, look for my next video, or my video coming up
should be my pantry haul. That’s how I’m gonna have to do it. This is uh, oh I think I got 15 to 20
various bagels, right now. It is very convenient. It takes us usually a pack
and a half for a breakfast. We might do two bags for breakfast. But usually the kids,
if we’re doing bagels, everyone will have one
full cream cheese bagel, everyone likes cream cheese here. I think I have one who
just prefers butter. And then they’ll have like a
hard-boiled egg or a yogurt. So it’s not a bad thing to
have a bagel for breakfast. It’s just good to also put
some form of protein with it to help it last a little longer. I’ve got four bags of frozen broccoli. Big bag of frozen
blueberries because again, on my upcoming freezer cooking day, I hope to make several loaves of blueberry bread in the bread machine. I got some packs of frozen lima beans. I will just skip on over here. So I got, let me count my chicken, one, two, three, four, five. So 50 pounds of boneless,
skinless chicken breast. Again, besides our meals for this month, this also is gonna be for
many many freezer meals. And then also, I got, this is almost five pounds,
four and a half pounds, so we’ll say at least 25
pounds of ground beef. Several of you have
suggested doing Zaycon. I’ve been looking at Zaycon. I’ll have some information
on the link for you and the blog post that
goes along with this video that will have the full
exact price breakdown of everything, of every individual item. Anyway, with Zaycon,
what I’ve seen so far. Here I’ll turn the camera to me so you don’t have to see
talking hand for a minute. With Zaycon, what I’ve
seen so far is that, like if I ordered my chicken, it’s many weeks until I can pick it up. And then it would be many
weeks that I can order, let’s say pork roast, and
then at several more weeks, and then I can pick up
and order ground beef. So, I don’t know, I
can’t wrap my mind around how to really manage that. You can let me know in the comments below how to do that, how your family does that. So obviously, what I was thinking is, well when I order chicken, I need to order enough
to last a few months but there’s so many other
different kinds of meats, and I can’t pick them
all up on the same day. And everything for me is
45 minutes to an hour away. I just can’t get my mind around that. So it’s great if you suggest Zaycon, let me know how I can
manage those meat orders. Because I can’t go every
other Saturday to pick up a 100-pound case of meat and
then once I would get that into freezer meals and utilize it, I would have to do it
again in a few months. I just, I don’t know the
logistics on how to manage it. So that’s why I’m not doing that. Here’s the smoked sausages I
bought three packs of that. I got the barbecue sauce. We’ve had shredded chicken,
I’ve done shredded chicken in the Instant Pot several times lately. And anyway, I just thought, hey the kids will love barbecue sauce. I got some shaky cheese, Parmesan cheese. One of the things I’m doing is enchiladas. So easy, chicken enchiladas. I can do a pan for this
month, pans for the freezer. So I got, so I got eight cans of enchilada sauce. Now here’s my other little silly thing. I’m usually so good about ounces and I have to check my order. Look at this little silly,
little baby cans of corn. I would have never ordered these. So if I accidentally ordered the 8.5 ounce can of corn that’s fine. If I ordered more of a standard size, here’s a 14.5 of carrots. If I ordered that size,
that will be another thing I’ll mention whenever I contact
them about my grapefruit. So anyway, the reason I did the carrots, there was another vegetable,
I think it was green beans. Several vegetables again,
you’ll see in my pantry haul that are just coming to the door. And these carrots I could
not get, there just wasn’t an option to order and have
them delivered to the door. So I thought that’s
fine, we’ll do it there. Then we’ll just, they, they can haul them to the car, to the van. Tortillas, so we’re doing enchiladas. I will probably also do some quick, no-brainer burrito type
things for the freezer. And probably some breakfast burritos too. So I think I got 10 or 12 packs here. Again, and look below in the description. I will have the blog
post that just details, and nickels and dimes every price here. Then I got 10 pounds of mozzarella
and another 10 pounds of, of a shredded blend, again, tacos. Oh I’m gonna do several
big pans of lasagna for, I’m doing one for this
month, more for the freezer. That’s coming up in the
freezer cooking day. Taco shells for taco Tuesday and actually, I probably have five shells, I probably have five
boxes or so in my pantry. But we do tacos at least twice a month, so I always need them. Popsicles, yay! Popsicles for our family for the month and we’ll have friends over,
we have friends over often. So these are just the, the
assorted budget Popsicles. I think I got five packs of these. And then, so I figured we’d
go through those first. This is my Popsicle management
and then these are the kind, these can go in the pantry and
then we can just stick them in the freezer as we need them. Also, ice cream, I’ve got
four tubs of ice cream. I got a strawberry and a chocolate, and there’s a vanilla,
and there’s a sherbet. And large family ice cream,
we can go through a tub of ice cream, pretty much if
I get it out after dinner, and then by the following day, we’re done with the ice cream. So I don’t know how long. Four tubs might get us through two weeks, it might get us through a whole month. Who knows, but I wanted
to go ahead and get it. We have it, we have the
freezer room now, yay. So for the milk, of gallons
of milk, again, I know. With all the baking and
cooking I have coming up here in a few days, we’re gonna
go through milk quickly and we’re gonna go through eggs quickly. And I know we talk a lot
about egg prices here. So for this five and a
half dozen box of eggs, it was $2 and a few cents,
I wanna say it was $2.8. The Aldi opened near my
Walmart and so I think it’s the continuation of the price wars which only benefits us at the moment. So anyway, eggs are super cheap. What does that make that?
Under 50 cents a dozen. Makes it right in there
comparable with Aldi’s pricing. Down on the floor, along with my sandals, I got, we got five bags of cereal. Now these, and I have
a rule with the kids, I was just talking it
over with my husband. The kids have to ask,
this can’t be a snack. This is just for a morning
when I need help right now, when my stomach is saying, okay
let’s get a bowl of cereal, and again, they can have a yogurt with it. We got a tower of yogurt here. Have a yogurt or some
other protein with it, but sometimes just having a bowl of cereal in this season is easy for me. I got six cases of yogurt, I believe this is about 72 yogurts total. The price breakdown on these cases, ’cause I divide every little
thing out before I order, it ended up being 36 cents per yogurt. And that’s just fine
with me and it happens to be a yogurt that our
family really enjoys. All these cream cheeses are
for bagels because again, everybody likes cream
cheese on their bagel. Good for me. The ricotta to go with
the lasagna, sour cream. We got some Blue Bonnet,
almond milk, my coffee creamer. And let me look around here and see. What else is included
in my order, I think, And so if you wanna keep
up with all of that, and not miss any of my
articles, or videos coming out. Plus if you want just some help with more large family meals,
text the word 10recipes. Now that’s all together, no space, and it’ll come up on the screen. Text it to 44222 and again all that should
be popping up on the screen. With that, you’ll receive my free e-book with 10 large family style recipes. You’ll also be added to my newsletter and I email you guys maybe
once, or twice a week. We chat about things that I’m doing and that I’m sharing, so
you don’t miss nothing. I also send you some
special offers and goodies and lots of freebies and
those fun things too. So I’m gonna go for now. We’re gonna put all this away. I’ll see you next time with
another brand new video. Buh-bye.


