How to find the perfect jeans for your body type | Basic wardrobe | Justine Leconte

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How to find the perfect jeans for your body type | Basic wardrobe | Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. How are pants
actually supposed to fit? That’s a great question and in fact jeans or the whole
dispensable because unless they have stretch in them they are super stiff
really not flexible so if you know how chains are supposed to look on you
you’ll be good to go and you’ll know for all of the types of pens as well that’s
why I want to show you in this video how it works with jeans when you choose
jeans you have to think to consider the first one is the size and the second
thing is the fifth the fifth depends on your body type for a given size one
person is not going to fit everyone because the ladies have different bodies
hourglass apple pear rectangle inverted triangle
tall petite etc so when you choose teams you need the right size and you need the
right fit now I will try drink on for you to see the difference you will see
they look all different on me even though they’re the same red and the same
size but they fit differently what to pay attention to when you look for genes
which genes which shape fit which body and what to do if you can’t find genes
that work for you because that’s the case that can happen as well good fit
versus poor fit what to look for when you try on jeans you want the waist and
the hips to fit properly those are the two most important points if it doesn’t
fit there you will never feel comfortable energy so this pair here has
a quite straight cut only it is fitted at the hips a little bit sides which
gives it support and pushes my bum up a little bit that’s bonus I like and
otherwise it is in fact too loose for me I will need to wear belt without pants
you see if I sit down or if I bend forward it opens at the back at the
level of the waist way too much that’s not fitted at the waist
this version is much better for my current body so to speak it is still
fitted properly at the hips but it’s also tighter closer to my waist
not too close though otherwise it’s too tight or when you sit down and you have
a nice dinner it feels uncomfortable because you’re going to feel compressed
at the waist level so not too tight that one is just right so that’s for the
waist and the hips not comes the thigh part it shouldn’t be too tight at the
file level either or the again you can’t go up the stairs or move
properly size tend to expand a lot when you move so you need space here rather a
bit too loose then to type text when you are in the fitting room and trying on
your jeans can you do squats wearing those jeans without exploding the since
that’s a negative if the Pens the two types you will see
that immediately here it will pull sideways and build horizontal lines
instead of just lying flat against your skin that’s because you’re missing space
at that level it’s a bit hard to see on the name because the fabric is so stiff
but on pençe made in lighter weight fabrics you will see that very easily if
you see horizontal lines there go one size bigger then there’s the vertical
thick around the bun that you say on centre back that seam in the middle
looking at you from the back if the pants are made for somebody with less
fun less curved than you then the crotch will go up when you move and when you
sit down that creates the so-called camel to effect I don’t think that work
needs an explanation I’m just going to put a picture right here so you
understand exactly what it means if you see that that shape is really not for
your body type different things for different body types which shape is good
for you but if you’re a rectangle with not so much difference between your
waist and your hips you can wear high-waisted jeans or wear the waist is
actual natural waist level you can go for a loose fit around the size that’s
the typical month Sheen many models wear that because they have rectangle buttons
as well it’s not my style but I want this pair in a filing contest organized
by Glamour magazine that was yours before studying fashion and I still have
them it’s the classic Levi’s 501 Cup and can you tell that it’s really retro
compared to the other ones then we have this one here straight cut good if
you’re a rectangle or if you tend to words appear a little bit the low weight
is very comfortable if you have a bit of a belly if you’re an apple that’s all
good low waist is always a good idea but make sure that the waist isn’t too tight
if it is go one size up you need space to breathe
to eat at the waist level that’s just natural straight cut is also perfect for
inverted triangles who have narrow hips and a wider bus then this one here is
called a demi curve that’s the ladies work the bit more curved but not too
much yet either here I have more space for the bump vertically you know that
vertical seam you sit on so to speak and the weight is more fitted than on the
previous pair that is great for peer shapes and also the hourglass ladies who
have the biggest difference between hips and waist measurement this is the Levi’s
bold curves even with a tiny waist if you sit down the weight remains fitted
that’s the shape you need such a cut is also a great option if you feel that you
have stronger hips and or v your foot comfortable in a bolder curve fit I have
not mentioned petite and tall ladies yet I am told myself my advice to all put it
in so ladies out there is to not bother look at mainstream brands that do denim
and other things it’s never going to fit properly because they all have only one
standard length that’s not working for you instead go straight to proper denim
brands that do denim and only then even do it well because they have a number
also for the length not just for the size so there you will find what you
need I’m a length 34 when the standard length
would actually be 32 internationally so 34 36 which all ladies 30 28 for petite
ladies the length I would recommend is slightly above the level of the flow
when you send barefoot on the floor wearing your jeans because longer it
will get dirty when you’re wearing flats and higher higher than the uncle level
is no-go it’s going to be way too short when you’re wearing heels so slightly
above the level of the floor it’s perfect for flats and here now about the
shape of the jeans at the bottom a boot cut wider towards the bottom will
minimize the width of your hips visually so it’s perfect for piers for instance
then a straight leg will make your legs appear thinner that’s why the first Jean
I tried on today in this video is my favorite and then skinny or slim jeans
well they just show the exact contours of your body so they’re not
flattering they’re not hiding or highlighting anything they just show
whatever your legs look like exactly that way you need to know that and feel
comfortable wearing searching I have one more tip for this part of the video have
you noticed how each pair of jeans seems to change my silhouette completely I
look a lot leaner in the straight cut and I look a lot curvier in the bull
curve so depending on what you like for yourself you can play with the fit what
to do when jeans don’t fit what happens if nothing works and if you can’t find a
pair that will fit your personal measurements then I would always say
focus on finding it there at that fit at the hip level as a file able and
vertically around the bum that center back seam you’re sitting on and then
have the waistline taken in by your sailor or at the store where you’re
shopping in if it’s a proper denim store they can do that for you then if you
have generous curves and you feel that the bum is the part that never fits
right look for pants with a drop crotch so the crotch dress sits lower between
your legs it will be a lot more comfortable also bring from different
regions of the world fit differently it’s the fact patterns or building a
different manner letting American brands for example are
often for curvier girls bigger bumps then Asian brands tend to have a shorter
fit shorter patterns European brands
historically have rather been full leaner skinnier girls so depending on
your body type you can do regional shopping so to speak that’s all I wanted
to tell you about fence fitting next time you go shopping you can teach the
sales representative how good fit looks like sounds what if you enjoyed this
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Wednesday and Sunday see you soon I like


