Homemade Vs. Store-bought: Pasta

Updated : Jan 12, 2020 in Articles

Homemade Vs. Store-bought: Pasta

– We gotta knead with perseverance. Don’t give up all because it’s
gonna be delicious, trust me. (calm music) Hey, guys, I’m Brenda,
I’m a Tasty producer. I will be testing homemade
versus store-bought pasta. I need to know is it worth
taking the extra time, the extra effort to
make pasta from scratch? Is it even better? ‘Cause if it’s not better, come on. So I’m just gonna get cooking in here and you and I will take
this journey right now. My first impression of homemade pasta was does it really take just
flour and eggs to make this? I mean, come on, everybody has these two
ingredients at home. The process, also very simple. You make your flour volcano,
you gradually add eggs and then you begin mixing. (calm music) So don’t be afraid of
getting your hands dirty. This is what happens
when you play with dough. Think of yourselves as a kitten who happens to look like Ed Sheeran. I mean, think about it. Ed Sheeran does look like a kitten and this kitten meaning you, you depend on your
kneading skills to survive. You know when kittens
give little massages? This is what it is, it’s kneading and this is what we need to do well today to get amazing pasta dough. The entire process takes me
around one hour and a half. That includes mixing ingredients, resting the dough, flattening,
cutting, shaping your dough. However, it’s not a complicated process. On the contrary, it’s pretty entertaining. This is an 80 something dollar machine but you can get one for around $30 and it’ll get the job done. You don’t need it, you can
do this entire thing by hand but trust me, this will
make your job smoother and a lot more fun. So here’s the thing. Every time you run the
dough through the machine, you wanna increase these
little numbers right here and the higher they go, the
thinner the dough will get. I realized that seven is my ideal number but a good way to guide yourself is to stop when you see your
fingers through the dough. (calm music) Alright, so it comes down
to the store-bought version and we have right here
fettuccine from the box. The difference is evident. This is thicker, it’s no longer flowy and as far as I understand,
there are no eggs in here. You can serve your fettuccine
with any pasta sauce but with thick Alfredo sauce really highlights the
properties of fettuccine especially homemade. Alright, let’s break this down. In terms of price, the
store-bought is the winner. Time, store-bought wins again. Texture, the homemade version,
it’s silkier, it’s smoother. In terms of preparation, this
is very straight to the point. You open the box, you
put it in boiling water and blah, blah, blah,
you know how it goes. Here, you’re gonna have some fun. When I say it’s like Play-Doh
for grown ups, I am not lying. Now, I also asked people on Instagram based on looks, they would go
100% for the homemade version and I have to agree with them. You’re gonna love it and I guarantee it. Besides, the flavor, a
thousand times better. I mean, three out of my
three testers agree with me. You’re really gonna love it. Mm. Oh my God. It’s just so good. I’m out of here. Have a good day. (calm music)


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