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♪ Alexasunshine83 it’s
always sunny here! Boop! ♪♪ Hey sunshiners!
Alexasunshine83 right here. Hello, hello! Super sunny day.
What is up?! I am so pumped for today if you cannot tell by my
extreme excitement. This video was kind of an accident but also kind of not an accident? If you guys haven’t seen my two
other Goodwill Outlet videos, I will leave them linked all around. It’s just this place with
literally bins of clothes and you just rummage
through them? It’s a really weird concept but to me it’s kind of
like extreme thrifting. And they basically
weigh everything to determine how
much you owe. Usually I go to the
Goodwill Outlet in Glendale, which theirs is $2 per pound. Versus the one
in Orange County, which is the one
that I went to, which is called
Goodwill Marketplace. Which is actually kind of funny
because originally I never knew that there was even a
Goodwill Outlet in Orange County. This one was $2.49/pound,
which, like- I mean 49 cents isn’t that crazy
but it is more expensive, weirdly. The difference between this
Goodwill Outlet is it is a lot smaller,
it’s outside, but- I am telling you there was
maybe 20 people there. Most of the people at
at the Goodwill Outlet in Glendale are resellers,
whereas this one there was maybe
three people that were resellers-
And they were so nice! They were like
helping this old lady try to get this like
shirt that was too far. I do have to say, nobody was wearing
gloves and I brought gloves. And I almost felt weird putting
on gloves cause nobody else was but looking back probably
should’ve worn gloves. Got my receipt right here!
I’ve already washed everything. I ended up getting
15 pounds of clothes, which came to $37.45! Let me just show you… All the clothes I got for $37! I think I got like 17 pieces? Let’s just get into the haul
because this video is gonna be quite long
because I just got so much. So the first thing that I got that
I’m just gonna pick out. This super cute like,
silk pajama shirt. It’s purple. It’s so adorable.
I love it. This over a t-shirt or by itself
I think is just so pretty. And this lavender color
is super nice. And then it has like
the detail in the front. I believe it’s like a pajama shirt? But like silk tops are
really big right now, or at least on
Urban Outfitters they are. It is originally from
a company called Rose and it’s in a large, and I’m just
so excited to rock this tucked into some shorts
or some jeans. And it has little bows on it. This is so light. It was probably only like
a couple cents, which is just too good! Literally the Goodwill Outlet
makes it so hard to go to a normal thrift store
when you get deals like this. I also got a combination of like sweaters, some jeans,
sweatshirts. It was just all over the place. And I got this Oregon sweatshirt and it just looks so comfy. I love me a good sweatshirt. And I’m actually possibly
going to Portland in October. So I figured this would kind of
get me all excited. This with some light denim
washed jeans- [blissful sigh] is just such a cute fall look. Even though Southern California
doesn’t get fall. Getting a good sweatshirt without any stains
is just so amazing. Then I got a t-shirt and wow- this is a pretty intense
mustard yellow. Originally when I looked at it I was like, “Oh?” “Yeah?” “Okay.” And then I saw that it’s actually
from Stranger Things. And then I was like,
“Oh!” “‘Yeah!” “‘Okay!” It is in a large and it just says, “Mornings are for coffee contemplation.” I just think this is such a fun shirt! Whether I wear it to bed
or wear it out-and-about. I feel like the color I could
definitely wear out-and-about. I love Stranger Things so I figured
why wouldn’t I get it? And obviously love me
some coffee as well. So that even it as just
a normal like t-shirt I think I would still like pick-up. But because it’s Stranger Things
it’s like even better. I got a sweater
and this one is just all the like tan,
white, brown colors. I guess you could say it’s striped? Is this the first thrifted
fall sweater of 2019? Wow, I love this thing. Again there are
no imperfections. I just thought it
would be really cute. Again, just goes with
my style pretty well. It does kind of have a v-neck, so it’s a little bit different than
a normal traditional sweater. It’s not itchy. It doesn’t look like it sheds either,
which is even better. My hair sheds enough
I don’t need a sweater to shed. And this kind of tucked in
I think would be just so cute. Grandpa vibe sweaters. I think it’s really funny
when people go to a thrift store and they’re like, “Ew. It’s for more
like mature, older people.” And I’m like, “Uh- that’s the best part!” I got a sweater, which
means fall is starting. Okay I’m just gonna go
into the other sweater because I feel like now
I’m on a sweater kick. This is so cute! This rust color is amazing. It’s originally from Forever21. This one does shed.
