How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE ACCOUNT in 2019 (Step by Step Blueprint)

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How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE ACCOUNT in 2019 (Step by Step Blueprint)

I’m making more than $200/month from my
Amazon associate account on autopilot. I don’t have a YouTube channel, rather a
website where my articles are ranking number 1 on Google search results and generating
an income, even if I don’t work for months. In today’s video, I will be telling you
about how to become an affiliate to Amazon, how to create an account, how to get approved,
how to generate links, how to not get banned from Amazon associate account, and in the
end, I’ll be taking common questions related to Amazon associate account. This video is lesson 6 of our free Amazon
affiliate marketing mastery course, where I teach you how to scale a website from $0
– $1,000/month. If you want to watch all the lessons, click
on the “I” button here. You should also follow me on Instagram, my
username is “DMANKUR”, I take live sessions almost every alternate day where I answer
all your questions, so make sure you follow me. Make sure you watch this video until the end,
because I’ll be sharing with you everything related to Amazon associate account. So without wasting any time, let’s go into
my laptop screen and get started. Hey guys, I hope that you’ve already done
your niche research, you have selected the right keywords by watching our keyword research
video, you’ve also purchased a hosting and also claimed your bonus offers of free paid
theme and free paid plugin. And I hope you have written those 5 – 10
articles by watching our SEO-friendly article video of our affiliate marketing playlist. Because if you’re applying to become an
affiliate of Amazon, through Amazon associate, your application will not be approved if you
don’t have content on your website. So make sure you watch the rest of the lessons
in our Amazon marketing playlist, implement the same and then watch this video again to
apply for the Amazon associate account. So the first step is to search for the “amazon
associate” here. And click here on the associate,
this is the place where you can sign up to become an affiliate of So the process of becoming an affiliate is
fairly simple. All you have to do is click here on “join
now for free”. So if you already have an Amazon account you
can login to your account and then apply, or you can create a new account by clicking
here. So I’m creating a new account for this. So all you have to do is fill-in your details
here and click on “create your Amazon account”. So to your email address there’ll be an
OTP sent, just enter the OTP here to verify your account. After this the process of creating your associate
will start. So the first thing is to add your pay name
here. In the pay name you have to add the same that
is on your bank account. Because there are 2 modes of withdrawal of
money from Amazon Associate account. The first is cheque and the second is NEFT. For both the things you need the correct payee
name. So make sure you add it correctly. After the payee name you have to add the address. And everything else, the postal code, and
then your phone number. And who’s the main contact for this account? Make sure this one is selected. And for the US tax purpose, are you a US person,
select “no” because we live in India. So fill all these information and click on
next. So here’s the section where you have to
add the website on which you will be promoting the Amazon affiliate links. So if you’re following our Amazon affiliate
marketing course, then you know that we have created a website called “”. So, I will be adding that domain, here. So click on “add”. Click on the “next” Now this section talks
about a tracker or an ID that you will be creating, that will be associated with your
account. So you can add anything here, so I’ll just
add “bestdslr” here. It is not mandatory that you get the same
ID, because it depends on the availability of this ID. So here you have to add the information about…
what your website is about and all. So I’ll just mention a few things here. After this you have to select which of the
following topics best describe your website or mobile app. So select one of the topics, which… exactly- select any of the category which
comes on your website domain. So for me it’s gonna be technology, and
the second topic could be photography. “What type of Amazon items do you intend
to list on your websites or mobile apps?” You can select all of them or few of them
depending on what you are actively promoting. I’ll be selecting all of them. “What type are your websites or mobile apps?” So select what exactly your website is about. So it’s a content or niche website. So I’ll be selecting that and the secondary
type, I’ll select more likely a “blog”. So how do you drive traffic to your website? So this section talks about how you will be
driving traffic to your website. Since we are primarily focusing on SEO and
somewhat on social media so we’ll be these. “How do you utilize your websites to generate
income?” So select your primary income source. So you can select that Amazon associate is
the only monetization you’ll be using. And for the secondary, you might be going
