korea vlog pt. 2 : BUSAN (+ seoul again, more shopping, lotte world, seeing TXT)

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korea vlog pt. 2 : BUSAN (+ seoul again, more shopping, lotte world, seeing TXT)

hello again my friends it’s nina
and welcome back to my korea vlogs. this is part two of my time in korea,
so if you haven’t seen the first part, it’ll be linked in the description.
otherwise, let’s just get started. welcome to part 2. we ended part 1 when we just arrived
to busan the night before. i woke up to a beautiful sunrise
and decided to go for a morning walk to enjoy the outdoors. good morning! it is currently 9:30ish in the morning i’m trying to film in public but there’s actually a lot of people my mom is tired and she wanted to sleep so i’m just going to do some exploring by myself in busan we are literally right next to the water this is really pretty i don’t really know where i’m going i don’t have wifi i do have at least navigation and a map but i am going to go and explore busan now by the way
we stayed at the park hyatt and we really enjoyed our experience.
outside you have quick access to the water and you can go for a nice walk
to take in the scenery one of my favorite things about the world, water i kinda wish i brought sunglasses but it’s good to see the world through your actual eyes even though i can’t really open my eyes right now wow the sun is powerful in busan i just ended up walking and walking
until i felt like turning back. the beach was way too far
so eventually i did turn back to get back to my mom who
would be awake by then. we stopped by the hotel’s cafe
to enjoy a sweet potato cake, a chocolate croissant,
and iced americanos. it was great. next we took a taxi for a short ride over
to haeundae beach, which is a very popular beach
where lots of korean films had taken place. the beach was absolutely stunning and
the weather was so nice. spin spin spin the water up close was so clear, like beautifully
clear. and it was nice to see couples and families
enjoying their time. it was a very healing time and i definitely
wanted to go to a beach at some point during my trip here. also we saw this really tiny puppy and i almost
cried because it was so cute. it reminded me of my dogs when they were younger the owners were kind enough to let us pet
the puppy. after our time out we went back to the hotel
to rest, and i just caught up with some editing and work i had to get done. once night time hit we went back out to experience the nightlife in busan. we decided to go to haeundae market
to shop around and eat seafood. there were lots of stands and foods to eat, and eventually
we found stores to shop at as well. there was this store called A-ka which had a lot
of cute merchandise. i ended up getting a lot from here. we found a seafood place because
the people who worked there basically brought us in but the food was great. it’s literally called a seafood raw fish house. if you like seafood, there’s great seafood in busan. we walked
around more and saw this guy doing tricks and playing with fire this area next to the beach was very lively and we just decided to have some
fun here. i also wanted to try this candy coated strawberry treat, also known as tanghulu. and we also got fresh watermelon juice. we popped some balloons at a stand and won
a cute little plush! we returned to the beach to watch the water
at night and it was just nice to see everyone out having fun and making memories of their
own. and that was pretty much our night. goodbye busan we are leaving today we had only two nights in busan but nonetheless
we still did a lot and had a great time. i have a special love for the water as i grew
up in the bay back in california all my life, so busan was honestly one of my favorite places
during this trip and i can’t wait to go back. we took a train back to seoul, but specifically
we were in yongsan this time. we checked into our hotel, which by the way
was called novotel ambassador seoul yongsan, and i really recommend this hotel just because
it’s less than a 5 minute walk to yongsan station and as you’ll see throughout this
video, transportation was so much easier during this half of the trip because we were conveniently
near everything, but anyway, today we went to visit my mom’s hometown. we went to this place called smile ichon tteokbokki that my mom basically grew up on, and fun fact it actually influenced the way that my mom makes tteokbokki. both have a slight sweetness,
so it was just cool to see how my mom’s childhood influenced her life. next we went to her middle school and just explored there for a little while. before coming to korea
i really knew little about my mom’s childhood because it was all in korea, so it was all
new and kinda precious to me. let’s go for a jog twenty minutes later ah you’re too far, come afterwards we went to this duty free mall
which is connected to yongsan station and we got our hair done at juno hair. this was my first time ever getting my hair professionally done i just went to get a hair treatment,
a little trim, and to add some life to my hair because it gets pretty flat. i had a good experience here and the refreshments were great ooh it’s hot they straightened my hair just
to see what it looks like, it’s not permanent. day 1 with my new hair 🙂 today we went to
the express bus terminal shopping center to get food and go shopping. this is a pretty popular place to shop and it’s another recommendation from me. it gets pretty packed but anywhere
in seoul is packed to be honest. but first we went to get some food. i got kalguksu while my mom got some kind of naengmyeon. there was also an art box here which is a popular stationery store with shops literally
everywhere. there was SO much stationery and my heart was happy. i got a lot of stuff that
i will show you in a haul. i wish i got more stuff and here are the underground stores where there’s so much to look through. there was also a book store that had a music section and i got,, a lot of CDs. too many for me to talk about. afterwards at night we went to the han river
