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Honda Gyro or Wacky Machine? – Not Rod Ep. 3

this time on Not Rod we get the wacky
machine running Intro Music so last time we were at the races we
discovered how handy it would be to have some sort of a little moped or something
like that that our pit crew could ride around on and this just happened to be
sitting in the back yard so we’re gonna try to get this thing
running yeah well that’s the plan it looks like it should… first thing I know
this is a fuel line it’s not connected it’s got a golf tee in it
so I guess we can hook that up alright, fuel line’s back on and it looks like something’s wrong with the spark
plug wire. Doesn’t fit on there worth a damn we’ll just break it a little bit more. maybe we can
just pinch this? okay! theoretically we got a fuel and spark… theoretically…
jump-started off the Nova. She’s only good for a 15 second quarter mile might as
well use her for something… laughs Okay, let’s see if it tries to do anything
it sounds like it’s got compression now I think we just need to put fuel in it
I’m just I’m gonna be so surprised if it just starts right up Starter Cranking starter cranking some more squirts
some goodness in there. Yeah you have any starting fluid or anything
we got a carb cleaner that stuff’s pretty flammable so I have to be
very careful not to like spray that near the exhaust pipe right here
while you’re cranking Go for it starter cranking engine sputtering hey! it wants to run its got spark obviously so is it pulling
the fuel I guess is the next question may have a clog strainer in the tank or
something and I had thought about that too before I put that line back on like
I should check that. do we ever go through the proper sequence of like
checking things the way we should? Uh, No It’s not much… but you’d think it’d be enough to run on
carburetor probably needs to be pulled off and cleaned. Well yeah probably pull
that carburetor off. No air cleaner… That’s interesting… I’m gonna blow it off with are this one is the throttle. Are you getting that Which One? That one. cable… cable is throttle – oh it says on
there, this is for the oil thing and then this is for the throttle cable cable is
throttle and oil is lubricant, laughs alright! figured that out and I’m gonna say green
is green and yellow is yellow golfers plug oooh that shit is nasty, probably should be wearing
gloves huh. It had fuel in the bowl It had a little bit but that’s all Varnished up, it
needs to be cleaned Um, I’m gonna go wash my hands and then I’m gonna put some gloves on that’s
nasty in there yeah that might explain a lot huh? This was your main jet here. That
looks totally clogged and there’s no way that was letting fuel through. I’m gonna ramrod that thing. so here’s a piece of advice don’t even try to rebuild a
carburetor on a small engine it’s just not worth it hence the circus music in
the background because that’s exactly what this turned into and ultimately
after we were done with this episode we ended up just replacing the carburetor
altogether with a brand new one for 20 bucks and the thing had never run better.
There is a lot of garbage in there So I’ve found what you don’t want to do is
hold onto these little parts lightly Cause they will go flying. It’s only going that far. Well we’re making progress OK my hand’s hurtin’. Thinkin’ probably just need to drill it out until – pops through… I don’t know Nope, that looks like metal. Probably about
as far as we want to drill on it there we go
hopefully that didn’t f*** up that seat for the needle 35 miles an hour!
yeah I don’t think she’s the fastest unit man you can really break
the speed limit in this thing can’t you Um, probably not… will it do a Burnout
that’s the only thing I want to know I suspect not alright baby I can feel it, you’re
gonna want to run now and you said green went to yellow and yellow went to green That sounds like it’s running off the carburetor this thing seems like it’s gonna be
goofy to try to ride. Yeah I bet it is. It’s on there kind of precariously but it is on there probably out of gas now alright kick
me off She ain’t running very good and that’s wide open oh there she goes I think it needs more fuel. Um, it was
super fun for a second. We’ll put some more in there so we know that we can run
it on full on regular on coming in hot. It kind of runs, I think
it may need a little bit more work but… it looks like you’re Riding a
shopping cart so Honda calls this sweet unit the Gyro
S. That is a bad name so we have called it the super wacky mobile because it is
super weird to ride and the last time we took it out it did not go so well
because it ran like crap and we couldn’t even get it back up the hill so we’re
gonna tear back into it and see if we can get it to run right. Take and
probably pull that carburetor off. Let me get some documentation of this hole you
drilled out. This bitch is really purring like a kitten in no time Either that or running way too rich Oh listen to that power house! Just pukes out a ton of oil lots of oil? that’s pretty funny that you can kill
the engine by putting your hand over the exhaust hmm what do you think? still kind of runs like crap. Yeah it does.
Wonder if we could drain all the oil out of it and see what it does. That looks like
motor oil to me. Let’s drain it out put some two-stroke in. I think oil is the top
one oh that’s gasoline
I would say that’s the wrong one I thought for sure I took the bottom one off
it looks pretty brown let’s speed up this process. Can’t wait to ride this
thing – freakin’ blast a Palm Springs at 35 miles an hour.
Take you a couple years maybe Should we run it with no oil it. As long as it’s
smoking that means it should be getting plenty of oil seems like it might have more power… cause before
you could stop the wheel there goes That’s probably more like what it’s supposed to sound like oh yeah don’t hit that. Oh. Okay we must
have got the oil cleared out of it finally yeah okay now let’s put some
good stuff in it you know there may be something wrong with that mixing system
too and if that’s the case we’re just gonna have to dump all the oil out and
mix it into the tank much better uh oh. Now it just died. Yeah started running
really good there towards the end so that sounds like it that was running
good enough to be fun. Yeah, oh and it will be oh it’s not out of gas is it?
It shouldn’t be I put a full tank in it remember? well I mean this is a
high-performance machine it’s a gas hog it looks like I ran a lot of gas through
it actually. If we have both this and the Nova at the track I don’t know which
one’s gonna run out of gas first. Damn! We must have been on reserve. Oh this
thing’s gonna be fun now it’s gonna be extra wild and wacky. It might even do a
Burnout. It might. Whew! The power! lost power now. As soon as the oil got in
it. Well just out of curiosity Oh Um, I mean it feels like it runs a little
bit better and by how much it’s smoking I feel like it’s the mixture just
isn’t right. This thing has an automatic oiling system where you put two-stroke
oil in one tank and gas in another and it mixes the two and the manifold it’s
actually a pretty neat system but we thought there might be something wrong
with it so we decided to take that variable out of the equation by draining
the oil out and mixing some fifty to one directly into the gas tank okay a super wacky machine make us proud definitely running better. get this hog out on
the open road It won’t do a burnout Come on baby! Come on! You can do it. This thing is ridiculous but it’ll actually kind of get you
around a little bit now I mean it doesn’t really make it up hills all that
great but it’s definitly better than it was Hey she’s smoking That thing just chowders down the fuel. I
know man I thought these things are supposed to get
good fuel mileage. Not that one I’m impressed. Impressive with how bad the fuel mileage is.
I feel like a Prius probably gets better fuel mileage than that thing I’m pretty sure you got that dude just a
little more speed so right about now is where you’d
normally expect some enlightened speech about life or what we learned or
something like that and I got nothing it’s a scooter for pete’s sake the only
thing I can say is we had about as much fun as a couple of kids that just found
a box of matches and hopefully in the process we brought our viewers something
entertaining and now it’s time for some money shots of this bad bitch this time on Not Rod we build a Wack or… laughs I don’t know if that machine’s worth an episode but that’s supposed to
do something right a raging clue a raging clue That orifice is so small

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