How to Set up AliExpress Dropshipping Store in 15 EASY STEPS (WordPress+AliDropship)

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How to Set up AliExpress Dropshipping Store in 15 EASY STEPS (WordPress+AliDropship)

Hi, everybody! Welcome to our channel! Today we will show you how to start your own
dropshipping business with Alidropship Plugin which for certain will help you to get good
sales without making much effort. Right now we are going to give you 15 easy
steps on how to launch your own online store and get your first sales. For the tutorial we have already installed
wordpress and plugin to our hosting. Let’s start the process from theme selection. Once you have installed AliDropship plugin,
you can proceed with theme setup. AliDropship original plugin is only compatible
with the built-in themes, which you can check and upload from our website. Choose the one you like most of all. You can easily switch between the built-in
themes without losing any of your settings. We recommend you to install Davinci theme. It has a flat Design Style and can be easily
customised. According to our insights most of the successful
stores use this theme. Our stores are not an exception. Enter your WordPress panel and go to Appearance
=>Themes=>Then click Add New. We have already downloaded ONE from the AliDropship
site Open, them click “Install now”. Your theme installed successfully. Now click “activate”. Let’s take a look at our store now. Go to your site. Great. We have already prepared and loaded all the
necessary design elements so we have them in the WordPress media library. So can do you – create pictures then add them
to WordPress so you can use them anytime you need. Now we can make some changes to our theme. Let’s go to Customization. Here you can change colors, pictures, texts
and add default pages and menus. Click “Create”. Let’s start with this option and get back
to our site. Click Visit site. Great, now we have new pages in the header
and footer and several categories in the main menu. Let’s check the tracking page. On this page our customers will be able to
check their order status. This page is activated automatically. Go back to settings. Scroll down. You can make other changes any time you want. We decide to upload our favicon. Upload. Choose your favicon. Select. Then you can upload your banner. Don’t forget to save your settings. Great. In the Header section we’ll add our website
logo. Click Upload and upload your logo. Save your settings. Now we will make some changes in the Home
page. Let’s add images and short descriptions. Main image. Then top right image. And them bottom right image. Ok. Let’s put some descriptions. That’s not so difficult. And here. Save your settings. Great. Now you can go to About us Page and upload
your background image. Save your settings. And do the same on the Thank you Page. Upload, Select and Save. Go to Social Media. In the Social Media section enter links in
the required fields. Add your Facebook, Instagram and others to
the Social pages links fields. These links will be connected to the social
media buttons placed in the footer of your site. Your clients will be able to keep updated
with your products and news from your social media platforms. Paste and save settings. To be sure, visit your website again. You can see your logo, your pictures, Your
favicon and your links. You can easily find lots of tutorial how to
create a facebook page and how to start an instagram account. We have created them beforehand and now we
can just paste links we have. On a scheduled basis we create our categories. For that we go to Products-Product Categories. Here we have an opportunity to add new categories,
edit them or use a quick edit function to change our slug or category name. Well, the most promising category is Best
Sellers. Let’s edit. To shuffle your categories in the order you
like continue with Appearance – Menus. Select a menu to edit – Main Menu – Select
– Product Categories – View All – select Best sellers and add to your menu. It appears in the bottom. You can move it to the top. Check the website. Look – bestsellers are on the top. Now it’s high time to start your work with
Alidropship plugin. Go to settings and click General. Here you can change your site currency. AliDropship Plugin uses US Dollars as a primary
currency set by default. But you can choose any currency you want. It depends on your target audience. Here you can also activate additional currencies
that will be shown on your site for your customers. Save your changes. Next section is Pricing. Select it. AliDropship Plugin features a profound formula
for pricing markup – the amount added to the cost price of goods to cover overhead
and profit. In the beginning we advise you to Add Recommended. On the left side choose either Rounding or
Tails. Plugin will round the prices up or down to
the nearest integer if you tap on rounding. You can set a specific cent value for your
retail price. Let’s check. 49 and 99. Then you need to save changes. In this case the Plugin will apply these values
randomly to add it to the final price. In this step we will set up PayPal gateway. Anable your payment option then choose your
currency. Then you need to put API username. You can find it on your PayPall account. Then put your password, copy your Signature, put your e-mail, brand name and your logo. Paste it here. Save your changes. You can also add more payment gateways. The ability to pay using credit cards will
lead to more website orders. Don’t forget to save your changes. We recommend to use SEO tools available with
AliDropship plugin. To apply SEO settings, go to AliDropship=>Settings
and shoose SEO. Then you need to cctivate this option to generate
sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. Sitemap is important because it tells search
engines about the content that you have on your site and how often it’s updated. It makes it easier for Google to index your
site and show it on search results. A robots.txt is a file at the root of your
site that indicates those parts of the site you don’t want accessed by search engine
crawlers. Enable SEO meta data fields and SEO meta data
generator. It will make your site more SEO friendly. Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions are hidden
text elements on your page that are used to describe your site on search engines. These elements are meant to give a small taste
of what your site is about for people who have come across your page by way of a search
