Kerintha | Telugu Full Movie 2015 | English Subtitles | Sumanth Ashwin, Sri Divya, Tejaswi Madivada

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Kerintha | Telugu Full Movie 2015 | English Subtitles | Sumanth Ashwin, Sri Divya, Tejaswi Madivada

Hey, Good Morning! No way, Mr. Krishna! I can’t make it tomorrow Yeah! Anything about friend is important right! OK, OK. Bye! Hey, man! Stop stop! Where are you going?
Hey, stop! Where are you rushing?
Visitors are not allowed to go inside Amudaalavalasa?
(A place in Andhra Pradesh)Mandasa…?(A place near Amudaalavalasa)
Is that you? Yes, it’s me! In a suit, boot and a car?
You’ve changed a lot! Are you doing good? Yes! What about you? Yeah, I’m also doing good Just a second please! What? Are you shocked with my slang?
This is my original.
Nookaraju from Srikakulam Campus…!
The first place where every student enjoys his freedom Parents pay the fee for education.
But campus gives friends, future and even love to someone as bonuses to it Here, we don’t know “tomorrow”.
We don’t remember “yesterday”.
Everyday is a new day Everything is a new memory I didn’t know all these when I came here from Srikakulam I just knew that city girls are beautiful Then I realized, here everyone has a batch.
Every batch has a story Even we had a batch. To know our story, we should go back two years Come, let’s watch our“kerinthalu”(Celebrations) With that craze, I came to Hyderabad to pursue my PG Thank you Sir! What’s she showing up?
Nothing is there right!? Hey, Son! Please take care of this money. This is a “city”. It won’t be like our “village” Don’t trust anyone blindly. Be careful and study well I know, I’ll take care of it. You’re getting late for your bus. Go! Father : Be careful…
Nookaraju : OK My father wanted me to focus on studies but my focus was on girls He is Siddharth, my friend Do you think he’s studious at studies?
No way… He’s chalking out a plan Dad! Have you seen my face-wash? Yes, to make myself look like “Mahesh Babu” Father : Go and search in your room
Daughter : Can’t you say it normally? Go and get ready quickly. If principal comes, it’ll be serious Veena : Nothing will happen
Mother : Veena! Aren’t you ready?Indistinct chattering…Half an hour! Very lucky Siddhu Sid! Haven’t you started for college yet? Mom… I’m writing an assignment to be submitted in the college today Why can’t you do your work in time?
Why do you always do it in the last minute? I want you to be punctual. Why do you let me say this daily? Mother : Is my saree ready?
Father : Yes, it’s done
Mother : This is becoming a habit to you, I’m not going to tolerate this Do you think you’re a school kid. Won’t you take responsibility? Mom takes ten minutes to get ready. Sid… Siddharatha Roy…
You’ve ten minutes to escape! Shit! How did I forget this woman? Oh my God… Now I got the point why my talc and perfume are running out quickly Seethalu… Seethalu… Seeth… Do you want Seethalu or guitar? Sid : Haven’t you gone for bath?
Veena : Waiting for you to leave Sid : Day before yesterday only I had given you right?
Veena : I’ve spent them You’re exploiting your brother without any mercy. Don’t you have that conscience? Correct brother! What I’m doing is wrong I’ll tell mom that you’re doing MA Music instead of MCA
and bought this guitar with computer course’s fee Hey! Stop, stop! Take it! Devil Mom…! Do you feel girls are lesser? She is Bhavana, the fire brand of our batch Don’t you have any sense? Idiot! Bhavana : Do you think I’ll stay calm if you do whatever you want?
Sid : Bhavana! Stop! Hey, are you teasing her? Person : Me? Eve teasing?
Bhavana : Yes
Sid : (to Bhavana) You? No! It’s her! Sid : What man?
Person : Does anyone tease an old woman? Who’s old here? But I’m not going to Panjagutta But you asked for dropping me? I have a work… Oh! You don’t have time to drop elders but you have time for girls?
Go and drop her! Look brother! The situation is very delicate here. You don’t have another option.
Go and drop her You please board the bike. I’ll see how he doesn’t drop you OK Bhavana : C’mon take her!
Person : Yes maám! He’s Jai, the meaning for “Best Friend”. He spreads happiness like a virus He’s like a signboard that shows the right path in a cross road junction! He was the first one among our batch to fall in love (Bus conductor shouting…)
S. R. Nagar… S. R. Nagar… Thunders and lightnings in the sky. In that light, an angel like girl Love at first sight man! What a feeling man! What a feeling! Wow! Superb scene…! Which movie uncle? This is not a movie scene. It happened in the bus last night, in Jai’s life Bhavana & Sid : WHAT…?? Lucky fellow…! What uncle? Didn’t you experience “love at first sight” any time? I experienced “marriage at first sight” They took me to see the girl. After seeing, they made me marry her That’s it! No fun in my life from then Hmmm! Stop it now! Jai : What’s this meeting about?
Bhavana : Uncle is narrating your bus matter. It’s very thrilling What Dad? Have you said it already? I wanted to say it right? Let it be. Whoever said, it’s very interesting but I’ve a small doubt Is it possible to get her without knowing her name and address? Hey Sid! Nothing is impossible. I’ve to patience to search and belief that I can get her Hey, but… Jai : Hey, you shouldn’t have any doubt before doing something.
We should proceed confidently. Be careful dude. These days girls are filing an eve teasing case though they’re offered a lift Hey, You…! (Bhavana shouting…) Jai…Jai Jai : Bhavana…
Bhavana : Uncle…
Bhavana : C’mon man pour it Jai : Bhavana! Stand behind Dad Oh My God! Hey, go away! Priya? Bhavana : Welcome to India! I’m Bhavana, 302. Your roommate
Priya : Oh! Hi Come! While all rush to USA from here for studies, I’ve been waiting for the girl who came from there to study here, since yesterday A small sentiment… Priya : My mom and dad studied here
Bhavana : Oh! Priya : Dad proposed his love to mom here only
Bhavana : Is it? I feel, I belong to this place! Church Father : Mr. Siddharth! Are you willing to accept Priya as your life partner? I will Hey, what happened dude? What’s “willing”? Sid! Priya… Bhavana : Priya! Sid…
Priya : Hello! Hi Bhavana : Hey, you’re also here? Priya! He’s Jai
Jai : Hello
Priya : Hi Dude! Did you find that girl? Have I searched for years? Will get her Jai… Bhavana : Don’t turn left
Jai : Why? Seen that girl in blue t-shirt? Hey, Don’t turn, don’t turn! Argh! I said not to turn! Why “Bhavs”?(Short name for Bhavana)It seems she likes you a lot. She’s trying a lot for you What’s her name? Tanisha Oh! Why are you looking there? Hey, Tanisha! One minute? Me? One second! I’ll just come Hi… Hello Ummm… Why are you following me? It’s… It’s OK! Say it It’s… I LOVE YOU Actually… I’m already in love! Jai : Don’t waste your time Who’s that girl? Hey, I said not to throw!Screaming…You need to find her right? You don’t know her details also It’s difficult right? That’s the difference between you and me If we fail the exam in March, we’ll write it again in September We don’t quit the studies right? No second thought… I’ll definitely get her Mom… It’s… I’m just 15 minutes late right? Despite coming late, why do you try to manage it? Without time sense and discipline, you’ll be of no use, I’m telling you! Father : Anu! This is house, not your college. Don’t behave with him like you do with students Go easy on him! If I can’t control two at home, how can I handle many students at college? Please! Stop encouraging him. I’m talking here right? If you continue to be like this, Veena will also get spoiled because of you Set a good example for your sister! Hey, brother! For being 15 minutes late, if mom reacted like this, what if she knows about your music? I think you’re doing a mistake I’ll deal with it Hey, stop stop! Where are you going? You are not allowed to go inside. This is Ladies Hostel Srikakulam! Which place do you belong to? Amudaalavalasa Nookaraju : Mine is Mandasa, nearer to your place only
Watchman : Though you’re nearby you’re not allowed to go inside My friend is inside. I’ll talk to her for just ten minutes and come Watchman : Can’t you hear?
