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How to Change What Needs to Change | Sandals Church

– Hey everybody, thank
you so much for joining us here at Sandals Church. We are all about the vision of being real with
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whatever questions you have. You can send them in, and you can also check out
the show at Thanks for joining. (intense music) (music playing) – Hey guys, super excited
to just talk to you to today about our next series
that we’re starting today. And look, I don’t want you to miss this. It’s called Motivated, and
we all need to be motivated to do good things. Look, here’s the reality. If you’re married, you don’t
have to be motivated to drift. It just happens naturally. You don’t have to be motivated
this year to gain weight. It just happens naturally. You don’t have to be motivated to sin. You have to be motivated
to do good things. You have to be motivated
to get in the gym. You have to be motivated to pray. You have to be motivated to connect. That’s the reality, and that’s why we’re gonna
start this series today called Motivated, and what
we’re gonna look at specifically for the next couple of weeks is getting motivated about God’s word. And so, what I want to
do is I want to start this motivational series
in the Book of Psalms. Some of you don’t know maybe as much as you want to about the bible. If you take your hands like
this and you just open them and pretend that your hands are the bible, and you open it to the middle, you would come to the Book of Psalms. The Book of Psalms is a
beautiful, amazing book. It’s one of my favorite books. Matter of fact, I’ve been
re-reading through it this year as I’ve struggled with some anxiety, I struggle with some worry. The Book of Psalms is a great book about prayers, praises,
concerns, emotions, and man, they’ve been collected over a period of literally
thousands of years by Christians and followers of God, just like you, just like me, who had issues, who had
worries, who had struggles, and these are the best of the best, right? I mean, we try to make lists. What are the best songs of 2019, what are the best movies of 2019? The Book of Psalms is the best
prayers, the best praises, the best thoughts of all of the Christians who came before us, and
they were written down in this beautiful book called Psalms. It has 150 chapters. It’s one of the largest
books in your bible. We’re gonna look today
at how the Book of Psalms can help me to change, write this down, what needs to change. You see, a lot of us, one of the reasons we’re not good at New Year’s resolutions is we haven’t really looked at our life. The Book of Psalms will help
you look at your life and say, okay, what really needs to change? And that’s why we come to church. A lot of people say, well, I don’t know why the church is relevant. Church is relevant because
it helps you to see what needs to change in your life. You see, a lot of us, you’re
not a doctor in real life, but you try to be a
doctor in your own life and diagnose your life and try
to figure out what’s wrong, and you’re on WebMD trying
to figure out all this stuff, and the truth is, often
times you’re more screwed up at the end of your change than
you were at the beginning. So let’s let God do his work,
diagnose what needs to change. We’re gonna read Psalms 1, chapter one, verses one through three. It says, oh, the joys of
those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with mockers. But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. They are like trees planted
along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season, and their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do. I want you to think about 20/20. Think about it literally, 20/20 vision. What if you could see the
next 12 months of your life? Well, I want you to know God already can. God already knows your future. He already knows your mistakes. He’s already got grace for you ahead of the stupid
choices you’re gonna make, and here’s what God’s saying. Here’s how the Book of
Psalms, think of it, 150 chapters, and it
begins with these thoughts, oh, the joys. Do you want to have a happy year? Like, we say happy New Year. Is it going to be a happy New Year? The Book of Psalms
begins with these words. Oh, the joys of who? Not everybody’s gonna be happy in 2020. Not everybody’s gonna be blessed in 2020. The Book of Psalms divides
people into two categories, the wicked or the evil, and the blessed, those who follow God, and
we have to make a decision, what person am I gonna be in 2020? Am I gonna be a person that
follows my own wicked desires, my own path, or am I gonna be a person who follows the path of the Lord? And it says, oh, the joys of those who do not follow the
advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners,
or join in with mockers, but they what? They delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night, and we’re gonna talk