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    last summer 5 dozen eggs at WinCo was $12 ! i cant wait to move out of California

  • You are such a joy to watch! I don't have a large family (only 4 of us and both kids are adults and on their own now) but I love watching your videos and get so many great ideas and tips that I can use (recipes I have to cut way down) in my own home!

  • I have 5 kids and 3 adults that live in my house. My youngest is 5 months old just starting to eat food but I think all that might last us 2 weeks.

  • I just wanted to make sure you knew about Wal-Mart Savings Catcher. With how much you spend, I guarantee you'll get a lot of money back. They compare their prices to other grocery stores that week and give you back the difference.

  • Thank you for not throwing a fit over the grapefruit. My husband has worked at Wal-Mart for 9 years and the customers can be so abusive. Employees are just humans and they make mistakes. Your kindness is refreshing.

  • I like Zaycon.Β  You order by location. Sometimes you can order more than one type of meat. I pressure can a lot of mine for fifteen minute meals. I only get an order about every 3 months. You would have to order several cases at once. I suggest chicken and hamburger. Buy them twiceΒ  a year.

  • I always love watching you. I noticed the stained glass in your windows. Its so cute, did you and the kids make those?

  • With economy today, how can you afford buy this amount of money on food and misc items, have a big home, lots of land, be a stay at home mom & travel. Other large families grow there own food, raise there own meats or buy it from a farmer. I love watching your channel & you are a sweet person I was just wondering.

  • Just an honest opinion, especially if you are used to better quality meats you won't be happy with zaycon. Their meats are not that great and are not the best quality

  • I bet those pizzas boats would be good if you added meatballs. Like a meatball pizza sub. (I don’t know if someone already said that my bad if they did) I just thought of it while watching it! πŸ™‚

  • We don't get carrier bags with our orders anymore, you have to take your own and pack them at the delivery station

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