Je découvre un incroyable magasin d’Halloween (Halloween City Party store)

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Je découvre un incroyable magasin d’Halloween (Halloween City Party store)

Second day here in Long Beach. Very eager to
go tonight on the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, my first Halloween event. I spent the night in my cabin.
Nothing paranormal happened or maybe I was so tired that
I didn’t notice anything. And maybe it’s better like that. I’m going to have my first American
breakfast, I’m pretty excited. But actually now that I live in London the American breakfast may
be a little less exotic because when I take English breakfast,
it’s sausages, beans, bacon… The American breakfast is a little bit
the same with a few more options. Well, I’m not telling you that I’m
not looking forward to taking it, it’s just that now it’s a little
less exotic than before. I made it! It’s a bit of anything. There is maple syrup on
bananas and lots of fruit. We must have fun. We are in
the United States after all. Breakfast: first salty, then sweet.
The day begins well on the Queen Mary before tonight’s thrills on the Dark Harbor. I take you on the road of my
adventures around the world Subscribe to join the adventure and welcome ON ROAD OF THE DESTINATION FUN This afternoon I came to make a tour here
in the Shoreline Village in Long Beach while waiting for the Queen Mary
Halloween event tonight. It’s really nice here. There are a lot of
very colourful houses and I like that. I found a nice little shop where there were
lots of different socks, really super stylish. I like that one with the crocodile. Sonic socks are cool too. The beautiful socks for Halloween.
Chucky, Jason or Freddy? That, Tony the Tiger, it’s the cereals
that I ate and loved when I was little. Wow, I found something really great:
the Dragon Ball Z socks, Naruto. What is it? One Punch Man,
Death Note, Sailor Moon. It rocks! I think if I buy a pair, it may be
those with a meerkat. I love meerkats. That is the cherry on the cake: Donald Trump’s socks with his hair.
And there is even a comb to comb his hair. To have a good time, I am suggested to
open this door. But you have to pay $1. But I’m really curious, I want
not leave without doing it. So the dollar is here. And
I’m going to open the door. That’s it, I wanted to do it,
I was really curious. It was a cowboy pooping.
Only one destination: poop! It’s snack time in Long Beach. I went to
a 7-Eleven to take a Coca-Cola slush And I wanted to taste this. I found it rather
interesting: a Milky Way Midnight Dark. It’s a Milky Way with dark chocolate. It is
rich dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla nougat. I think it looks pretty good.
It is indeed an intense black. It’s fluffy in fact. It’s a bit like a Nuts. Not bad. I like this. I’m strolling this afternoon in Long Beach
waiting for tonight’s Halloween event and I just saw that sign there
with something very interesting. Is it a Halloween product store? If so, I think
we will have to go for an emergency tour. It’s there, look. I’m so excited. Today you see me wander with a jacket, with
two jackets. In fact, the sky is rather gray but finally it’s not that cold. But this
morning it was cold so I took both jackets and I remove them from time to time
because at the end I’m way too hot. But in any case I am very excited to
discover with you this Halloween store. Here we go. We enter inside. It’s so exciting! This is the kind of Halloween
store in the United States that I love. I will show you.
It’s so exciting. Pennywise, Slender Man, Michael Myers,
The Nun. Wow, the Exorcist! She turns her head! I have not even entered the store yet. It’s just
the entrance and I’m already very excited. I can imagine how the rest will be.
Look at this! Look at that: there is Stranger Things’ Eleven costume and there is even the T-Shirt. Kitty, kitty, kitty! Here in this Halloween City store, I really
feel like I’m in a Halloween event. Look at this! It’s crazy! There is no store like this in France. There are
some in England, but it’s not at this level. In the United States, Halloween is really a
sick thing. Look at this! I’m so excited. Look at this! Frankly, I’d love to decorate my
house like Americans do with Halloween stuff and put giant
horror monsters on my patio and that kids come knocking
on my door to get candy but I scare them so much
that they run away. Wow! Look what I just found in a small corner
of the store there. It’s a sick thing! It’s the head and upper body of Freddy Krueger
that can be put in lawn like that or on a wall and you get the impression that it is coming out
of the grass or wall like “I’m going to catch you”. It rocks! There is even Jaws. It’s sick! The shark’s head and there is even the bottle
of oxygen with which it explodes in the film. Oh! There is even a hand! Wow, the crazy thing here: it’s a
ghost swing that sways itself. Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers. This store gives me a nostalgic feel because it
reminds me of 2010 when I came to the United States for the very first time and when I went
to my first Halloween events here. I remember in Seattle I went to a Halloween store
like this and I was so excited, and today I am still excited. Wow! Back to the past and heading for the future now
for the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. to be continued… Limited edition Destination Fun T-shirt has arrived. You can get yours right now on We’ll meet again soon for the rest of
my Halloween adventures in Los Angeles In the meantime follow me on my Instagram account
to see the pictures of my adventures there and in fun destinations around the world.


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