about what that means. But underlying this, they’re like trees planted
along the riverbank. Most of us live in southern California where we know water is precious. Here’s what God’s saying. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, don’t worry about global warming. God says, if you’re next to me, you’re like a tree
planted next to the water. It doesn’t matter what
your environment is doing because you are well fed and nourished. It says, they’re like trees
planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season,
and their leaves never wither. They prosper in all they do. God’s saying, you want to be blessed? You want to proper? You want to be a better student? You want to be a better
husband, wife, father, son, friend, employee, boss? Look, if you want your life to proper, it’s real simple and it’s
right here in Psalms 1. Listen to God, follow God,
and block out the noise. So to change my life, I need
to do a couple of things. Write this down. I need to change who I am listening to. Psalms 1:1, oh the joys
of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked. How many of you guys have
ever gotten bad advice? Bad investment advice, bad dating advice, bad job advice? Here’s the thing. Just because somebody’s not smart, doesn’t mean they don’t have an opinion, and here’s one of the
things that I’ve learned. Literally, the more foolish the person, the more opinions they have. Wise people know when to button it up. They know when to be quiet. The fool just constantly is giving advice and telling you what to do,
even though their life’s a mess. I gotta change who am I listening to. I want you to think about this. All day, every day you’re
listening to something. I go to the gym and I work out. Nobody talks to anybody. They’re all listening, and I just wonder, what are they listening to? What are they hearing? The thing that cracks me up is sometimes people are
having a conversation, an argument in public,
with a person on the phone. It’s like, look, can you go outside? I don’t need to hear your mess in here, but people just literally
will yell at somebody that I can’t even see,
but they’re in their head. Who’s in your head? Who are you listening to? Because the reality is,
they’re a positive influence and they’re gonna lead you
to the way of blessings, or they’re a negative influence and they’re gonna lead you
to the way of the fool. So, who am I listening to? What kind of music are you listening to? Is it encouraging or is it discouraging? My son and I were having this
conversation about basketball, and one of the realities
of being a teenage boy on a basketball team is it’s stressful. All eyes are on you,
everybody’s watching you, and there’s a lot of people
there gathered together to watch you perform,
and it stressed him out. So he and I were talking after a game, and he was just asking me. He said, what’s your
favorite kind of instrument? And I thought, well
that’s a random question. I was like, the drums, ’cause
I just want to bang on stuff, and he said, I think I
would play the violin. I was just like, wow, that’s interesting, and we just began this conversation, and he told me he’s been listening to classical music before the games. So my 16 year old son is listening to classical music before games, and I’m listening to God knows what. And he told me it was
soothing, it was relaxing, and it helped take away the stress. Let me just ask you this question. Does the music you listen
to take away your stress? Many of you, the music you listen to makes you more depressed. Why on Earth would we want
to hear about somebody else’s depressing, anxious-ridden song, and they can put their voodoo
on us, and before you know it, we’re feeling just as bad as they are, and it’s not even our breakup song. So, who am I listening to? Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked. The next thing, man, is
everything’s political. I mean, my wife and I, we
couldn’t even watch TV over the Christmas break because
everything’s political. Everything’s impeachment,
everything’s this, and here’s the thing. Politics has bled into everything, and one of the things I try to do is protect your time
with God on the weekends. I work so hard to keep
politics outside of this. I mean, obviously from time to time there’s gonna be things
that we have to talk about, but I want this time to be about God. Some of us, man, we’ve let politics invade every area of our life, and one of the ways I’ve had
to monitor is talk radio. It just gets me so upset and so angry, and I’m already ready to road rage, and so I’ve just had to get rid of that. What’s going on in your life
that’s just feeding negativity, that’s feeding an anti-positive
attitude in your life, and whether you’re Democrat or Republican, many of you, you’re
just listening to fools who are just pouring
garbage into your minds, and the truth is, they have an agenda. Here’s the thing I think about whenever somebody is telling me things. I think about two things. Number one, everybody wants something. What is it that you want? So when we’re watching TV,
