Is it Possible to Store Information Between Deaths in Super Mario Maker 2 ?

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Is it Possible to Store Information Between Deaths in Super Mario Maker 2 ?

There is this one barrier in Super Mario Maker,
which we never found a way around. This one thing that just prevented us from
building truly insane stuff. The death barrier. Basically, we never found a way to transfer
information between deaths. We are able to read and write information
in tons of different ways, but as soon as our beloved plumber dies the information always
gets reset. Death, was just a barrier we were not able
to pierce through. Until recently. Because recently a way was found to transfer
exactly one bit of information in between deaths in Super Mario Maker 2. So today we are first going to take a look
at a small stage that uses this concept, and afterwards we are going to discuss how all
of it works. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay so Mario’s day at work starts like
most of his days do. In front of an ouching saw-blade and a door. Once he walks through that door he enters
a very strange contraption. As soon as the loading is over mario jumps
upwards, grabs a red coin and hits a checkpoint flag afterwards. To his left is a small muncher note-block
set-up that triggers an on off block. And there are two paths forward, but only
one of them is currently open. So our plumber takes the only open path, and
suddenly he is in the middle of a very traditional stage. There are koopas waddling around, there are
sharp saw-blades traveling around, and evil golden coins trying to ruin everyone’s day
who happens to run into them by accident. Business as usual. So Mario decides to happily make his way through
the stage, while dodging all the dangerous threats along the way and trying not to get
.. uhm mario? Mario! Why aren’t you doing your job buddy. Mario. Well, uhm, sorry. Hm … looks like Mario just doesn’t feel
like working today. Luckily that’s why each stage is on a timer. You see, if our big red plumber refuses to
work, the game after a while just kills him, and replaces him with his brother. Hooray! So now Luigi respawned at the flag-pole. Once again only the door to the left is open,
and once again Luigi, who’s nickname I assume to be bigger green, finds himself in a traditional
stage. So here is where this gets interesting. At the top there is a red coin, but this red
coin is no ordinary red coin. See, this red coin actually carries information
through the realm of life and death. If Luigi goes for the coin, and is fast enough
to pick it up, then the information that this coin got collected gets stored permanently,
and every time from then on when the stage gets loaded the layout is a bit different,
the level becomes easier! Luckily for us bigger green is not only fast
enough to grab the red coin, but he also agreed to jump into a saw-blade afterwards so that
we are able to take a look at the easier version of the stage. Thank you green buddy, you will be missed! So here toad finds himself once again in the
contraption at the beginning. But, what is this!? This time the path towards the pipe is open,
but the path towards the door is locked. This is because the red coin got collected
previously. From now on this path is always the one that
is open. This path takes our mushroom shaped hero into
a small shop system. Toad is now allowed to choose exactly one
of the three options here. He is either allowed to grab a useful dinosaur,
a yum yum one up or a delicious fireflower. Looks like toad decided to go for the dinosaur. After hitting his head against the question
block of his choosing the yoshi promptly gets dispatched. The other question blocks now become un-usuable
to ensure that toad doesn’t try to rob the shop.! The pipe now takes our jumping hero and his
dinosaur, back to the stage from before. Collecting the red coin previously not only
made the level easier for toad because it gave him permanent access to the shop, but
the red dotted line blocks inside the stage are now actually less dotted, but pretty solid,
which makes a lot of the jumps much easier. Thanks to this toad has absolutely no troubles
to make his way towards the famous flagpole at the end. Hooray! Alright, so how does the shop system work
and how do we transfer information in between deaths. Let’s start with the shop system. So the reason why this shop system works here
is … actually … surprisingly … simple. We simply use super globally loaded one way
doors to overflow the sprite limit or the ELB. As soon as there are 100 entities loaded that
count towards this limit the game refuses to spawn new ones. One way doors are super global items, meaning
they always count towards this limit. The stage is set up in such a way that the
ELB limit is at exactly 99 when we enter the room. Once we hit our surprisingly mushroom shaped
head against one of the bricks a spring spawns and the limit hits one hundred. This spring simply pushes the item upwards
into a small dispatching mechanism, and afterwards no springs are allowed to spawn, since the
ELB is at 100. Super simple stuff. Next the a bit more complicated trick. So first huge, gigantic, enormous and tremendous
shout-out to youtube user Comex. As far as I can tell he is the one who discovered
the trick that makes all of that work, and he made a great quick showcasing video about
it on his youtube channel. You can find the link to it in the description! Okay but what is the trick that comex used? Well it’s actually a really clever combination
of a couple of tricks. The most important two are the following. First red coins have super weird respawn properties,
and second red coins do count towards the ELB or the normal sprite limit. BUT, and here’s the catch. They only count towards it during their 34
frame spinning animation after they got collected. So this coin here does not count towards the
sprite limit. The ELB is at 99 here, meaning that the muncher
in the left block is able to spawn. If we however, try to spawn the other muncher,
and grab the red coin right before, then something interesting happens. This muncher can’t spawn, since the grabbing
animation of the pink coin suddenly takes up one ELB spot. Once the animation is over the other muncher
can be spawned as normal however. Cool, so that’s the first puzzle piece that
we need to carry information through death.The second one, is the really weird spawning behavior
of red coins after respawning at a checkpoint. So to make this simple, here is the first
law of red coin respawnment. Red coins, that got collected before grabbing
a checkpoint do not respawn. We can see this in the stage we just took
a look at. The red coin here gets collected the first
time mario enters the room, right before he hits the flag, meaning that after every death,
the coin does not respawn. So here is where this gets really interesting,
because there is a second law of red coin respawnment. If all red coins got collected once, all red
coins will respawn again afterwards. Yup, I know it’s weird but it’s how the
game works. We can see this here, here we start the game
and the coin doesn’t respawn. But if we now grab the red coin, and then
die, then the coin suddenly respawns! The coin is directly below Mario, so as soon
as he spawns the coin immediately gets collected and counts towards the ELB for about half
a second. The stage is obviously set up in such a way
that the ELB is at 99 in this specific spot every-time the game gets loaded. The coin only spawns if the other red coin
ever got collected. During any previous try of the stage. So if the coin re-spawns then we know that
the other coin got collected during a previous try. And it also means that the ELB is at 100 for
34 frames after spawning. If the coin does not respawn then we know
that the red coin wasn’t collected during any previous try, and the ELB is also at only
99. The rest of this contraption is simply this
muncher note-block set-up. The muncher touches the note block within
the time frame of the coin collection animation, meaning that the note block only releases
it’s content if the red coin never got collected before. Ladies and gentleman, we are successfully
sending information through the death barrier, we breached through the one thing I always
assumed to be impossible in the game, we basically cheated death, and as it turns out, it was
actually surprisingly simple! Huge thanks again to comex for letting me
know about this trick. I hope you enjoyed this little video, if you
did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and maybe you feel especially orpheus today
and want to hit the subscribe button as well. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day,
and to see you soon. Goodbye!


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