How To Fill Amazon Affiliate Tax Information For Non US Applicants 2020

Updated : Jan 10, 2020 in Articles

How To Fill Amazon Affiliate Tax Information For Non US Applicants 2020

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, thank you so much for being here. In today’s video video I’m going to be sharing with you how to fill the tax part of your Amazon Associates application now if you have tried to apply as an Amazon Affiliate before you will know that there is a part where they require you to fill in your tax information but if you are in Africa or you’re outside of the United States, and you do not have Tax information, This video is definitely for you because I’m going to be sharing with you How exactly I did mine and how you also can do especially for this year So make sure to go ahead and click on the subscribe button below Please share this video like this video and make sure to watch it till the end because I’m going to be sharing with you this ebook on how you can actually make your first 3 sales in Less than three months because let’s face it You need to make at least six sales within six months for your Amazon affiliates application to be fully fully accepted and I know that a lot of people have issues with that because I did myself and I’ve got a lot of DMs about Getting those three sales. So without further ado, Let’s get right into the video So after passing the phone verification stage you have to enter your payment and tax information that’s the screen that you will see and there you’ll be able to pick because you are not residents in the United States Then you have to pick that they pay you by gift card So you click on that and you submit and continue with tax information and If you want to know how you can pass the phone verification stage, please check the link in the description box I’m going to be linking the video in the description box here, you have the tax information interview so it will be asking about you you want to pick the Individual box because if you pick business you are expected to have your tax information So pick individual now for us purposes. Are you a u.s. Person? no So you keep on filling until you get to the taxing identity information you input your full name and As you can see your permanent address is already there by the one to add details You are given the opportunity to add details there your country of citizenship. My country of citizenship is Nigeria So I picked Nigeria as my country of citizenship So if you want to add it you can actually add it As you can see they automatically seek one for you that you have in non-us scene or you have a u.s Sent in Maine some tax identification number now. We do not add any of boats We don’t have a non-us. See now. We don’t have a u.s. Thing so you on seek boats so once you want seek boats you have the option of giving them the reason why you are not able to provide a tax identification number So you pick whichever one applies to you but for the purpose of this tutorial I am going to be picking This I Could not have not obtained taxing Identification number for my local authorities because of other reason then click on continue Then scroll down and continue Now the location of services performed to be all services we performed Outside the US because you are not resident in the United States then you have to give their me concerns, you know of providing electronic signature at the end of the interview then this form comes up and no, they will try and Write out everything that I’ve agreed to for you Go through leads if you are ok with it then You sign and the signature will be your full name Your full name with which you open the Amazon associate accounts Then you save and preview So you’ll be able to see the form in the entire form And if you are okay with everything that is there it’s just basically Trying to tell you. What’s your volume? accepted through already like Saying that you are a u.s. Person you don’t have a u.s. Tax information and you don’t have a no US tax information they are basically just stating all that again for you to see and then You can either make changes or say you are okay with everything and then submit the form So that is it validated your tax identification has been received as successfully validated Applicable with total rates zero point zero percent. That means they won’t be taking the only we told in any of your money for tax reasons so you can exit interview and That’s it I’m just clicking on this to see if there is anything to change but there’s no change in my delivery preference I chose email as my delivery preference. We want to choose your feel box or You can actually do that So you have actually been validated or you can exit the interview and after this you get an email confirmation Hey guys. I hope you found that tutorial helpful thank you so much for being and make sure that you check the description box below for the link to download this ebook as Promised and if you find it difficult opening on Amazon as a shape account because you live outside the US an African or Asian or just because of the Phone verification problem you get stoned and have food verification So please make sure to check out this video. You find it very very helpful their first time on my channel My name is Victoria a daddy and I’m a business on lifestyle Vlada make sure to subscribe see others video like this video and if you have any video requests Please let me know in the comment section and I’ll try my very best. I’ll see you in my next video guys. Bye


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  • Thanks, a lot Vicky. I am among those who like watching videos but not action takers. trust me you are one of those so inspired me to stand up for financial freedom. i sent you mail in your Gmail requesting some days for how much to open Amazon and ClickBank account for me. i checked on you in fixlencer I notice its only amazon you offer. i watched your video on how to open the account but not succeeded. thank

  • I’ve wanted to apply for this affiliate link but I’ve been procrastinating. But this was really helpful thanks for sharing sis. This video will be on replay when I’m ready. Will be checking the description box aswell

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