How to read deleted WhatsApp message on iPhone including deleted media- Tutorial.

Updated : Jan 16, 2020 in Articles

How to read deleted WhatsApp message on iPhone including deleted media- Tutorial.

Whatsup YouTube its Safwan from TechCycle
if you have been in a situation where the message sent to you through whatsapp is deleted
and you can’t read the message or you didn’t read the message and you were thinking like
why the **** I didn’t get the time to read that message this video is going to help you why the **** about this video this video will help you to see the deleted message we are
not going to use the same old notification log method also this video is only for people
who is owning an iphone and its a jailbroken iPhone if your device is not jailbroken I
will leave the link in the description where you will find the guide
to jailbreak the device for this trick we are going to use a cydia tweak called watusi
2 for whatsapp this tweak is available in bigboss repo for free if your device or if
your cydia source don’t have bigboss repo I will leave the bigboss repo in the description
you can add the source after that search for watusi 2 for whatsapp and install that and
respring your device after that head over to whatsapp and in the whatsapp settings you
can find the watusi preference and choose chat add ons in there enable keep revoked
messages it is going to keep the deleted messages so after enabling that in a chat if the sender
deleted the message the message will not get deleted instead of that you will see the correct
message and there will be a sign that this message is revoked that is that is a deleted
message so you can see the deleted message but nobody else can see the deleted message
so its going to be your secret for this video am going to showcase a simple example for
you guys so in the left side its the sender and the right side its the receiver the sender
am going to send a message to the receiver so receiver get the message and am going to
delete the message from the sender device I deleted the message so in the receiver device
your still seeing that message and in the side of that message at the side of that message
your seeing a round that is no action button so thats that mean that that is deleted or
revoked thats all about this tweak guys thanks for watching talk to you in next one also
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