for the display advertisements. Here they are talking about backlinks, how
you’ll be building backlinks for your website. So here you can select “blog editor” because
you’ll be using WordPress. How many total visitors does your websites
and apps get per month? Although your website is new and you only
have a few articles on your website and also you have not started doing the SEO, so you
might be receiving less than 500. So you can mention this, “less than 500”. What is your primary reason for joining the
Amazon associate program? So here you can mention, “to monetize my
website”. And how did you hear about us? You can mention anything. Like a blog post or anything else. Here you just have to fill the captcha, like
“nf7mnn”. Click on you agree to the terms, and click
on “finish”. Once you are done, there will be one option
of entering your payment and tax information. You can do it later as well, as of now I’ll
click on “later”. And this is the Amazon Associate ID that has
been given to me, “bestdslr-21”. So whenever someone purchases through my link
and if this idea is present in the link, I will be getting the commission of that purchase. So I’ll click on later. So this is how the backend of your Amazon
Associate will look. And Amazon also gives you a quick guide on
how to select the country, how to access the account settings and everything else. So I’ll just show it to you quickly. So this is the snapshot of your account. How you’ll be making money, how much money
you’ll be making. Total items shipped, total earnings, the total
ordered items, total clicks, etc. There are some quick recommendations of the
products that you can promote. And let’s go to the account settings, you
can here- click here on “account settings”. Here you will find the settings related to
your account, like change your password, change your account, add more websites, edit your
website information- everything else. And now let’s go to the report section. What I’ll do is take you to my Amazon Associate
account for one of my Amazon Affiliate website and show you everything… with real data. So here you can see one of the Amazon Associate
account for one of my affiliate website. And you can see for the last month, almost
102 products where shipped. The total earning was around somewhere close
to Rs 8,000. And yesterday itself you can see that we sold
a product, or rather a few products I’m not sure. Where the fees on my commission was around
Rs 1,000. To check the detailed report, all you have
to do is go to the report section here. Here you will get the complete report of your
Amazon Associate account, like how many products where shipped, what particular date. You can see that on a daily basis I am driving
significant amount of clicks and the order revenue, what’s my conversion rate? How many people where ordering product directly
through my link. Or other products they ordered when they visited
the website. And also the refund rate, you can see that
almost 13- almost 10% refund rate is in India. And the conversion rate and the item revenue,
and my affiliate commission. This is not the final commission because the
commission gets logged after a few days. So there might be a few refunds in the future. So this is not the exact commission, but it
will be somewhere close to this. You can also go to the “earnings” section. Exactly on a per day basis, how much I’m
earning. From Amazon Associate, from this website. And you can also change the date range and
everything else. You can also download the reports and- there’s
so many options. So I really request you guys to check all
the options, and get comfortable with this dashboard. Now I’ll show you how to generate links
for the products that you are promoting. The best way is to use the site, right? So after you login to your Amazon Associate
account, open And the best part is, they’ll have this
new bar at the top. It’s called Amazon Associate SiteStripe. So with this, creating the link becomes extremely
easy. Let’s say you can click on any product. Okay… so let’s click on this OnePlus 6. So all you have to do to create an affiliate
link for this product, is to click here on text. You can get the full link here, you can get
the short link here. If you want the image to also have the affiliate
link you can embed the image as well. So you can use this, to get the image. Or you can go for text and image both. I use the text link and I usually shorten
it. To find the commission rate on each product
category on all you have to do is search for “Amazon Commission Affiliate”
and click on this first link. And this particular page lists down all the
particular niche or categories on Amazon and what is the commission rate for each category. I also showed you this on the niche research
on how to finalize the niche and also on the keyword research section. So this is how you generate the links and
you can add those links to your Amazon affiliate website, and I already showed you how to write
the article, an SEO-friendly article in my other video. So make sure you watch that video. And just like I mentioned, that to- don’t
apply to Amazon Associate Account unless and until you have at least 5 – 10 articles
on your website. Otherwise, your application will be denied. And also later in the video, I’ll be telling
you many different ways, why Amazon will ban your account. Many people are getting their accounts banned