  • Answering one of the biggest topics on the "wishlist" 🙂 Let me know if you have further questions & feel free to share your favorite brand(s) below… Have a great Sunday 😘

  • Could you please do video how middle age man classic look , and casual with styles that now available and what doesn’t go well. I very thankful for each of your videos and help that you provide through them . Maybe suggestions for man style and young boys age 12 husky with love handles 🙂 .

  • I’m an hourglass shape and it’s very difficult for me to find jeans because my thighs are very large compared to my waist which is a little bit smaller. It seems that they only make jeans for people who have a straight body because every time I try jeans it is to tight around my thighs.

  • I have a 29" waist and 42" lower hips/thighs and finding jeans that fit both is a NIGHTMARE. I always end up with pairs that feel really comfortable in the legs for a few days but then stretch out so much in the waist that I can fit like, three of my hands stacked on top of each other in there. I obviously have no choice but to fit the largest part AND allow extra room so that the thigh seams don't pull too much, but then the waist is always incredibly loose and needs a belt (which looks bad bc it has to be worn on one of the tightest settings and there's just too much loose fabric to belt off). Also, most fashion now is trending towards high waisted pants, which are more comfortable in some ways and make my stumpy legs look a bit longer, but also make me look like I'm ALL hip. And that's why I basically live in black leggings (that also stretch out over time).

  • Thank you Justine for this video, I ‘m a petite inverted shape and have always struggled to find the perfect pair of jeans. This video helped me a lot and I love your advice. I live in Melbourne Australia and have the same ideas as yourself on quality over quantity, or Style over fashion. I think all of your advise is sensible and well rounded, thanks so much 🌸

  • Hi Justine I loved this video 👍👍.. I hv a belly and also hips are lil bigger so plz guide me which jeans I shud buy?? Thank u in advance ☺️

  • A bit tricky to take in the waist like on jeans if you’re a normal or bigger sized pear or apple, as it can make it difficult than to actually put the jeans on.

    That being said, any recommendation of what do to with inner seam scrubbed thigh sides?
    All my jeans have recently started loosing fabric and rip at that specific location, I have not gained weight – actually lost a few kilos.
    What could be the cause and how to stop it?

  • Can anyone help me? I am struggling so much to figure out my shape. I think it’s either pear or hourglass but I’m not sure. Shoulder:40 bust:34 waist:27.5 high hip:34 hip:38.5 thigh:23

  • I recently discovered this channel and like it a lot so far. At the end of the video, Justine mentions shopping "regionally". That got me thinking latin american brands might fit me better but I don't know of any. In fact I never know which brand is from where. Anybody can help me with that?

  • Jeans always ride up and sit too high at the back waist. They are often too high in the waist for me too.

  • I’m sorry but as a woman that is apple shaped I would never wear a lower waist. All that does is make your belly flop out and over the top of the jeans and that is never a good look. A higher waist is better and I feel more controlled and shapelier. I usually agree with your opinions for apple shaped people but not in this case. Please keep teaching how to dress. The lower crotch is a good idea. Of course this is just my opinion and my have more to do with my high waist than anything. Even when I was young and slender (5’5”,112lbs) I could not wear drop waist or hip huggers. I just looked deformed. Now 60 years old and very over weight. I miss jeans.

