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hello guys were here at i c m mall at tagbilaran bohol philippines mr. Campbell on the takamina I see
okay Laguna in it marky-mark the plan well Michelle coming today with the
coming down I see em all Gulam Japan will have the perfect and I am huh well of them done you and the killer yeah third floor I don’t know papa the distance apart No
okay I mean I’ve been Sean and below much more Raqqa see guys if you are pay
cash then credit card to see guys move Amelia hall no it’ll come in
emilia-romagna I know bonkers gadgets more Wickham a gentleman a baby there
having been in the Jonah Evie my disgust almost half if you pay cash half in
Denver Melia cool TV yeah an umbilical TV if you see their
sixty one thousand pesos that’s if you apply credit card from the store and
then you pay money and if you buy cash it’s only half have to face you’re not
enough even to vote Lila okay I’ll keep you guys in you just buy a cash
so Margaret IO and guys a cop Amelia Camino arming billion sucking mother Ella Mannion a casino
you will put your dryer now just a push on me
the gonna plug them in them I mean guys yes of Abajo the boundary and home and guys darn upcoming of hardware but
visually system is a hardware via kind of come in and heartily enough damn it
the sabaha Suharto are coming for Tata and we’ll keep looking for hardware hey engine guys yo gusto KO salmon
cannon man inital Okada people there is already 4 uncanny non-tribal coming up
common – no ha ha they took I saw her Tamara Tamara
passport Western Maryland Donna the basements are upon doughnuts ma I know
and make K its see my jolly V the first murder Shanghai J go forever cabin and
Mister Donut you Pargo a panel a you do not despair I
know I brand para Shang was an Ummah ceccato uni listen up then let’s try a
call one time I am we’re still looking for a salon to eat
yeah and I think guys shower curtain look in the garden of Sharon restaurant
and you guys know Mike okay Lucas I mean you Telugu Nomura a necessity in the
Camaro in the nominal of Santa macaca at suffice where we stood a me for my young
unique nourished our deepest province of Baja
I am guys were keep looking so they people back on me oh don’t tell Santa me
Baba polygamy is among in the South under manpower people are coming yeah no
chance Hawaiian salmon in the surrogacy is not
in town and we will keep looking so I think on the one right here I mean I’m in a restaurant in the postal
Punahou me waiting for your food they took a missile max sir I see em all
integral MSRP two guys in chicken illa and scimitar the best yeah I am Malala could look at Munich America
tapas Kumar a young Pelican no Pilipinas is maraming Tao and Merriman the Gotham
by long Kumagai in metallic art and the salmon a commissioned him in our parking
lot and welcoming the ribbon added to know and assign the bag on Google then
some I get it well happy doing some I know but a pizza
my I know you need a grocery store alabaster for me camisa Palin K when we
merely coming out to us do or some my apartment I see my focus on door don’t
come a baby the MS Maura Assyrian guys doing some air I know semi Palenque must
fresh it’s a semester supermarket guys and I’m is in the under for you in Italy
so he told me coming now Tony turn aside the Macau

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