because they are not following the terms and conditions. So make sure you watch the video until the
end, if you don’t want your account to get banned. So now I’ve told you everything related
to Amazon Associate Account. How to create it, how to generate links. Now, there is one important question that
needs to be answered. How to not get banned from the Amazon Associate
Account. I myself have been banned. My friends have been banned. And I want to make sure that your account
doesn’t get banned. So make sure you watch the rest of the video
as well. The number 1 point is that you have to make
3 qualifying sales from your Amazon Associate Account within 180 days of signing up. So if you create your Amazon Associate Account
the moment you create your website, then there are higher chances that you won’t be able
to generate those sales within 180 days. So my recommendation will be for you to create
a website, write the content, add your article, and once you start getting traffic to your
blog, then you should apply for Amazon Associate Account. Now let’s talk about point 2. This reason is very common among affiliates
for their account to get banned. You cannot use product images from Amazon. Neither can you copy them. Neither can you screenshot them. Neither can you save them into your download
folder then use it on your website. Many of my friends who are active Amazon affiliates,
they have talked to the Amazon care representatives and they have specifically told them not to
use the images. The number 3 point is you are absolutely prohibited
from using any link shortening or a link cloaking service. So if I have an Amazon link, and I use “Bitly:”
to shorten it, it is not okay. Because Amazon wants to be able to see the
page sending the traffic. And also Amazon wants that whenever the user
hovers over a link, they should know exactly where they are going to go. The fourth point is that you are not allowed
to use your own Amazon affiliate link or to encourage your friends or family to use them. So if you use your own affiliate link to purchase
an item or your friends do that, then this is the sure short way to get your account
banned. The fifth point is that you cannot encourage
your website visitors to click on the affiliate link just to support the website. So even if you’re writing a simple sentence,
something like “by using our affiliate link you’ll support the website”. This will get your account banned. The sixth point is your website should be
publicly available where the Amazon affiliate links are shown. So if you’re promoting your Amazon affiliate
links inside a membership portal, where a user needs to login then you cannot do it. The seventh point is that you cannot post
any screenshot of any of the customer review or the star rating, or anything from the Amazon
website on to your website. Okay guys, I think it’s taking too long
for all the reasons, so what I’ll do is I’ll go through all the rest of the reasons
quickly. You cannot present yourself as Amazon. So you cannot quote anything like “you are
representing Amazon” or any customer care executive from Amazon. You cannot do that. Now the next one is very important because
many people make the mistake. You cannot use Amazon affiliate links in the
email. So if you have an email list and you are promoting
your Amazon affiliate links in your email, your account will get banned. So the only solution is drive the people to
your website, then you can show the affiliate links on your website. Likewise you cannot have affiliate links in
PDFs or ebooks. Also you cannot list prices from Amazon. So if you’re quoting a price then your account
will get banned. So stay away from listing the prices of the
product. You also cannot post your affiliate links
in someone else’s forum. So let’s say you are part of an online community
or a forum, you cannot post your affiliate links there. Also if you have a website and you are using
a pop-up plugin, you cannot post an Amazon affiliate link, on a popup. Also stay away from generating clicks using
a software or a bot. This will get your account banned. And lastly, you cannot provide any kind of
a reward or an incentive to your audience to click on your links. So if you’re following all these guidelines,
your account won’t get banned. Now let’s talk about a few other questions
people have regarding Amazon Associate Account. So when will you receive the payment from
Amazon? Amazon will pay you approximately 60 days
following the end of each calendar month. So what is the minimum threshold to get paid? It’s Rs1,000 for any of the transaction
and Rs2,500 for the cheque transactions. And just like I said, you have 2 modes of
payment, either you can add your bank account, or get paid through cheque. Now let’s talk about taxes on Amazon income. The tax rate is same, as if you are self-employed
in any other field. At the end of the year, Amazon will send you
a tax form, which will include the revenue that you made in that year. This number is what you report when you file
your tax. So what are your next steps? Click here to watch the next lesson, and click
here if you want to watch our complete affiliate marketing mastery course where I teach you
how to scale a website from $0 – $1,000/month.


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