How To Maximize Your Sales On Amazon FBA (EXPLAINED)

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How To Maximize Your Sales On Amazon FBA (EXPLAINED)

Today, we are going to talk about how to maximize
sales on Amazon FBA. I am going to show you how to maximize your
sales to the fullest potential for your very own Amazon FBA products. It’s actually not hard. In fact, it’s pretty simple. However, there’s a lot of new Amazon FBA sellers
who are under the impression that they should be sourcing more products to make more money
selling on Amazon, which is far from the truth. Let me explain today how you can maximize
your sales for just one product. Honestly, one product is all it takes. Now, I am not telling you to not source more
products. Obviously, you should source more products
but you must understand that you should reach one product’s fullest potential before you
go on to the next product. I have been coaching this over and over again
and a lot of the success story on my channel, a lot of sellers have been doing this exactly
what I am about to show you in today’s video. And that is absolutely the fastest way to
make money selling on Amazon FBA. You see, if you source your second product
without making any money from your first product, and your first product is still kind of just
selling, it’s not really selling, you’re probably selling 5 or 10 units a day. You should not be sourcing a second product. You should not be sourcing a third or fourth
product. Now, when I first started selling on Amazon
FBA a few years, I was under the exact impression. I was under the impression that it’s a race
to the very end for some reason because we all just want this instant gratification,
right? We all want instant results. I always thought, “okay, let’s just source
more and more products when the first one hasn’t even taken off yet.” And I see this repeatedly with a lot of sellers
so that’s why I really want to take the time today to explain to you why this is not really
a good idea. Technically, you can source more products
but if your first product hasn’t really proven and reached its fullest potential, you’re
pretty much gambling because you have to learn what works first before you move on to the
next product. It’s like you owning your very first hot dog
stand. And you’re selling one type of hot dog. However, customers are not coming back to
get more hot dogs. Instead, you think it may be smarter to put
more money into opening another hot dog stand hoping to attract more customers, hoping that
customers will enjoy your hot dog but that’s just not the case. You have to first work on your first hot dog
and make it very tasty, very yummy before you put in more money to invest into another
hot dog stand. Let’s jump inside of my computer and I will
explain to you how to maximize your sales to its fullest potential for your Amazon FBA
product before sourcing more products. Alright guys, in today’s tutorial, I am going
to be using the kids play tent as an example to show you how you can maximize your sales
for your current Amazon FBA product. There are a lot of moving parts to this tutorial
so make sure you stay with me until the very end. With the kids play tent, the very first thing
you want to do is type in Amazon dot com or whichever marketplace you’re selling in obviously,
and you want to plug in the main keyword. The main keyword is obviously kids play tent,
right? And for those of you who are newbies and you
are watching me, a longer tail keyword may be kids play tent for baby girls or kids play
tent for for birthday parties. Those are longer tail keywords. However, right here, you want to use the main
keywords which is kids play tent. This is my Helium 10 Chrome Extension and
all I did was click on the extension guy right up here and we are going to remove all the
sponsored ads. Let’s just remove the sponsored ads because
sponsored ads can change every second of the day and let’s just check if there’s anymore. Remove that. Remove that. What you want to do is make sure that you
remove all of the sponsored ads that sellers are advertising on for $10,000 and above. If you see some sponsored ads way down here,
like these guys, that’s fine because it’s not like these guys are making a lot of money
any way. That’s good enough. Right here, I sorted the revenue from big
to small. Right here, total revenue, this is telling
me that there is over $1,000,000 on Amazon dot com’s marketplace amongst all of these
sellers. If you do this for your own product and you
type in the main keyword and you pull up your information like how I did right here, it’s
going to tell you the total revenue. Now, obviously, you have to have total revenue
in the marketplace in order to make a lot of money, right? I’ve talked about this in my training course
and on my other YouTube video. There is a specific number you have to meet
here and there’s also a specific amount of sales revenue that you should be meeting here
in order for you to increase your sales. We will not talk about that today but I want
to focus more on the mindset and strategy aspect of things. Right here, I really want you to understand
something. Any seller, it doesn’t matter if they are
sold by Amazon or if they are sold by private label sellers, any of the revenue right here
that is over $20,000 means that they are making a decent amount of money. There’s so much money right here, over 10
