Holiday Shopping with Jimmy Kimmel & Kristen Bell – (RED) Shopathon

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Holiday Shopping with Jimmy Kimmel & Kristen Bell – (RED) Shopathon

And there’s another
way you can help, too. And this is very easy. You do all your holiday
shopping with (RED). Over the past two years,
our (RED) Shopathons have raised $97 million, [APPLAUSE] –which is almost 100
million, but not quite. So over the course
of the next hour, you can get all of your
holiday shopping done. Then tomorrow, you can say, I’m
done with my holiday shopping. And everyone you
know will hate you. It will be wonderful. All right, who’s ready
to shop impulsively? Are you ready? [APPLAUSE] Go get your mother’s
credit card. Let’s do this. [MUSIC PLAYING] Where’s my– is this– where’s my sweater? Well, this is the home
shopping portion of our show. Welcome, and thank
you for tuning in, all the way up to channel 915,
for our third annual (RED) Shopathon. I’m Jimmy, and this is
your chance to do good and buy good at the same time. Am I right, Guillermo,
or am I right? You’re right. Thanks. I guess our products
are not here yet. Where are our products? Does anybody know
where the products are? [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my goodness! [APPLAUSE] Wow! Listen to this. Woo! It’s Kristen Bell, everyone. Sorry I’m late, Jimmy. I hope you didn’t start
fighting AIDS without me. We would never do that. OK. That is an absolutely
gorgeous suitcase. What do you call this color? Uh, it’s red, Jimmy. Oh. – It’s just the color red.
– Oh, you know, that is wild. I’ve not seen that before. This is the Raden
red A22 carry-on. [AUDIENCE OOHS] Oh. That must cost– what– $30,000? Guess again. More? It’s the opposite of more. This beautiful carry on bag
from Raden is only $295. [BELL RINGING] JIMMY KIMMEL: And
that’s less than $300! Yes. You are about to fall in love
with luggage all over again. And wait until you
see what’s inside. Hey gang, do you want to
see what’s on the inside? [APPLAUSE] I had a feeling they would. Holy Jesus born
on Christmas Day. This– why, this is the
perfect holiday gift. Hey, let’s get started. Because I am itching like
I’ve got syphilis here. I really want–
now, this is an item I know you’re going to love. This is– you’ve probably
seen this– the Beats Pill +. [APPLAUSE]
– You need a new Pill +. A pill? Oh, my stars. I’m not swallowing that. Oh, Kirsten, this–
– No way, Jim. –pill is not for your mouth. It’s for your ears. That makes more sense.
– Yes. That makes more sense. The Beats Pill + is
a portable speaker. It’s only 179.95. You can listen to whatever
kind of music you’re into– rock, rap, or my favorite–
faith-based music. And part of every
purchase goes to benefit (RED)’s fight against AIDS. Well, a pill that fights AIDS? Now I’ve seen it all. Well, thanks for watching
our show everybody! No, no, no, no, Kristen. We actually have a lot
more stuff to get to. Yeah, has it not
been an hour already? No, it’s not even
been close to an hour. I’m sorry.
– Darn it. I just wanted to
get to RadioShack– my local RadioShack– to
buy, you know, that speaker. Kristen, RadioShack
died years ago. What? Yeah. This year, (RED) has joined
forces with “A-may-zon.” Mm, I think it’s Amazon. What? Amazon. Well, butter my butt
and call me a biscuit. From now through
the end of December, shoppers can buy
more than 150 (RED) products at–
– Amazon. That’s right. [APPLAUSE] –or via the Amazon app. BRYAN CRANSTON: (SINGING)
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Is that– do I hear
someone– oh, my goodness, it’s Bryan Cranston! (SINGING) Oh what
fun it is to ride– [APPLAUSE] It’s Bryan! Oh, hey! Wow, Bryan. Yeah, I’ll tell you something. You smell great. Aw, well, thanks, Jimmy. You know, that’s
because I’m using (RED)’s shower and essentials
kit from Baxter of California. It includes shampoo, body
wash, face wash, and deodorant. I wish you guys could smell
Bryan Cranston right now. Kristen, get in here
and smell Bryan. All right.
OK. I will.
– He is just– Oh, my god.
