In conversation with Simmy & Corallista | Makeup Challenge | Get Ready With Me | L’Oréal Paris

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In conversation with Simmy & Corallista | Makeup Challenge | Get Ready With Me | L’Oréal Paris

Hi guys I’m Simmy
and welcome to our very first episode
of La Maison L’Oreal Paris. So it’s a show
where we’re going to be doing lots
of makeup, lots of Skincare, lots of fun
challenges and as an added bonus we are
also going to be calling in a lot of
our favorite Beauty Influences and we’re
gonna get really chatty and candid with them.
So go ahead and Subscribe to our
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any of our fun stuff. And with that let’s welcome our very first guest
you guys she is a content creator from
Mumbai and she goes by the name Corallista. Let’s
welcome Ankita Chaturvedi Hi everyone! Hi Simmy. Hi, really happy to be here.
So with that let’s begin with our
first segment which is called ‘Doing it
for the Gram’ and I’m gonna open your
Instagram, we’re gonna scroll through your
feed and I’m gonna select a few pictures
here and there and you’re gonna have to tell us the backstory behind it. Yeah?
Okay. Let’s do it Thank you. So, I see a
lot of makeup stuff obviously and a lot
of travel pictures a lot of food and
tell us more about this picture cuz I
see a lot of good things happening here
and I also see an engagement picture
in the centre. So this is my Best
Nine of 2019 it was a very eventful year for
me, a lot happened on my personal life
professional front as well, I got engaged.
With work, with all of these things,
with all the travel. Simmy: managing all of it by yourself.
Ankita: It was just such a busy Year. But like a really
good eventful year. Very power packed. Power
packed so about that Next let’s go to your saved section.
Okay. So I see this really
really pretty picture of Amber Heard
that you’ve saved. Yes, I really like this look.
Firstly, the red lip, classic look.
Really simple and clean but you know
really strong lip. It looks really striking.
Also, she’s wearing black and white and
I love neutrals and monochrome looks. So that’s why I saved it I thought it’s a nice look to do when you’re wearing
black or a white outfit. So, I think I have an idea. Let’s move on with
our next segment which is called
“Make up your Mind” So, basically what
we’re gonna do is we gonna recreate this look.
Okay, and you’re gonna do it with me?
Yes, I’m gonna. I’m gonna do it with
you but I’m giving you two choices, either
you could do it the easy way. This is your regular
makeup stuff, your regular makeup routine
and everything or you could take up a challenge. But if you want to
take up the easy way you’re gonna have to
read out your top 3 DMs. No one is getting in my DMs. Let’s
do the other way, the harder way. So you want to take
up a challenge Alright, so if she wants
to take up a challenge I’ve got a bowl full of
challenges right here which you have to pick up.
And these are all makeup challenges? These
are all makeup challenges you just have to pick out one Okay, this says Reverse
Makeup Challenge. So basically we’re
gonna be doing our makeup in reverse chronology. So whatever makeup
that you do generally. The order of makeup,
we’re gonna be doing it the reverse way. That
will be challenging. So how do you do your makeup? I generally do my base, my eyes and then my lip. So we
gonna start our makeup in the reverse order.
We’re gonna start with our lips and
then we’re gonna do our eyes and then our base.
And yeah, so let’s start? We’re gonna just cleanse our
makeup and be back in a second. Alright, So we’re done
with our cleansing and now we move on with the prep.
And for that we Are using the L’Oreal Paris
Revitalift Crystal Microessence. This is a new launch I guess?
Because I haven’t used this before And how do you use it? is it Cotton? Hand? No, No
directly on your hands you need like about
three to four drops. And let me just dab it. It smells really nice. Very very nice. And it
feels really light, so I imagine someone with oily skin, they’re not gonna find
it heavy or sticky at all. Also, it’s very hydrating also.
Yeah. So I’ve been using it for like a while now. And it actually
helps your skin get brighter, clearer and smoother. Yeah, that’s what I
said like oily skin, Humidity, summers. Can you feel it
like going deep into your skin. yeah you know because it’s not
kind of sitting in a thick layer yeah its
very light weight so we’re done with our prep and
now we start with our makeup. The Makeup
Challenge, so we’re doing everything reverse.
so we start with lipstick Yes. So we’re using the L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature
Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade I am worth it. I love this. It is actually
one of my favourite shades. Yeah yeah, love for red. Classy bold red And
it brightens your face that’s what I like I love how pigmented that is. Looks really good on you.
Thank you. Done? I think it looks very similar to the picture.
It does, it does look really similar Okay, so we are going
to do eyes now. So I usually follow the order eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara
which is pretty standard Yeah, but we’re gonna be
doing reverse of this. Okay, so we’ll be starting with mascara and we have
L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara This I find is, it’s waterproof.
Yep It doesn’t weigh my lashes down.
like it gives you drama. but you know it’s
very believable. Yeah I think it’s one of the best
drugstore mascaras out there. And I really like how
dense the brushes is as well. Gives you
volume and length. It’s actually really
weird for me to do my mascara first and then go with oh
you know eyeshadow later. Same I really like how lightweight
it is like I’ve done a second coat but my lashes are not weighed down. Yeah,
it’s easy to take off as well. Yeah, very easy to remove Okay, so I’m nearly done are you?
Yeah, almost Done Okay, so next we are going to use
eyeliner because we’re still following the reverse order. So what
are we going to use Simmy? L’Oreal Paris Super Liner
Gel Intenza Eyeliner This is actually one of
my favourites because it doesn’t dry up in
the pot over time. Like a lot of liners
within three or four months they
start drying up but this one actually stays
and it is very smooth Its very smooth its pigmented.
Yeah And I go for gel liners
because you know it’s easier to blend them and I’m more
of a smudged liner kinda person. Actually that’s what I wanted to
do because the picture we have our reference picture
that we’re trying to recreate it seems Like a very soft liner yeah
yeah and I think that looks really nice when you’ve got a bold lip