sellers are making over $20,000 per month in revenue. And if we want to talk about profit, let’s
just aim really low. Let’s say your profit margin is 20%, which
is pretty low for private label sellers, right? The most common profit margins as you guys
have heard is probably around 30%. But after PPC ad spend and everything else,
let’s just say it’s 20%. If I multiply $20,000 by 20%, that’s a $4,000
pay check every single month. As long as you can get your revenue over $20,000,
right? How do we increase our revenue? Because a lot of you guys, you’re probably
just sitting down here. When you are just starting to sell on Amazon,
especially if you have a new product, you are likely down here. You’re probably making 1, 2, or no more than
$5,000 per month in revenue. And if we take out our calculator, especially
if you are doing a launch, you may not even be profiting yet, right? Let’s say the launch is going steady and you’re
still at $5,000 a month and if we take our lower end of the profit margin of 20%, you’re
bringing home $1,000 a month for all of the work that you are doing every single month. And to me, that’s not really worth it. What we want to do is get you from here, if
you are anyone that is sitting at $1,000 to $5,000 in revenue per month, we want to get
you up here. And there’s so much room for growth because
as you can see, there’s so much money here to be stolen from your competitors. I know that sounds harsh but let’s face it,
when you are selling on Amazon, you are trying to steal your competitors’ sales, right? And right here, it proves that there are tons
of money, tons of sales that you should and could be stealing. How do you do this? You’re probably wondering, “Okay, that’s great,
Tamara. I know the difference between big revenue
and smaller revenue, but how do I increase it?” How you increase your revenue here is all
through keyword ranking. It’s all keyword rank. I know a lot of the times, people tend to
pick on their product and say it’s a bad product. Why am I not getting sales? Is a bad product? Is it my product? But a lot of the time, it’s just keyword rank. I mean obviously you have to sell a good product
but let’s just say you do have a good product which I am sure many of you guys do, as long
as you are not selling silly things like a garlic press or a jade roller. I am sure most of you guys have decent to
good products. Then there’s no reason why you can’t make
it up here. Now, let’s take someone for example and let
me show how you can increase your keyword rank. I hope you guys are with me right now that
in order to get to this level up here, it’s all about increasing visibility, increasing
keyword rank. And what that means is that you are trying
to get closer to page 1. And if you guys already know me, I only teach
organic PPC methods. Let’s pick on someone and I will show you
an example. Let’s go to Fun Little Toys. Let’s click on this guys’ ASIN. Let me just copy the ASIN. And we are going to move over to Helium 10
Cerebro to look at all of their keywords and let’s see where they are ranked. This is a good example because they are making
$56,000 so they are kind of halfway below these top sellers right here. This is a good example. Right here, I’ll just enter the ASIN and I
will get keywords. And what I am doing right now is just pulling
up all of their keywords to see where they are ranked, where they need improvement because
we want to increase the keyword rank, right? Let’s just pretend that this was my product. Let’s just pretend that I am selling this
kids play tent. Let’s look at all of the keywords that have
came up here. Okay, what you want to look at is organic
rank. Organic rank position number 1, this is telling
me that for this keyword, toddlers boys toys, it is ranked position number 1. And in a perfect world, we want to get ranked
ideally for the top 8 spots on page 1 because if shoppers are shopping on their mobile device,
usually one whole finger scroll is 6 to 8 products, kind of, right? You want to be in the top 8 spots. However, if someone is shopping on their desktop,
it’s going to appear differently. If we open up this one, this will bring me
to page 1 of this keyword. You see how on desktop, there’s just so many
more products that a customer can see all at one glance compared to a mobile device,
it’s just 1 product per line. That’s what I mean, in a perfect world, you
want to be in the top 8 spots. But if you are not, don’t lose your mind over
it. I am here to show you how to increase your
keyword rank so you can maximize your sales. Remember, increasing your rank means you will
maximize your sales because there’s more visibility and more eyeballs on your product. If we pick a bad keyword, well, not a bad
keyword, but a keyword that is ranked really low. Let’s just jump to page 5 and have a look. Nope, these are still pretty high, position
10. This seller is ranked really high for their
keywords, right? For a lot of them, for hundreds of keywords,
they are ranked nicely, organically on the first page. Let’s have a look at these keywords. Here is a good example. Let’s just say that you are ranked position
20 or 30 or 40, I mean, anything past the first page, anything past position 10 to 16,
I would say, you are not on the first page anymore. Especially if you are on desktop. And on mobile, you are starting to really