when we’re watching a movie, even when we’re watching a documentary, which really aren’t documentaries anymore. They’re often times political statements, trying to move us from
one place to another. What do they want? What is it that they want? And then, here’s the
question I always ask. What’s the other side? If I read an article on CNN, I say I gotta read it on Fox News. If I read it on Fox News,
I gotta read it on MSNBC. I want to see the other side. So much of the stupidity
of our culture today is we get in our little
tanks with our little groups of people that already agree with us, and we never hear the other side. We never attach a person
that we love and care about to an alternative opinion. Oh, the joys of those who don’t follow the advice of the wicked. And here’s the thing. Some of you, you’re really
mad at God about 2019. But let me ask you, did
you listen to God in 2019, or did you listen to a fool? Did you listen to a wicked person? Here’s one of the things that
I’ve noticed over the years. People get really, really mad at God for the choices they make. God is saying in Psalm 1,
listen to me, follow me. Don’t listen to these people. Here’s how Psalms 1 begins. Blessed or happy or joyous are the people who do not listen to mockers, who do not listen to the wicked. Next, I gotta change, write this down, I gotta change who I spend my time with. Look, you can’t control who you work with. That’s just the job,
that’s what you have to do. A lot of people come to me and they say, my job’s really bringing my down. I’m surrounded by negative people. Look, that’s your work. I’m not talking about changing
the people you work with. I’m talking about changing
the people you hang with, and here’s one of the things I’ve learned. The people I spend my free time
with have the biggest impact on who I am as a person. Psalms 1:1, oh the joys of those who do not stand around with sinners. I want you to notice the subtle transition that’s happening here
in the Book of Psalms. It begins with, blessed or happy are those who don’t listen to wicked people, and then it goes, blessed are those people and happy are those people
who do not sit with, or stand with, excuse me, stand. So we go from just listening
to hanging out with. So now it’s not just some
advice but this is our group. We’ve transitioned from
advice to connecting, and now we’ve got a bad community. Some of you are surrounded by toxic people who are not encouraging you
to love God, follow God, but they’re encouraging you to do all kinds of wicked, stupid things, and here’s the thing, listen to me. Show me your friends, and I
will show you your future. One of the things I love to
do is I love to snowboard. I love to snowboard. I do not love snowboarders. I don’t love them, I don’t want
to be associated with them. Look, here’s my opinion on snowboarders. They’re a bunch of Peter
Pans who like to smoke pot and just have bad attitudes and are doing nothing with their lives. I don’t want to be associated with them. I don’t want to hang out with them. Now, if you’re a snowboarder,
I’m not saying this is you, but if all your friends are snowboarders, this is going to be you. You’re gonna be a Peter Pan. You say, what’s a Peter Pan? I don’t ever want to grow up, I just want to be a little boy, and I never want to do what
I’m supposed to do as a man. I don’t want to be that. I don’t want to be that. When I go snowboarding, it just amazes me. Like your life is so terrible you can’t even enjoy snowboarding
without being stoned. Man, you’re addict. What are you doing here? This is the funnest part of my week, and I want to be fully
aware for the whole session. I don’t want that in my life. From time to time I’ve
gotten a little frustrated and I’ve had to apologize to my kids ’cause I got a little angry
with a fellow snowboarder. So I enjoy snowboarding, but I don’t like hanging
with snowboarders. Oh, the joys of those who don’t
stand around with sinners. Who are the people that
you’re hanging out with? Who are the people that
you’re spending time with? You see, a lot of you think, well it’s just a couple drinks after work. Oh, it’s just a game, or
it’s just this or just that, and before you know it, you’re
becoming like these people that you watch a game with. You’re becoming like these people that you go to the bar with. You’re becoming like these people that maybe you’ve picked up a hobby and you’re doing this with. You just gotta understand this. We become like the people we hang around. It’s why the bible says that bad company corrupts good character. You just gotta know that. A lot of you think, oh, I’m
gonna change my friends, but often times what happens
is your friends change you, and so you need to be very, very careful. Next, and this one’s,
let me just be honest, this is personally
convicting for me in 2020. I’ve gotta change my negative attitude. You say about what? About a lot of things. I mean, one of the goals I have for 2020 is not turning into a
