Juarez Ukulele / Honest Review / Guitarena Music

Updated : Jan 06, 2020 in Articles

Juarez Ukulele / Honest Review / Guitarena Music

hey guys, welcome to Guitarena. today, we are going to review this product. so this is a 23″ juarez soprano ukulele and
it is a wonderful instrument. I have just purchased it from amazon
and I really like it. so the model number of this ukulele is JRZ23UK
I received this cover with this ukulele. this cover is not very clean maybe because it was
raining last week, so that’s why it is not in a very good condition. but then the ukulele, it sounds really good. it’s about Rs. 2300/- on amazon.in and you
can easily buy it. it was delivered to me in 3 days because I
ordered it through Amazon Prime. If you do not use Prime, it might take a week
or 10 days for it to be delivered to you. This is a guitar pick. I was expecting at least one pick with this
ukulele but I didn’t receive any picks. In the product details they have mentioned
that they will be sending the cover along with the picks for this ukulele. but I didn’t find any picks so that is the
only complaint I have. there is only this ukulele cover and this
ukulele and it was covered in a plastic bag. so that is all that I received. also, the strings of this ukulele are made
in Italy as is claimed by the manufacturer, but this ukulele is actually made in china
that is written inside, if you see, clearly, it’s written that it’s made in china. only
the strings are claimed to have been made in Italy. so there are a few expensive ukuleles also
available on amazon if you can spend that much money. there are ukuleles which are around Rs. 4000/-
to Rs. 7000/- up to Rs 10000/-. This one is affordable as well as the sound
quality is not bad. so I would advise you that if your budget
is not very high, to at least purchase this one. it’s very beautiful as well. it’s dark brown in color and the design is
very nice and very eye-catching. so I’ve been playing it for almost 5 days
now and I pick it up everyday. it looks really attractive and I’m spending
less time with guitar these days than I’m spending my time with this ukulele. Guys, I’m going to teach ukulele right from
the beginning as to how you can learn ukulele as a beginner. it’s not a very difficult instrument. it’s very easy. it’s way easier than playing a guitar because
it has only 4 strings and mostly the chords are played open and so it’s a very easy instrument. still, you’ll have to learn at least how to
tune this ukulele and basic patterns of most important chords. so I’ll be teaching the basics of ukulele
very soon on this channel. so if you are interested in learning that,
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about it. Thank you for watching.


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