fall down to page 2, right? If you want to increase your sales, you have
to increase these keyword ranks. Right here, if we use these guys for example,
this is all organically ranked on position 20. All I have to do is increase the rank for
these keywords, outdoor kids tent. Gift two year old boy, now for this keyword,
it’s vague. Remember, you shouldn’t really go after keywords
that are not specific to your product. A gift two year old boy, that could be any
gift. That could be a baby bottle, a baby bib, that
could be clothing. Because gift could mean so many things. I suggest going after keywords that are more
specific because then, the shopper knows exactly what they are looking for. This one, tents for boys age 4 to 7, perfect. Increase the keyword rank. Camp toys for kids. Sort of, right? It’s not too descriptive. Fort wilderness, obviously that’s not descriptive. There are some keywords that you shouldn’t
be putting too much effort into. But let’s just see the next page here and
see what we come up with. These are the easiest keywords to help you
start ranking higher because these are closer to the first page. If you are looking at keywords that are starting
at organic rank number 100, you need a lot of work, right? Position 20 is a lot easier to rank closer
to the first page than a keyword that is on page 100 obviously, I hope you understand
that. I would just look at all of these keywords
starting, I would say any keyword after position 15 and you want to work on increasing that
keyword rank. Let’s see here. Baby gardening toys, it doesn’t sound too
specific and if you want to double check how specific the keyword is to your product, all
you do is click on that little arrow and as you can, this has nothing to do with our kids
play tent. These are just random toys. Therefore, it’s not a very targeted keyword. You want to rank for targeted keywords, especially
if you are just starting. If I quickly skim through these keywords,
kids fun tent, that sounds more like our tents. Let’s check it here. Yes, you see, this is our kids play tent,
right? Right away, you see kids play tent. This keywords obviously makes more sense than
our other keyword that we were just looking at. These are the keywords that are easiest to
work with because they are closer to the first page. What you can do is put kids fun tent in an
exact match PPC campaign. In a manual exact PPC campaign. And what this will do is if customers find
your ad under kids fun tent, it’s only going to rank for this keyword because it’s an exact
match PPC campaign. Now, again, I am not suggesting you to start
this if this is your first day where your inventory got shipped into the warehouse because
if this is your first product and your inventory just got into the warehouse, I suggest you
to start an automatic campaign and see what customers are searching for organically. This is only really good for people who have
started their PPC and noticed that it’s not really improving and you want to try something
different. You want to increase your sales, maximize
your sales, then this is something else you can start doing. I would just put kids fun tent in an exact
match PPC campaign on a suggested bid. And then go from there to see if you are getting
conversions from that keyword. I would do it for a lot of the targeted keywords
that you see right here. And this will bring you closer, for all of
these keywords, to the first page. And guess what? The more keywords you can bring closer to
the first page, the more visibility. And if you have a good product with a good
price, you will slowly start seeing more revenue right here. Hopefully, right? I am not saying that this will happen for
certain, I am not saying you will start making $56,000 every month but it’s definitely going
to help. Again, especially if you are stuck right now
with your sales, you’re not really seeing if your sales are growing, you’ve tried every
single PPC strategy, this would be a good place to look at. And that’s to look at organic rank of targeted
keywords and start putting in those keywords in PPC and start bringing up the keyword rank
for that. I hope this tutorial wasn’t too complicated
for you guys today. If you have any questions, be sure to just
ask me. Drop me a comment in the comment section below. Subscribe to my channel. Give this video a huge thumbs up. And of course, I’ll be seeing you guys in
my next video.


  • Great video 👍🏻 can you do a video on the struggles on seller central for new sellers that just got approved to sell ? Amazon is not allowing new seller to list items without brand Registry or needing permission thru their gitn exemption program – they want pictures of the product, brand label and packaging. They say you can add generic under brand and sell under generic brand, but who will buy under the name generic? Any help with this issue would be really appreciated.

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    When you make a sale through PPC, does it show up straight away when you click on "Campaign Manager" or do you only see it the next day? I don't mean looking through your search term report, I mean just basically in the overview header for your campaigns.

  • Hi Tamara, thanks for another great video. I'm a little confused. Do you mean to do this exercise with our own product ASIN or a competitor's ASIN or both? Thanks.

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