KATC looks into the future of the Acadiana Mall

Updated : Oct 12, 2019 in Articles

KATC looks into the future of the Acadiana Mall

the malls newest owner took over in February ket C took an in-depth look into the future of the Acadiana mall and its economic impact on this community justice Henderson has our top story the Acadiana mall holds memories for so many people the old waterfall puppet shows and beyond I remember being little we had like a pet store a Disney Store it was a TGI Fridays movie theater a lot of really cool stuff compared to now you know it’s the malls changed a lot and I really wish it was kind of the same way it was a lot of like family stuff it’s one of the top three money makers in the area according to the Downtown Development Director the downtown area river ranch and the mall are the top performers the mall is not producing the retail sales that it once did obviously with the closing of Sears and and other stores but the mall is still one of the top three sales tax collectors and property tax collectors in the parish so it is very very important as an aggregate that the mall survive and thrive and we think that with the proper management that can happen if not we’ll look to will look to help in any way we can with mixed-use opportunities one study predicts that between 20 and 25% of malls will close in the next 5 years experts saying online shopping is cutting into the malls profits some stores are made for malls some are not and I think what you’re gonna see in the coming years is shaking out of who can survive and thrive in a mall and maybe who right now the Acadiana mall is facing a pending foreclosure but you wouldn’t know it from stopping by everything is still running like normal well right now we’re in the process of foreclosure and I think people will sometime misinterpret that thinking that we’re closing which is absolutely not the case so we’re in the process of foreclosure we are currently being managed by spinosa real estate group there out of Syracuse New York and its operations as normal nothing’s changed we’re still going to continue to have great events and we’re still actively leasing the property among those that have left Sears Brookstone gamestop and the limited to name a few ask for the ones that stayed both JC Penney’s and Macy’s are holding out despite closing locations across the country the same goes for Claire’s Gap and Banana Republic all still remaining and Lafayette small and management says they are still actively recruiting more businesses to join their strongholds I think people respect the fact that we have been here through all of the changes everything’s changing here all the stores every few months you know something is closing or something’s getting rebuilt here and but you can always count on sunglass hut to be here in Lafayette just as Henderson KTC tv3 many of you have asked what about the old Sears property at the

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