It definitely does. But again, no imperfections. What is going on?! How does this even happen? Side note!
There is less underwear at the Goodwill Outlet
in Orange County. Just a random
like observation. Anyway! This is just so cute. Very happy. Okay we’re just-
again, another sweater. I did not mean to do this,
I swear. But they were in all
in perfect condition, so I couldn’t say no. This one is originally- Oh- oh yeah,
the brown sweater- it doesn’t have a tag so I don’t know
what brand it’s actually from. This one is from Caslon and it’s a cream sweater. And last year during
fall and winter I got really into cream sweaters, and I think it’s starting again. This one does not shed
so like, that’s amazing? And this one is a little bit of
a thicker like, heavier sweater material
but not itchy or anything. The detail of it is more stripes with the different threading. So this threading is up and down, this threading is sideways. Something a little bit different. Then I just got
a plain black t-shirt. Literally nothing
interesting about this. It’s a little bit more fitted. I just think it’s a really
nice basic piece. I love me my Harley-Davidson
black t-shirts but having a plain one
I think is nice. Especially for layering
and different things like that. Which I was really excited about the more like basic pieces I found. Like this black tank top. It’s originally from GAP
and it says it’s an extra small but it definitely does not
look like an extra small. It is just almost like
a v-neck tank top. And again I just needed
something very basic and having it not be
that expensive is amazing. And the material
is really, really soft. And I think kind of
transitioning into fall time this will be perfect. Okay I’m gonna do another
black tank top because I figured it would
just go perfectly after that. Zenana Outfitters And it says it’s in a medium. It definitely reminds me of like
a Brandy Melville tank top. And it’s just a crop top. It’s just so like, perfect. Again just something simple,
easy to just kind of throw on. I mean like all three of these- Honestly, if I went to Goodwill
this would probably be like $5 and so would these two,
which would be like $15 So, it makes it
just super awesome that I could get it
for a lot less money. I got a sweatshirt
and I was very excited because this
Goodwill Outlet or- It’s called Goodwill Marketplace
but it just makes it easier to say that it’s the outlet,
is by Disneyland. I figured maybe they
would have some Disney stuff? And they did! They actually had
a couple Disney stuff but nothing that like,
either fit or was not for a toddler. Seeing this, it’s just something
super simple, super easy. Something I can just throw on. When it comes to
like sweatshirts and honestly just
in general fashion, I want something that’s comfortable
that I’m gonna wear all the time. And I know I’m gonna wear this. Even though it’s not
the most aesthetic thing, I love it! A black sweatshirt is something
so like basic that I know, especially with it being Disney, it would be probably
like $10 at Savers. So, pretty happy about this. What makes it Disney, I haven’t even like shown that part, is it just has Grumpy on the side. That’s all it has. And it does have the Disney tag which I’m super excited
cause I thought maybe it would be like
the Champion zip-ups or something like that. But it actually is from Disney. Even though I’m not really
like a grumpy person- maybe before my coffee,
probably. Winnie the Pooh is definitely my favorite but I will take any Disney I can get. This one very excited
about because… I think it was in last Sunday or maybe like two Sunday’s-
don’t really remember, but the more like
professional looking pants. I’m trying to get into
just to kind of like add something
to my style. I saw these black ones
and these ones just look like they will
fit so nicely. I’m really hoping they do. Obviously there are no dressing rooms
at the Goodwill Outlet so you just kind of have to
like hope for the best. So I’m hoping for the best. It does have these like
belt loops which is super nice. So if I do need to
put a belt, I can. Although I think it’ll be good
cause it’s like elastic but it has buttons, zip-up,
and it’s just black pants? Super simple, super easy. It’s got pockets
which is amazing. And it’s a really
interesting material. Kinda reminds me
of a bathing suit, but that’s okay. Oh I got a lot of bottoms- or no, I didnt. I got two bottoms. I don’t know why I said a lot. Can we appreciate
the denim real quick? You see this denim? Let’s just go into
the denim now, okay? This one…
what the heck?! Honestly I saw it
and I was like, “What are you?” And then I realized
I think it’s a crop top? So it’s like a denim… Let me try to put it on. Obviously there’s
a try on portion but like…okay- no. This- okay, okay
I can’t put it on like this. A denim crop top,
it has a tie in the back. And I love me all denim. And I…just really wanted
try it to be honest. I don’t know how much
wear I’ll get out of it. I don’t even know
