Halloween Shopping For Costumes at Spirit Halloween Store 2019!

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Halloween Shopping For Costumes at Spirit Halloween Store 2019!

that’s your favorite president know
what’s up world it’s Jamal Rouzan on here with the travel for her um is the start
of October that my favorite month of the year
the month of my mother’s birthday and my little sister however it is also the
month of Halloween is my favorite time of the year also Zariahs’s favorite time
I felt that I made a mistake early on in her life actually seeing me watch movies
like Nightmare on Elm Street and things like that there was a specific night so
I decided to play a Jason game a video game they had Jason Jason has that
sound I’m laying in bed I think Zariah’s knocked out asleep the
very next day she’s like daddy daddy I want to watch too chichi
and I was like wait what that was the start of her biking you know the horror
genre I don’t let her watch too many horror movies but she’s fully aware of
who Chucky is who Freddy Krueger is who Jason is recently she was at school
teacher asked her know what does everyone are gonna be for Halloween and
Zariah replied I’m gonna be Freddy Krueger
which immediately got freaked out the teacher because I’m pretty sure she’s
like how do you even know who that is and she does the Freddie claws so she’s
definitely my daughter so we are on a hunt for pumpkins and we were on a hunt
for a costume for the Oogie boogie bash at Disneyland California Adventure Park
at the Gilcrease orchard today where are we I was right and say well I’ll say
welcome to travel for her how many pumpkins do you want Zariah? how many puffs you want three okay This reminds me of stranger things season to nighttime I’d
be pretty scared thinking like a Dimi Gordon all right so okay so somebody’s not tied
in sit down so that was unexpected today is an incredibly windy day and I
look like a horrible father who doesn’t lotion on his child’s legs because it
was dusty and boy the two people in shorts got affected it was a good time
haven’t been here and I felt like two years she enjoyed it she got her pumpkin
now it’s off to finding a Halloween costume for the Ooogie boogie bash at
Disneyland California Adventure Park all right so what are we looking for what
are we looking for I don’t know if they have Freddie store
but last time it was Michael Myers. OK Michael Myers then! take a look at everything you want to be
Dracula where he has a sister who wears that thing is the sword I want this stuff? You want this stuff too who’s your favorite DJ’s Zariah? love Marshallmello? No. No
take it off? Buzzy Light Year to infinity and beyond Who am I is Zariah? You are captain america. Im sorry captain i promise not to hold your shield anymore Zariah, who am I? Batman! what are you doing tell me where Joker is what’s your name little girl its batman. I don’t want to do any bad things in
your town there he is you were right may When we go to Universal Studios do you want to wear these?
these oh oh how did you look so adorable um banana you gotta put your glasses on
and say banana no one messes with my Zariah or they get the axe survive or they get well we gotta keep
looking I want that! Oh you only want that? this thing got all the way yeah there
you go hey you gotta ride around I’m scared! Why? Cause im scared over there. that’s right of what let me see give
them big hugs get my hugs one day to give them up okay okay Oogie boogie is my new Zariah I’m Ruby boogies arrived there are we
gonna see her again are we gonna see Jack Skellington yeah I think Jack wants
to get on daddy’s back is that okay oh Who is on my back Zariah? he keeps trying to kiss me stop kissing
me Jack. do you know what no Jax doesn’t kisses so who’s your favorite who’s that Oh your trilogies right here Welcome Elm Street password daddy this is the hood Michael Myers, dudes got a fish net on like he just got out you see this one oh yes just looking at
the shop this burger I’ll buy it because we’re
public animator Oh Zariah who is this? MORTY!! Pickle Rick..I want to wear that. are you ready Morty what’s going on in
venture ok Rick can you think it’s just Zariah I like to skeleton, zombie right one
zombie right now okay come on let’s go all right so we are done with our day we
went to the pumpkin patch and had a good time it was a little unexpected as far
as the weather and it being as windy as it was. Your probably gonna see some really ashly legs in these videos but im ok. I’m secure of my manhood that was the first thing I wanted to
accomplish today the second thing was getting Zariah a costume for the Oogie
boogie bash Disney California Adventure Park and my second goal was accomplished
we wanted to get an outfit for Zariah boogie bash we’re going to next
week at the Disney California Adventure Park things are gonna have a great time
I’ve never been free for this before so I know Disney does it big so this should
be something I probably can live never live up to again as far as our
experiences but I think she’s gonna love it thank you for joining us thank you for
watching please don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell
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