Italy, Iran seeing surge in number of confirmed COVID-19 patients

Updated : Feb 26, 2020 in Articles

Italy, Iran seeing surge in number of confirmed COVID-19 patients

with a number of newly reported
confirmed cases of Kovac 19 and China has dipped below 1,000 a day like other
countries like South Korea are beginning to see big spikes among the countries
hit hardest Italy confirmed 132 new cases on Saturday including two deaths
and by Sunday Italy’s numbers had risen to 157 confirmed cases and three deaths
Iran is also having major issues it has the highest number of deaths outside of
mainland China with eight fatality with the outbreak in Iran Iraq is banning
Iranians from coming into the country and all flights to Iran from Kuwait have
also been canceled


  • Coronavirus COVID-19 💀☠️Undercover investigation indicates real death 💀☠️ toll in Wuhan

  • I never believed the conspiracies of the bioweapon crap because the science proved that there is no unnatural evolution. This is a case of Chinese hygiene and wildlife markets.
    Though this Iran business, where they have 800 suspected cases and all these random cases. I also dont believe that the numbers are THAT hidden or that there are thousands of hidden deaths, when it comes to China talking about their numbers.
    Iran having so many cases outside of Asia, more than SK, Japan, Thailand, and fucking Singapore? That is an obvious outline that makes no sense logically. There are not that many Chinese visiting Iran.

  • It seems this virus was spread by US and ISraeli agents in the form of a viral sprays in the city of Qom close to Iranians election and at the same time more US sanctions on the election governing body, the zionist-US-arab triangle thought this would cancel or stop the election, since for the first time Iran had filtered all western spies and agents from applying for a position in parliament via election. This new parliament for the first time in 3 decades is mostly clean from the western liberals and full of patriotic parliamentarians.
    The corona virus started by 2 locals in city of qom whom have never left the city and never came in contact with any infected Chinese or any traveler. So someone has on purpose spread the virus. Since both China and Iran are on US target lists then taking them down this way seems their last resort since all else did not work. THIS VIRUS IS MAN MADE AND LEAKS SUGGEST ONE OF THE LABS IN US OR CANADA OR ISRAEL IS BEHIND ITS CREATION AS A BIO-WEAPON.

  • Look at the Korean case confirmed make me wondering how much China hidden their data 😅. China gorverment should have won Oscar this year for best acting, best editor, best writer . As they just make up a number each day, no real data

  • This virus is man made and its is one of many made and the rest is being kept at secret BIO-LEVEL 4 labs in US and Israel and UK and Canada and France and Germany. These BIO-WEAPONS are political tools now along with a population control tool. There exist man made viruses and Bacteria that can wipe out the earth population in a few days and secret Labs in US, Israel, Canada, UK hold them for when the elite decide to reduce earth population for their belief that state " the earth population should be no-more then 500 millions". Today BIO-LEVEL 4 Viruses are kept in labs in nations such as US, Canada, Israel, UK, France, Germany, Russia, China and Australia.

  • One more thing. The vaccine and cure for corona exist ( thanks to leaks) in the same labs that made it but will not be administrated to the public or given to them until the time they decide to finish and stop the spread of the disease. So watch for the vaccine to come out sometimes in future by one these 3 nations: US, Canada or Israel.

  • Wuhan Virus (CoVID-19)
      It is composed of multiple clusters of pneumonia virus as the main stem. It adopts a mixture to make AiDS and Ebola virus as tentacles, which facilitates the propagation and expansion of the virus. Aerosol airborne infection is a biological warfare mixed strain virus developed by the p4 and p3 laboratories of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. (It is the focus of questions and investigations in Europe and the United States.) China has denied the crime. The official Russian Ministry of Health reported a virus that was artificially synthesized by different viruses and barred Chinese from entering Russia.
      There is no complete detoxification method at present. Due to the leakage of the virus in China, the epidemic prevention and control in China has become severe. The epidemic situation is more serious.
      Currently, anti-AIDS and Ebola virus drugs are used, and how to mix and use anti-pneumovirus drugs remains to be studied. Scientists are working hard. At present, the virus has a carrier of a super virus vector (super spreader), and it is impossible to determine whether it is a patient by measuring the temperature, and the body has no abnormal appearance. The propagation speed is fast, but the establishment of a fast screen is one of the methods.
      Scientists suspect that they are artificially implanted mixed strains, non-naturally variable strains that directly invade human and animal viscera as the source of host infectious diseases, and are mixed strains of biological warfare. Bat crickets and other wild animals are not the main source of the virus, but most types of human pneumonia virus strains. After rigorous screening of virus strains at multiple levels, experimentally implanted virus strains in the patient's specimens were tested to successfully screen out the extremely toxic Strong, suitable for human parasitic adult pupae host, to complete the ability and purpose of human infection.
      The research direction suggests that governments around the world integrate the virus isolation technologies of the world to find suitable antigens, and first understand the virus variability and the formation of mixed viruses. Can the antigens of AIDS and Ebola be mixed with pneumonia antigens and used in vivo. Whether vaccines can be made is for further study.
      Currently, the drugs used against AIDS and Ebola virus are currently being used, and it is yet to be studied how to mix and use the anti-pneumovirus drugs. Scientists are working hard.
      Prevention and treatment methods:
      1. Isolate and watch, seal the town for disinfection, and stop the spread of the virus.
      2. The spray device is implanted with hypochlorous acid water to spray the virus. The spray device has a very good blocking effect and the hypochlorous acid water is made of water and saline. It should be promoted and used without side effects.
      3. Individuals do well in self-administered health education, wash their hands frequently, and those with diseases or respiratory diseases should wear masks, isolate themselves at home, and do not enter or leave public premises.
      4. Public stations and airport terminals, stations, port customs, hospitals, parks and schools should set up temperature monitoring instruments and strengthen the establishment of pressurized spray hypochlorous acid water disinfection devices to strengthen the ability to block and isolate viruses. Public: 5. Public: Cars, aircraft, aircraft and boats should be disinfected daily. 6. Everyone has a responsibility to prevent epidemics, and you and I must protect home safety.
      7. Taiwan has rich anti-SARS experience, has strong medical research institutions and medical scientific researchers, and has a strong ability to research the manufacturing and production of viral vaccines and fast-screening scientific detection agents. It should not be abandoned outside the International Health Organization. It will be a sorrow for all mankind, and Taiwan should be allowed to join the WHO. 8. Various large-scale social movements, conferences, closed-room activities, religious gatherings, and meal gatherings in China should be banned or temporarily suspended to prevent the spread of the immune system. It is recommended that the Central Epidemic Center Various agencies and agencies were notified that the spread of the world epidemic is accelerating, and it is recommended that CDCs in various countries should suspend all social activities and should prohibit or suspend implementation.
      In the future, it is recommended that governments of all countries should study vaccines as soon as possible and do well before the initial spread of community infectious diseases. The preparation of screening and inspection of the whole body for rapid screening can promptly grasp the largest weapon of the epidemic and strengthen the protection and inspection of the entire population. For the health of all people, governments of all countries, we support.

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