Healthy $330 Monthly Grocery Shopping Trip– Family of 6– Sam’s Club, Winco, Sprouts Grocery Haul


  • Yay Adam's peanut butter! My favorite! We found a healthier bread for $1.79 a loaf in the bakery at WinCo you might want to try 🙂

  • As far as the sweet peppers- green, red, yellow, and orange, go. They are easy to prep- slice the tops off, scrape out the seeds, rinse them and let them dry. Then you can slice them into thin slivers or complete rings, dice them (large chunks for kebobs, or small dices for casseroles, salads, etc.). Lay the prepped peppers on a parchment lined cookie sheet and let them freeze flat. When frozen put like items into labeled freezer ziplocks (you can mix the colors and it does not change how they taste). When you need some peppers just pull them out of the bag in the freezer. We also pre-chop celery, flash freeze them and store in a ziplock.

  • how do you make all of the produce last a whole month? I have to grocery shop weekly at least to keep things fresh.

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