to enjoy the night sky and scenery. walking by the river! the moon was out and the sky in real life was beautifully
purple. the sky is so much prettier in real life but ah it’s so nice we ended the night looking for snacks and drinks at convenience stores before going
back to our hotel. samgakbap, or triangle kimbap, was definitely our savior during this trip. the next day we gave ourselves a day of relaxation
by going to a korean spa, or a jjimjilbang. we got mul naengmyeon here and i have this
habit of cutting the noodles to bite size pieces just because once i nearly choked on
the noodles, be careful eating these noodles they’re chewy, but also good here i am with a little towel hat. korean spas always have lots of food, snacks,
drinks, and treats available, as well as spa services of course. here i am enjoying an
iced coffee while relaxing at a spa room it’s just a nicely warm and quiet room that
people can chill and sleep in. we had roasted eggs and more food. they also karaoke rooms i hope you enjoyed my mom and i singing while i flailed my arms around after we had some fun we went to the bathhouse to get body scrubs and wash off and that was
basically our day at the spa. i feel like a new person, i give it 10 out of 10 more like a 9 out of 10 because the bathrooms
could’ve been cleaner but it was still a good experience. the next day was pretty chill too, we just
went to get food and go shopping again. we got juk, or korean porridge, from a popular
juk chain. and this restaurant was located conveniently in yongsan station so we ended
up having lots of juk for the remainder of this trip which i wasn’t mad about because
i love juk, it’s my comfort food. we went shopping where i actually got some stuff instead of just looking around and then we treated ourselves to boba. i was wearing the pants that i just bought that day and they’re probably the best jeans
i own now. after that we just went back to our hotel to relax. i continued working on
a video, and then we ended the night with room service to get that hotel experience. today i went to the station early in the morning because i was meeting my friend allison again to have a day with her at ikseon-dong which
is this popular and pretty neighborhood with some of the cutest and prettiest shops and
cafes I’ve actually ever seen we went to a bread cafe called Mil Toast Jib and it had
really good bread. the bread comes steamed and it was honestly
amazing bread. action omg this wasn’t as even y’all the cafes here are no joke and the
shopping was also great. i picked up a few things here as well but i had to limit myself
because i didn’t have much more room for stuff in my luggage. after a while we went
to get drinks at cafe oyatkkot. allison got a green grape ade and i got a passion fruit
strawberry ade which was actually really good but the passion fruit seeds just surprised
me. then allison tested out the wide angle lens on my phone. we made our way over to hongdae and did more
exploring. we found this cute little stationery shop called 그 날 봄 and looked around. we returned to object again and this time i actually
bought some stuff that again i’ll show you in another video. today was basically a stationery
day, because we went to an art box in hongdae and there was SO MUCH washi tape and my heart
was exploding. i got lots of tapes. we then went to kakao friends to look around. and that was our cute little day out at ikseon dong and hongdae. oh look juk again! i honestly can eat juk
everyday i love it that much. hello why are my eyes burning right now it looks like i’m crying but i’m not anyway i changed back to my pajamas just because i need to be comfortable right now i am taking some time to reply to emails and actually get myself together a little bit my eyes really hurt i replied to a couple emails and now i’m just doing a lil research i’m also gonna plan out my last few days here in korea but yea i will just see you in the next clip today is supposed to be a very cold day so i have my fluffy jacket on then i just have a turtleneck and some- ow i fell here is the outfit very simple ok now bye this day was more of a night day because we
just had a chill afternoon, but we went out to do things that we could do at night. we went to this waffle house that was nearby that my mom used to go to when she was in
high school we had patbingsu and some waffles that were good and comforting. afterwards we took the subway over towards
jamsil to go to lotte world adventure! this was on my bucket list for korea so i was happy
to go especially since it’s still fun to go at night lotte world ahh this place is so cute this is so wholesome we ended the night with lots
of korean food, and that was our fun little night at lotte world adventure. on this day i woke up at 5 am to get ready
to meet allison again for a tour that she had planned. i had to meet her and her friends
at 7 am in hongdae, but luckily i was 5 minutes away from the subway. the tour was for nami
island, which is also the place where the korean drama winter sonata was filmed. it
looked really pretty in pictures so i didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. the
first stop was actually to this place called petite france which is a little theme park
that is based on the book, the little prince. it was pretty and cute and it had a great
view. eventually we got near nami island and took
a quick 5 minute ferry to get there and so began our time at nami island. this place
was ABSOLUTELY stunning and the colors were SO vibrant and unreal. enjoy this montage of scenery from nami island we also got some fresh hot hotteok which was
great with the cold weather. nami island was so beautiful! to conclude
this day, enjoy some scenery from the bus ride back to hongdae. the next day i was TIRED so there’s no footage
except of me shopping for skincare and of me and my mom eating kimchi jjigae. hehe.