grumpy old white man, and you could probably
hear my wife going, amen. It’s just part of the reality. As we age, I think it’s
just easy to get cynical and skeptical about the
future and about people. I gotta change my negative attitude. So what happens? I start listening to wicked people, then the next thing, I start
hanging out with wicked people, and then the third thing
in Psalms 1, it says, oh, the joys of those who do
not join in with the mockers. So I’m not just listening to them, I’m not just hanging with
them, I’ve become one of them, and now all of that dumb advice, that filth, that negativity,
it’s not just going in my ears, it’s not just around me in my life, but now it’s coming outside of me, and I’ve become one of these fools. I want you to think of it this way. In the old translations,
it would say this. Blessed is the man who does not listen to the council of the wicked. Listen to this, nor stand
in the way of the mocker. Think about those words, stand
in the way of the mocker. The Hebrew word way is derek. Our English word is Derek, so if you have somebody
whose name is Derek, their name means the way. So we have to think about
whose way am I standing in. Now think about one of
the most famous verses of Jesus Christ. I am the truth, I am the
way, and I am the life. Jesus says, don’t follow those guys. Don’t go that way. He says come my way, and
we gotta think about that. In order to change my negative attitude, I have to change who it
is that I’m talking about. Jesus says this. Out of the mouth, the heart speaks. What’s coming out of your mouth? Often times, it’s things
you’ve listened to and people that you’re hanging out with. I remember the first time I got
busted as a kid for cussing. Apparently, I was cussing in church. I don’t remember it, but
my Sunday school teachers didn’t tell my parents that I was a cusser ’cause they just assumed my
mom and dad were cussers. My mom and dad were so embarrassed ’cause they weren’t cussers, and here’s the first thing they asked me. Who did you hear this from? Who did you hear this from? And you know why I was cussing? Because I heard it from
some of my friends, and it was their life that they lived in, and when I went with them,
I changed the way I spoke. Oh, the joys of those who do
not join in with the mockers. You might think, well I’m
never going to change. We’re all changing, for the
better or for the worse. So, I gotta change my negative attitude about a couple of things. First thing is about
God’s word, the bible. Palms 1:2, blessed is the
man, joyous is the man, happy is the man, happy is the person who does not listen to these people, who doesn’t sit with these people, who doesn’t hang with these people. Write this down, but they
delight in the law of the Lord. They’re happy about it. What’s your attitude about church? When you have a bad attitude about church, you probably have a bad
attitude about life. You probably have a
bad attitude about God, and listen to me, you are
headed in the wrong direction. But they delight in the law of the Lord, they’re happy about it, meditating on it day and night. Now, a lot of Christians
get all weird, you know, and yoga-y, and we gotta
get into a yoga position and think about God’s word all day long. Listen to me, that’s not what it means. The word meditate here simply means this. Think about it through your day. Talk about it, share about it. It doesn’t have to be this awkward, weird quiet time or devotional
time with your family, but just say hey, here’s
the verse I read about, and talk about it with
your husband, your wife, your friends, your kids. What does this mean? How do we apply this? Like when my kids were little
they went to Christian school, and my girls had to memorize
be kind one to another, and they got in a fight,
an actual wrestling match, about how the words were, and I said listen, it doesn’t matter whether you memorized the verse correctly. It matters, are you living it out. You’re not being kind to one another, and I had to stop them and say, look, it’s not the order of the
words that’s important. It’s the order of your life. Are we listening to this? And let me just tell you this. This is what God wants you to do. God wants you to order your life. Here’s what the world wants you to do. The world wants your life to
be chaotic and disruptive. In the bible when it talks about sin, it says sin is this, it’s
crooked, it’s jagged. The bible says straight
is the way of the Lord. It’s focused, it’s harnessed,
it’s under control. Is your life focused,
harnessed and under control? It says, they delight
in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. Well, here’s some of the things that I hear about God’s word. Well, I can’t read it, I can’t study it, it doesn’t make any sense to me. Here’s the number one excuse
I hear, it’s confusing. It’s confusing. Look, anything new is confusing. I don’t care what it is, you