Nookaraju : Why’re you getting angry?
Watchman : Move! I’ve seen lots like you Watchman : Hey, don’t climb the trees idiots! You all do anything for girls Bhavana…! Hey, Bhavana…! Where are you? Come out quickly! Hey, girl! Girl : Hey…???
Nookaraju : What’s Bhavana’s room number? Why is she shouting like this? Girl : (Shouting) He’s seen everything and running away
Nookaraju : I haven’t seen anything Nookaraju : Bhavana…!
Girls : (Shouting) Catch him, catch him!
Nookaraju : Hey, why are you behind me? Hey, red shirt! Move aside! I’m not a guy of that kind Why are you all behind me? Nookaraju : Bhavana! Come quickly. They are all behind me like dogs!
Girls : Hey, catch him Nookaraju : Bhavana… Bhavana…
Girls : Don’t leave, catch him! Hey, Samantha! Catch him! What? Does Samantha (actress) stay in this hostel only? Samantha…!? Girls : Samantha! Don’t leave him. Catch him! Oh my God! Save me! Girl : Hey, get up. How dare you enter ladies’ hostel?
Bhavana : Hey, stop stop! Stop it guys! Bhavana : What happened?
Girl 1 : Do you know what he did?
Girl 2 : Do you know what he has seen? Bhavana : What did you see?
Nookaraju : I came to see you, not anything else Girl : Didn’t you see anything?
Nookaraju : No
Bhavana : What did he see? He hasn’t seen anything. First, take him away! Girls : Go, idiot!
Bhavana : Come! Don’t you have any sense? Why did you come? You look good with a vermilion on your forehead. Why don’t you keep one? Bhavana : Have you come to say this?
Nookaraju : No I’ve got you a notebook to write I thought you’ll write in my notebook Why would I write your notes? Hey, don’t say like that. Even I can’t understand what I write. If I ask anyone, they’re making fun of me, insulting me that I don’t know English I’m feeling shy! Don’t you have any shy to ask me? Why would I feel shy before you? You’re my friend right? Take it! Why did you enter the campus? What’s your goal in your life? Gola(Telugu word for “fuss”)?
What’s Gola? It’s not Gola (fuss). It’s goal! Bhavana : Goal! What’s meant by “Goal”? For example, Sid has music, Jai has photography, I have civils. Likewise, what’s yours? Hmmm, I don’t know. Won’t you write my notes if I don’t know? No, I’ll write it Then don’t say like that. Write it. Please! Bhavana : Hey!
Nookaraju : You may eat and sleep. Write quickly, I’ll come in the morning
Bhavana : Hey Nook (Short name for Nookaraju)! Stop! Mom… Tell Mom! Hmmm… Marriage or Studies? That’s what your confusion right Bhavs? From what mom said, good match, well settled, there’s no reason to say NO But I don’t like to get married now and keep my studies aside I don’t know what to do! Hey Bhavs! Why do you get confused? Say all your problems to your heart, it gives a solution.
There lies no best friend above it Mom on phone : Hello
Bhavana : Mom! Say no to the marriage alliance Mom : Why? Think once before it Not everything from mind, mom! Some should be from the heart Mom : Hey, you’re talking differently… Mom :Did you sit under a “Bodhi Tree?” Bhavana : Mom! To get clarity, no need to sit under Bodhi tree, a good friend is enough OK Mom! I will talk to you later. Bye! Bhavana : Thank you!
Jai : Let’s go! Sid : Priya!
Priya : Hmmm! You… Have you been to church any time in US? Of course, why? Nothing! I’m getting a variety of dreams these days Priya Dreams? What dreams? In a big church… I’m standing wearing a suit and tie In front of me, there’s church father Around me, our friends, people… Everyone! At that time, while a girl is walking towards me in a white gown and with a flower bouquet like an angel… Man : (Screaming) Sir, sir, sir, sir…
Sid : Hey… Man : Hold it sir! Hold it!
Sid : Hey… Sid : Hey, what’s this? I’m asking you…
Why have you given me? Man : It’s for you sir! Good luck sir! Bye! Priya : It might be a gift Sid : Gift?? Maybe, someone planned for a surprise! Why? Shouldn’t I give you? Open it and see Priya…! It’s very nice Priya! It’s superb! I didn’t expect. It’s very nice Hey, stop overacting Shouldn’t I give a gift to a friend? Oh my God! What she has scolded? Oh my goodness! It’s true What’s this? Am I dreaming? Nookaraju : Thank you, thank you
Girl : Stupid
Nookaraju : It’s true Sid : Hey stop it man! This is how a failed guy feels jealous of a successful guy, in love You’re overreacting unnecessarily! Sid : What? Is your love set?
Nookaraju : Yeah! With just a five minutes of Facebook chat Is it? What did you talk? I said “Hi” What she said? Same to same, she said “Hi” What did you say then? I again said “Hi” Oh yeah?! What did you think of me? Tell him to learn from me Even “he” is also giving advices to me Sid : Shit!