okay onto the next day, the final day 🙁 i feel like at this point i just gave up on filming with my vlogging camera and just opted for my iphone today is our last day in korea today we are just going to shop a little bit and hopefully for me i’m going to go to gangnam to the coex mall in hopes to see txt i don’t know how it’s going to work it’s a public fansign? but yea let’s do it so yes we just did, you guessed it, eating
and shopping. here’s a shrimp burger from lotteria that is pretty popular in korea. i feel like we did a lot on this trip anyway, so we just wanted to chill out and look around
without a schedule. we enjoyed some sweets at this little cafe called lucycato. afterwards
we eventually made our way to gangnam to the coex mall so we could try to see txt. so basically
they were having a fan sign but in a public setting so people who didn’t get into the
fan sign could also at least still see them. allison told me about it so of course i had
to go. for my fellow MOAs, here are some clips of txt that i filmed. it was a great time. to end the night, before it closed, we went to line friends in gangnam to pick up final
gifts and things we wanted. i got lots of cute bt21 stuff there. it was also a great time. we were a little hungry so we looked for food as i tried to absorb as much of this
final night as i can. my mom randomly dragged us to this place that i will assume is a 술집 or some kind of bar because you had to show your id to get in. at first i was
shocked because it wasn’t really my crowd or my style but it was also still fun to hit these buttons to win games. basically this place was called 포차끝판왕 which means
pocha final round boss, and periodically you play games against every table and the winning table gets discounts off their food. we actually won one time and got a discount which i thought was fun. i didn’t know where we were until i went to look this place up as i was editing literally a few days ago so believe me i didn’t plan to go here but it was still i guess a fun special experience
to have in korea. i feel like if you’re of age and you have an id then you might have fun here but so concluded our final day. our time in korea came to an end, and after
a long 3 weeks we finally headed to incheon airport. again, the hotel we stayed at was
so convenient for getting around. there was a literal bus that took us straight from the
hotel to the airport without us needing to do anything but pay for the bus. it was very
convenient and it helped a lot since we had a lot of luggage. this video isn’t sponsored
but i’d recommend this hotel because it just made getting around seoul so much easier
for us. ahhh going to the airport felt kind of weird
because it didn’t really feel like i was going home. not to be cliche but it did feel
like i was leaving home. i got so comfortable and used to korea that i actually felt weird
and sad about going because it felt like i lived here the last 3 weeks. though sometimes
i felt a culture shock while i was there, i also did manage to get used to korea and
feel comfortable there as well. i learned a lot and did a lot and my time there was
very valuable and eye-opening. i got to experience a part of my culture that used to be very
distant and abstract to me and i honestly did feel like a different person when i left.
it was a great 3 weeks in korea and i am thankful that i got to experience it. i really can’t
wait to go back. for the flight home since it was a night flight i actually slept through
most of it , except for times when we would eat, so it did go by fast. also korean air now had super m do the safety instructions which was a nice end to
the trip. i hope that y’all enjoyed this experience
with me, and thank you for watching these vlogs. i will remember this trip forever. but this concludes my time in south korea in 2019. i will see you in my next video,
which will be of me back at home in california. thank you korea for being so nice, i hope
to see you again soon. 🙂 let’s bring it in for a hug even if you can’t see me, and
i’ll see y’all in my next video, goodbye my friends 🙂


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