How to Make Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Updated : Nov 10, 2019 in Articles

How to Make Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk


  • Great video. I joined mturk last month, and I have made some nice extra change. I mainly stick to surveys. I have found some ones that are $1.00 to $2.50 so I just do that. It won't replace a day job like you said but it is good to make some extra cash. I enjoy your informative videos.

  • Hi I am from India I create in Mturk my registration decline what can I do please provide me one Mturk I'd please

  • Gosh, 3rd day in and I can't get more then 18 hits in 3 hrs. I was doing the easy receipts but those go fast so started to go into the higher paid surverys just for the unpaid Q&A to tell me in not qualified and to return the hit. 1 requester put up an unreadable receipt both times I took the receipt. One wants gives you 8 mins to type like 50 prices on a picture but it was a total balance on a spreedsheet on a computer screen and they had to take a picture of the entire PC screen so you had to zoom 500% just to see it then you couldnt tell whete you were to even get them all in in 8 mins. Any tips on how to turn in work faster? Im not trying to earn a living but just suppliment income and right now just trying to get my HIT count up.

  • I love Turk! It will not replace your full time job, but for some extra spare change? All day. The work doesn't take a lot of thought or effort on a Saturday night so it's easy to do while watching TV.

  • I am from Bangladesh, But Amazon mtruck didn't accept any new account from Bangladesh. I desperately need an account. how can I get it? can you please help me to get account ?

  • Sister
    1. Can we open multiple system with one Id and multiple can do job using one m truck Id???
    2. how much one can earn from m truck daily?

  • Are you limited to getting amazon currency and gift cards? or is there way to be paid via a paypal or debit card?

  • hi this is vinod from india i need some help from you i have successesfully registerd in amzone mtruck but after that i cant work it show like this Account set up is not complete

    You have additional steps to complete before you can start earning rewards.
    Unable to extend an invitation at this time

    To effectively maintain and administer the Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) marketplace, we are not always in a position to extend an invitation to complete tasks and earn rewards to every newly registered Worker. Should conditions change in the future, we will notify you with an invitation.

    Thank you for your interest in working on MTurk.
    so if you can please help me thank you

  • This video about MTURK is awesome. Thanks for this valuable information about MTURK.
    My question is, can you do this on a TABLET?

  • I have been trying to register but it says, "Unable to extend an invitation at this time". How long will it take for me to get an invitation from Amazon Mechanical Turk?

  • Hi, thanks for the great information! I have a question though, do you get paid to your PayPal or bank account or just to your Amazon account which means that you can only spend the money within Amazon, right? :-/

  • i actually really like mturk. you can literally work at any time, even if you just want to work for a couple of minutes. it works out really nice for me. even if you are doing the lower paid tasks, it still adds up. my favorite tasks are surveys and transcription.

  • I am Russian and the Mechanical Turk refused me after regictration of my account: " Greetings from Amazon Mechanical Turk,

    We have completed our review of your Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker Account. We regret to inform you that you will not be permitted to work on Mechanical Turk.

    Our account review criteria are proprietary and we cannot disclose the reason why an invitation to complete registration has been denied. If our criteria for invitation changes, you may be invited to complete registration in the future.

    Thank you for your interest in Mechanical Turk.


    Amazon Mechanical Turk "

    Probably because of sanctions to Russia ? … who knows …

  • $6.00 – $9.00 an hour? What am I doing wrong? I am unemployed and online all day long. I go to mturk at least 20 times an hour, constantly refreshing for new HITs, and the most I've made in one day, is a little over $20.00. I should be able to make at least $40.00 – $50.00 a day, with as much free time as I have on my hands. I have completed over 400 HITs, with only 6 rejections.

    Can you give me some advice on how to make more money? I can't find a job to save my life, and I need this money.

  • I read about people crying because they took so much time and only made a few cents. I just started today but Im using my common sense and quick learning skills. I skip through a lot of ones that I feel will waste my time. Some people are really unethical and some people are ethical. Not everyone cares about paying you fair and some people do. Some people will pay you $2 but you will end up working like 30 minutes Ive seen 8 cents and like a long detailed naggy list of what they want so I dont take those. I make $20-$25 an hour walking dogs in NYC on my time as well so I dont take garbage pay. If its quick I usually take the simple surveys for 10-25 cents for a couple minutes. I use it on days I dont want to go out and walk dogs like now its 20 damn degrees and Im bored at home. I got 50 cents to talk about my boyfriend today for like 2 minutes which Id do for free 💖

  • What a difference in quality of a video when the poster has a script for the video not some random thoughts over conversation trying to express an idea or a content. !! Thanks for the video and upload !

  • The average pers in my country makes 150-200$ a month so if i can make even 3$ a houre (±400$ a month for 5hours a day) that's pretty good

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