How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners: How I Made $496,567 In December

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How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners: How I Made $496,567 In December

do you want to sell on Amazon but don’t
really know where to begin then you are in the right place because I’m going to
cover my how to sell on Amazon step by step for beginners these are the same
exact steps that I take that allowed us to make over four hundred and ninety six
thousand dollars in sales last month in December Before we continue be sure and
download my ebook it is the complete guide to how to sell products on Amazon
step by step for beginners it’s free and instant access just click on the link
below and you’ll be on your way straight away also take a second to subscribe to
the channel to be notified of the latest updates in the world of e-comm and now
let’s get into the seven steps that I follow for every product that we launch
each one of these seven steps represent the seven chapters in the thirty page
ebook down below and in the video I’m going to hit the highlights because I
don’t want it to turn into a 45 minute video but download the book everything
is all-inclusive in it now on to chapter one chapter one is all about finding an
opportunity or finding that product to sell now I have a 10 step criteria that
I go through each and every time and while there’s thousands and thousands of
these product opportunities online sifting through them can be a little bit
difficult so I use software called Blackbird sweet it helps me analyze and
plug in my criteria and in a matter of seconds it produces the results that I’m
looking for my 10 step criteria really consists of the size of the product the
price range of the product you want to make sure that you’re having
profitability how many competitor reviews are on page
one and the weight of the product plays a great role the fifth criteria is the
complexity level you want to keep it simple
number six is variations with regard to size you don’t want any of those
variations number seven is variations with regard to colors again you want
none you want to keep these things simple especially on your first product
launch number eight is liability you want a zero risk product number nine is
accessibility you want to be sure that it’s not a gated or restricted category
and number ten really is your gut my gut feeling about this product if my gut
tells me it’s something to go for after passing the previous nine then I go for
it I’ve previously made a video on finding profitable products in less than
three minutes using Blackbird sweet and my criteria just click on the link in
the card and it’ll take you to it if you like these tutorials then I would
appreciate you liking this video so that more people get a chance to see it
chapter two is all about finding a product supplier and there are many many
places that you can go to find product suppliers online like India Mart or OM
Pro I think I have a list of ten or more in the e-book but at the end of the day
Alibaba makes this process the easiest now in a
previous video I made about finding and vetting product suppliers on Alibaba
down in the description of that video I include a PDF cheat sheet that includes
do’s and don’ts when contacting suppliers a lingo list of what all these
technical terms mean and ultimately a contact email template that you can just
copy-paste fill in a few things and use it to send right to them
so check out that video our December this year was a great one at four
hundred and ninety six thousand dollars in sales but it barely edged out last
year’s at four hundred and forty four thousand dollars in sales and the key
thing there is consistency we use these same steps and principles for every
product that we launched and we’re consistent with our sales metrics this
is how the sales metrics break down for the four hundred ninety six thousand
dollar month we just add in December our total ordered items were around ten
thousand nine hundred for just the month of December and this included a product
line of just eight in this particular partner account our average order for
sales were about forty five dollars and that represented a thirty three percent
profit margin so that’s how we arrived at our 496 thousand dollar month now I
know you’re all saying oh yeah that’s December and we all know that December
is accelerated in sales and typically we enjoy about a 3x return in December but
that points me to the month of November where we had a hundred and sixty one
thousand dollars in sales that represented about thirty-five hundred
units so we’re tracking right on about the same sales metrics at 3x for the
month of December and if any of you guys have any more suggestions on how to
rapidly start your Amazon business be sure and leave a comment down below and
don’t forget to hashtag Amazon FBA chapter three revolves around the
product listing itself and ultimately the images the title and the keywords
are probably the three most important things for this step but don’t get
caught up in perfection at this stage if you can just get your listing up for
your product you can always come back and optimize it later in the e-book I
cover in totality not only finding the right keywords for your listing but the
value that each of those keywords have also how to take product photos not just
having photos but how to take product photos for your listing and also I cover
what is your unique selling proposition or your USP it’s all about how you craft
your pitch to sell your product I have many many more elements that I cover in
the e-book on this chapter alone and you guessed it I did a video on how to
private label your own products should be in the cards right about here but
it’s not enough to just private label your own products you need to when you
create your brand you need to protect your brand and I did that also in the
same video check that out now most people do things
wrong all the time and for good reason things are changing it’s a difficult
complicated space there are multiple many thousands of gurus out there
telling you different things but what I want you to take away from this is not
the 17 year old kid who advocates to be a guru standing in front of his father’s
porch but take it from somebody that has had consistency every year
at a high level to produce these results chapter four is all about getting
results for your product especially upon the initial launch you need to really
race towards getting ten to fifteen initial reviews on your product because
that’s gonna help boost your visibility for your product on Amazon and again I
use Blackbird Suites automated email sequence that helps me get the reviews
that I need chapter five is all about maximizing traffic and conversions now
being on Amazon and them providing the traffic is the main reason we’re selling
on this marketplace and they do a great job of it but you still need to optimize
your listings and use the right keywords to really drive that traffic you want to
research and pick your best five keywords for your listing most people go
crazy and try to keyword stuff their listings all over the place but it
really dilutes your product listing and is counterintuitive you also want to
just use those same five keywords initially for your Amazon PPC campaign
this will work best in your favor chapter 6 is all about optimizing
profitability now over time you can take a step back and look at the big picture
you can optimize for factors like shipping also manufacturer of pricing
you can alter if your selling enough and also the sales price conversion mix now
in the book I exposed my 500 hits split test formula where really you can
discover that your highest conversion value product is not necessarily your
best winner now lastly chapter 7 is all about marketing and growing your
business and it starts out with really maximizing external traffic to your
product listings and this can be done on Facebook Pinterest YouTube Google Ads
and more and you need to constantly be looking for new products to grow your
line also you need to be looking into expanding your marketplaces
geographically really outside of your domestic region just to reinforce this
has been a condensed version of what’s in my 30 page free ebook and it also
includes a your first 30 days in business marketing
plan to help really get you started and launched be sure and download a copy of
the book and you’ll be on your way today okay guys thanks for watching the video
and I hope that you’re really able to use this information and put it to work
for you please subscribe to the channel and like this video so it’ll be promoted
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