Bryan, you smell delicious. Oh, well, thanks, Kristen. I smell good because I did good. [CHIMES] [APPLAUSE] Isn’t that nice? Because and I’ll
tell you why– because Baxter of
California, it gives a piece of every purchase to (RED). – Oh, isn’t that wonderful?
– Isn’t that nice? [APPLAUSE] That is just [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. Would you mind
handing me my Alexander Del Rossa woman’s fleece robe? Oh, I’d love to hand
you a woman’s robe. [CHIMES] I think I’m wearing a
woman’s sweater right now. Hey, Bryan, maybe since you’re
here, and you’re already naked, you might want to stay and
host the rest of the Shopathon with us. What do you think? [APPLAUSE] Well, Jimmy, that’s awfully
tempting, but no can do. You see, Bryan Cranston,
well, he likes to fight AIDS the old-fashioned way. How’s that, Bryan? Well, by running
it over, Jimmy. [MUSIC PLAYING]
– Oh, wow. That’s a great way to do it. [APPLAUSE] Isn’t that a
great way to do it? Yeah. [MOTORCYCLE REVS] There we are. There we go. Bye, everybody! Goodbye! Bye, Bryan! Wow. Will you look at him go? So talented–
and he’s so clean. Yeah. He’s so clean. He’s even cleaner
than Ariana Grande. Oh, I don’t know about that. But I do love that
red Vespa 946 scooter and matching Vespa helmet.
– Oh, yeah. Those are both part of
the (RED) product family. Hey! [APPLAUSE] [BELL RINGING] Do you know what that
sound means, Jimbo? I do indeed. It means it’s time
to get serious. Let’s get back to the desk. [MUSIC PLAYING] This next item is a real doozy. Kristen, have you
ever heard of DNA? Of course! I’ve had it for years! Oh, well this is an
opportunity to share your DNA with the whole world. It’s a health and ancestry
SERVICE kit from 23andMe. Learn all about your family
history using your spit. Well, in my day, if you wanted
to learn about your family history, you had to sit
on Uncle Maurice’s lap while he whispered in your ear. Really? Yeah. That’s weird. Is it? Yeah, it is.
Definitely. Anyway, Uncle Maurice
has passed away, I hope? Yeah, yeah.
He’s gone. OK. Anyway, well, that’s
great, because now, all you need is a
small tube of saliva. Oh! I have mine right here! All right.
That’s wonderful. Now, we’re going to find out
who Kristen Bell really is. Because we have the results,
Kristen, and you are– oh, my goodness– 100% Mexican. I am? [APPLAUSE] Wait. Jimmy, that’s mine. Oh. All right. Well, that was– that was
confusing to everyone. [SPEAKING SPANISH] For a second
there, I wasn’t sure if my co-host was white or not! Our next item is not only
stylish, it’s practical, too– a red leather smart
cover for the iPad Pro. Isn’t that red? Ooh. You know, Jimmy, Apple has
contributed $160 million through the sale of (RED)
products to fight against AIDS. Apple the company,
or the fruit? I don’t know.
I’m just reading the words. OK. But shop their
latest collections. Go to–
(SOFTLY) dotcom, dotcom. Wait. Is there an echo in here? There sure is, Jimmy! It’s the Amazon special
edition red Echo! [APPLAUSE] Let me tell you something. Every home should
have one of these. Tell us about the Echo. It slices.
It dices. Milk comes out of it. And best of all, it’s a chair. None of those things are true. But the red Echo will play
anything, call anyone, answer stupid questions,
check your calendar, weather, scores,
control your lights. You name it. It sounds like I don’t
even need a husband anymore. When You really don’t, Kristen. When we are done tonight, no one
will ever need a husband again. Wow. [APPLAUSE] And $20 from
every purchase goes to support (RED)’s
efforts to fight AIDS through the global fund! $10 From every purchase.