Jai : Hey, Sid! It’s our friend Priya only. You can convey your love happily Sid : She treats me like a friend dude Jai : She’s our friend only right? Just say it! If she says NO after I said then I’m going to lose her friendship also By the way, what’s that FM programme in which anyone can propose anyone by singing a song? It’s… Bhavana : Expression of love? Yeah! Expression of love! Sid! I’ve a super idea. If you’ve a problem with Priya standing in front of you then select a good Hindi song so that she will be flattered Nookaraju : What’s the guarantee that Priya listens to it? Sid : Hey, what’s your problem? Nothing! What’s the guarantee that Priya listens to the programme? OK, OK! I’ll look into it Nookaraju : Priya! Evening… 6 O’ clock… Listen to the programme in Radio Mirchi What programme? Very good programme. Listen to it! Nookaraju : Priya! Don’t forget! Evening 6 O’ clock, Radio Mirchi! OK? Why are you staring at me? Read your book“Sid singing a Hindi song”Sid : Do you think Priya is going to listen this?
Bhavana : Yes dude! How many times you ask the same thing?“Sid continues the song”Surely, she will listen to it right? Hey… Jai : Not just listening. She can also watch it What do you mean by watching? Hey, why are you guys here? Why he (Nookaraju) is after me for listening to a programme? What’s that programme? Sid : Jai! Come! Come with me Jai
Jai : Hey, Sid!
Sid : Come! Bhavana : Do you have any sense?
Nookaraju : I’ve a doubt
Bhavana : What? Nookaraju : Somebody has written the spelling wrongly right? Bhavana : Shut up, Idiot! I’ve trusted that fool (Nookaraju). He brought her directly. What to do now Jai? Lady : Excuse me! Next is your turn. Get ready Sid! You relax first. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Your tension will be relieved Jai : Is your tension gone? Sid : Thanks dude! I got the solution Jai : What’s that?
Sid : It’s you only Jai : Hey… Sid! Jai : What are you dong? How come I’m the solution? Sid : Please dude!
Jai : Open the door man! Sid…! Wow! How beautifully he has sung! It’s still haunting me. Wish I could be in that place. I don’t know who’s that lucky girl“Priya humming Jai’s song”Priya : Wow! Jai! How beautifully you’ve sung!
If someone had sung like this for me I’d have searched and proposed him Priya : It’s crazy! Oh my God! Tanisha : Jai! You’ve sung so well Jai : What’s this?
Tanisha : Jealousy dude! For a girl you’ve seen only once in a bus you’ve sung this much? You’re seeing me daily. For me, can’t you sing at least a nursery rhyme? Tanisha! I like that girl But finding her is difficult You know something? I didn’t know that I’d sing in FM yesterday but I’ve sung.
I didn’t ask you to listen but you did Like you, lots might have heard. What if that girl had also listened!? Girl 1 : Did he sing for you? It means, are you that lucky girl? Girl 2 : Hey, will you stop it? Someone has seen me in a bus and sang a song for me. Crazy fellow! He’s loving you very deeply Can’t you understand? I understand… But not interested Girl 1 : Are you showing your attitude? Girl 2 : No! Ambition I’ve my own priorities. I need to go to Australia and do a research That’s it! What’s the relation between both? Yes there is! If we concentrate on love and all then our priorities will change Take my sister as an example While in college, she wanted to do many things. She fell in love and got married Now, she’s preparing lunch box for her husband After he leaves for office, she washes the utensils This is what happens if you fall in a relationship OK! Consider, she has listened to your song. What’s the guarantee that she’ll come into touch with you? In case she does, what’s the guarantee that she’ll love you? Tanisha! Your words have “doubts”. My love has “clarity”. Definitely, she’ll come into touch with me No chance! But I’ve to meet him, for my ear ring That’s the last gift I got my from my mother But how can you meet him? Through FM! Nookaraju : My mad act of uniting Sid and Priya became a bridge for Jai to reach his girl Nookaraju : The next day, my father came to our campus to meet me Father : Sir!
Peon : Yes, tell me!
Father : My son Nookaraju studies MA here. Do you know where he is? Peon : Seen that girl Sir? They all roam together. If you ask her, she can tell you Father : Thank you sir! Father : Excuse me! Do you know where Nookaraju is? Bhavana : You…?
Father : I’m his father
Bhavana : Hello uncle! He’s not picking up the phone from morning Bhavana : Oh! I’ll try calling him once
Father : OK He’s not picking up the phone uncle Bhavana : I’ll try calling other friends
Father : OK Hi Bhavs! Nookaraju’s father has come. He’s not picking the call. Is he with you? Jai : No! I’ll check whether he’s in the library Sid : He’s not here as well. I’ll check in the ground Jai : He’s not in the library too… We’ll get him to canteen. You get uncle there Yeah, OK OK Father : It’s OK! I’ll meet him again Bhavana : Please stay uncle. He’ll come Father : If it gets late, my wife will get tensed Jai : OK! Bhavana! You drop uncle at the bus stop
Bhavana : OK Jai : We’ll get him wherever he is, uncle!
Father : OK Priya : Bye! He (Nookaraju) asked money for fee. Please give it to him Give it to him only uncle If it gets late, I can’t go to work tomorrow. I lost all my crops and there’s no agriculture now.
I’m doing labour work in a mill now To not to make him like us, we worked hard and sent him here to have a good education and a job He’s just an innocent guy. We were scared to leave him alone here After seeing you all, I gave up all my fears Please take care of him!“Nookaraju humming a song from film Ye Maaya Chesave”Hey, why are you here? What are you doing? Where have you been? Why didn’t you pick the call even? I was chatting with Shalini on Facebook, in an internet cafe Don’t you have any sense? What have you come for and what are you doing? What happened now, that made you so angry at me? Bhavana : Your father came to the campus
Nookaraju : Did he give the money? Bhavana : Yeah
Nookaraju : Take it out then Has he left? Bhavana : First, call your father and inform him that you got the money
Nookaraju : It’s OK, I’ll do later Bhavana : First do it! Why are you bullying me? I don’t have balance in my phone to call. I’ll do it later Bhavana : C’mon, do it
Nookaraju : Hmmm! You act a lot Hello…! Hello Dad! That girl has given the money Hey, son! Are you doing good? Yeah, I’m doing well. How’s mom? Yeah, mom’s scared for you only Tell mom not to get scared for me. I’m very good here What will happen to me? I’ve a friend here who takes care of me like Mom!“Sid singing a song from film Surya S/O Krishnan”Hey, I’ll definitely sing on FM this time I’ll also ensure that Priya will listen to it this time What? I promise that I’ll do it dude Sid : Hey, what the hell you will do man? Jai : Hey, Sid! Stop it dude Sid : Last time, you said the same and messed up everything
Jai : Hey, stop it dude No more singing in FMs! Direct proposal! Nook! Come here. Jai : And Sid!
Nookaraju : I’ve come
Jai : He’s Priya! Sid : Him?