engines. Try to put SEO texts also on the main page
and to all of your main categories. Let’s do this right now. Our title, then we put our description
and Keywords. Save changes. Now we need to go to Home page. Customization – Home. And we need to put article right here. Save your settings. Now go to Products and Product categories. Edit your bestsellers category. Put your article right here. We skipped the process of creating texts and
have written some descriptions in advance. They are optimised for search engines and
describe what customers can get in this store. Offering discounts can be a powerful marketing
tool for your dropshipping online store. If you want to create a discount, please go
to AliDropship ->Coupons, tap Activate Coupons and click Add new button. You can enable this coupon and name it. For example, SALE15. Discount type – choose your type. Discount value – 15. Usage limit is probably 100. You can select some of these options. You can set end date and start date. Or also you can apply it to products or specific
categories or only shipping. Now save your changes. Let’s take a look at your website. Now you have all these cute pictures, texts
and categories but you don’t actually have your products. Ok, we know how to solve your problem. Let’s go to AliExpress in our AliDropship
category and click this link – Install AliDropship Extension. Click Install – Addd Extension. Your extension is now right here. With the help of Chrome Extension it is possible
not only to import products directly from AliExpress, but also to update them, collect
tracking IDs and process your orders automatically. Right now we are going to experience our extension! Once Extension is installed, go to AliDropship
– Aliexpress – Import products and Use Direct Import. You will be redirected to to
start importing items. Put your keyword in the search bar. You can also choose your product category
– for example, we select pencil cases. Then you need to sort by orders. Let’s take a look at them. Choose a pencil case you like most of all. For example, let’s try this one. Nice case. Check if this is cheaper from other sellers. We see that this one is a bit cheaper. Click on it. Great. Now we can edit this product. Click edit. First of all we need to edit our product name. It can be Cute Pencil Case for Girls. Don’t forget to edit your Permalink. Delete and put this tick. Choose your category. It can be Bestseller and Cute Stationary. Do not include any images in the Product Description
field – it will help to distinguish it from product descriptions on AliExpress and bring
a touch of comfortable minimalism to your store. All photos of an item should be displayed
in the Gallery and Variations sections and will be easy to access. Put a tick to Remove images. Then you should edit your description. You can do this later. Check our gallery? Our customers shouldn’t see any extra texts
or Aliexpress store logos. Let’s try our editor. Once you see the editor icon, click on the
icon to start editing. Let’s remove this using our brush. Choose your color and use it. Now you just need to click save. Image editor is a powerful built-in feature
designed to make changes to product images in AliDropship Chrome Extension while importing
items and directly from WordPress admin panel. In the Pricing section – your pricing formula
has been already applied. You can change Rate and Orders. In the variations you can change colors. Now you can add this to Import list and Publish. We are going to add it to import list because
we want to make some changes a bit later. Ok. Now we are going back. Let’s open the second page. Now we are going to show you bulk import. Choose your category and import all 48 items. It will take some time.Great. Now you have 48 items in your Import List. Let’s check. You see – 48 products in your Import List. Then you need just to edit them. Many of reviews presented on AliExpress are
in different languages. If you want to have all reviews in one language,
activate Translate option. All reviews in other languages will be translated
into the language that is setup on General settings of the Plugin. If you want to edit them before publishing
select Send reviews to draft option. All reviews in this case will be saved in
Comments. If reviews on AliExpress have images attached
by the buyers, these images will be shown on your site too if you select ‘Import reviews
with images only’ option. If you select ‘Ignore images’ option,
plugin will import reviews with text only. If you want to upload review images to your
server – just select this option in Import reviews section. Then you just need to click Import button. Reviews will be added to all your products. It will take some time. As you can see we already have some add-ons. Here are the most recommended of them. We upload in the very beginning to all of
our stores. We will dwell briefly upon all of them in
our video. Get full instructions on our website in the
Knowledge base. Let’s check Abandoned Cart. Abandoned Cart add-on is a handy tool that
helps you efficiently get in touch with the people who were a footstep away from making
a purchase from you. With its help, you effortlessly send a series
of targeted emails to your buyers-to-be. This is how you recover your potential profits
with no extra efforts! Thanks to the add-on, they are not lost forever. You can still use the infinite power of emails
to win the hearts of people who almost became your buyers – and recover a healthy part
of your potential profit! Up to 30% of your potential profits can be
redeemed thanks to this free solution; isn’t it a great reason to give it a try? Check all these messages and make some edit. Let’s check the second one. CountDown Timer plugin is a WordPress countdown
plugin that creates the sense of urgency and motivates your store visitors to take an action
immediately. It helps you to create colorful and impressive
notifications about special price offers that are only valid for a limited period of time. This countdown timer plugin helps you create
the so-much desired urgency that makes people more focused and determined to make a purchase. Knowing they don’t have much time to think,
they are far more likely to take an action and make a deal before it’s too late. These banners can be attached to the products
and products group that are currently on sale. This way, your store visitors will see the