just gotta humble yourself. It’s confusing. This year I started taking Hebrew classes. I’m literally on Thursday
mornings, every Thursday morning at eight a.m., I’m in a class
on the internet in Israel trying to learn how to talk
and speak modern Hebrew, and it’s me and a bunch
of old Jewish ladies from all over the world. I’m the youngest person in
this class by like 40 years. It is hilarious, but I’m in
this class and I’m so excited. I told my wife, I said, I
know how to ask for something. And she says, tell me what. I said, ani rotzeh glida. You say, what does that mean? It says, ani, I, rotzeh is want, glida is ice cream, because
when we’re in Israel it’s hot, and their ice cream is so good. I was like, I want ice cream, and I know how to say now, I want water. I know how to say this, I want food. My wife says, well do you know how to say where is the bathroom? I went, no, I don’t know how
to say where’s the bathroom. She’s like, I think you should know that. And here’s the thing, when you
ask me a question in Hebrew, I want you to think of Legos. When I was a kid, I loved Legos. Think of all the Lego
pieces on the ground, and you ask me a question. I know these Hebrew words, but
when you ask me the question, I have to very slowly and carefully grab the right pieces to
build the right thing, and it takes time because I’m a beginner. Look, if you’re a beginner, you might not even know the Lego pieces, but if you don’t ever study God’s word, you’re never going to be able to build a sentence and then build a life. Get over being embarrassed,
and let me just say this. If you’ve grown up in church and you’re a Christian for a long time and you know all these
stories, don’t put people down. Lift people up. You were blessed with a mom and a dad who taught you the word of God, and you need to be patient
with people as they learn to build simple sentences,
like I want ice cream or I want water or I want food, and we need to be encouraging
to those kinds of people, but I got good news for you if you’re intimidated by God’s word. Here’s what God says about his own word. The teaching of your word gives light, even the simple can understand it. God didn’t make these ideas too complex. He made them very simple for you, and if you give yourself some time and you devote yourself to
studying God’s word this year, listen to me, I promise you,
it will start to make sense. Next, it’s out of touch,
I hear this all the time. Well, the bible’s out of touch. Here’s the thing, the
bible’s not out of touch, but people are out of touch with God, and that’s just the
reality of our culture. We’ve made ourselves God, and we don’t care anymore what God thinks. We want God to agree with
us, and where it doesn’t, we just say well, that’s out of touch. Let me give you a couple verses. Isaiah 40:8, the grass
withers and the flowers fade, but the word of the Lord stands forever. A couple years ago, I
took my daughter and I on a trip to Egypt, and
when we opened our windows, the pyramids were right in front of us, and this is what I told Madison. I said, Madison, you
and I will live and die. Our lives will come and go, and these pyramids will
still be standing here. They’re just amazing. They’ve existed for thousands of years. Do you know what will
outlast the pyramids? God’s word. Look, when you and I are
gone and all these ideas and all this information that
everybody thinks is so new, so awesome, so relevant,
it’s all been forgotten. God’s word is still gonna be here. It will never, ever end. And some of you guys say,
well yeah, but the laws, the laws are different. Psalms 119:116 says this,
all of your words are true, all of your righteous laws are eternal. They’re always true,
they’re always accurate. Look, some of you guys trust
Google more than you trust God. Man, Google gets people lost all the time. God never does. God helps find people, and here’s the thing
that you need to know. All Google does is it
collects information, but if the information
is inputted incorrectly, it’s gonna give you the wrong direction. I want you to know that God
is the source of information, because all information, all life, comes and emanates from him. He doesn’t have to think
about things, he is thoughts. He doesn’t have to gain
knowledge, he is knowledge. This is who he is. He’s the one who was, who
he is, and is to come. God is all knowing and almighty. Why not trust him? Why not ask him? All your words are true, and all your righteous laws are eternal. Last, I want you to think about this. I need to change my attitude
about God’s people, the church. Man, I don’t know why it is
that we’re just so critical about the church. I want you to know, I love the church. The church has helped me to know Jesus. I’ve met some of my best
friends at the church. Some of the best people
are at Sandals Church, and I love this church, and
I want you to know this, Jesus loves this church. If you have a bad attitude about church, you probably have the
