How to Buy Shoes Online : Custom Ordering Shoes Online

Updated : Oct 12, 2019 in Articles

How to Buy Shoes Online : Custom Ordering Shoes Online

Hi, my name Douglas Willott on behalf of Expert
Village and today we’re going to be talking about shopping for shoes online. Another advantage
to online shoe shopping is the fact that there are a lot of ways to customize shoes that
you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise from a store. For instance, we can go to
Nike specializes in customizing shoes online. It’s something that they latched onto early
on in the internet area. And they have been doing since. What they do here and what other
online manufacturers do also is you start with a blank shoe. Nike has it where you can
pick the color that you are going to want in the shoe. We’ll pick yellow. And then it
takes you to the next part of customizing your shoe, building your shoe as they say.
You can pick various colors and it will show you what it is like if you change it up. Now
we have it red and blue. You can even change the stripe down the middle so it’s red, white
and blue and have a shoe that is very American. Bare in mind you can really only do this at
the manufacturers’ sites directly. This isn’t something you can do on retailer’s sites.
So be sure, if this is something you want, that one, it’s within your budget because
it is more expensive and two, you are willing to wait 4-6 weeks for it to show up.


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