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Hey guys! It’s Jana! And I went got some groceries so we’re doing
a grocery haul. I just did the Click List um, because we needed
a lot of stuff. It has been a little while since we stocked
up the house. And we actually have some new food rules so
we are trying to change our diets so you will see some new foods up in here. So let me go ahead and bring everything in
and then I will show you what I got. Go ahead and hit subscribe, thumbs up, check
all the links down below. Let’s bring in our groceries. So we got a couple of bags of coffee here for daddio. bag of almonds for snack, bag of cashews for
snacks and apple sauce pouches for snacks. We got a couple things of bananas some apples,
potatoes for easy dinner. Got some ham from the deli, yum yum. Got a bunch of yogurt, these packs were on
sale so we just got these. We got 4 half gallons of milk they were on
sale for 98 cents something like that so you can’t beat that. Got some hummus here, I thought that would
be good. I haven’t had hummus for like the longest
time. I should have just made it, but whatever,
it was on sale. Got some foil and we needed all the bath stuff. So I got Quin a couple hair and body 2 in
1 it’s just a lot easier for him. Got some conditioner and shampoo for Emma
and I. Got 6 little cans of dog food here. Bar soap and Quin likes the Dove so whatever,
it works. Got all of these toothbrushes they were on
sale for like 88 cents. So those are always good for brushing teeth
and cleaning. We’re going to try this ketchup it has no
sugar added so we are going to give it a go. We got some almond butter, I’ve never had
it and I wanted to try it. We got some corn chips, potato chips, BBQ
potato chips. We’ve always liked these rice crisps so I
picked some up, so we got caramel, apple cinnamon and chocolate so those are really good snacks. And then I got some rice cakes to make like
good little snacks and stuff. We’re going to try these Van’s cheese crackers. Um, you’re probably noticing that there’s
like a gluten free theme here. So we are trying to go gluten free and we
will see how it goes. So we got black beans some rice, we were running
low. We got some tortilla chips just 2 bags and some little beef smokies that’s always good for a quick dinner. Some more milks we got a total of 4. Oh they didn’t use my coupon oh man. Got some toilet paper. The chicken was buy 1 get 2 free I love this
sale so I pick some up to make that for dinners. We got some blueberries, 2 bundles of strawberries,
green onion, some broccoli, oranges. We just got some eggs, a couple salads here. Some hamburger patties those were 10 for $10. A bunch of cheese, shredded cheese and cheddar cheese. And then we have some gluten free waffles
here these are the blueberry flavor so we will give those a try. We have a regular pizza and then we have a
gluten free pizza so we will try it. Alright that was our grocery haul. As you can tell we are trying to make some
changes and we will see how it goes. So we did go over our usual budget because, well I haven’t gone shopping for a long time so I don’t know if it is technically over
budget because I didn’t shop last time so maybe we are still under budget. So usually my big shop is $200 so we got to
$231. There was so so so many sales so that was
really good. So I got 2 of the free meats and then there
was like a mega savings event so I saved whatever $3 off of this and $5 off of that. Lots of coupons online. I’m telling you guys go on the website if
you shop at Fry’s or Kroger and download those digital coupons in to your card, I mean it’s
just automatic, it’s nice. I save a lot of money that way. So let’s see our total savings today was $67.74. So even with all the fancy gluten free stuff
and a lot of fruits and cheeses and stuff like that and a lot of toiletries actually
I think we did pretty good. So I hope this inspires you to pay attention
to that grocery budget. Go ahead and hit subscribe, thumbs up, check
all the links down below. And I will see you next time.


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