wrong attitude in life. Let God change your attitude. Psalms 1 is all about this, it’s all about the right way to live. It’s about literally pushing
out bad people in your life, wicked people in your life, so
that at the end of Psalms 1, listen to me, you can
gather in the congregation of the holy and the righteous. At the end of time, all of us are going in
one of two directions. We’re going with God or
we’re going apart from God for all eternity, and Psalms
1 is this beautiful picture, and it says you need to look at your life and you need to evaluate your choices, because your choices matter. They matter, and there
are consequences for life. A long time ago, I had somebody tell me, Matt, you can choose your choices in life, but you do not get to
choose your consequences, and that’s the truth. Many of us, we want to make
whatever choice that we want, but then we don’t want to
experience the consequence that we’ve chosen. God is telling you there’s
a right way to live and there’s a wrong way to live, and listen to me, your friends,
your family, the world, they don’t get to decide
what’s right and what’s wrong. God gets to decide what’s
right and what’s wrong. Colossians 3:16 says this,
let the message of Christ, that’s God’s word, dwell among
you, that’s plural, right? Us together, richly as you
teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, oh look
at it, through the psalms. We actually pray the
psalms, we sing the psalms, we meditate on the psalms, and we talk about the psalms together, the psalms, the hymns, and
the songs of the Spirit, singing to God with
gratitude in your hearts. You need God’s people, and you need them to
talk about God’s word. Look, if you don’t have a friend, if you don’t have somebody in this church that you can call and say hey, here’s what I’m wrestling
with in my spirit. I don’t understand this. I’m struggling with what the pastor said. I’m struggling with what came
up in my community group, or I’m struggling with this thing in life. If you don’t have a person in your life that knows God’s word, a
lot of people say they do, but a lot of people don’t know
what they’re talking about. You need these kind of people in your life to direct you and to help you. And oh, by the way, these
people need you as well. Let me just challenge you. Maybe you’re right where
you need to be with God. Maybe 2020 isn’t about
you connecting with God. Maybe 2020 is about you
making room in your life for somebody in our church who so desperately needs
to connect with God, because Sandals is a big church. Man, we’re 11 campuses, now we have people literally
watching all over the world, and there’s people desperate for God and desperate to know that they matter. Maybe the year 2020 is
the year where you say, you know what, God? I’ve grown in my relationship with you. I love you, I’ve served you, and now I’m gonna make room in my life to teach somebody else about you, and maybe that’s through kid’s ministry, the youth ministry or
the small group ministry. Those are the ministries that
we have at Sandals Church, and you’re gonna come alongside somebody. Maybe it’s soul care
ministry to come alongside and help direct somebody
who doesn’t know God the way you do. Let me say this, the next thing I think that people are so skeptical
about is the future. It’s one of the things
that breaks my heart about our modern culture, is not only have we robbed
children of their past, but we rob children of their future. I just got news for you, the world is better than it’s ever been. The economy is better than it’s ever been. People are more well
fed then it’s ever been. Don’t listen to the hysteria of the media. Things have never been this good, and yet we’re still miserable. Do you know why that is? Because we’re surrounded by the wicked, we’re sitting with the wicked, and we’re listening to the wicked. Here’s what God wants you to know. Psalms 1:6, for the Lord
watches over the path of the godly, but the path of the wicked leads to destruction. The only way your future is in doubt is if your relationship
with God is in doubt. Here’s what the Lord says in Jeremiah. For I know the plans I have for
you, for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not disaster. They are plans to give
you a future and a hope. In those days when you
pray, I will listen. Listen to this, God says if
you look for me wholeheartedly you will find me, and I will
be found by you, says the Lord. One of the things I see in our media today is young people are freaking
out about global warming. They’re terrified about it, right? Our future is threatened, globing warming’s an existential threat. It always amazes me, whether you believe in
global warming or not. Do you know the number one thing that affects the Earth’s
atmosphere and the Earth’s climate isn’t even on the Earth? It’s called the sun, and when the sun goes
through a cooling process, guess what happens? The Earth, despite what all