Nookaraju : Me? Hmmm! Imagine for a while and practice Oh my God! Mr. Siddharth! Are you willing to accept Priya as your life… He’s better than that church father. OK! OK! I’m ready, you start Sid : Priya… Nookaraju : Sidhdha (Sid) I’ve fallen for you at the first sight I’ve seen you in the college Oh my God! Did you get injured? Hey, look at him dude! Jai : Hey, Nook!
Nookaraju : OK dude
Jai : Be serious You start proposing Priya! I’ve fallen for you at the first sight I’ve seen you in the college.
I love you Priya! Oh my God! Oh my God! What shall I do now? You said FRIEND and now you cheated me with the name of LOVE Shut up and stand silently! GO Forget him for a while and imagine Priya. I know you can do it C’mon Priya! I don’t know whether you believe in “love at first sight” But I started believing in it only after seeing you If you ask “why”, I don’t have any reasons to say If I say that my love is as big as sky or as deep as a sea then that would be a lie My love is not comparable with anything Love you Priya! I love you so much He said it man! Jai! I didn’t understand why you asked me to come urgently and stand silently before him But I’ve understood now Jai! Have you seen anyone proposing so honestly like this Jai? I know you like me but I just knew that you love me this much How can I say NO? Bhavana…! Hey…! Stop! Why aren’t you stopping though I’m calling you? Bhavana : What?
Nookaraju : I’ve decided something Jai attracted entire college’s girls with his song and Sid has let Priya fall for him with his words I neither can sing like Jai nor speak like Sid. That’s why I decided to convey my feelings to Shalini through a poem What do you say? Bhavana : Poem?
Nookaraju : Yeah! Bhavana : You?
Nookaraju : Yeah! Do you know writing poems? Nookaraju : No
Bhavana : Then who will write? Bhavana : Me?
Nookaraju : Yeah
Bhavana : I’ll never write Why don’t you write? Bhavana…! Nookaraju : Bhavana… Bhavana… Please write it
Bhavana : Hey, I won’t write Why don’t you write? Please write it! Bhavana : Why should I write?
Nookaraju : Don’t say like that. Write it Anyways, I don’t know writing poems Bhavana…! Hey…! Why don’t you write? Who will write if you don’t write? You wrote big notes for me and you’re hesitating to write a small poem for me? Nookaraju : Please write it, I’ll fall on your feet
Bhavana : Hey, don’t create a mess here, I’ll write Take it Philosophy! Ferocious! Use such bigger words What? Can’t you? It’s OK. Use the little knowledge you have and write well She’s writing Hmmm… Take it Have you written? I don’t know from where you’ve come But I’ve a “Bhavana” (feeling) that you’ve come straight away into my life On looking at your innocence I’ve a “Bhavana” (feeling) that you’re full of goodness I also have a “Bhavana” (feeling) that I need your company throughout the life What’s this? It should have “Shalini” but you’ve written your name “Bhavana” Hey, “Bhavana” doesn’t my name there. It’s a “feeling” Whatever, it’s not like I’ve written for Shalini. It’s like you’ve written for me Give it to me What happened? I’ll write later Bhavana…! Hey…! Nookaraju : What happened to her? Hello Is this Jai? Yeah, who’s this? I’m… I’m Roopa Which Roopa? I… Roopa : Bus… Ear ring… You sang a song on FM Roopa : It’s… 98.3… It’s my ear ring Hello Roopa : Is that you?
Jai : Yeah.. Jai Ear ring? I’ll give. Please sit down Roopa : Hmmm
Jai : Please Roopa : Ear ring please?
Waiter : Order sir? What do you like to have? Ear ring Oh my God! I’ll give Jai : Cappuccino, Mocha, Espresso, Frappe? Anything Two “anything” You remember? On that day, in the bus, there was a sudden lightning I turned and looked at you sitting in a white dress like a princess Will you give me the ear ring? Yeah I’ll give Recently, in the rain, at S.R. Nagar bus stand, I was right beside you By the time I saw you, you were going on your Scooty Will you give me the ear ring? I wasn’t supposed to sing on FM that day. It’s my friend I sang unexpectedly Jai : Due to the ear ring and FM programme…
Waiter : Sir! Lovers’ cabin is right there What do you mean by “Lovers”? Are you mad? I’ll kill you! Hey Jai! If you give the ear ring, she’ll jump away. It’s all until you have it with you Hey, will you give me my ear ring? Do you have the bill? Bill? Yeah, the one which you got while purchasing the ear ring Does anyone keep the bill in purse and roam? Then what’s the guarantee that ear ring belongs to you? Why do you talk like that? Why would I need others’ ear ring? It’s mine Maybe, but there should be a proof right? Roopa : Proof?
Jai : Hmmm I’ve its pair with me. I’ll show it if you want Show it It’s not here. It’s somewhere else Yeah OK. C’mon let’s go let’s go! Hey, where? Proof! Tomorrow morning, 10 O’ clock and same place. I’ll only get it OK Hey! Why have you come here? It’s… To know where you live So, will you follow me? I said tomorrow 10 O’ clock right? Hmmm… I came as I’m free now OK. Anyway you came, I’ll get the ear ring. Wait! No, no, no. You’ve given your word. Tomorrow 10 O’ clock, coffee day Hey, don’t overreact. Wait, I’ll get the ear ring Hey, is that the guy? You went to get the ear ring but got him along too? It seems, he needs a proof Proof… Move aside! Wow! How beautifully you’ve sung. We all were flattered My pleasure Do you just sing in such radio programmes or do you sing in private functions too? It’s… Girl : My marriage will be on next month’s 26th, sangeeth on 24th at Srinagar Colony. I think you can sing… Roopa : You’re my friend. Move aside Stupid! Even I have one exactly same ear ring It’s mine. Give it to me Hey, will you come for a lunch with me? He’s very dare enough NO Or a coffee? Look Jai! I know where this is going. It’s not going to happen My engagement had already been done Is it? Yes right! By the way, who’s this lucky guy? He is my would be Hey, where? I’ll say congrats and come No Why? It’s… We had our engagement without the notice of our families. It’s a secret and no one knows Oh! By the way, when did the engagement happen? Um… On October 2nd Shit! No chance! It was Gandhi Jayanthi Then it’s 3rd Hey stupid! What’s the relation between Gandhi Jayanthi and your engagement? I don’t know all those. Give my ear ring. Please give it to me Will you come for a lunch with me? I won’t come! Please! I won’t come, I’m very busy! No problem, I’ll only bring the carriage Hey, no need I’ll only come Really? When? Roopa : Sunday
Jai : Perfect Nookaraju : As his jhumki (ear ring) girl accepted for lunch, Jai’s happiness was on cloud nine. We all celebrated it Jai : Hey Nook! Give it. Give it once Jai : Hey, look at his style
Sid : C’mon show me
Priya : Bhavana! Look at his pics, how funny he is! Hey, Bhavs! Hey, do you know that today is the last day to pay the fee? Hey, I’m talking to you I know Then why didn’t you pay the fee? Jai : Hey, Nook! Didn’t you pay the fee? I had no money, so I didn’t pay If you have no money, you can ask us right? No money? Recently, your father had given you money to pay the fee. What did you do? Bhavana : Hey, I’m asking you I spent them Bhavana : What? You spent them? Jai : Hey, what did you do with the money? I gave Shalini as she wanted. Once she gives back, I’ll pay including the fine What? Did you give it to Shalini? Do you know how much hard your father works for that money? He does labour here and there for it. Would you give such money to a girl? Do you have any sense? I gave my money to my girlfriend. What’s your problem? Girlfriend? Yes, my girlfriend, my money, my wish. Why do you overreact?