So I think let’s just do that, Okay It is very difficult to see my lash
line now with the mascara yeah so what are your go
to eye products like what are the five
products that you actually you know
like using for your eyes yeah for my eyes
I think the number one product will be a mascara definitely because
I have long lashes naturally yeah but I
also like to use a lash curler with it
because I said my lashes are long then
my second product would be eyeliner
because like I said it’s one of those
products that makes a huge difference to
your eyes definitely next I love our shadows I think eyeshadow palettes are
one of my weaknesses like if I see a new
palette it’s very you have to get it I
have to get it same same like you know
every time something new is launched in
the market I have to get and then I
think an under-eye concealer is also one
of the must-haves I think it actually transforms
the entire eye look especially if you’re doing something bold yeah
you need to have your under eye brightened
yes exactly otherwise it looks very dull
it looks dull and if you’re doing darker
colors or a smokey eye it just makes you look more tired if
you haven’t used an under eye concealer oh yeah it does it does, definitely
and then my fifth product would be a brow product
preferably a pencil pencil is what I usually use I think even if you
don’t have an eye shadow you really need
to have just like say a liner, a brow
product and mascara That’s it yeah you know
from basics yeah yeah That’s it you are sorted so when I was in
college I think No before college I had
this hack because I didn’t have eyes shadow
palettes with me so I used to like use
my mom’s lipsticks to just like add a
little bit of color on my eyes maybe
say like a brown lipstick and stuff
like that and before lipstick I used to
also you know wear vaseline and glosses to my
lids to just like open my eyes yeah it was a trend
now like it used to be a hack but
it’s now a trend what was your hack?
Hack, I would say I won’t recommend doing
this but I used a lot of like dark
eye shadows on my eyebrows mm-hmm before I
realized that you shouldn’t use something so dark yeah so you guys let us know
what was your hack for the eyes when
you know you didn’t have proper makeup and
stuff let us know in the comments below so lips are done,
eyes are done which leaves us only with
the base now so we are going to use the L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24
hour Fresh Wear Foundation and I like that this
has a more runny consistency it blends
easily, glides on your skin, it gives
you a dewy look, it looks more skin like
which is the kind of coverage I like, also your skin feels
10:08 more breathable, it’s more breathable It looks more natural
and you know I love that natural fresh look, yeah. I love how easily this
blends yeah and the coverage is really nice as well have you also noticed
how fresh this makes the skin look?
yeah definitely and it’s also like long lasting
so it’s like it’s long lasting like oh
that’s what I like about the infallible
range you like everything in the
infallible range is Super long-lasting and
waterproof as well and even the look
is like very simple very fresh very clean
so I don’t think we need to layer our
skin with a lot of product yeah other
good thing about this foundation is that
it’s sweat proof it’s transfer proof and
it’s important because we live in Mumbai and it’s
really humid so humid and I like that it’s transfer proof because whenever
I wear lighter Colors my foundation
tends to transfer on my neck line yes. I am done Me too!
I think we did a really good job yes what’s next are we
doing anything, I know this is against the
rules but I just feel like I need a little blush,
a little color on the face? A little Color on my cheeks Definitely, is that allowed?
that is allowed but you know
you have to pay a penalty for that and
what is that we’ll read one of your DM’s.
okay I think I would be ready to do that because
I am love my blush I am so eager to
dive into my DM’s like I wanna know
what’s happening there Okay, lets dive in Let’s hope its him, he’s not on Instagram by the way, Oh my god So if that’s what you were hoping for through out this video, Oh no
yeah, I was hoping for some spicy stuff. He is not on instagram. Okay Do you want to read it? I think
this is a really sweet one which I got today. okay so
it says hello there can you please
send a short video congratulating my mom
and dad on their 26th wedding anniversary
to me oh wow that’s so sweet that’s so sweet yeah
my mother loves you and it would be it
would really mean a lot their names are
Bittu and Alav and their anniversary
is on the 3rd March and we’re making
a video collage appreciate the effort
in advance thank you That’s so sweet, that’s really sweet,
that’s so sweet. I think this is one of the benefits like,
the pros of our jobs to actually
interact with people yeah and you know get
to know how they feel about us, our work
and everything so that’s actually a
very good thing, yeah So do I get to use my blush now?
Yes, let’s use the blush! blush makes a lot of difference I can’t be without blush.
Same, I am a blush person. If I don’t have a blush, I
will use a lipstick. Yeah To add color, yeah but I have to
have blush like I can do without a highlighter but not
a blush for sure Same. I feel like
now the look is complete it is yeah
I think we did a fabulous job. I think
we got it really close to the reference picture specially given that
when we did it in Reverse order, which
I’ve never done before. Same, I’ve never done this
before thanks to you. Should we take a picture?
Yeah, definitely Let’s do it Such a sweet picture So Thank you so much Ankita for
being our very first guest it was lovely having you here at La Maison L’Oreal
Paris and tell me how was your experience? I
loved it, I enjoyed it I would say I was a
little scared with the reverse makeup challenge
just because we are so used to doing
our makeup in a certain order, yes, but
I think it was really Fun. thank you so much
for having me. Yes. thank you so much
you guys for tuning into our first episode
I hope you had fun and there’s an
exciting giveaway for you guys as well all
you have to do is comment below and
tell me your five go-to product and
you guys stand a chance to win an
exciting hamper full of L’Oreal Paris products!
so with that it’s a wrap for now, I hope
you enjoyed today’s video if you did do
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Also, all the products that
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there are links so you guys can shop
from and with that I will see in the next video bye


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