  • I usually really like your videos, but this one I didn't because just seeing the jeans on you each one looked the same. So maybe use pictures if you talk about seizes that are not yours? But please keep up the great work, again, I really enjoy your other videos and will surely continue to do so in the future 😊

  • Now I understand why buying any pants for me is hell. When I was young, I could get away with buying men's jeans, but because I live in Asia, plus am half-Caucasian and actually have a proper sticking-out bum, any jeans that fit my hips will not fit my waist. Luckily, there's a tailor across the street that does alterations very well.
    And I do the squat-test too!

  • Too bad, "they" make you do more hand gestures than you normally would. You are more elegant and more effective without so many.

  • Hi Justine! I have just started to follow you and this video just made everything clear! I moved from South America to Italy a few years ago and I have not been able to find a good fit in the jeans in here.. I am as you have already explained: pear shape, and finding clothes that fit me properly is indeed difficult! It is much easier when I’m in my home country!!! Thank you for making these videos! 😁

  • ugh yea I have the problem being tall, and the crotch area never fitting right too. I also am not a fan of the stretch type jeans, so looks like I'll need to shop online for proper denim with measurements!

  • Ur forgot to mention rear pockets placement. Fast fashion especially cheap jeans place large rear pockets low which makes ur butt look saggy. This can be seen at any mall in the US.

  • this is the only store that i know that does it, but american eagle has extra short, short, regular, long, and extra long jeans

  • I really like high waisted jeans cuz they look cool and also when I bend over my underwear/backside doesn't show

  • 💁🏽‍♀️Am I the only one who thought she was going to show an actual picture of a “camel toe”?👀🙊…🤦🏽‍♀️🤓🤷🏽‍♀️

  • I never find anyone adressing the problem I have when looking for pants and always assume that it makes me the only one – but maybe I find someone here, even if the video is that old.

    For me the problem are my calves. I am not too skinny but wear S-M, only my calves are veeery wide. Not just a bit sporty – I'm talking "soccer player would be jealous"-wide.  
    My booty on the other side is kinda flat. So if I find pants that I can actually get over my calves, they are hanging like a plastic bag around my hips. 
    I have a pair of very wide 80s jeans that are tight at the waist and the hips. I really like them but I'd love to have some more elegant pants.

    Has anyone the same problem or can come up with something?

  • I just want some high waisted straight leg jeans that fit my waist which is already a challenge lmao. Always too big on the waist or not high waisted enough even tho I'm small.

  • Why are all of the jeans so far from your waist like 7 cm below the waistline. Your waist is where when you bend right or left and a winkle in the skin begins to fold. The same is true when you bend forward. Tough to have a long torso when fitting clothing.

  • Jeans are out of the question for me. 😔 My waist is super wide (very apple shaped), but I have lovely slim legs. I’m petite, but all my height is in my legs, with a short torso. NOTHING fits, except extremely stretchy jeggings with a low rise. I’m size 14 (UK) at the waist, but between a 10 and 12 on the legs. I’m 5’4” with a 31” inside leg. It’s impossible. 😣 I can alter other clothes to work, but denim is just too difficult.

    I just stick with mini skirts, and now it’s become my “thing”. 😂

  • Any tips on what jeans to wear to make your hips/bum/thighs look bigger or more balanced for a triangle body shape (shoulders being the widest part of the body)?

  • Somehow they manage to make most of the jeans have a waist as wide as the butt area! Not every9ne has that kind of figure. Some of us just have quite bigger butts than waists. I have to buy a size bigger and wear it with a belt or take the waistline in 😥

  • I have a lot of stomach and low-waisted jeans are a literal nightmare. I can't use any skin-tight tops, can't tuck my shirts in. I like my jeans like, REALLY high-waisted. If I can't tighten the belt on my actual waist, it's too low.

  • Do all the manufacturer of jeans call their "fits" as mentioned in the video? I doubt this… (for example "bold curve" etc.)?

  • Can you recommend any Latin American brands? I have received a generous serving of bum, which means that there's almost always a gap between me and the waistband, which sucks. I once had a pair of jeans from J.Lo, but I can't get my hands on that brand where I live (Denmark).

  • I never had time to invest properly in jeans shopping so found my lazy alternative that still makes me look great… Boyfriend Jeans!

  • i have tiny tiny problem. I think I am a pear shaped lady but if I wear high waist jeans I have space left at the back. If I wear other type of jeans they will either make my hips very noticeable or are just too low for me

  • Jeans are the most appallingly over-rated garments ever, IMO! They actually flatter no-one, unless, by chance or years of research, you happen to find exactly the right one and only pair…. They are hot in summer and cold in winter. And they take weeks to dry. But you'd feel like the kid in The Emperor's New Clothes if you were to come out with "Actually, I hate jeans!"

  • You have completely destroyed for me the myth about sizing and made me understand the disparity among brands sizes and the way factories differ in the way they make the clothes. I cannot thank you enough, something valuable to teach my little girls, because of you they will never be focused on a particular size but to a fit. What a gift, Justine!!❤️

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