GOrack. The easiest way to roll your Brompton anywhere.

Updated : Sep 12, 2019 in Articles

GOrack. The easiest way to roll your Brompton anywhere.

The Brompton Bike is one of the most iconic
and convenient examples of a collapsible bike. You can pull it out of a small trunk, unfold
all the joints, and next thing you know you have a full sized bike. There’s also a lot of custom add-ons for
this bike, like fenders, lights, hub gears, racks… With a starting weight of 24 pounds though,
this bike can start to get pretty heavy. So how do you take it around town with you
if you can’t ride it the whole way? That’s where the GOrack comes in. Fitting snugly above your back tire, you can
fold the bike down and use it as an extra pair of wheels, to wheel around the bike like
luggage. Thanks to these two robust wheels, you can
now pull the bike behind you over roads, sidewalks, cobblestone, brick pathways. Wherever you can go, the bike can go with
you, even if you need to take public transit, like a bus, or a train. You can also use the GOrack in its secondary
mode. Just reattach the set of wheels to here, and
extend this wheel. Now you can easily push the bike in front
of you. Attach a bag, and it’s like a shopping cart. Take it with you to a grocery store, or to
a local shop. Now, not only can you take your bike inside
with you, but, thanks to the GOrack, it can also hold your groceries and personal items
for you. Including on the way home. And when you return home to unload, the bike
and the GOrack neatly stow away, just like before. Don’t let your bike weigh you down, let
the GOrack carry that weight for you.


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