IKIGAI | How to find purpose in life | IKIGAI in Hindi

Updated : Jan 26, 2020 in Articles

IKIGAI | How to find purpose in life | IKIGAI in Hindi

Hello friends, in this video we are going to see how you can find the purpose of your life using a Japanese concept named “IKIGAI”. IKIGAI is originated from Okinawa Island, Japan which is the land with the highest number of centenarians. Centenarians are people with age of 100+. The translation of IKIGAI is “The Reason for Living” that is the reason for which you wake up every morning and want to live life. According to the Japanese, every person has an Ikigai, some have already found it and some are searching for it but it is hidden inside them. You will have to find your Ikigai patiently. We will try to understand IKIGAI with a diagram. There are four parts to it. First, what you love this includes all the things that you love to do. Second, what the world needs it includes things that the world is in need of. Third, what you can be paid for this includes things that the world is ready to pay you for. Fourth, what you are good at, it includes things that you are good at. It is not necessary that you are born with a talent, but something that you are ready to work hard for and get better at it. Now, let’s check their intersection. The intersection of the first and second circle is MISSION i.e. something that you love to do and the world needs it. Eg. You love to write blogs and the world needs your blogs than blogging can be your mission. The intersection of second and third is VOCATION that is something that the world needs and you get paid for. Eg. If you are a professor than the world needs you because you are going to impact future generations nd you will be decently paid for your work. The intersection of third and fourth is PROFESSION, something you are good at and getting paid for. Eg. If you are good at speaking, you can use those skills in sales and earn money from it. And lastly, PASSION that is something you are good at and you love to do that but it is possible that you aren’t paid to do it or the world doesn’t need it. Our aim should be to find something that satisfies all the four components Mission, Vocation, Profession and Passion. That is our IKIGAI. Let us understand it through an example. Suppose you love writing and after a lot of hard work you improved your writing skills and became good at it. The world needs your writing because they get to learn something new out it and are ready to pay for your writings. This satisfies all four components. So Writing is your IKIGAI. Your “Intuition” and your “curiosity” will help you find your IKIGAI. You will not find your IKIGAI suddenly, the journey to find it is more important than IKIGAI itself. For that, you will have to try different things, ask questions and try to understand yourself. I hope you find your IKIGAI with the help of this video. Some points of this video were from “IKIGAI by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles” book. There is more information in the book regarding the diet of people of Okinawa Island. If you want to buy this book, the link is in the description. If you found the video helpful, Share it with your friends who like to learn something new just like you. Subscribe the channel for more such videos and Thank you for watching.


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