we do, is cooled or heated. The Earth is depended upon the sun. The sun is much bigger and much larger, and has a much greater affect on the temperature of the Earth. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t care
about our environment, so just put down your pen
and don’t send me the email. I’m just saying this. It blows my mind that all these scientists never tell you that the greatest threat to the Earth’s atmosphere,
temperature and future is something that isn’t even here. It’s something much
bigger and much greater, and it’s called the sun. I want you to know that no
matter what you do in your life, the greatest threat to your
life and to your future really has nothing to do with who you are, but it has to do with who God is. God is much bigger and much more powerful, and who he is can affect your life. So invite God into your life. Invite his power, invite his radiance, invite his glory into your life that is revealed through
Jesus Christ, his son. There has been no better
decision in my life than inviting Jesus Christ
to be the Lord of my life. I want you to know that there was a time where I listened to the
council of the wicked, where I found myself
standing around with mockers, and then eventually I found myself echoing the same stupid, foolish advice, because I became what
I spent my time with, and I realized I needed to change my life. I realized I needed to turn it around, and the only way I could change my life, and here’s the thing
that you need to know. The only way we can change our lives is if we let God change us, because you can’t become a
better person on your own, because your problem ultimately
is you, it’s me, it’s us, and what we need is a new heart. What we need is a new spirit. What we need is new life, and the only one that can give
that to us is Jesus Christ. He is God’s word made flesh amongst us. And here’s what Jesus
says in Matthew 11:28. Jesus said, come to me. It’s one of my favorite verses. It’s found in Matthew 11:28. Jesus says, come to me all who
are weary and heavy burdened. Man, some of you, it’s a new year, and you’re already busted, right? Jesus says, come to me. You don’t have to spend 2020
without God in your life. He says, come to me all
who are heavy burdened. He says, let me teach you. Let me teach you, that’s
what God’s word does, is it teaches us. Jesus gives us new life, the Holy Spirit gives us a new spirit, and God’s word gives us new direction, and you can have all
of these things today. All you have to do is
ask God into your life, and I’m gonna give you an
opportunity to do that right now, and I’m gonna give you an opportunity to come back each and every week as we get motivated to
get God into our lives, but if you want to receive
God into your life right now, if you want God in your life right now, I’m gonna ask everybody to bow their heads and close their eyes,
and all I want you to do is if you want God in your life, would you just raise your hand? Raise your hand, and God sees you, and I just want you to
say in your own words, God, I need you in my life. I’m tired of going with the mockers, sitting with the sinners, I’m tired of going my own way, God. In 2020, I’m gonna go your way. I’m gonna go your way,
and I’m gonna do this. Let me pray for you. You can go and put your hand down. Heavenly Father, I pray for every person that’s hand that was raised. I pray, Lord Jesus, that they
would just feel your presence, that they would feel your spirit, and that 2020 would be a different year because they have you in their life. Bless us, Father. Give us council, Godly council. Lord, help us to stand
with your righteous people, and God, let the words
that come out of our mouths not be foolish or stupid or wicked, but Lord, let them be pleasing to you and let them be truthful
in everything that we say. Bless us, Lord, bless Sandals Church and all those who attend, and God, help us to get motivated to
get into your word in 2020. I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen. – Sandals Church is a non-profit that operates from donations
from people like you, and when you donate, you
allow us to create places for people to be real
all around the globe, so you can click the link or visit to
make a donation today. Thanks for watching. (soft music)


  • I've listened to every message here for the past several years. Something caught me here Pastor, you speak of not being cynical or and "old white guy" and not being toxic, and sandwiched between those statements is a cynical, toxic "old white guy" opinion and view on snowboarders. I think you should watch this video back. That opinion isn't going help improve their lives and get them out of their situation or make them want to listen to a Pastor maybe ever. It lacks compassion, Christ would take them out to lunch, or a drink even. I have also never snowboarded a day in my life lol for the record

  • Sandals Church Fresno is arriving this year! Iā€™m so blessed to be apart of this congregation.
    405 W Lincoln Ave in Fresno Ca.

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