if it’ll look good on me. I got it anyway! And it doesn’t say
like where it’s from. So, I am just excited to try it? Can you imagine this with like, a denim jacket
and denim pants, and just like
the whole denim life. Now these jeans
I don’t know if they’ll fit. I’m really hoping so. They are originally from Wrangler and I think they are a size 30? Yeah they’re a size 30,
and the thing that really caught my attention
were the paint stains, which I know is
a very weird thing to say. Hear me out! On Urban Outfitters they have these like
vintage jeans with pain splatters, and they’re probably
selling them for like $100 Seeing this for probably
only a couple dollars. With a lot of my other thrift flips,
in my mind I was like, I’m gonna do that thrift flip
where I get jeans and put paint on them
and I just never did. So why not just buy some
that already have it? Especially for still being
at the thrift store. And they are Wrangler jeans so,
I’m really hoping they fit. I mean other than
the paint splatter they’re in really
good condition. Another Wrangler item. This one actually had the original tags
still on from Wrangler but I had to wash it
so I took it off. It was there. This one was probably
what made it the heaviest. It’s probably almost
like a dress on me, which usually never happens. But it has the
Wrangler tag on there. I am thinking I may, I may- I don’t know if I will just
because the last time I did it, it didn’t really turn out that great. I may cut it? If not, I may
put it on my Poshmark just because I know you guys love denim jackets
as much as I do. And I would love to have
someone enjoy this if I can’t. I was just walking along
and all of a sudden I saw this and I was like, “Why isn’t
anyone grabbing this?” It was literally like perfectly just laying on top
of one of the bins and I just swooped on in
and grabbed it. It was probably sitting there
for a good 10 minutes. I kind of like waited
cause I was like, “Eh I don’t know
about the size.” Nobody grabbed it so,
I grabbed it. Then I got some shorts
which I’m also really hoping they fit. I put it around my neck
and it kind of fit. It’s definitely going to be tight so I don’t know how well
it’ll go around my thighs. But it’s originally from a company
called The London Lean And it says it’s a size 4,
so I don’t know I would say I’m more
like a size 6? But they just looked so nice. They look like such
nice black mom sheen- mom jean shorts?
mom jean short- yeah. High waisted jean shorts. So I’m extremely hopeful
for this one. Then weirdly, I have
the last two items that are very different
from each other. A jacket and a Hawaiian shirt? Okay? I will start with this one, which I just thought
it was really cute. I really like the colors. It has the blue, the green,
and the flowers. I may have a place
to wear this next month. So I figured why not grab it
because I may need it. And like I said
to contrast that… I got this flannel
which is so nice. It’s originally from a company called Field and Stream,
and it’s in a large. I don’t have any
flannels anymore. I don’t know why
this happens to me? I would say usually by fall, I’m like, [energtic voice]
“I need to get flannels!” And then I get them
probably like a month later, I’m like, [mature voice]
“I don’t want it anymore.” I don’t know what happens
but this one, the thing I like about it is
it’s a little bit more like a jacket without being like
a super intense jacket, if that makes any sense. Usually flannel material
is a little bit softer, which most people love, but for me, I want it
to be just like more stiff? Which is what this one is! And it’s green and blue. It has the brown on there
and I just know I will wear this. Even if it’s not
super cold outside but I want like a jacket
or something. And to kind of give
something different than me just wearing
my denim jackets? Like it’s just- Okay, I don’t know why
I decided to do this. I was like, “Yeah let me put it on!” And then I realized
I don’t really wanna put it on cause I’m already
wearing a long-sleeve, don’t wanna put on another
long-sleeve cause it’s kinda hot. I don’t know how in the world
I made it through that. I think I’ve been filming
for like 40 or 50 minutes? If you guys like thrifting videos,
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this Goodwill Outlet and actually bring my camera. Just to kind of show
you guys a little bit more. Just because I’m so excited
for everything that I got! And just the experience
overall is probably like one of my favorite
Goodwill experiences. And also just
Goodwill Outlet experiences and how inexpensive
it ended up being. If you follow me on Instagram
you already kind of saw like my sneak-peeks of
what it was actually like. So if you guys don’t follow me
on Instagram you totally should, which is @Alexasunshine83! I will see you guys
this Sunday with a brand new
Sunny Sunday video. Enjoy life. Be happy. And I love you lots! Bye! (upbeat jazz music)


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