Be in your limits, OK? Moreover, who are you to say me all these? Shut up and get lost from here! Jai : Bhavs! Priya : Do you have any sense? Idiot! Sid : Bhavana! Bhavana… Stop! Bhavana! Leave it! We know about him right! Priya : If Nook does wrong, why do you ask her to get adjusted?
Sid : Priya! Please stop it! Leave it, Sid! He said “Who am I?” Jai : Why did you say that? What should I do? She’s crossing her limits Hey, the one which has no limits is “Friendship” Nookaraju : Bhavana was deeply hurt because of me I thought she’ll forget in a couple of days as these issues are common among friends Sid and Priya were happy with their love Jai was getting prepared to take his jhumki (ear ring) girl for lunch Hey son! Try this, it suits well Hmmm… Don’t give your outdated ideas to him Moreover, that girl should like him by knowing his heart, not by his dress By the way, when will you introduce the girl? Just now, I’m taking her for lunch mom. I’ll get her soon Jai : Thanks! Bye Dad!
Father : Bye! Mother : All the best son!
Jai : Thank you“Nookaraju humming a song”Shalini…! Shalini…! Shalini…! Shalini…! Shalini…! Shalini…! Shalini…! Sid : Hello Priya! I’ve reached. Where are you? Are you Siddharth? Yeah Many more happy returns of the day sir! Hey, how do you know? This is for you. Trail room is there sir. All the best! Person : Are you Siddharth?
Sid : Yeah Happy birthday sir! Wow! Thanks Person : I’m leaving sir
Sid : It’s OK Sid : Yes
Person : Many more happy returns of the day sir
Sid : Thank you Wow! Jai : Hello, hello, hello!
Compounder : Yes sir
Jai : Dr. Roopa Dr. Roopa? Go straight and take right Jai : Right?
Compounder : Yes sir
Jai : Thanks Oh yeah! Shalini…! Shalini…! Shalini…! Why couldn’t you hear me calling you Shalini? Didn’t you recognize me? I’m Nook! Nookaraju! Facebook… Chatting… I chat with so many people on Facebook.
I don’t remember who you are? Sid…! Mom…! What are you doing here? Mom… It’s… Friend… Shopping… Bag… Sunglasses Say it clearly Mom… My friend asked me to accompany him for shopping Priya : Hello…! Here you are! Who is this girl? I don’t know Mom! Who are you? I don’t know who you are! By mistake… She patted me thinking me of someone else What’s this? What nonsense is this? Some crazy stuff Mom! These kinds of mad activities happen more at shopping malls Sid : C’mon let’s go Mom!
Mom : Let’s go! I’m the one who lent you the money Why are you staying calm as he goes on talking some nonsense? Nookaraju : Why’re you talking like this, Shalini?
Person : Who are you man, talking about Facebook and chatting? Person : From where you’ve come? I’ll kill you
Nookaraju : Hey, don’t beat me Person : C’mon move!
Nookaraju : Shalini Shalini… Tell him Thank God! I was scared whether Mom comes to know about us But I managed it cleverly right? Goggles, blazer, balloon blasting and flex… Wow! I felt I was a Hero You’ve surprised me very well Priya! It’s not me who surprised you. It’s you who shocked me! Don’t you know me? Did I pat you confusing with someone else? For a second, I felt like a stranger! Priya… It’s not like that! You’re correct Sid! I do all crazy things… Including loving you… But Priya! Please understand! No! You understand! For such a small thing, you got scared of your Mom and left me. Then how can I trust you lifelong? It’s not correct to travel like this Sid! If you love then you should be brave enough to face the problems Otherwise you should stop loving! Jai : Excuse me!
Doctor : Yes
Jai : Dr. Roopa? Yes! It’s me! Tell me It’s not you. She has slight curly hair, she came to the camp… Camp got completed yesterday itself Everyone left Moreover, there’s no one in the camp with the name “Roopa” I’m… I’m Roopa The service to the dialled number does not exist Nookaraju : If I say that Shalini cheated me I felt my friends would think bad of me. So I didn’t say anyone Nookaraju : But I’ve hurt Bhavana very deeply in the aspect of Shalini Nookaraju : That’s why I went to meet Bhavana Bhavana : Yeah OK
Girl : Thank you Bhavana…! Bhavana…! I’ll talk to you later Bhavana…! Bhavana…! Stop! Bhavana…! Bhavana…! I’m calling you, why aren’t you stopping? Fault is mine. It won’t be repeated. Please talk to me If you don’t talk to me then with whom I can talk? You have your Shalini right? Don’t take her name That’s why, I’ll be in my limits Nookaraju : My position is like this here. There Sid’s… Mom…! From a long time, I wanted to share something with you Mom! I love a girl named “Priya” Sid : She’s from US… Veena : Hey, what are you saying? Don’t disturb me, I’ll forget what to say I don’t understand you loving a girl and confessing this with Mom Mom : Breakfast is ready. Come fast Coming, Mom! Sid : Veena… Veena… Veena! Veena : Whether you say this to mom or die, your wish
Sid: Please please Veena : But don’t tell her that I know about it
Sid: Don’t say that Veena, listen to me
Veena : Move aside! Eat your food, it’s getting late Sid : Mom…! Hmmm With you… I want to share something Yeah, I remembered something. Padma aunty’s son wants to join MCA in your college She asked for details, I asked her to contact you at your campus Campus? Why at campus? Why not? Mom it’s… Padma aunty’s house is on the way right? I’ll meet her there itself Eat quickly and start Mom : Pass the chutney I felt very sad for what you’ve spoken that day But later I felt, what you said is right Yes, we can’t continue our relationship like this! That’s why I confessed it at home What did you say? About our relationship only How did they react? At first, Mom was serious about it but got relaxed after I said everything about you Really? Mom liked you a lot How come? Aunty didn’t seen me properly even! I showed you on Facebook Shit! Why Facebook? They are old photos and look so bad No, no! She liked you She’s happy for us Thanks Sid! This means a lot to me! You know Sid, I liked the way you proposed to me, a lot But today I got trust on you Thank you so much! Nookaraju : I, by hiding the truth… Nookaraju : Sid, with a lie managed our problems Nookaraju : But Jai accepted his situation rather than managing it like us Mom : Shit! I don’t understand what they’re up to They ask to meet and they cheat Jai : Why mom seems to be very angry? Yes, if an unknown girl cheats my son and go away, I can’t get relaxed watching TV like you What have I done in between? Then what he has done to let that girl leave him? Mom…! Come, have a seat Mom! Suppose you had a daughter and a guy follows her, is that OK for you? If an unknown person asks for a lunch in the name of an ear ring, any girl feels troubled She wants to get rid of him Even she (Roopa) did the same! But your are a good person right? She doesn’t know it right? How does she know? She isn’t here Where can she go leaving me, Mom? I’m leaving for Australia…! Sonia…! Where are you? Sonia…! Hey…! Girl : Why did you shout like that? I have to do the make-up again from beginning now! Sonia : Why did you shout like that? I got my visa to Australia. Within 10 days, I’ll fly away! Sonia : Is it? Congrats! Roopa : Thank you! Are you getting ready? Make it quick Coming aunty. Just 5 minutes OK, OK. Come! Then I’ll plan my honeymoon in Australia. I can roam and spend time with you happily Hey, will you stop it? I’ve enough looked after your marriage works. Is your honeymoon’s responsibility mine too? You’re planning too much Am I going on any vacation? It’s too much. Why do you talk so ruthless to a friend? It’s a known thing right! She doesn’t have any sympathy and all If yes, would she get rid of that jhumki (ear ring) Jai? I told him straight away that I’m not interested. He didn’t listen to me That’s why I kept him aside cleverly. Problem solved! Jai : Ladies and gentlemen In this function, I’m going to narrate you a story About a boy and a girl Why are you here? You asked me to come right? Sonia : Me?