real-time countdown to the end of the special offer, and to the end of product stock. Let’s check. Customisation – Products. You can choose your product and add this add-on. Here is how it can look like. But you can change all these colors. Any color you want. Let’s check the third one – Recent Sales
Pop-ups. Recent Sales Pop-ups that show buyers’ activity
on your website are a wonderful marketing tool for a drop shipping store! Building customers’ trust and creating the
sense of urgency, they motivate your store visitors to make a purchase without any second
thought. They inspire trust, showcase your items and
generate ideas. The newest Recent Sales Pop-Up from AliDropship
makes it possible for you to create catchy pop-up notifications and customize them as
much as you like. Just enable notification, choose your design
options and click Save button! We have a handy automatic solution for social
media – the Social Rabbit plugin which can handle promotion on 4 social networks at once,
and, it is both a time saver and sales driver. Promoting dropshipping sites with the Social
Rabbit plugin is an easy way to draw the attention of wide audiences who use social networks. First of all, you should install the plugin
on your website. You can find a free guide on Then it’s just a case of making simple one-time
settings. The process requires just a couple of minutes
and provides smart, hassle-free and fully autopilot operation in the future. Let’s go to our website. We have already installed this awesome plugin. Right here we will activate Poster and Gallery
functions. For now we have only these social media accounts. After you create other Social Media accounts
you will be able to experience social rabbit plugin there too. Special tools named Posters allow adding product
posts from your store directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram according
to your once-set preferences. Choose your posting time. You can also sort posts with your products. What about putting our hashtags in the template? Select and change them. To make accounts more attractive for the subscribers,
it’s vital to add neutral visual content – and this is what the Gallery Poster tool
is created for! It allows you to brighten up the timeline
of your social accounts with catching content. We are going to add dozens of niche-related
images to the Gallery in one click, and then we will set up the Gallery Poster tool. The Social Rabbit plugin starts publishing
images in our social accounts (including the link to our site). Then Social Rabbit begins auto-posting. Your social accounts are updated according
to your set preferences, and your posts breed like rabbits! They are interesting, attractive and human-like
– Just as if a first-class SMM department is working for you. Thanks to Promoter tool the plugin promotes
your social accounts. The Rabbit hops all over the niche communities
and draws attention to your accounts via following, liking and commenting on users’ posts and
accounts. Your social traffic and conversions grow like
crazy! Just think: you only spend an hour or two
creating social accounts and making one-time settings – and Social Rabbit does the rest. Social Rabbit saves you 40 hours per week
and increase your social traffic. It allows you to focus on other activities
and not worry about social media at all! We already have several products in our store. Let’s check our social media links. Wow – Social Rabbit Plugin helped us with
posts and engagement. It’s time to launch our campaigns in Facebook
Ads Manager. Let’s choose Traffic. Then press continue. First of all you need to choose your audience. You can select locations, age, gender and
languages of your potential customers. Put audience interest right here. you can exclude those who already know about
dropshipping. in the next section you choose exclude people and then you put your keywords:
Drop shipping, Aliexpress, Amazon, and other similar websites. While you are choosing these exclusions your
potential audience becomes smaller. And that’s actually good because audience
size shouldn’t be too broad. Then we need to edit our placements. choose edit placements, select for example,
facebook feed and instagram feed. Then you should select your budget. Let’s put $7 per day. It would be enough for our first test and
then press continue to start creating your ad. Select your accounts and ad format. Then you put images with your products. Download them and confirm each image. 3 images would be enough. Put your website link in the tab under each
image. And add your text. Don’t forget that you already have your
store promocode generated in Alidropship Plugin! So, you can use it right now in your text. In ads manager you can preview your ads: in
desktop news feed and in instagram feed. Select your call to action button. Change Learn more to Shop now. Then you need to confirm your ad. That’s all! We’ve just got our first sale!!! What should we do right now? Once you have received an order, you need
to process it with AliExpress. Go to Orders page, find the order and click
your customer’s email address to get more details. Hopefully, there is a magic button. You can place order automatically. Click this button to proceed with processing
your order. The plugin will visit AliExpress and fulfill
the order for you automatically: select necessary product variations, add items to your shopping
cart and fill your customer’s shipping details on the checkout page. Click Confirm and Pay button. Then click Pay button. After the order is placed, get back to the
order details page on your site. You will see that order number has been automatically
added to your website. You will be able to get tracking number by
clicking this button when AliExpress seller sends the order. You see the tracking id and that the order
has been shipped. Only 15 steps to get your first profit! Isn’t it easy Thank you for watching! In the description of this video, you will
find the link to Alidropship Plugin, which helps to build a successful dropshipping business. If you’re interested in gaining profit with
AliExpress Dropshipping, in our blog you’ll find encouraging success stories and more
tips on how to easily start and develop your business. Check the link in the description or on the
screen. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments,
we’ll be glad to help you. Suggest your topics for our future videos
about dropshipping and don’t forget to subscribe! See you!


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