How to Store Bananas

Updated : Jan 16, 2020 in Articles

How to Store Bananas

We all know bananas ripen after you buy
them. Bananas can be left at room temperature to ripen. A yellow banana
without any spots will last less than a week sitting on the counter. If you want
to speed a bananas ripening place it in a paper bag not plastic and leave them
out at room temperature. Leaving them out is fine but we want to store our bananas
and make them last we don’t want to put them in the refrigerator because the
bananas peel will turn brown and the food surrounding them will really begin
to smell like bananas. Instead we want to freeze them. First things first,
before storing, eating or using bananas and recipes, always wash your bananas.
Bananas can be frozen several ways. You can wash peel cut them up and store an
airtight freezer bag. Remember to write the date you added them on the bag or
you can wash them and place in the freezer hole with the peel on. Choose
your freezing method by how you plan to use the bananas. Whole bananas are good
for use in recipes such as banana bread or muffins.
Larger top chunks or smaller slices are great for blending up in smoothies or
for a good frozen snack. Frozen bananas will stay good for 8 to 12 months. To
thaw them, keep them in the bags they were frozen in and thaw at room temperature
in warm water or in the microwave. Don’t let those bananas go to waste.
Get the most out of them and store them.


  • Bakers often want them to ripen faster.
    Also I'd like a bulk storage solution . . . airtight containers keep fruit flies out but build up too much moisture.

  • This is a very helpful video. I love bananas and buy loads of them for my family so I definitely need every storage tip I can get.

    I have loads of fruit tips, recipes and facts too:
    I would love it if you would check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

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