Jai : Yeah My marriage will be on next month’s 26th, sangeeth on 24th at Srinagar Colony. I think you can sing Yes I did right? Roopa : Hey, Sonia… You…?
Jai : Hey, cool Why’re you getting tensed? Manaswini… My original name…? You date of birth is 10th July Your sister’s name is Kavya. Your best friend is Sonia Within 10 days, you’re leaving for Australia. I know everything about you You knew lots of things but didn’t you know that i don’t like you? Do “I” mean my name, my address, my dress and my perfume? “I” means my thoughts, my dreams, my ambitions. What do you know? What do you know about me to avoid me? Why should I know about you? Hey, know about me… If you don’t like then reject me You know that I’m going to Australia right? Manaswini : I’ve a lot of work
Jai : Oh my God!
Manaswini : I’m very busy You don’t have to do anything Just know about me in your free time. I’ll be beside you Manaswini : How can I get rid of this guy? OK. After these days, are you okay with whatever my decision will be? OK OK Thank you! Bye Why do you do all these things with him? He came to the camp with ear ring I got rid of him there. Now, he came here If I don’t cut him properly now, he’ll come to Australia too He should know that I’m not a right person for him I’ll let him know Cheers…! Why are you drinking today? My son has won Mom : Hmmm! If he has won then why do “you” celebrate? If I were born after 30 years, I’d have done romantic adventures like these people Will you stop it? Not just 30 years, you can’t do it even you’re born after 50 years To go behind girls, it needs courage. That you… Priya : Hey, Mom is calling!
Hi Mom! How are you? Mom : What’s going on?
Priya : We’re chilling in Jai’s house Mom! Mom : Is Sid there too?
Priya : Yes, he is. Will you talk? No, no, no… Sid wants to talk to you Mom Mom : Give him
Priya : C’mon talk Sid : Hi, aunty!
Mom : Hi Sid! How are you? Sid : Fine aunty
Mom : Sid! Can you give me your mother’s phone number? Sid : Why aunty?
Mom : Just to have a formal talk Sid : Actually, my mom wanted to talk to you one good day
Mom : Oh! Sid : She asked me to get Priya home, next week
Mom : Wow! Really? Priya : Look Mom! He haven’t said this to me yet
Mom : Is it? I wanted to give a surprise Priya : Wow! OK Mom! I’ll call you back. Bye
Mom : OK bye take care
Priya : Bye, bye So sweet! Cho… Chweet! Jai’s Dad : Bhavana! One more peg
Jai’s Mom : It’s enough. Stop it Hello Jai : Where’s S.I.?
Constable : He’s inside Come on Hey, Nook! Sir! What happened sir? Do you know what your friend did? Hey, come out quickly… Shalini…! Come out… Hey…! Come on…! You’ve ruined all my life I’ve lost my Bhavana for your sake! What are you staring at? Is that your father? You and him… Shalini : This is not first time sir! Once he created a mess when I was with my friends. We’ve beaten him up and left We should’ve filed a case that day itself Sid : Sir! She’s lying sir. They both had already an affair Sid : He had lent her money also What are you talking? Hey, didn’t he lend you the money? Why would I borrow money from him? I’ve enough money! It seems, they are all a gang sir. If you arrest all of them then you’ll know the truth! Priya : Hey, mind your words. You cheat! Hey, stop it! Do you have any proof with you? Yes sir! Look sir! We’ve everything they chatted about Including when she asked for money It’s not mine. It’s fake It’s not at all related to me. You can enquire if you want Police : Hey! Through what means you gave the money? I deposited in her account sir Do you have any sense idiots? All are educated right? Still you do such silly chatting and sharing on Facebook on seeing a girl You do whatever they say Venkateswarlu! Take that account number and track down that culprit Venkateswarlu : OK sir! Shalini! It happened due to a misunderstanding It’s his fault to create a mess at your home We all apologize on behalf of him If you file a case then his future will get spoiled Jai : Please! Hey, it’s getting late. Let’s go! Jai : Hey Coming to college together, leaving once done with classes, if there’s time then gossiping and sharing tea or coffee Is this what called “Friendship”? We didn’t know that he didn’t pay the fee until his name appeared on notice board We didn’t know that Shalini had beaten him up until she said it Even we didn’t know that he’s in the police station until S.I. called up What are we there for, dude? We don’t share some things with anyone. But with friends, we share everything from the smallest one to biggest one Jai : Do you know why? If you’re sad then they’ll console you.