That is wonderful. Oh, no, Krissy B, we’re
almost out of time– What? –and we have so many
more (RED) products to show. What are we going to do? Calm down, “Jimble Kimble.” I’ve got it under control. Bring out that
red light special. Oh, here it comes! [APPLAUSE] As you can see, our
little pal Guillermo is totally decked out. Guillermo is wearing the
special edition (RED) Beats Solo3 wireless
headphones on his ears. On his wrist, you can
see the beaded love bracelet from Ubuntu, and Alex
and Ani inspired bracelet. [CHIMES]
– That is so cute. He is so cute. And he’s wearing
a shirt from BALR. His pants are being held up
by the MCM reversible belt. Wow. On his adorable little feet,
a pair of NOBULL fire camo trainers. And Guillermo is staying
dry under a Blunt red metro umbrella. Get that open, Guillermo,
or you’re fired. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] And I’m riding a skateboard
deck back by Girl Skateboards! [APPLAUSE] Guillermo, you really
love red products! He does. It is true. And the best part– I bought everything when
Jimmy’s credit card. [APPLAUSE] And we bought everyone
in the studio audience a red Amazon Echo to take home! [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] KRISTEN BELL: Thank you.
– All right. You did say everyone
should have one. You’re right.
I did. I made a mistake. Welcome back to our third
annual (RED) Shopathon. I’m here with our
special celebrity guest stylist Rita Wilson. Rita, what the hell
are you doing here? [APPLAUSE] Well, Kristen, it’s time for
a surprise audience makeover! [APPLAUSE] Who wants a makeover today? OK, OK. All right. How about you, right there? Glasses, goatee, black shirt– come on down! [MUSIC PLAYING] Yes! Oh! Well, hi. What’s your name? My name is Woody. Woody, have you ever had a
surprise TV makeover before? I have not. But I didn’t know
this was a magic show. This is cool. Well, by the way, I’ve
never got a makeover before. This is my very first one. I don’t know what
the hell I’m doing. I hope you have insurance.
– How fun! Absolutely– the best. Well, while Rita
goes to work, let me tell you about the
exciting makeover products we’ll be using today. Rita will be applying
the AHC Hydra B5 Soother, with Kiko Milano
skin trainer for your eyes. From there, she’ll be using the
Retinol restorative neck cream from 100% Pure Cosmetics
company, and the Clean It Zero cream from Banila company. And she’ll finish
you off, Woody, with the sugar red lip
treatment men from Fresh. OK, I think we’re ready
for the big reveal. How did we do? Ta-da! [APPLAUSE] Wow! What a transformation! What a transformation! Oh yes. Do you want to
see the results? I’m still– I’m still really– – Show him the results.
– Can I see it? Could I see it? What do you think? Oh, my god. I look like a monster. What have you done to my face? We gave you a makeover. You’re welcome. I look ridiculous! Well, yeah, but what if
I told you all the products we used on you help fight AIDS? Oh. Well, in that case,
I look amazing. [APPLAUSE] Thank you for being
such a good sport. Oh, yeah.
Thank you! Thank you! [APPLAUSE] Welcome back to our third
annual (RED) Shopathon, your chance to buy
all your gifts to help stop AIDS in one
convenient place. And there’s still
time to take advantage of these amazing deals. You know what? Why don’t we take a call. Hello, are you there, caller? Kristen– Kristen, let me in. Can I come in? You’re outside? What’s up? Can I come in? Well, I don’t know, I mean,
you could be a murderer. But you know what?
I say, why not? Come on in. [MUSIC PLAYING]
– Kristen! It’s not a murderer! It’s DJ Khaled! And you brought a little one! Who is this? My son, Asahd Tuck Khaled– my biggest blessing. Oh, hi buddy. [APPLAUSE] Also my son– you can
see what he’s doing, right? He’s keeping it cozy
with his SpongeBob– you know what I’m saying–
dream blanket from– I want to say this right. KRISTEN BELL: Aden + Anais. DJ KHALED: Aden + Anais. Yes, yes. And a onesie– another onesie. That’s what we call cloth talk. I love that. [APPLAUSE] I love that. Can I get a photo of you guys? Because this is
really, really cute. – Sure.
– OK. Oh, no.
My phone is out of juice! Oh, I’ve got a
solution for that. What? That’s right. You see it right here– a charger that charges micro-USB
devices, and, of course, your special phone– that
Apple phone right there. I like that.
I like that. Wait– and it is charging,
just like you said it would! [MUSIC PLAYING] DJ KHALED: I like that. By the way, I like your outfit. Thank you very much. All right.
All right. I’m going to take
this picture now. Ready? Say, bless up. Bless up.
[CHIMES] Right. Oh, thank you, DJ Khaled. You’re the best! [APPLAUSE] You’re the best. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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