How To Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Updated : Jan 11, 2020 in Articles

How To Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

welcome to a tutorial on cancelling Amazon Prime Membership. I will show you how to do it on both the Amazon app and the amazon website. Lets begin with the app. once the app is open, tap on the menu button on the top left. now tap your account. on the account page tap on Prime Membership. on the prime page, scroll down until you see the button saying do not continue. tap that. now scroll to the bottom and choose i do not want my benefit. now on the next page scroll down and tap end my membership. and now finally tap on Cancel my membership. Your membership will now be cancelled , but you can still use Prime until your current billing period has ended. This is how you do it on the website. go to the amazon web page, login to your account. click on your account and choose your prime membership from the drop down list. on the left sidebar, click on Do not continue. click on i do not want my benefits. now click end membership. and that draws and end to this tutorial. please like the video if you found it helpful, and subscribe for more tutorials!


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