If you’re happy then they’ll double it Leave it Jai. He doesn’t need us or our emotions Even now, he’s not feeling sad for what happened. He’s feeling sad for missing Shalini Nookaraju : From Jai’s words, I came to know what “friendship” is! Nookaraju : In Bhavana’s anger, I felt her concern towards me! Nookaraju : I then realized that I just don’t like her but I love her Nookaraju : When I didn’t know what’s “love”, Bhavana was beside me Nookaraju : By the time I realized it, she went far away from me Nookaraju : There, Jai was getting closer to Manaswini Manswini : Hey, you still didn’t get ready? Sonia’s Mom : Hey, look at how Manu (Manaswini) is taking care of everything actively Sonia’s Mom : Look at you, being drowsy
Sonia : Hey, it’s my marriage. You don’t try to dominate Jai : Hi Manaswini : Hmmm! He came Go and throw these in the dust bin Jai : Hey…! Why aren’t you surprised or shocked on seeing me? Why surprise? I know you’d come right? Servant : Ma’am! Chanti isn’t having anything. Owner asked me to tell you Manaswini : It’s… Jai : Shall I feed him? I’m very good with kids Servant : Sir… Manaswini : Please! He wants to feed. Let him
Jai : Yeah, take this and give that Manaswini : Room is to the right
Jai : Right? OK And… Chanti! Where are you? I got you some chocolates. Yummy yummy chocolates Where are y…? Chanti…! Hey, Chanti…! Chanti… Is that you? Hi… Jai : Open the door please! Somebody open Hey, don’t do anything to me! Sonia’s Mom : Enough! Sonia’s Mom : I’m fed up reminding you of your responsibilities You’re just hopeless
Voice over phone : Talk properly I’m not in a position to listen what you say.
Don’t blame me, understand! So, you won’t come. That’s it? Mom : Fine! You’re not in our lives anyhow Voice over phone : If you don’t come this time That makes no difference Voice over phone : OK! That’s fine Mom : I said he’ll refuse to come right? Still I tried for you. Forget him now What if your father doesn’t come? I’ll ensure your marriage will be done without any deficit I don’t know when Mom realizes… That dad’s absence is the deficit What’s wrong? Sonia’s parents got divorced when she was a child Uncle refused to attend the marriage The happy event got disturbed entirely Shall we go and talk to uncle? Are you nuts? Even aunty has failed. What can we do? Yes! Who are you? We’re Sonia’s friends uncle She said, no need to come. Again, why she sent you? Aunty hasn’t sent. We came ourselves uncle Oh… To negotiate? Do you know anything about our issues? Uncle : No! At least, do you know about your aunty? No! She doesn’t want me to attend the marriage Though I get compromised and come, she flaunts before everyone that
she made me come with just a phone call If I don’t come then she projects me bad that I didn’t come though she called me Devil…! It’s better to be bad without coming rather than to be a fool by coming You may go now Uncle! You might have gifted lots to Sonia till now But today, for her, please gift your ego to aunty Can’t you do this for your daughter, Uncle? Hey, why did you come out speaking just half? He’ll come How? There’s a photo on uncle’s table If you see them then you’ll know how much love he has for Sonia We’ve reminded him of that right? He’ll come I’m sorry Sorry Thanks Dad! God bless you Congrats Mom : It’s time for marriage
Dad : Let’s go Thanks Manu! What did I do? Because of you, Jai came here Because of Jai, Dad came to my marriage Thanks Manu! Let’s go Hello Hey, say what looks good on me? Chudidhar or saree? Priya : Imagine quickly and say If I say how I’ve imagined you, you’ll feel shy Priya Sid….! What colour does aunty prefer? For Veena, should I buy Indian or Western? For what? Have you forgotten? Tomorrow is Saturday! I’m coming your home right? So, I’m buying gift for everyone Hey You didn’t lie to Priya To your love! Love doesn’t survive where there are “lies”, Sid! Hello Priya! Where are you? Kalanikethan, Somajiguda Priya! What happened Priya? Give that saree No, not that… Green! Yeah, which will suit better! Pick that orange one Aunty! Hello aunty! What a coincidence! Actually, I came for shopping, for you Sid is also coming Tomorrow, I’m coming your home right! My mom asked to buy something for you Which saree you liked among these two? Who are you? Sarees… Coming home… What are you talking about? Aunty! I’m Priya! Priya? Sid didn’t say you anything? About what? Sorry! You said you don’t know how much you love me I loved you You said your love is not comparable with anything I was on cloud nine Everything was a lie right? You cheated your mom by hiding the truth.
You cheated me by lying to me Sid : Priya! I came here to say that only Priya! Please! Don’t touch me! You ruined my trust
You ruined our love What more you got to say? It’s all over! Sid! What’s going on? That day, at shopping mall, you said you don’t know that girl Today, she talked to me as if I know her, said that she’ll come home and all Who is she? What’s the relation between you and her? Why are you leaving without answering me? You can’t leave while I’m talking Sid! Nookaraju : Sid did something which he never did at home, that day Nookaraju : Even I did the same kind of thing Nookaraju : I went to hostel to convey my love to Bhavana Bhavana…! What? Get well soon? What happened to me? What happened to you? Do you know its meaning? I asked the shopkeeper to give a nice card.
He asked me to pick whatever I like. It looked colourful, so I got it for you Bhavana…! Bhavana! Do you remember? This is the place where we met first Someone touched you and you kicked me in a misunderstanding. I fell down Have you got it? My dad called yesterday. He asked about you instead of asking about me He always talks about you. He admires you a lot He believes that you take a good care of me But I didn’t care for you any time I ran behind Shalini Without knowing that friendship is limitless, I shouted at you and hurt you I’m a fool But I realized now I … I … I… I… I… You… What’s your goal? Why did you come to college? To research on how to flatter girls? To love by keeping your studies aside? C’mon tell. Why did you come to college? Why should a girl like you? What’s so great about you? Do you study well? Or… Are you a handsome person? Or… Are you capable of achieving something? Or else, can you look after your loved ones well? You don’t know about your parents’ hard work
nor you have a goal in your life Tell me, why should anyone like you? You’re a ZERO! Nook! We both are different from each other I trust myself I’ve a hope on my future Don’t waste my time in the name of “love” any more Don’t waste your time too! Jai’s Mom : Marriage photos are very good Jai’s Dad : Hey, look at this Sonia : I didn’t expect my marriage to happen this much good uncle! I just wanted my dad to attend it But I’m very happy to see both of them happy now.
All because of Jai He always tries to make the people around him happy.
That’s why everyone likes him Yes Uncle! Even Manu who’s always serious is happy now when Jai is beside her You’ve done some magic Jai Yes! What she said was correct Jai Your world is so perfect! Uncle, aunty, your friends, their enjoyment, a coffee in your hangout…
I enjoyed a lot Do you know what I like the most in you? In this travel, I thought you’d try to impress me.
But you were just like yourself I like every moment that I spend with you But… They’re becoming the hurdles in my way I believe that our priorities will be changed, if we’re in a relationship I wanted the first meet with you should be the last meet Manaswini : But that didn’t happen In these 10 days, I wanted to make you run away from me and leave happily
by saying NO to your proposal But I’m unable to go away easily Without my notice, you came very closer to me Jai Manaswini : I’m happy being with you I wanted to achieve my goals as well I don’t know what to do Convey your confusion to your heart Manu. It gives the solution Follow your heart What if, my heart wants me to follow my dreams? When is your flight? Tomorrow, 9 O’ clock in the night Happy journey Manu! Why did you do like that, son? She’s considering “happiness” and “dreams” separately, dad She’s not understanding that life is a combination of both You loved her so much right, son? That’s why, I’m loving her dreams too Bhavana : Priya is leaving for US tomorrow, Jai I came to the campus to learn something.
But my life has taught me something else It gave me friends who are hard to forget.
It gave me love which is hard to remember You stayed with him believing all the lies Now you’re leaving him without believing the truth I can’t travel with him struggling to figure out whether he’s lying or saying truth, Jai! That won’t be good for both of us! We were happy being friends But “love” came in between. That’s it If remembered how we met, that should be a happy feeling but… Why it feels like, “Why we met”? Priya is leaving for US, dude I know Then why’re you sitting here? Jai : Will you be without her? She’s not going alone. She’s taking my life with her What man? You say that you feel like dying.
But Bhavana says it feels good without love Love is not a pain, dude. It’s a happiness If you get this point, there won’t be tears in your eyes and you won’t be sitting here The ones who love us get hurt if we do wrong.
It’s not anger. It’s “love” If you’ve that much of love then go and tell her If you’ve sincerity in your love and if you’ve responsibility in life then go and say it Say what she’s for you and what you are without her Till now, they’ve seen your mistakes. Now show them your love What’s that, son? Sid : Come with me Mom!
Mom : Where? Sid : Come, I’ll tell you
Mom : Where? Mom : Sid! Mom : Sid! Mom : It’s so embarrassing, where’re you taking me? Mom : Sid! Mom : Sid! Priya…! Mom…! She’s Priya…! I love her I’m not doing MCA I’m doing MA Music I’ve hidden these two things whom I love the most I’m always scared of you Mom! That’s why I managed everything with you and did a lot of mistakes If this continues, I won’t have Priya and Music in my life I won’t have a life even, Mom! I just lied to save my love but my love is not a lie Priya Mom…! You played the guitar well Anyone can do MCA But it requires a lot of talent for Music and Guitar I was the reason for him telling lies all the time due to fear To confess everything openly before me today, your love is the reason Priya! Give me your mother’s phone number. I’ll talk to her Bhavana…! Bhavana…! Bhavana…! Where are you going? Can’t you understand if said once? You scolded me for my mistake.
You stopped from choosing a wrong way You made me realize my parents’ handwork You tolerated all my fussy deeds You made me realize my goal Why are you leaving now, after doing a lot for me? Hey, go away! Bhavana! Don’t write my notes any more Teach me how to write, what to study and what to do.
I’ll do anything If you’re with me, I’ll do whatever you say and I can achieve anything Don’t leave me and go. Bhavana! Please don’t leave me Everyone is watching us. Leave me! Leave me! Idiot! I don’t know from where you came.
But you came straight away into my life Bhavana…! It’s you Bhavana, who gave a life to me It’s you who gave me the friendship It’s you who showed love towards me You’re my trust You’re my courage I want you in my life Bhavana! I don’t know how well I can look after you but… I’ll look after you like my Mom, Bhavana! “Bhavana” didn’t mean your name. It’s my “feeling” Yours ferociously
Nook! The Nookaraju! You smiled! You smiled right? I’ve seen you smiled It means, have you accepted? You’re smiling means you’ve accepted Bhavana has accepted right? Bhavana : Yes Uncle! Have you received the money?
Uncle : Yes Bhavana : Is aunty taking medicines on time?
Uncle : Yes Bhavana : OK Uncle! We’ll be at your place next week. Bye!
Uncle : OK Shall we start now? Dad talks to Bhavana more than me We all are living happily Jai is remaining in our batch. Tomorrow will be a very important day in Jai’s life Officer : What’s your name?
Tanisha : Tanisha Do you have any identity proof? Yes sir! Jai’s Mom : We haven’t got the garlands yet
Sid’s Mom : You’ll have them in 5 minutes Sid’s Dad : Have you informed all your friends?
Bhavana : Hey! Seen who has come? Why Manaswini has come, dude? Won’t she come for Jai’s marriage? Where is Jai? Officer : Identity proof?
Jai : I had already submitted sir Officer : The other applications
Jai : Yes sir How are you Manaswini? Manu : Jai
Nook : Jai! Tanisha wants you to come urgently Jai : Why
Nook : I don’t know. You just go Nook : Go quickly man Go Jai! Two minutes! Manaswini! Sorry, they called me What? Suddenly… Marriage? What’s so sudden? It’s been planned since a long time Love… Next will be marriage right? I mean… Jai! Jai’s Dad : There’s just 10 minutes only for marriage
Jai : Dad! 10 minutes are there. Stay cool I’m cool but Sid is getting tensed with work there. Need to complete formalities right?
Come, come! One second Manaswini : Jai I want to talk to you for a while Tanisha : Jai Why are you here? It’s getting late. Officer is calling you.
Come! One minute Tanisha You can talk freely after marriage. Come! Jai : Hey..! Jai : Tanisha Hey, I’m coming Just a minute Jai! Now I knew how much you’re hurt when I said NO to you, Jai That day, when you told me to follow my dream, I was happy
that you were like how I imagined you But the moment I stepped in Australia, I became all alone at once, Jai I thought falling in love and relationships mean imposing boundaries for ourselves Once I said, “I” means my thoughts, my dreams and my ambitions But now, I want to say that… “I” means “You” Jai! It’s not right to say these things in this time But you said right, to do whatever the heart says! I love you Jai…! Tanisha : What’s my position? Your position? Our marriage’s position! What’s “our” marriage? Here Jai’s marriage is not happening Manaswini.
Sid – Priya’s marriage You’ve hidden so much of love in you till now Bhavana : How did you get this idea? Nook : The day I went to Sonia’s house to give marriage invitation,
she showed me Manaswini’s photo But I’ve seen another photo in that photo Then I realized that Manaswini still loves Jai Sid : How did you think that Manaswini will get opened up? Didn’t you confess to not to miss Priya? Didn’t I confess to not to miss Bhavana? So, if we can create a feeling to Manaswini that Jai will be missed, I thought she’d confess.
She did it Peon : Sir! Next marriage is yours. Come on! A heartfelt smile in happiness… A heartfelt cry in sadness… With pure hearted characters, we attempted this “Kerintha” to make the present generation
realize those things If you get a friendship that shows a path
or if you get a love that shows your destination
then invite it instantly into your life Because friendship and love are forever!!!


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